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  1. Sorry, that was a bit of a snarky post. I hadn't actually watched the video either, so it was a somewhat unhelpful thing for me to say.
  2. "You know that thing everyone likes? It's actually shit, and here's why" is a perennially popular genre on Youtube.
  3. Ja Rule seemed absolutely shitfaced in every single piece of footage they showed of him. I imagine he had no clue what was going on.
  4. I am slightly dubious about premise of this thread, partly because as you can find people moaning about any game, no matter how brilliant it is, but mainly because I think GTA4 and RDR2 are masterpieces and two of my favourite games ever. This feels like an exercise in confirmation bias – if you’re not into games like RDR2, then it’s easy to pick up on the few dissenting voices and assume these few truth warriors are the only ones who have seen through the media’s conditioning, but it seems more likely that they just don’t dig it in the same way you don’t. For all that, I did think this about Wolfenstein II. That got ecstatic reviews across the board, but all of the discussion around the game seemed to be fairly negative on here, with people complaining about the repetitive level design and the random deaths. The verdict seemed to be that it was infuriatingly unpredictable on anything above the easiest difficulty level. Thing is, I may just have latched onto those criticisms and assumed they were representative, because I didn’t like the New Order or the Old Blood all that much. I loved the setting and the narrative, but the actual game I found frustrating and hard to read, because there didn’t seem to be any relationship between what I did and my chances of survival; sometimes you pop out of cover and lose three quarters of your health for little apparent reason. To me, it felt like people were finally picking up on that aspect of the originals when playing the sequel, but this could just be me filtering whatever I read about W:TNC through my own issues with the previous games.
  5. K

    A movie watchers blog

    Keanu Reeves is absolutely perfect for Point Break. It's a brilliant film, one of my favourite of all time, and with ANYONE else in the lead role, it wouldn't have been as good. In terms of naturalistic acting, he's not great, but in terms of raw screen presence and charisma, nobody else could have done that role the way he did.
  6. The compendium book in the box sounds big given that it's 460 pages long, but the Future guide for Dark Souls was nearly 400 pages long in itself. I can't see that book being anything more than an edited version of the guide for all three games (although the guide for Dark Souls III was by Prima rather than Future Press, so maybe there's some different stuff in there. Maybe they've just taken extracts from the Prima guide, which was flipping awful).
  7. Jesus. I found that, but left before the, erm, big finish. I kind of assumed he'd just saw away until I walked away.
  8. I honestly think the Rogen / Gondry / Waltz Green Hornet film is ace. I have a high tolerance for Seth Rogen which probably helps, but I love the combination of a stoner comedy and an ultra-violent eighties action film, with some extreme stylisation on top. It probably doesn’t go far enough for my liking – the fight sequences where everything concertinas into a hall of mirrors, where everything is in slow motion except for one character, or where Kato appears multiple times in the frame, are amazing, but there needed to be more of them. It’s genuinely funny though, and I liked the fact that it has the same complete disregard for human life you get in eighties and nineties shootouts. It’s not like Hot Fuzz, where people get hit in the shoulder, or have barrels fall on them or something. People get properly smoked in the fight sequences.
  9. I liked the idea of SoD, but it sounded like it was less focused on exploration and more focused on building up your community. And the sequel sounded flat-out terrible.
  10. K

    PC Classic

    Surely a huge chunk of the appeal of the mini consoles the recreation of a well-known piece of design in miniature form, complete with authentically styled controllers? The case doesn't even look like an old PC, other than it being beige and looking horrible. PCs didn't have any kind of consistent look or design, that was the whole point of the platform. If you wanted to do this, surely you'd just get a Raspberry Pi? The kind of person who has nostalgic memories of Driller or Police Quest is presumably going to be the kind of person who would want to set it up themselves. Stick it in a 3D-printed Gateway-style case, buy a USB Sidewinder pad from eBay, and off you go.
  11. To be honest, I quite like the idea of an open-world post-apocalyptic exploration game, where you can drift across the country in some kind of motorised vehicle, exploring abandoned settlements and foraging for supplies and fuel - a bit like a hugely expanded version of the Highway 17 chapter of Half-Life 2. There have been quite a few games that get close to the idea - Mad Max, Dying Light: The Following, the Last of Us - but none that really quite scratch that itch, or recreate that sense of loneliness and trepidation you'd feel when approaching a ruined house out in the sticks, weighing up the need for food and medicine with the near-certainty that there's something horrible in there. I'm not sure Days Gone is that game, but it doesn't look like it's a million miles away either.
  12. I don't quite understand who these limited editions for completely new franchises from less well-known developers are aimed at. Like, I get it to a certain extent with series like Halo or Final Fantasy, where people will have a sentimental attachment to the previous games or to the developer. Who the hell is going to pre-order a collectorbelia nostalgiadition figurette of iconic character Sad Motorbike Man, without ever having played the game or without any indication of whether it's going to be any good or not? Presumably the kind of people who'll stick it in the display case next to their Lair dragonrama vignette, their Drawn to Death promotional 36" X 48" comic book wall vinyls.
  13. K

    Best machine for emulators?

    A Pi 3 should be able to run SNES and MD stuff with no problem at all. It might slow down a fair bit if you had loads of filters on (for example), but even then you'd have to be properly piling them up to really put a dent in performance. Generally, the emulation works pretty well. I don't know whether it's truly accurate - I think most MD emulators don't do the sound properly - but it seems pretty good to me on anything up to the PS1 (couple of games haven't worked too well, like Wipeout 1, Driver and Gran Turismo 2, but everything else I've chucked at it has been great). Dreamcast emulation is patchy and extremely fiddly to get working, but apparently works very well on a handful of games. It struggles with the N64 to the point where it's not really worth it. The Amiga emulator runs everything perfectly (except for Putty Squad, annoyingly), but doesn't have the filter options that other bits of Retroarch does, and the built-in scanline option looks awful. Overall, it works fantastically as an emulation box to stick under the TV. It's not perfect - the lack of an on/off or reset switch is a bit of a faff - but I'm incredibly pleased with mine.
  14. K

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    They seem to have been making this programme forever. It felt like it was imminent at Christmas last year.
  15. I'm actively campaigning for this new advert to be removed from Gilette canon.

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