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  1. Robo_1

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    I'm with my folks in the UK for Christmas this year and I'm thinking of dusting off the Spectrum and digging out Bullseye. We used to love playing that on Christmas day, a tradition which just kind of stuck ever since I got the Magnum light phaser one year. Be curious to see if we remember all the answers to the questions! Aside from that, I'm still trying to decide weather to pick up Just Cause 4, Soul Calibur 6, Detroit or Darksiders 3 as the big Chrimbo game. Opinions on that welcome!
  2. Robo_1

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    Ugh, that's simply unacceptable. Id still like to play it, but that along with your earlier post, is certainly giving me pause.
  3. Robo_1

    Race The Sun

    Lovely game, for the longest time I played it before bed, almost as part of an evening ritual. It's a great game to unwind too, it's not easy and if you take it seriously then the game demands your full attention and quick reflexes, but for me, the floaty feel of the ship and the stripped back aesthetic made it a lovely game to spend 30 minutes with at the end of a day, helped clear my head a bit for sleep. Certainly recommended.
  4. Thank fuuuuuuuck. What news to wake up too. I recently dusted off my OG Xbox just to play a few rounds of Burnout 3 and I was all over Revenge as soon as it became Xbox One compatible. I've missed having a game like that to look forward to. I play shed loads of Outrun 2 on my PS3 and whilst it didn't click with me personally, I've all the love in the world for Rushy and his team, for really trying to shake up what an arcade "racer" could be, with OnRush. This however, looks like the precise stick with which to scratch that arcade racer itch. Looks the spit of Burnout, I hope there's still takedowns! The traffic checking stuff I can take or leave, but there was nothing quite as satisfying as clipping into your opponent and sending them flying. Also great to see you posting on the 'Muk Alex. I remember many, many moons ago back on the Edge forums, where you used to post a bit and then out of the blue, one of the mods said something really snooty, along the lines of: "you only ever pop up when the word Burnout appears" and fair enough, you were a bit put out by that and as far as I know, you stopped posting after that. I remember thinking, "good job mods, let's make an actual developer feel uncomfortable about posting to us directly, about their game", so it's great to see you here and to hear you're still developing cracking arcade racers. Day one... if that wasn't clear.
  5. Robo_1

    MGS V bargain

    Well this thread has put a smile on my face. Hope you kept the hang over at bay Kos Mos and thanks for the tip.
  6. It would need a pretty fundamental re-think for me. I enjoyed FC4 well enough, but I thought the last one was desperately dull. Unremittingly by-the-numbers with very few standout moments... that I saw anyway, and to be fair I lost interest after toppling the first boss.
  7. I like the concept and the hardware itself looks great, but as somebody who is largely interested in single player action games, the Switch just isn't home to the sorts of games I want to play. I'll probably end up buying one when Bayonetta 3 drops, but I've no idea what other games I'd be bringing home with it. Some of the indie stuff (like the new Toki release) look interesting, but the other platforms are already so strong with indie releases, that aside from the convenience of being able to play them in mobile form, I do struggle to think of reasons to buy one, especially when I've got more games than I have time for with my PS4 and Xbox. I still think Nintendo should just purchase Platinum and have done with it. They would deliver a steady stream of exclusive, quality action games, which is a genre they don't really cater for right now and would give peeps like me a real reason to be excited to own a new Nintendo console. Although I will add that my five year old daughter might get a huge kick out of the cardboard stuff, so it might make a great first console for her in a year or so and then I can "borrow" it for Bayonetta 3.
  8. Robo_1

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    Ugh, that sounds really disappointing. Was all set to purchase it too. Hopefully there will be a performance patch out before Christmas.
  9. Robo_1

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    Yeah, thinking exactly the same, looks like the perfect game to have a laugh with on Christmas day.
  10. For the price of a budget Spectrum game, you're getting one of the most finely crafted FPS games of all time. As VN1X said, it's all killer no filler, if you like FPS games, you'd struggle not to be impressed by it. As an aside, is there a third game in the works?
  11. Robo_1

    PS+ December: Soma, Onrush, Iconoclasts

    Great, bought On-Rush about a week ago, it really isn't clicking for me so I was just about to bring it in for trade... i guess the value of it just got torpedoed! Looking forward to finally experiencing Papers Please.
  12. You've highlighted one of the reasons I feel a little lost with gaming this gen. These epic 50 - 100 hour games usually lose me somewhere before the end. I completed Spiderman recently, largely because the game was simply a lot of fun to play and it had an immediacy to it. Every time you fired it up, you were at the bare minimum, guaranteed some fun just swinging around the city. Games like Nier: A, MGS5, Horizon, Fist Of The North Star (although I do definitely want to return to this one) and Watch Dogs 1 & 2 are just a few recent examples of games I've started, put about twenty hours into and then just drifted away from. I'm burnt out by the "big sprawling worlds" and miss the days when you could buy something, rinse it in under twenty, then replay if you liked it and trade it in for something else if you felt you were done with it. I feel less and less satisfied with my gaming habits these days. Indeed I seem to have rediscovered retro games and play a lot more indie games to experience that one and done feeling. The most important thing for me, is if I'm enjoying the time I actually spend playing. I stopped with Horizon & Far Cry 5 for example, because I felt I was losing a disproportionate amount of my play time to just travelling through the world, just searching for the next morsel of fun. When games were linear, there was an expectation on the designer to ensure that every moment was fun, that you were never left bored. The shift to open world and mission structures often creates these huge gaps between the truly well crafted, fun bits and the travelling around looking for them, all the while being swamped with side missions which are often little more than travel to some place, kill some people, travel to another place. The settings may well be realistic, but rarely are they as well designed as a linear game, where the designer knew exactly the route you have to travel and so could better control the environment in which you played to ensure you were challenged in just the way they wanted you to be. Don't get me wrong, open world games have their own appeal and when they're great, the sense of adventure and exploration they bring is fantastic, but all too often these days, they're the only thing on offer in terms of AAA action games.
  13. 01 - La Muerta - Subsignal 02 - Sonder - TesseracT 03 - Atone (Expanded Edition) - White Moth Black Butterfly 04 - Long Night's Journey Into Day - Redemption 05 - The Shadow Theory - Kamelot 06 - Noise Floor - Spock's Beard 07 - Double Vision - Arena 08 - Soyuz - Gazpacho 09 - Boundless - Long Distance Calling 10 - Helix - Amaranthe
  14. Yes, the stupidity of my earlier statement has just dawned on me. Too focussed on thinking about one side of the equation and I totally overlooked that blindingly obvious fact. It's going to be a lean 2019 for Playstation news then!
  15. I'm going to guess that this is the calm before the storm. They've shown their hand regards the PS4 lineup and they have nothing they're ready to show or talk about with regards the PS5 and so they face the prospect of holding an E3 conference, guaranteed to be met with broad disappointment at the lack of any new announcements or having their timetable dictated to them by a trade event. It has certainly caused me to re-evaluate my earlier thoughts that PS5 is a lock for 2020 and not 2019. If they literally have no new first party announcements to make for the PS4, then are they really going to limp through the whole of 2019, skipping all these media events and leaving MS to pitch their tent up unopposed? Anyhoo, definitely a disappointing announcement and unless they make a return in 2019 / 2020, then I guess we're at the end of what I'd consider a magical era of console gaming. I'll miss the hype and the memes!

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