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  1. Nice! I thought Main Ingredient had been sunset, will make like Cuba Gooding Sr and pick that up.
  2. I think I read on Digital Foundry or something that the textures etc are uncompressed and on there multiple times to help stream them in more quickly, which is probably quite vital for a game like Warzone. Although probably less necessary with super-fast storage of the PS5 and Series S/X.
  3. I do find it a bit weird that Roblox is held up as this example of everything that's wrong with gaming - microtransactions! Inappropriate content! Dodgy business practices! It's aimed at kids! It's a platform. It's closer to Youtube than most conventional games, i.e. there are potential dangers and it's not immune to criticism, but it's not some unique horror. It's just a risk you have to manage, like any number of other potential harms that can come to your children, like a playground or a fairground or an amusement arcade. No doubt there are some dodgy people in there and you have to be careful with giving your kids money, but they can have a lot of fun with their friends there too. My friend's daughter showed me this ripoff of Among Us she was playing with her friends, where someone spawns as Peppa Pig, and the others have to hunt them down and kill them (while the Peppa Pig theme tune plays). It was pretty daft, quite violent, and an open and shut case of IP violation, but also quite funny. She was absolutely loving it. The fact that it gives kids an opportunity to use simplified coding language to create their own games is amazing. This all feels a bit like luddism. If you wanted to deliberately misunderstand something to create a moral panic, you may as well launch yourself at Minecraft given that it's published by Microsoft (no dodgy business there!), developed by a racist, and has a shop where you can buy all kinds of pointless virtual tat for real money.
  4. It's morally degenerate to play games for free. Kids should play games that cost £2.99, they should buy them on tapes from Woolworths, and they should be fucking awful for the most part.
  5. It's in 4K, but I don't think they've upgraded all the textures in all six games. Although thinking about it, Halo 2: Anniversary looks pretty swish with all the super-sharp textures. It looks like a modern game, so could easily be 60GB in itself.
  6. They could have done a cheap upgrade path from the 360 version for Xbox owners I guess, but what about the PS4 / PS5 version? I'm not sure it would be realistic to give that away for free, and £25 doesn't seem unreasonable.
  7. K

    Xbox Game Pass

    I would have thought the bail videos in the THPS remake were enough to get the game a 12 rating. They don't seem quite as savage as some of the stacks in the original game's videos - no shots of someone coming off a rail and landing nuts-first - but some of them are pretty brutal.
  8. I think CoD is over 200GB if you have Warzone, the Modern Warfare campaign, and all the trimmings. Plus another 150GB or so if you install Cold War as well. It's fairly modular, so if you don't want the campaign, or the multiplayer, or the Zombies mode, you don't have to install them. But it's still an absolute beast. It was painful on the wallet, but I'm very happy I bought the 1TB card when Amazon had it on sale. Some games are just fucking huge - Flight Simulator takes up about 150GB, and Halo: MCC is about 130GB. MCC slightly confuses me - it's a compilation of six games, which originally took up seven DVDs. That should be a maximum of about 60GB. Obviously the frontend, the new maps, new armour types, and the anniversary mode for Halo 2 will take up a bit of space. But seventy gig? Where does all that go?
  9. I really relate to stiff and Matt0's comments about how frustrating it can be to play games with a child. My son is six, he likes games a lot, and I like playing with him. But I also get into that irritable, tetchy mode of saying "pick up the barrel. With B. No, B. "Buh". "Buh" for "Bus". Yes, now carry it across the... carry it. Across the bridge. Across the... No, don't drop it. Press X. Not B. Press X. Press X. Press X. No, don't... Oh for ffffffffffffffflips sake." and I really have to stop myself and recognise that I'm turning into a dickhead, and that it doesn't matter if he just wants to mess around. Like, I start playing Minecraft with him with these lofty ideas of building these wonderful imaginative structures together, and it invariably ends up with him digging holes for 15 minutes or covering the shed we made with crystals or dragon heads or building an aimless tangle of mine cart tracks. It's especially annoying when you get something like Lego City Undercover, which is a heavenly playground of all-ages content that appeals to both annoying boys and pedantic dads, and then progress onto Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, which is a hateful ocean of frustration that was either designed by somebody who has never met a child, or just doesn't like them very much. But you just have to realise that kids don't play games the same way you do, in the same way that they don't really do anything the way you do it. It's like when I buy him a big Lego set and together we painstakingly build it according to the instructions, and then he breaks it up and loses half of it, and bits of Lego keep turning up in his bed and under the TV for months. And it's a bit frustrating. But the remaining 50% is used to build mad little models that aren't really anything, or are arranged into secret patterns on his bedroom floor, and you realise this is just his way of learning how this part of the world works and what the limits are. It's good that he isn't just following the instructions and completing the objectives. He's got the rest of his life to do all that toss.
  10. That original article is fucking bleak: Reading that makes me a bit sad. Imagine that - an eight year old wanting to hang around in a playground. And then being surprised or upset that the same eight year old wants to mess about jumping off things, dressing up, and running around aimlessly, as if that's somehow worse than playing a game where you have to progressively kill / beat up more difficult opponents. And then deliberately trying to get the child to move away from the imaginative play towards the structured violence the dad enjoys. The piece is dressed up in a jocular tone, but the whole thing reminds me of when you talk to some couple and they make "jokey" comments about how the other one never does anything with the kids, or is a massive stresshead, and they clearly have a sincere desire to kill each other. It stinks of desperation and self-loathing. The whole thing does remind me of the various 'easy mode' threads on here, where a small minority of people are desperate to stop other people enjoying games the wrong way, only even worse because this is his actual son.
  11. The issue of what’s morally acceptable for kids to play is completely different to what’s being discussed in the article, surely? The article is saying “my son is wasting his time having fun in videogames and messing around, rather than improving himself through a series of progressively more difficult structured gaming challenges like in my excellent childhood”.
  12. If I could have guessed where this article would have been published purely from the headline, my first guess would have been the Hard Drive or the Onion, but if you’d given me the clue that it’s actually someone’s real opinion I would have gone with Gamergate fellow travellers and tedious Yahtzee-enablers the Escapist.
  13. I haven't read Neonomicon for a while, but I remember disliking it because it seemed to be an extreme version of the cliché that all of Alan Moore's stories involve his female characters being subjected to sexual assault. It's a slightly unfair accusation because I think the women in Moore's stories (for the most part) are really well-drawn characters who have their own inner lives, but once it's been pointed out, it's hard to avoid the fact that women tend to get raped a lot in his stories. And again, it's always handled in a sensitive, non-salacious way, and in stories like From Hell it would be hard to tell the story without confronting that particular issue, but with Neonomicon, I thought it was a bit unnecessary, and was quite unpleasant to read. That said, I'm still keen to read Providence. Moore has a real knack for horror, so I'm interested to see him tackle something that's overtly genre horror.
  14. K

