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  1. Nimmel

    Star Citizen - Fishing for Space Whales

    The webcam face tracking stuff is very clever as well as being ever so slightly creepy as demonstrated here:
  2. Finished this on Saturday and actually bothered getting the platinum trophy. The only expectation I had of this game was that it would be a decent spidey game, it obviously surpassed that and then some. I kept thinking the main quest was close to the end only for new twists and turns and bits I was sure they would save for the sequel to manifest themselves. I enjoyed the open world fluff because being Spiderman means that traversing New York is fucking AMAZING even after 20 plus hours. I didn't even mind the "stealth" bits!
  3. This pretty much echos my thoughts, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  4. Definitely peaked at episode 4 for me, the last two episodes were disappointing and it had a scooby-doo-esque ending. Still it kept me entertained on a Sunday for a month or so. 6/10
  5. I've been thoroughly enjoying this, I've got to the point where all the various area tasks have opened up and I find myself playing for an hour or so after dinner clearing up an area of NY. I've only got a couple of areas left, once I've finished I'll push on with the main quest again. I love mixing the mods that generate focus on gadget and web attacks with the finishers refill gadgets mod. So for quick skirmishes you go in, web bomb/impact web everything, spam finishers and rinse and repeat. See terrible game play example from me below!
  6. Nimmel

    Killing Eve - BBC Spy thriller, comedy, drama

    Completely agree, I binged watched 6 as well. Riveting stuff with a fantastic performance from Jodie Comer.
  7. Yep enjoyed last nights episode, they have two episodes to wrap it up so there is lots to pack into them.
  8. Nimmel

    Persona 5 | PS3, PS4

    For anyone reading this thread that's on the fence about picking this up you absolutely should, at this price its an absolute bargain to get the complete version of one the best games on the PS4. I'm a serial non-completer of games with no huge love for JRPGs and I felt compelled to platinum it.
  9. Nimmel

    Assassin's Creed Origins

    I finished this last night, well the main quest anyway god knows how much side questing/exploring is left. I really enjoyed it, the story was in the main decent enough, the combat serviceable (I like shooting people in the face with arrows) and the setting stunning. Even though there is lots to do in the world it felt that it hadn't been splattered across the map without any thought or care. Well worth the £20 I paid for it.
  10. The Kotaku review posted on the previous page is fantastic, I watched it by chance whilst browsing YouTube last night and I went from having absolutely no interest or indeed knowledge about this game to being pretty sure that I'll buy it next weekend.
  11. Nimmel

    Extinction - Michael Peña sci-fi

    Yep its terrible, I gave up halfway through it.
  12. Nimmel

    Better Call Saul!

    Yep that's my take on it as well Pob.
  13. Nimmel

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Fair play to the Palace fans for not letting this lie. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/aug/22/sussex-police-breach-foi-crystal-palace-fans
  14. Nimmel

    Better Call Saul!

    I agree with Pob it felt odd.
  15. Nimmel

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Man this world cup is that Vince Mcmahon gif brought to life in football form.

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