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  1. I’m enjoying this for the most part, but my god the spacewalk bits are painful. Would it have killed the developers to give you at least some idea where to go? I feel like I’m supposed to be boggling at the unimaginable scale and the oppressive infinitude of it all, but I’m mainly scooting around saying “where the fuck am I supposed to go?”. At least paint the names of the modules on the side, in huge letters, so I can vaguely orientate myself.
  2. I dunno. Maybe if you ignore 'Into the Spider-Verse' - the game was fun, but it was a really safe, conservative take on Spider-Man. I'd go so far as to say Spider-Verse is the best superhero film I've seen, it tells a fantastic story AND it manages to be really weird and experimental.
  3. Having young Drake is probably a more interesting choice than having him as an adult, given that grown-up Drake would pretty much be Indiana Jones in modern dress. I've seen that latter film before, but I'm at least mildly interested in seeing young Drake learning the ropes of being an extremely violent grave robber.
  4. William Gibson seems to have a pretty sensible attitude to this sort of thing. I remember reading an interview with him where he was asked what he thought of Shadowrun, and whether he'd considered taking legal action, and his response was that he had a strong reaction of total and utter revulsion to the fact that someone had spliced his fiction with elves and orks, but that he'd never sue as people could probably sue him for various things he stuck into his own fiction. Ironically, Shadowrun Berlin is probably the videogame that best represents the ethos and feel of cyberpunk, even though it's full of elves and you can play as a mage. It's a slightly PG-13 take on life on the streets, but it really captures the diversity, and the feeling of the street finding its own use for things.
  5. Never buy digital games full-price, unless it's at launch and it's a game you REALLY want. Everything goes on sale every few weeks. On the other hand I guess, you gave a small developer some extra cash. That satisfaction is probably worth £8.
  6. I thought this was really fantastic. It was a bold choice to have the main character be fabulously rich and to not really need the victory in the conventional sense - on paper, Creed was arrogant and wealthy, the classic unsympathetic character - but somehow they still managed to make you care deeply about him, and really root for him to win. There was one line of dialogue near the end that summed up the whole thing: when he's being told to throw in the towel, and he says "I can't, I have to prove it." "Prove what?", says Rocky. "That I'm not a mistake". That last sentence hit me like a truck. Almost made me cry. It not only completely explains all his actions, his character, and his motivations, but suddenly and totally invests you in his success, and they stick it in right at the end, right when the film is going into overdrive.
  7. There seems to be some kind of indie sale at the moment, with stuff like Observation, Lone: Far Sails, Heaven's Vault, Hong Kong Massacre and Shakedown: Hawaii all having quite nice discounts (along with a load of stuff that isn't on my wishlist, probably).
  8. I'm not sure I agree with the idea that Kubrick wasn't a writer. He was at least a co-writer on all his films, and was the sole credited screenwriter on Clockwork Orange and Barry Lyndon.
  9. K


    It's not a great trailer - the pre-rendered stuff at the start looks really slick, but the in-game stuff is badly edited. I would hazard a guess that they paid a third party to do the first bit, and cobbled the second bit together themselves, and the developers are probably too close to the game to really get a sense of how to best show it off. I can believe that the game is more fun to play than that video makes it look, although it also looks like it's really early on in development.
  10. If anyone can bring Kojima's often-awkward dialogue to life, it's Guillermo del Toro, Nicolas Winding Refn, Geoff Keighley and whatever other random non-actors he's stuck in there.
  11. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the first game. I was expecting a middling Dark Souls cover version, and while it’s hard to deny that it’s extremely derivative (Dead Space vs Dark Souls with a touch of Elysium is pretty much the thing in its entirety), it’s executed much better than I thought it would be – the balance is absolutely perfect, in that it’s just difficult enough to make me anxious about entering a new area, and just doable enough to let you progress a little bit further each time. There are even a few interesting new mechanics, like the way you have to balance taking down opponents quickly by targeting unarmoured limbs with getting more upgrade materials by targeting armoured limbs. It made a nice companion piece to Sekiro, in that it had a small number of relatively easy bosses combined with long, difficult, intricate levels, which is the precise opposite of that game. I loved the industrial / corporate aesthetic, and the combat is savagely intense. Every hit is a tooth-cracker. The sequel is right at the top of my wish-list. If they can build on the good bits and make it a bit more lavish and expansive, then it could be something really special.
  12. Disney would have to be mad to let Rian Johnson loose on another Star Wars film. Last Jedi may have made $1.3bn and received universal acclaim* from critics, but Disney aren’t bothered about making popular films that are financially successful. All they care about is avoiding the wrath of the extreme Star Wars nerds who will go and see the films anyway and buy multiple copies of them on blu ray. If all Johnson can do for them is make money, he can DO ONE. *not my words, Carol - the words of rotten tomatoes dot com.
  13. There's a PC tech thread here, in case people want to hive off the autoexec.bat talk:
  14. I dunno, I quite like the idea of doing whatever activities I want in the game without having to worry about doing the ones that will increase my power.
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