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  1. Karina’s look of glowering contempt whenever Lottie spoke was glorious. A ‘socially elite’ club. Fucking hell, she’s just running Devon’s answer to Hostel. Lewis got shredded in the interviews, and he looked resigned to failure halfway through. Best two candidates made the final, albeit their competition was utter pony.
  2. Wanted to watch them all again before Rise next week, but turns out I only currently own Episodes 4 - 7, and Rogue One. I'm okay with this line-up.
  3. Jumanji: The Next Level - 3/5 As big sequels go, it is absolutely fine. Got a few early laughs in, sagged a tiny bit in the middle, then picked up the pace for a genuinely touching finale. Undemanding, but the charismatic cast ensures things stay the right side of enjoyable. Did thoroughly enjoy Kevin Hart's Danny Glover; he far outshines Dwayne this time around.
  4. Strong potential for a joint song with Firmino too. Announce Mbappe Minamino!
  5. Boooo, Leverkusen ruined everything by going out. Reds can now face either Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Lyon, Atalanta or Dortmund.
  6. Untitled Goose Game coming to PS4 next week. Doom Eternal. Cyberpunk 2077. Think I’ve been more focused on clearing through a backlog recently but that said nothing much else on the horizon has really grabbed my attention. Interested in potential sequels to Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man I suppose, but both are likely at least a year away, maybe even a year away from being announced so not really occupying too many thoughts. Same can be said for GTA6, although that is probably three years away minimum, so excitement level right now would be tepid.
  7. Sacking him voided any potential compensation the English clubs would have needed to pay to poach Ancelotti, and not even Italian clubs are that daft. That said, as @Gotters posted above, the club is still a mess, even by Serie A’s low standards. Last month there was a mutiny by the players, who refused to go on a training camp. Ancelotti had earlier stuck up for the players after disappointing results that led to the order to attend the camp. However, this stance was not reciprocated, with the players seen as turning their back on their manager. This compounded the sometimes fraught relationship he had with with several players, including club captain Insigne. Attendances are poor for a club of their size and fanbase. Their ground, the San Paolo, holds over 54,000, but just 22,000 fans attended on Tuesday night in a game the side needed to win. After the training camp incident, the club’s Ultras reacted with derogatory chants towards the players. There was also an investigation as to whether midfielder Allan’s home was invaded as a warning. Several other criminal incidents against players have been linked with the club’s hardcore supporters. The club itself also threatened its own players with legal action over the refusal to attend the now infamous training camp. The sacking has been building for months. If results were good the cracks behind the scenes could be papered over, but the side has dropped out of the title race with a string of poor results, which the Champions League progress only masks. Going to Arsenal or Everton, both not without their own long-term problems, would feel like a luxury holiday for Ancelotti compared to the madness in Naples.
  8. Same. Just think they’re too frail at the back to win it. Hope to be very wrong, and good news for them is I usually am!
  9. Trent will almost certainly never leave the club. Another clean sheet
  10. Ridiculous finish at that speed. Put just the right amount of wazz on it.
  11. PSA! Don’t forget tonight’s kick-off is 5:55pm UK time. I’m delighted to have a game that will finish before midnight. Although there are some juicy other games afterward so will probably be up until 2am anyway.
  12. Things this century are retro now?! That ‘86 jacket though
  13. Lovely stuff. I like to think that somewhere in amongst the billions of stars there’s a planet entirely populated by dogs, and it’s glorious.
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