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  1. These are quite good. 20 points clear of them
  2. Yeah, that’s some VAR bullshit. Flicked over to Bournemouth’s game. They are truly awful.
  3. Did anyone tell Leicester football has restarted?
  4. glb

    Football Kits 2020/21

    Yeah, hope that 3rd is confirmed, and gets used much more than the awful away kit. Roma’s is my favourite, non-Pescara shirt of the new season.
  5. glb

    Football Kits 2020/21

    Rumoured Liverpool 3rd kit.
  6. glb

    Football Kits 2020/21

    Inter Milan, ladies and gents:
  7. Klopp should make Lovren captain and have him twerk on De Bruyne as he walks past him just to make Danny Murphy’s head explode.
  8. Re - a fourth season. Glad there’s a set end point. No need to over-extend it, and get diminishing returns. Now the writers have a generous amount of episodes to reach a satisfactory end. Stick the landing and it’ll be cemented among the best things Netflix has produced.
  9. A moment of reflection for Alan Pardew, whose eight-year deal at Newcastle ends today. May he dance his way into another relegation scrap soon.
  10. BT haven’t specified yet; their promo was generic in terms of the channel call-to-action. Would be a bad look for them to make it PPV, but they’re contracted to a small amount per year. Guess there will be a force majeure clause though. Having run PPV channels elsewhere previously, no way I’d make a business case for 251 in this climate (or any time to be honest, the timings are bullshit and just invite piracy) PPV in the UK is established for boxing, but even then the start times are usually an extra slap in the face after the price. And not like people can mitigate the cost by splitting it among friends at the minute. ...... Last weekend’s event was a good ‘un. Some wars, good (and crazy) submissions and a big knockout on the prelims. Would love Poirier Hooker 2 some time in the future. That’s a rematch that deserves some crowd energy.
  11. Actually, that’s a great angle now it’s official and we don’t have to be superstitious: when did you all turn from doubters to believers that 19 was happening? I had an inkling against Arsenal at Anfield. Even being midway up the colossal Main Stand affords a perspective of the entire team‘s shape and movement, and they were magnificent throughout. The result could have been 6-1 and not felt unjust. Leicester away though. That was a breathtakingly brutal victory. If it could have been six against Arsenal, Leicester were fortunate to not be the first team to win and lose 9-0 in the same Premier League season. Wave after wave after wave of Red attacks should have yielded more than the final tally of four goals but the display still underlined just how good this team is. Before and after there have been narrow, controlled wins but that night there was intent throughout the side, a powerful, confident display that went more than a long way to assuring this would be THE season. Wunderbar.
  12. AND NOW YOU’RE GONNA BELIEVE US! Anyone else having uncontrollably waves of emotions since Thursday? Been cycling through tears, laughter, happiness, bittersweet moments thinking about those that never got to see this, joy, pride, relief, gratitude... So many memories from times going to drab games, great games or somewhere-in-between-games (or watching them on TV like a sinful fake fan!), chatting on here with you lovely lot, with other Reds elsewhere. The glee, the frustrations, the amazement, the disappointments and everything else. I hope you’re all enjoying this in your own way and indulging yourselves with every article, video and interview. It may never be as good as this, it might get better. Who cares either way, these last few years have been absolutely magic and that will last forever. Champions of England once again. Cry your hearts out and laugh like drains! These Reds mate. Fucking hell.
  13. Finally, it’s a good day to not currently be employed!
  14. This is a cool little video about hitting a fastball.
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