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  1. This sort of filth should be banned pre-watershed:
  2. Messi’s goal ratio is a staggering 0.93 per game. Eto’o, for example, managed a pretty healthy 0.75 per game for Barca, scoring 108 goals in five years, but had several knee injuries during his time at the club. Kluivert banged in 0.49 goals per game, which looks very ordinary versus Messi but is still pretty good considering the rate of some other notable recent La Liga goal scorers, like Raul (0.41), Griezmann (0.42), Benzema (0.48) or Villa (0.53) Staggeringly, Christiano Ronaldo’s rate was a ludicrous 1.07, including 34 hat tricks, in nine years. Saurez currently sits at 0.78 goals per game, which is the sixth most prolific rate in La Liga history. He’s still a snide twat though. Stats!
  3. I’ve already got it as my ringtone, and I’m looking into the legal documentation required to adopt it!
  4. It’s a doc... but Apollo 11 is astounding. No narration, just a beautifully poignant run-through of the moon landing mission. So, so good *obviously not fiction, but think it fits the bill if you’re even remotely interested in the science. Could pair it with First Man too.
  5. Upgrade, released earlier this year, is a great B-movie.
  6. True, although think HW is fairly shallow beyond the top couple of guys too, so to move up now would be to do so at a less-risky time. It would probably only be for a money fight with Lesnar though, which personally I think Jones would sleepwalk through. Lesnar is a ridiculous physical specimen but Jones would tie him up like a pretzel.
  7. Brock Vs James Haskell. Book it, Coker! Been a flurry around Bones Jones the last few days, ranging from a fight announcement to him not fighting again in 2019. Apparently Jan Błachowicz is next fighting Jacare Souza, so there isn’t much else for Jones at LH. Next big thing Jonnie Walker needs at least two more ranked fights before he’s even close to being a legitimate contender, and after clearing out the division who’s to say Jones will stick around LH much longer?
  8. Brock Lesnar is in talks with Bellator apparently. In other unrelated news, shares in Mexican horse meat have unexpectedly spiked.
  9. glb

    NFL 2019!

    That is very cool. AT&T Stadium is such an incredible arena on the whole.
  10. Margot Robbie’s production company, LuckyChap, is reportedly developing a Tank Girl reboot / remake / reimagining / rewhatever. No cast named, but Robbie has starred in every film her company has produced, so highly likely she’ll be the new TG.
  11. On the latest Half In The Bag, during an aside Mike and Jay ponder what The Shining would have been like if it had gone through modern focus group testing... based on that trailer I guess we’re about to find out
  12. glb

    NFL 2019!

    For what it's worth, thought the Steelers would also run the Patriots closer than they did. Week one and the season has a feeling of inevitability about it. Skills:
  13. glb

    NFL 2019!

    Phins will do something daft like win 17-10. And then lose each week, including their bye, for the rest of the season.
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