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  1. I can’t believe I forgot about Outrun 2?! Game handed out a demo disc when you pre-ordered the game with a small deposit. I think it was the first three stages of the easy route in the demo. I spent hours playing that, it was incredible! I didn’t buy it from Game though, even though the deposit was £3/£5 (I can’t remember?) the game was significantly cheaper from Shopto / Play.
  2. Hidden & Dangerous on PC. I played the hell outta that first level demo… When the full game was finally released, I didn’t like the later levels nearly as much as that opening one, in the rain with the bridge.
  3. I said goodbye to an old friend yesterday, my spare 20” Sony Trinitron from the early 90s. Too big for my loft hatch, and heavier than the moon, I just couldn’t justify keeping it in my poor daughter’s bedroom any longer. I was able to re-home it to a fellow retro gamer so it’s all good. This TV belonged to my friend’s dad, we used to skip school and play Saturn on it in the mid 90s. Great memories! I still have a newer Trinitron the same size, so it’s all good… until it stops working…
  4. Over the last week I’ve been getting constant pings from one of the stock apps saying Amazon has the 3060ti in stock, but the prices have been around £720-£780 which is just silly. I really want to pick up an old 1060/1070 for my arcade cabinet, but there’s no way I’m paying 3070 RRP prices for one.
  5. I was really getting into this on PC, but I keep getting a hard crash at the same point. I’ve tried DX11 and DX12 modes (DX11 is actually more stuttery unlike what some reviews say was the case with the pre-release build). Also, I’m sure John Linneman mentioned DLSS but I can’t see that option?! Its a shame as initial impressions were very good. Edit: Ah I see earlier in the thread it’s mentioned that the Gamepass version hasn’t got DLSS yet! I got past the crash point (it was trying to start a cut-scene). 4k on my 3070, but resolution set to 80% until DLSS appears. DX12 is currently running better than DX11 for me. Some screen tearing even with v-sync on though…
  6. I came to post the ACG review, as mentioned above, the opening line is enough for me. I’ve avoided most media about the game, but I’ve got it preloaded on PC and I’m pretty excited to give it a try now!
  7. Does anybody have Street Fighter Alpha 2 (PAL)? I noticed my disc has a ring around it on the data side, about 2cm from the centre. Edit: never mind, VSO Inspector confirmed the disc is knackered.
  8. So Project Wingman is up on PC Gamepass. Where’s the option to play it in VR?! Don’t tell me they’ve left that bit out?!
  9. I realised I haven’t played this since launch, and haven’t tried it with my 3070. VR isn’t so good, the low frame rate gave me motion sickness and turning the detail down any further would’ve made it look like a PS2 game. However Project Wingman comes to GP today so that’ll probably satisfy my VR needs. Otherwise, in “pancake mode”, 80% resolution at 4k with high detail selected it’s a fantastic looking game. I currently use a budget LG 4k tv with my PC, it’s not great. I have a 1440p ultrawide arriving tomorrow so I’m hoping the lower pixel count will help the performance while the extra width and curve of the screen will help with immersion.
  10. It never really bothered me until recently, but with Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remaster, I can’t play it at anything other than 60fps. Unfortunately that means 1080p on my XboneX. It also means that from now on, I have to play the Forza Horizon games at low res 60fps on console as I can’t go back. I don’t think it affects other genres, I mean Flight Simulator is fine at 30fps, but I’m now of the mindset that racing games have to be 60fps.
  11. I haven’t played Cyber Punk since December, have they improved the performance? I had it running pretty well on my 3070 using DF’s recommended settings, but it could always do with improvement. Also has anyone tried the new DLSS 2.2 file with it?
  12. Fallout 3: I got all-but-one of the achievements on console (I can’t remember if it was 360 or PS3), I missed one on Mothership Zeta. I’d love to revisit it on PC with some graphical mods. Wasteland 3: My favourite game of last year. There’s DLC out now so I want to start from the beginning again. Loved everything about this game!
  13. Is this the Resizable BAR update? I think I needed to update the bios on my mobo to support that, so I didn’t bother. Does it make a difference?
  14. My friend’s dad had an STFM. One of the first games I played was Chase HQ. Hearing “Let’s go Mr Driver” for the first time was awesome! I also remember playing Turbo Cup, Robocop and a couple of flight sims, “stunning” graphics I couldn’t dream of seeing on my C64. It’s a computer I’ve never owned. Is there any point if you don’t have a nostalgic attachment to the ST?
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