    Alien: Isolation

    I've just finished replaying this, as part of my 'buy a next-gen console for nearly £500 and then just replay old games on it' initiative. Really interesting to run through it again, as it's much, much easier if you play more confidently. I think the first time through I spent most of the time crawling around and hiding under tables and in lockers, which I suspect ultimately just gives Alan more time to find you. If you stride around - walking, not running - you make very little noise, and if you're careful about listening for when Alan has dived back into the vents, can usually make it right through a section without needing to hide. The flamethrower is fun and handy, but I thought it diminished the fear of Alan quite a lot. Although that said, I was playing through on the default difficulty this time, and can't remember if my initial playthrough was on hard or not. I never ran out of fuel (but got quite close on a couple of occasions) - a couple of blips on the trigger was usually enough to send the big man packing. I did think the pacing worked a lot better with a more strident playing style. You progress through the game remarkably quickly, which might explain why the game seems so punitively long if you're creeping through it like a terrified child - the devs might have underestimated how scary their game was, or became acclimatised to it earlier on. On revisiting it, I thought it was not far off a masterpiece, especially with the loading breaks eliminated by the SSD, and quick resume meaning I could just dip in and out of it. Visually, it's still an absolute treat - there's the occasional bit where the textures look a bit fuzzy, but for a game from 2014, it looks astonishing.
  15. It’s not that weird, is it? Surely it’s quite common to see boxes of old DVDs/books/children’s toys that people don’t want outside their houses.
  16. I find it incredible that a portion of the fanbase were so upset by Naughty Dog
  17. It's not essential - I know people who watched the series and loved it without ever reading the comics - but I think you'll probably get more out of it. Or at least be slightly less confused. The original comic is worth reading in its own right, really.
  18. K

    Xbox Game Pass

    I dunno - not quite the same, surely? Modern games are at 30fps usually because there's some tradeoff in terms of visual quality / complexity / rendering technique. It's not because they're using Xbox 360 dev kits to make the game. Plus, filmmakers experiment with form and technique all the time, i.e. making films with grotty digital cameras because they like the look.
  19. K

    Xbox Game Pass

    This argument is as ridiculous as it is depressing. It's like arguing that you won't watch films that aren't on blu-ray / 4K. Obviously, it's preferable to watch films in high res if at all possible, but it seems preposterous to argue that you can't watch something at SD. It's one step away from arguing that you won't play 2D games, or watch films in black & white.
  20. There seems to be a bug in the new update that completely knackers the lighting at night. The ground and most buildings are completely black - cities in particular look absolutely awful.
  21. It'll be interesting to see how they do this. KOTOR was a game that utterly consumed me at the time - I remember just being sat there, boggling at how incredibly compelling it was, almost unable to believe what I was playing. It's literally a Star Wars film you can play! I'm flirting with a sexy female Jedi! This is the greatest art that has ever been created! - but, like the Mass Effect games, it's also something I've had absolutely no interest in revisiting. It feels like something that so completely satiated me that there's no point in going back. That said, if they can recreate the rich, lush worlds of the films on modern consoles, then that's fairly tempting - I would love to see Tarsis or the unknown world at the end done to contemporary standards. At the same time though, I think I'd rather see a new KOTOR game. It's weird, in that I'm always up for re-watching a Star Wars film, and I love playing through old games again, but something about re-playing KOTOR puts me off.
  22. I think MDK2 came out on the PS2.
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