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  1. I thought the the fourth film was good fun to be honest. I only question weather or not it needed the Die Hard name attached to it. I'm just glad they didn't go with a train or a plane setting for the third film... luckily other films beat them to it on those. Actually, seen as we're here, what were people's favourite Die Hard rip offs. I always liked Van Damme's stint in Sudden Death. They got the villain exactly right, with Powers Boothe putting in a cracking performance. To be fair, Van Damme was also convincing as the average guy in extraordinary circumstances... well, right up until the first spinning kick. Yeah, I enjoyed that one, lots of action and some good character play, certainly worth checking out.
  2. Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Collection, PS4, Xbone, PC

    They did do a few back in the PS3 era, with Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure 1 &2, Nights and Jet Set Radio getting a re-release. But I agree, it would be nice if they put out a large collection, which included stuff like Burning Rangers and Panzer Dragoon. I'll be picking this up for sure, would love a Vita release too. Seems like a no-brainer. I agree that it would be nice to see some Mega CD and 32X release. The problem will always be licenses. I'd have loved to have a proper run of Batman Returns and Terminator CD, but there appears to be no will to license and release these games.
  3. The Walking Dead!

    I actually love that idea.
  4. I can't believe this has been green lit. I'd like to see Bruce give the character a proper send off, but the whole two era thing just screams car crash. How can we all see the problems with this that the studio can't. Showing a young McClane getting into some crazy shit in his early career, will kill a big chunk of the every man appeal the character had in the first film. Crazy.
  5. The Walking Dead!

    Christ fuck that was painful. Right up there with the worst of season seven. I think the big problem with the show these days, is that there's too many characters and no focus on the one's who matter. Rick and Daryl barely appear in half the episodes, and whilst they give it their all when on screen, the scattershot approach to character development leaves me disinterested, as it becomes a real chore to remember all the motivations and back stories of the twenty so characters being dropped in and out of each episode. No focus, just the big bad threat of Negan hanging over their heads. The zombies are so vanilla now, they may as well be part of the architecture. I like where the Simon / Negan thing is going, some inner conflict there could spice things up a bit, and the Rick vs Negan struggle is at least well fleshed out, but again, I just hope they have the time to cover it properly as at the moment, it feels like sieving for gold and just as you find a nice nugget you want to spend a bit of time enjoying, it's back to the banality of sieving, or as is the case with TWD, trying to muster up enough will power to watch a ten minute filler piece on another banal, disposable character. Case in point: She brings less than nothing to the show. No influence, nothing to distinguish her, just pure filler. I also don't have a clue what her name is and can only just about remember why she's so pissed off at old iron face. She's just the sort of dead weight the show needs to shed. That is the the single best Walking Dead thing I've seen all year. But yeah, crack on with this all out war thing, let's see Rick get righteous, bloody revenge on Negan and then the show needs to do one of three things. Wrap it up, have the climax end with Rick sacrificing himself for the group and allowing Alexandria and Hilltop to reform and become a new base for civilisation to begin from... everyone lives happy ever after. Have the war leave all but a few key characters alive /alone and then focus on just three or four characters leaving Alexandria and change the whole dynamic of the show, get them to places they haven't been like airports, military bases, hell, get them to other countries if needs be, just anything which will give the show a change of pace and setting. Lastly, they could broaden the scope of the series, have military from other countries begin the "firebombing of America" to contain the disease or begin to deal with the origin of the virus in some other way. I know the show is horror not sci-fi, but after this it needs re-inventing, and that may be the way to do it. I just don't see where they're going to go after this season otherwise. If all they can deliver is another full season of Negan rattling their cages, then the writers and producers need firing into the sun. I'll be all the way out if that's all they've got left. So what's left, they end the war and the show becomes Neighbours with the undead as they all live happily in Alexandria? They introduce another villain for them to go to war with? Alexandria and The Hilltop is somehow destroyed and they end up just wandering through the woods to the next safe haven... again! So yeah, I think it's cooked after this series, unless they seriously want to invest the time and effort in re-booting it into something else.
  6. Yeah, I hear that. I picked up both Crackdown and Pure for less than a fiver this week and have been having a blast with both of them. The BC seems rock solid too. I remeber when the 360 was emulating the OG Xbox, there were often a lot of issues to contend with, but the One's emulation of the 360 seems incredibly robust.
  7. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    A patent has popped up relating to Playstation backwards compatibility. In all honesty, the tech specs fly above my head and I'm not really sure what the implications are, much less if it's anything they could implement on PS4 or if they're waiting to roll this out for PS5, but it does certainly suggest that Sony are looking beyond Playstation Now for their backwards compatibility solutions. I've been really impressed with MS's dedication to supporting backwards compatibility in the Xbox. The lack of even PS1 support suggests they're just not interested in the feature, even as nothing more than fan service. Be interesting to see what this patent points too, decent PS3 support would be really welcome.
  8. As has been said, I'd rather have one retail title and two Indie games. Much more chance of getting something I haven't already bought and discovering fun in something I may not have given a proper look. Hope they change track on this.
  9. @martingee Fascinating stuff, thanks for taking the time.
  10. Good PS4 online multiplayer games?

