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  1. K

    Destiny 2 - Black Hammer++ now available

    Between this and EP, it feels a bit like waiting around for stuff to happen is part of Bungie's design philosophy - or at least, not being able to easily select something from a menu and spawn directly into it. The idea behind this sort of thing is great, but the whole waiting around thing is pretty shit - it's not like anyone thought that the No Time to Explain quest, where you had to find those hidden chests in the Vault of Glass, was poorer for being able to start the mission whenever you liked. Although in fact, now that I think of it, wasn't the original deal with that quest that you could only select it when Paradox was one of the daily heroic missions? They changed it eventually so that you could select it from the director. Hopefully Bungie will change this as well.
  2. I dunno, it’s not like Activision deciding to crowdfund the new Call of Duty game - ROM are a pretty small company. I’d say they’re an extremely good fit for crowdfunding - they’ve got a good track record of delivering on their projects, so people looking to put money in will know that the risk of losing it is minimal, and the company itself will be able to create these expensive, niche products knowing the risk of nobody buying them is again minimal. Seems like both sides benefit. I don’t really see the problem.
  3. K

    Aquaman - 14th Dec

    They should have called it Waterman, and had Dennis play his dad or something.
  4. That's referring to a different thing though - some blog post, rather than these tweets? In any event, I don't think you can really compare a blog / edgy tweets with someone recovering from addiction. With the latter, RDJ publicly underwent a kind of period of penance for his sins. His struggle was very public, as was his subsequent sobriety. You can't really do that with tweets - if a new and really dodgy one comes to light, you can't really say that you've been off the paedo joke tweets wagon for several years, and you're now clean. Although if something new came to light about RDJ, i.e. some Kevin Spacey type shit, he'd be out on his ear pretty damn quickly as well.
  5. Nah. Edgy paedo jokes are definitely enough to sack someone if they are suddenly shoved into the spotlight and you’re employed by a company with a reputation for wholesomeness. RDJ’s a recovered addict who’s been off the booze for years and whose struggles and redemptive trajectory are a matter of public record. It’s not the same thing at all. That’s not to say that Disney were right to sack Gunn in any way, but I can see why the inflexible corporate HR beast lurched into action even if I think they were incredibly stupid to do so.
  6. James Gunn must be having a seriously shit time of it, but I imagine I would feel better in more or less any situation if I knew Dave Bautista had my back.
  7. K

    War of the Worlds (BBC)

    I would hazard a guess that by Edwardian they mean they're going to set it in the same time period as the book, as any differences between late Victorian period where the book was written (1898) and the Edwardian era (1901 - 1914) will be pretty minor.
  8. It's not really clear what the contracts actually involve. Is it PvE or PvP? A PvE match sounds potentially interesting - kind of a cross between a Destiny strike and Fortnite, whereby you team up with other players to clear out adds and defeat bosses. A PvP version sounds like another multiplayer game I won't have time to get into.
  9. K

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Thanks all, will probably get it.
  10. K

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I'm tempted to get Forza Horizon 3 in the sale, but the only version that's currently on offer is the super-duper £140 all-DLC version, reduced to about £30. Is the DLC substantial? I'm not really bothered about having dozens of extra cars to download.
  11. That Xbox spacesuit looks like he's dressed up as the Green Cross Code man.
  12. Finally, a really violent computer game with an unenlightened attitude to women and minorities!
  13. Jesus H Christ, that’ll teach me to condem someone on the basis of a tweet.
  14. I'm not sure what's more tragic - spending $4500 on a game that hasn't even been released yet, or expecting a court to save you from your own idiocy and make everything OK again.

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