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  1. I level 99'd my character in this but never got more than half the cards.
  2. Looks like they following the same playbook as the Vega+ gang? That ends with them shipping some woeful minimal viable product just to fill their obligations to Kickstarter and then vanishing, doesn't it? Only I think it will be a little harder for "Atari" to vanish. They have a chain of hotels they have to open, to start with.
  3. I think there's only a handful of CD games I'd really want to play - and most of them seem to go for big money on eBay.
  4. I want to play MegaCD games, but I think I'd rather go down the route of getting an actual unit at some point. Does the MegaCD play copied discs or is there protection on them?
  5. Looks awesome I'm definitely getting one. (Looks at price on Amazon). Oh.
  6. I haven't managed to summon up the enthusiasm to finish this over the last 6 months. I don't want to delete it from my HD despite it taking up 100GB or something, because I know if I do I'll probably never finish it. And I was excited about this for years and spent £65 quid on it. But I'm up to Wall Market and haven't been drawn in at all, really. Cloud is the only character with any personality, and that personality is "stroppy miserable teenager". The story is stupid - one moment they're getting executed on a sort of TV gameshow and the next they're freely wandering the city again with
  7. Perfect example of what I'm looking for, I seem to remember the MD version is quite a decent game too, unlike the home computer versions.
  8. Delayed reply as I didn't notice this before ... I remember Titles(?) but don't remember it selling Amiga games, I remember it as a massive video rental shop. I used to kill time in there after sixth form waiting for my friends to get into town so we could get pissed in Castle Park on Tudor Rose sherry. There's a tiny little shop tucked away in an industrial unit on Magdalene Street now (or there was a couple of years back) selling PC components and GPUs and what have you. I wonder if that is the remains of Colchester Computer Center.
  9. In case anyone's interested, Billy is taking part in a Pac-Man tournament on Antstream right now, where he's currently getting whipped by John Stoodley, who I believe is the UK Pac-Man champion. As well as the prodigious gaming talent known as VeeKiraRay, who has unbelievably won just about every tournament they've hosted so far, whatever game is being played, and usually won by a massive margin. It's not actually regular Pac-Man, and I suspect Billy might use this as his excuse if he doesn't win. But it's basically a modified version where you start on the hardest difficulty leve
  10. RGL is directed by the same person who is licensing director for Antstream, the good Mr Darren Melbourne, purveyor of fine chips of both the silicon and potato variety. So I'm fairly sure the games will be a similar set to those included on that platform (same as the crossover you will see with Antstream and TheC64.) So I would expect a good deal of what you've mentioned, along with possibly some Bitmaps and Sensible stuff. The Cinemaware stuff I'm not so sure about, as that seems to be quite guarded (and well used) by whoever owns it. Certainly I would expect some Team 17 and maybe some
  11. Couldn't see a thread on this... Got a free 6 months with my EE contract. I don't need to watch Fawlty Towers or Red Dwarf again right now. So I started watching Brideshead Revisited which I had memories of from when I was a kid... Not of watching it , but my parents watching it and talking about it. Kind of an early example of event TV I guess. Dunno why but I'm finding it extremely enjoyable even though (true to the book) not much happens in it and it's pretty boring.
  12. I'm sorry but if you don't find Borat wearing lingerie running in on Giugliani shouting "She's 15, she's too old for you" funny then you're dead inside, if not an outright conservative.
  13. Andy Brown is the organiser of Play Expo (I think someone mistyped this as "Play Retro" a few posts back. Lovely chap and I think he's from Blackpool.
  14. Oh yes, MM2 is definitely going on the priority list. So many good times on that with a bunch of mates huddled around a tiny TV fighting over the controllers.
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