    Yeah, was checking out some videos of it and it looks fantastic, really good fun. I'd grab it now, but as you say, every search I do of the game basically points to how dead it is, and I'm not really up for dropping £25 on a dead arena shooter. If it goes free to play and breathes some life back into the game, then I'm there. Yeah, never really explored Doom online. I've got that so it's probably worth a peek. I got an Xbox recently, but as yet, haven't purchased either Live or Halo 5, but I'm sure I'll get the latter eventually and I'll grab one of those three month Live subs when I do. Thanks both for your suggestions.
  11. Thanks a lot for that, nice to hear how many of the team went on to carry the torch. Any insights into why Midway aren't still with us, that you'd care to share? There were some obvious duds, like BlackSite: Area 51, but overall they put out a consistent stream of quality titles which reviewed well enough. Was it just the shift against single player games, spiralling budgets and the domination of a few big franchises like CoD and Assassins Creed or were there any deeper problems going on with the publisher?
  12. Oh yeahhh. If we're going back that far though, then I'm holding out for a return of Ocean. Although Jim Bagley (Midnight Resistance, Cabal etc.) is said to be working on a sequel to Midnight Resistance for the Spectrum Next, so I may end up getting my wish on that front.
  13. Good PS4 online multiplayer games?

    This seems like as good a place as anywhere to ask this. I'm not a big player of multiplayer games, but I did get quite hooked on Unreal Tournament 3 on my PS3 back in the day. Anyway this evening I thought I'd fire it up but it seems the online side of it has long gone with the demise of Game Spy. Is there anything like Unreal for the PS4? I'm looking for jump pads, rocket launchers, gnarly weapons, fast 60fps pace, multi level arena maps. Ideally something with a bit of a tiered entry level and I'd rather buy the game outright than be loot boxed to death. I'm wholly out of the multiplayer shooter scene, as I say, Unreal and Crysis 2 were the only real multiplayer games I ever really looked at, but I wouldn't mind hopping around with a rocket launcher, enjoying a bit of mayhem on a Friday night. Any suggestions welcome, cheers.
  14. Over the years we've seen a lot of great publishers and developers fall victim to the shifting sands of the industry, along with consumer tastes and buying habits. Ignoring the question of whether or not it would be commercially viable to bring them back, which publisher or developer would you return to action if you could? To kick off, I'll put Midway's name forward. The home of arcade trailblazers such as Space Invaders, Spy Hunter, Rampage and Gauntlet, Midway were a games company through and through, who more than most, seemed to put good old fashioned fun at the heart of all (well okay, most) of their releases. Perhaps they're most famous for the bone freezing, spine ripping Mortal Kombat series, but my fondest memories of Midway games, are their run of quality third person shooters, such as Psi Ops, The Suffering 1&2 and their cracking Hard Boiled follow up, Stranglehold. I was also a big fan of their Spy Hunter reboot and the crazy Vin Diesel fronted action racer, Wheelman. In many ways, Midway were the quintessential AA games publisher. They were never going to deliver an Uncharted, Half Life or a Halo, but what they did deliver were a string of solid, single player focussed action games, which kept me playing long after the credits rolled on my first play through. I think the magic of Midway, was that they were arguably more successful than even Sega, in transferring the immediate buzz of the arcade, over to their original console titles. The modern gaming scene desperately needs more of the type of thinking which gave us three monsters tearing down a city, cars which turn into boats and mind bending assassins launching their enemies across the screen with a single thought. Maybe their time has passed and the era of AA games with them, but boy would I love to see how they'd mix things up with the modern trends and tastes.
  15. Binary Domain

    Just bought this again. Had a bit of a purge of PS3 games at the end of the last gen, where I sold a lot of games but in typical "me" fashion, I'm now busy buying most of them back. I remember this being an absolute belter of a game, with lots of fast paced action across a range of settings and set pieces. The fact that we'll never a see a sequel to this or most games of it's ilk is why I'm increasingly going back to the previous generation of consoles for my gaming kicks.

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