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  1. Any word on a PS5 upgrade similar to Ghost of Tsushima? I put this on last night on my PS5 and while it looks gorgeous you do notice the 30fps cap having come from playing so many next generation games at 60.
  2. Does McGregor still have his original coaching team ?
  3. Anyone else catch tonight’s new episode? Stunning looking house, although the cost!! It’ll be interesting to see how the pandemic impacted the builds throughout this season.
  4. Any tips on how to approach the differences between this game and the Dark Souls Trilogy?
  5. 3 actually takes place before the events of 2 for the most part. The remakes are both amazing, the second especially. Enjoy!!
  6. Assassins Creed Valhalla, Dirt 5, and Coke War on series x for me. Hoping I can pick up a PS5 early in the new year too so I can play Demon Souls.
  7. I was thinking of picking this up on series x but might hold off and get it once I can get my hands on a PS5. Are the haptics worth the wait ?
  8. This feels so much better playing on a series x in performance mode. The more solid 60fps makes such a difference.
  9. Can anyone confirm that when you update your games titles stored on the internal drive you have the update downloaded there, and titles on an external drive have their updates applied on that drive ?
  10. Still hope that this gets a series x patch to increase the framerate. I was hoping the game coming to gamepass would be the incentive.
  11. Ah just seen season 1 content drops soon
  12. I’ve been really enjoying this, as I had MW before, but it really needs some new maps now! Any idea when we can expect more to be released ?
  13. What’s this like on console these days? I’m a huge fan of the likes for Forza and GT and would like a similar racer to play on my series x. Should I consider this ? Would be playing on a pad.
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