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  1. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, Adesanya is stone cold. Such a brilliant performance, made Costa look like an amateur they’d dragged in from the car park.
  2. After another decent trade-in, I’ve started this and I’m around four hours in. Holy. Moly. Holy. Fucking. Moly.
  3. Burnley have signed the T-Rex from Jurassic Park? Or Jordan Pickford.
  4. It’s just premium horse meat!
  5. Lovely build-up play and a smart finish from Curtis Jones. It may ‘only be Lincoln’ but good to see cohesion between the fringe squad and younger players.
  6. I’ll probably say it 1,000 times this season, but this away kit is horrific.
  7. Keen to see what this academy lad, Vergil Von Drojk is like tonight.
  8. It should. But I’m a sucker for FPSs. I’d probably be better off reinstalling Bulletstorm.
  9. Player announcement of the summer.
  10. By ep three it's on the skids, by ep six it's flaming wreckage. But why am I watching?, you may quite rightly ask. Basically the better half is at work all day and just wants to unwind when she gets on the sofa so I sit there besides her playing miniclip pool biting my tongue at how utterly trash the series is. She fell asleep last night so I whacked American Barbecue Showdown on and plotted saving up for an offset smoker.
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