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  1. Robo_1

    It Takes Two

    Paid 35 and it still feels like a ridiculous bargain. It's incredible how much content they've added to the game and the depth and level of variety they've put into it. I've been playing it with my 7yr old daughter and we've had such a good time with it. There's only been one moment we both hated and honestly, it took a lot of convincing to get her to play it again:
  2. Hey @CrichStand, I'll ask this though, clearly by the amount you've written about the game, it's a game you certainly wanted to explore with the forum, so what was it about it which inspired you to write so much? Presumably you don't do this level of analysis with every game you play, just wondering what it was about this entry in such a long running series, which inspired so much commentary? For what it's worth I think you've written almost as enthusiastically about the elements you like as you have about the elements you didn't, so part of this is just your natural style of writi
  3. Good catch @PeteJ, pinned and updated title. Was unaware of this. I must say, Psychonauts 2 looks gorgeous.
  4. There was good stuff from everybody (.... actually, no ) but the Nintendo one was a real treat. New 2D Metroid was a real surprise as was a remastered Advance Wars, a series I lost days to back in the GBA days. The highlight for me though, was Cruis 'n Blast. I've had an itch for a good arcade racer for ages now and this looks like the perfect thing to scratch it. When the trailer first ran, I honestly thought they were bringing back Excite Truck, as it seems to have those same physics defying jumps and manoeuvres. Not a Zelda fan but some good old fashioned arcade racing, oh yeah, I'll be the
  5. I think threads for specific games should be open to both praise and criticism and if you've bought the game and you don't like it, then it's totally fair to put your opinion out there and see who bites. As Stopharage says though, there is a point where you can over do it and can spoil the thread for others. For example I recently bought Returnal and after my best efforts, I couldn't get past the first level and having dropped 70 notes on it, I am a little bitter at that. In the thread I said as much, but I can't imagine going on to fill that thread with a near entire page of critique, hammeri
  6. I genuinely missed this one, sorry about that! I was largely away from the forum yesterday, so I've only just seen this. There seem to have been a lot more conferences this year, I guess with the barrier to entry being smaller due to them being largely pre-recorded streams. Sorry this one slipped through!
  7. Keep the faith dude, keep the faith.
  8. They have to talk about Bayonetta 3 don't they... don't they?!?!?!?!
  9. Yikes, that's at least 100 too much!
  10. That actually seems like a more rounded offering than I expected. At least they have a vision of sorts, be curious for the price.
  11. SIFU looks absolutely fantastic. I'm basically hoping for a playable version of The Raid and the gameplay trailers released so far point to exactly that. This and The Elden Ring will do it for me.
  12. I'm probably one of the biggest fans of the series on here, but even I don't have a problem with an Edge 7. Whilst there's some new and welcome touches and the scale of it has been vastly expanded, this is still fundamentally a Ratchet & Clank game and whilst Insomniac are displaying a masterful use of the tech, the gameplay conventions of the series remain firmly in place. That's fine though. I said earlier how I'm actually pleased that Insomniac have resisted the temptation to reinvent the wheel with this series and have instead chosen to scale the ambitions of th
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