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  1. Barry Pepper FTW! Looks cheesy but decent, throwaway fun. Did have a look at Frightfest tickets... didn’t realise the weekend has grown to now feature over 60 films (including Crawl)! Gone are the days of watching the entire festival in the rickety, wonderful Prince Charles Cinema
  2. Aye, Kiwis are sound (except when they lose at rugby union) Poor Jimmy
  3. Thoughts go out to the editor tasked with cutting that into 40 minutes of highlights.
  4. You’d be surprised at the amount of negative feedback such things get
  5. Weight cuts are brutal but don’t often see a fighter that out of it at the scales. Way past the line of what should be acceptable.
  6. Aspen Ladd looked like a zombie at her weigh-in. Awful.
  7. glb


    Djokovic will be loving every energy-sapping minute.
  8. Yeah, LFCTV have been trailing all seven pre-season games as being live. Tempted to do a month (think there’s a free trial anyhoo)
  9. Wolves and Leicester are the best poised of anyone to have a tilt at grabbing a top six spot (feel like Wolves would really go all out next summer if they do manage it) City will undoubtedly win the league again, Liverpool and Spurs should duel for 2nd / 3rd, but after them Arsenal are treading water, Chelsea are in uncharted waters albeit with a great squad and Manchester United... well, who knows what on earth they will be like next year (suspect veering wildly between sublime and ridiculous) No easy task for the chasers but feels as likely a season as any with half of the current six being in a state of flux. Obviously now I’ve typed the above, nothing will change and West Ham will finish seventh.
  10. Yup. It’s messy, but ryodi says 4 has the rights and they’ve kind of painted themselves into a corner. We’d get situations like this from time-to-time in my old job and would always try to keep events on the one channel (it’s a shit experience for the viewer to not do so) More than likely all the F1 ad breaks are sold and 4 doesn’t want to lose revenue because More4 will have a cheaper rate card, hence the quirky scheduling.
  11. Was a video in this post but deleted it because the quality was shite. Official one should be available soon enough...
  12. Thought they’d be very cool to have as a desk ornament until I clicked on the link. Yeah, expensive undersells it. They are nice though.
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