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  1. Robo_1

    Split Second

    Yeah, one of the best arcade racers of the day. Shame nothing has come out in a similar vein where the action is as much of a focus as the racing. If memory serves, this came out at roughly the same time as other forum favourite, Blur. Was a great time for arcade racers.
  2. It's possible. I'm making a point of only sharing videos from people who have legitimate YouTube channels and seem to have an understanding of tech. We have @PC Master Race to help us filter the obvious bullshit. In lieu of more concrete information, I figure these vids are all part of the fun of rumour, speculation and the "I have a friend who works at..." cycle of console launches.
  3. Another cool tech focussed video has emerged, with some interesting, "I have friends on the inside" notes. Seems legit but keep your salt shaker on standby: Main takeaways: - Sony don't want to show the machine until they have a production unit ready, demoing a live game. - Sony believe holding a launch event which includes the design, the games and the price will have more of an impact than dripping out the info. - The actual design of the console has long been finished and is very innovative. So much so, they think people could be sceptical that Sony can even mass produce it. - Both consoles could still get a few minor spec tweaks (such as clock speeds) before launch. - Sony are allowing developers an incredible level of customisation of the low level functions. Big focus on, "programmability", so devs can really customise how the machine works, as far as possible. - Sony America and Sony Japan fought over the RAM speed. - PS5 custom sound chip is as powerful as the entire Jaguar CPU in PS4. - Sony have built a lot of custom silicon into PS5. - Possibly the biggest tech leap between generations we've ever seen. He talks briefly about the Xbox, just to define the Xbox GPU as a monster, but his source was more familiar with PS5! The channel is very tech focussed and he seems to have credibility with his followers, but take from it what you will.
  4. I guess just because this is a thread focussed on PS5. I hear you though, I think there's just this sense now that MS have given people enough information about Xbox to get them excited and informed whilst Sony fans have a lot of developer level detail but little beyond. I just think everyone wants something to get them excited around PS5 and showing some games would handily do that.
  5. Is the basic question nearly all fans are asking right now. Sony really need to get their head in the game.
  6. It was a good presentation in of itself, I think Sony just failed to appreciate that it was going to be watched by many, many more regular gamers and press folk, than it was the limited GDC audience they were initially planning for. Edit: Haha, just saw RJ's response, so I guess your mileage will vary. A few vids would have livened it up for sure.
  7. I think there's definitely an appetite for the tech stuff, but as Alex says, I think Sony misjudged how many people were looking to this as Sony's big PS5 reveal. To be honest, I misjudged it too, as when the conference was running, I was a little bemused why people were dismissing it as "boring", particularly given how Sony had already advertised it as a tech talk. I personally found it really interesting, but Sony should have known how information starved people were for PS5 and the viewing figures demonstrate that they missed an opportunity to really sell this thing to a massive, consumer audience. I could listen to Cerny talk tech all day, but people were expecting a little more glitz and not unreasonably so.
  8. It was exceptionally dry, as you say, way too much telling and not enough showing. I personally think Sony need to follow this up pretty quickly. They still have a lot of good will in their corner, as in a lot of people want PS5 to be good, but they're going to have to start giving us concrete reasons to be excited, beyond discussing data transfer rates. I don't know why they didn't follow their PS4 playbook. Even ignoring the Xbox's struggles, it was a really slick execution... save for making Knack their first PS4 game reveal, haha. As others have said, the team who launched PS4 have largely moved on and the people running this show are largely untested. We'll know soon enough if they have a solid plan and this was a misstep, or if they're heading towards a fall.
  9. I recently went back through the Earthworm Jim games. They hold up surprisingly well and are a welcome bit of zaniness in these times.
  10. Well I'm rather gutted, it seems that of all the Next's that were shipped, my Yours Truly is the only one which has completely vanished. It went into the DPD shipping system and just completely disappeared, nobody knows what's happened to it. To be fair, Henrique has handled it really well. He's organised a replacement to be sent to me straight away and he's going to get another case engraved and shipped to me at no extra cost. He was even prepared to give me his own accelerated unit, as I had paid a bit extra for the Pi Zero to be added to the Plus, but they don't have any over. I declined though, didn't seem right given everything he's put into the project It seems a small thing in the grand scheme, but of all the things I didn't want to get lost in delivery, this was it. Props to Henrique and the Next team for sorting this out for me without any fuss though. Looking forward to having it this Tuesday if all goes well!
  11. Yeah, of everything he said, I do find this the most likely way that PS5 could close the gap somewhat with Xbox. I'm assuming it would be hard to programme a game engine to make full and constant use of every CU a console offers and that is where the main Tflop advantage enjoyed by the Xbox comes from. Meanwhile every CU utilised by a game engine, is being pushed that bit harder by PS5. At least that's my totally layman take on it. There's so much second hand, "my mate is a dev and he says... " stuff going around. Jason Schreier's rep is going to be shredded come November, if PS5 third party games aren't within spitting distance of Xbox releases.
  12. A tech focussed channel called Moore's Law Is Dead, has done a really interesting analysis of the PS5 hardware. The guy claims to have "inside sources", so make of that what you will, but the channel seems legit and he has a lot of PC and console tech focussed videos: Here are the key points: - Sony were considering several designs until the last minute - Devs are currently getting roughly similar performance across both PS5 and Series X - Sony have fudged their messaging on PS5 hardware setup and advantages - The true headline behind the SSD isn't the speed, it's that it has 12 channels, which indicates Sony is aiming for, "massive parallelism" - Developers specifically asked Sony to get rid of bottlenecks. SSD is aimed at doing that, will free up CPU time (doesn't need to ping things as often) and other resources when rendering - Game engines favour fewer CU's running at a higher clock speed vs more CU's at a lower rate - Xbox will certainly have improved Ray Tracing capability - Xbox has about a 25% bandwidth advantage - Reckons Xbox will have about a 10% rendering advantage - He seems to be under the impression that the Xbox doesn't have a dedicated audio chip, which I don't believe is accurate - Reckons PS5 die size is smaller than 300mm squared. Could make 3 PS5's for every 1 Xbox Series X I'm not personally familiar with the channel, so no idea how legit he is, but he seems to know his tech and he covers Xbox, Playstation and PC, so I'm not seeing any obvious fanboy stuff. Anyhoo, the video is worth a look.
  13. Cool, thanks for that. It's a more complicated game than I remember Doom '16 being, in terms of mechanisms and upgrades. Oh and one other niggle, does anyone find the in-game text tiny? I've been looking for a way to increase it, but to no avail. I'm not talking about the subtitles, but the little hint and direction boxes which pick up. I'm squinting all over the place trying to see them on my set.
  14. So I'm really enjoying this, but it feels like it's being held back by the lack of ammo and how weak / fuel scarce the chainsaw is. I got absolutely hammered at the Cultist Base, needing thirty odd attempts to clear the arena area just before the bridge. I'm only playing on "normal" so it felt overly punishing and a huge part of the frustration was how often I'd find myself without ammo and couldn't slice 'em up with the chainsaw. I actually like the platforming and have no problem with it. It's not Mirror's Edge, but it has a similar flavour to Titanfall 2's movement about it. I think TF2 did it better, but Doom does enough to make use of the open, vertical arenas, which are its main set pieces. Yeah, it looks good, moves well and the shooting is still really satisfying, but if they'd made it a shade easier and been more generous with the ammo, I think it ID could have delivered a game which would have put a few more smiles on faces. Plenty more to go though, at least you can drop down a difficulty peg without trouble.
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