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  1. glb

    Deadpool 2 - 2018

    Enjoyed the balls off this. Best go in as cold as possible, some great surprises throughout. Kudos to Ryan Reynolds, he’s spun gold out of what was once a massively wasted character. The parachute scene... ‘kin hell
  2. glb

    Mile 22 (2018) Peter Berg and Marky Mark Round 4

    Peter Berg also directed The Kingdom and the underrated The Rundown (aka Welcome to the Jungle). And Friday Night Lights, he then developed the TV show spin-off. I’m down for anything he makes*, and Mile 22 looks like a fast-paced, undemanding thriller. *We’ll just politely forget Battleship.
  3. glb

    PS4 Pro

    Posted earlier in the thread, but my Pro is so much quieter now I’ve propped it up on some rubber pieces (cut two rectangular erasers in half), and when playing perch it so the front two inches or so poke out the TV cabinet. With the rubber pieces there’s about an inch clearance underneath. Wolfenstein II, for example, was ridiculously noisy pre-cheap hack, now it’s barely makes a sound.
  4. glb

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Roy of the Rovers is coming back! In their latest episode, Totally Football Show announced they are the new shirt sponsors of Melchester Rovers. Rebellion, who do 2000AD, are behind the reboot.
  5. glb

    Far Cry 5

    I think it’s that too. And bugged! Standard for a game with a map this size though I suppose, feels held together with string and wishful thinking at times. Other times it’s flawless, chaotic brilliance. I’ll take a bit of the former in order to experience the latter
  6. glb

    Far Cry 5

    Oh, so the witterings of the pilot cutting out mid-sentence then starting up again, only to cut out and start a dozen or so times was intentional?
  7. glb

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Yup. But iPlayer is blocked. ITV Player might work but VPN has been erratic for a while. Indeed. They have extraordinarily deep pockets, massively over-paying for sports rights in the Middle East. And they employ Richard ‘The Hairy Scrotum’ Keys. Pop fact! Recently the Saudi government has helped fund a service called BeOut Sports as part of the ongoing division with Qatar. They’ve got around 750,000 subscribers or something ridiculous. TV industry out here is the Wild West. Well, East. Makes work fun I suppose.
  8. glb

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Bloody BeIn. Extra £70 on top of the monthly subscription to access World Cup games, with the added drawback they’re hosted by Richard ‘The Excrement Chimp’ Keys. I’ll just catch the highlights on Twitter.
  9. glb

    Far Cry 5

    Not had that bug, just the one where a gun for hire gets stuck on an audio loop for about 10 minutes.
  10. glb

    Far Cry 5

    Yeah the game is kind of all over the place, with some odd design choices, and that doesn't help early on. It comes into its own once you free up Holland Valley and are able to roam about with a few more perks unlocked. I've persevered with it because I bought it day one and I'm in no rush to play anything else at the minute. Give Arcade a whirl and see if you enjoy some of the maps on there; they feel disposable but are good fun. And as MeanElf points out the second and third region have much more wingsuit-friendly areas, with even some base jumping locations to be discovered. You can also unlock a perk that offers the option to drop in to places when you fast travel, if you want to unfurl the wingsuit before then. Getting stuck into the final, northern-most region now, while mopping up some collectables and side missions. Not disappointed with it, more enjoying it despite some frustrations. There's also a lot to love, such as roaming the wilds with a dog and bear as your sidekicks. A bear!
  11. glb

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Yeah, in taekwondo it’d be like a snap kick, which you’re looking to strike with the ball of the foot. Been a while since I threw one, but you instinctively pull your toes towards your body when doing it. Man, I want to do a martial art again.
  12. glb

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Okay so Brighton at home was a dolly, but the side did look a little sharper than the last few weeks (since that magical hour Vs Roma really) Just under two weeks now to freshen up and go for broke. Had no expectation for the season to go beyond today, just hope everyone plays to their capability one last time this season because when they’re in full flow, they’re glorious to watch.
  13. glb

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    That was a magnificent header
  14. glb

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Mane! Shoot! That was comical.
  15. glb

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Ah, shame dude. Predictions for today? Nervy 1-1, after Brighton take the lead? Most Liverpool way would be to lose but see Newcastle get a last-minute equaliser to deny Chelsea. Suppose that would be good practice for the nerves when it comes to Kiev...

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