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  1. Was the DLC just new cars? Was there anything similar to the Porsche DLC from Forza 6?
  2. I still think despite the shiner graphics in 7 that Forza 6 was a far better game.
  3. Nobody - 2.5/5 enjoyable if unspectacular action romp in the vain of Taken
  4. One aspect this game misses is the sound from a crowd. I really noticed this watching Silverstone that you could here the roar of the crowd when Hamilton passed the stands. I played another racing game recently where you could hear the crowd when passing the stands (maybe one of the tracks in GT Sport?) but is so absent here.
  5. Just ordered a copy off Amazon myself
  6. Been enjoying Braking point too. Given more time I could see this being a really excellent mode in the future games. Inject more of the drive to survive style drama and a structure that sees the story branch off in different paths depending on results and it could be one of the best modes in the game.
  7. still playing through ME3 myself but so much of it seems to have been inspired by the shooters of the time like Gears in particular but also uncharted
  8. Almost finished Doom Eternal thankfully. Enjoyed it for the first few hours but I don’t really ever remember a game quite outstaying it’s welcome as much as this. Feels like it’s 4 hours to long.
  9. maybe I should just get the Links Awakening remake
  10. For someone who loves BOTW, OOT, WW but didn’t enjoy Twilight Princess or Majora’s Masks, is this a Zelda game for me?
  11. Mass Effect 3. Finished it on PS3 but will play it again on the legendary collection. TLOU2. Had finished it for a second time just before the PS5 patch! But will play it for a third time shortly in all that 60fps glory.
  12. Really got into this again after somewhat bouncy off it at launch. Love the ray tracing, subtle at first but I miss it when switching to the other modes.
  13. My Black controller and new plates from Dark plates arrived today. Definitely better in black!
  14. Finished ME2 yesterday and started ME3 this morning. I know ME2 like the back of my hand but only ever played ME3 the once. The third game was really influenced by that whole Gears of War dude bro 360 era, encapsulated perfectly by the fact you can’t even holster your weapon! but also the character of James, and the sexualised female characters. I don’t remember much at all so it’s like a new ME and despite some misgivings about the direction it went in I’m really looking forward to playing more.
  15. PS5 Ratchet & Clank Rift in Time Xbox Doom Eternal Mass Effect3 Assassins Creed Valhalla Switch Breath of the Wild to much on the go at the moment but I’ve almost finish Ratchet and BOTW
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