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  1. I hastily clicked on this topic only to actually laugh out loud on reading it's going to be a card game. Absolutely bonkers, April 1st level announcement. Bloody hell.
  2. I still wonder what the backstory was with this. I enjoyed what was there but it was astonishingly short.
  3. Very sad news. The Spectrum was such a huge part of my youth and without Clive's drive to create a computer which the average family could afford, it's likely I would have grown up without the joy of video games. Clive Sinclair introduced the fun and possibilities of computing to a generation of British school kids, his legacy is assured. Rest in peace sir.
  4. Nice to see somebody else familiar with FIXT. Is it just the soundtrack stuff you like or do you also listen to the more rocky / synth fusion stuff too? I've always been a big fan of Celldweller and Blue Stahli. In fact as I was scrolling this, I was listening to Sunset Neon, which was Blue Stahli's 80's synth pop group: From the FIXT Neon label, I really like Scandroid. The sci-fi concepts, strong melodies and those smooth synth sounds really hit the spot when I'm in more of a mellow mood: This has been a recent fave of that whole synth / cyberpunk soundtrack crop, really beautiful duet:
  5. Well as a fan of third person action games, that was fucking great. Your mileage may vary.
  6. How many studios have insomniac got haha.
  7. Well third person action fans will feast well it seems.
  8. Sold, looks like the next Ninja Gaiden game I've been looking for.
  9. Dropping bombs straight outta the gate, wow.
  10. Above all, I'd actually like to see them reveal something which takes the hardware out for a spin. A new franchise with new ideas and gameplay, something which would only be possible with what's under the bonnet of the PS5. I'm as guilty of this as anybody and I do get hung up on wanting to see sequels to games I've enjoyed but I do hope Sony let their developers breathe a little and build an experience from scratch which plays to the strengths of the new platform.
  11. So, this is tonight! Safe prediction, we'll see God Of War: Ragnarok, optimistic prediction, we'll see a Bloodborne Remaster, wild prediction, an unexpected sequel to an old license... let's go with Syphon Filter.
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