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  1. A little disappointed but July is busy enough anyway with F1 2020 and Ghost of Tsushima
  2. In 2 hours we’ll have a better quality trailer! Hopefully it’s 60fps as well as 4K on the One X
  3. What was the edit made to Peep Show out of interest?
  4. I do think MS will phase out the sale of the X and S model Xbox One fairly quickly in favour of the Series S and X. I think the S could have huge potential. A smaller form factor, quieter machine, with all the same bells and whistles just at 1080p/1440p would be great. I thrust MS to do a good job on the Series X build quality but if I thought it was going to be another PS4 Pro scenario I'd gladly forego 4K in favour of a quieter more compact machine.
  5. Yeah I can’t wait. It looks like the samurai assassins creed I always wanted. Really looking forward to it. Hopefully it’s a fairly large game to help pass the time until the launch of the new systems.
  6. Release date is the 23 July according to a leak on the Xbox store.
  7. hopefully it’s out in July! Or better yet drops straight after the trailer...
  8. Cheers for the tip. Will try this out.
  9. Unfortunately not, it just seems to time out on the final payment screen. Very strange.
  10. Anybody know why you can’t seem to purchase the orange box through the store ?
  11. Just a heads ups, all the splinter cell games are currently on sale on the Xbox store.
  12. I’m going to go with 499 euro for each
  13. Do we have a date during the summer for this?
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