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  1. It really (maybe) is. All it lacks compared to the original is the intricacy of intertwined environment. And possibly it has a slightly higher number of "filler" boss battles compared to epic ones. But the levels themselves are some of the coolest environments - compare later levels liken Shrine of Amana and Aldia's Mansion to Lost Izalith or Tomb of Giants in DS1 , and DS2's levels are way more atmospheric and interesting.
  2. Does anyone have an invite code? Just got a Pixel 4 phone and thought I might as well check this out.
  3. I've been playing DS2 a lot recently and it's properly brilliant on NG+, I enjoyed NG years ago when Scholar first came out, but am enjoying NG+ even more now, properly ramps up the difficulty. And the lore links between it and DS1 are really interesting when you put the effort into uncovering them, which I didn't really do on my first playthough.
  4. No I think it will be out this year - probably a Christmas release, given that they are likely to be positioning it as a more mainstream offering , with the George RR Martin connection and everything. Don't forget that this will mean they get to release it twice - an original release on current-gen hardware then a remaster on next-gen. We know From like doing that sort of thing. Also for some reason I am getting the feeling that this is going to be the start of a new franchise, like Dark Souls, rather than a stand-alone title like (so far) Bloodborne or Sekiro. Again , it's probably just the GRRM connection that's making me feel that - like this is going to make them too much money to want to do it just the once.
  5. I loved the comic and thought this was pretty good. Nothing's really going to live up to the comic if that's what you're expecting but by Netflix standards this was a pretty good Stranger Things-syle urban horror/fantasy thing. For those asking how different it is - it seems to cover most of the same events as the comic but in a vastly different order (one major plot twist at the end, that isn't in the comic, being a notable exception). Its more faithful than a lot of other recent adaptions like Preacher and The Boys that are basically the same characters in totally different situations.
  6. Pictures emerging on my Facebook feed of people receiving and unboxing these now ...anyone here got one yet?
  7. The SNES is not the first system that comes to mind when I think of Doom. No sir.
  8. I always loved the look and feel of these games and even back in the day I realised they were doing something pretty special. But I never managed to get far in them. Might try them again with a guide one of these days.
  9. Interesting, how did you access it? Was it an emulation? That would have been pretty impressive considering the primitive state of emulators at the time. Galaxians on the loading screen of Ridge Racer I seem to remember? Maniac Mansion hidden inside Day Of The Tentacle? (is it there on the remasters as well, can't remember).
  10. Are you sure that's how it works? That makes it sound like I can just claim I own the rights to the music on any video, and then collect royalties on it for 30 days while they work out that I'm lying.
  11. My holy grail is the actual Holy Grail. Imagine having that in your cabinet surrounded by your boxed original games and figurines.
  12. How does that work? Does he just pop up as a random encounter at a place where you'd usually meet a standard enemy? Does the fight use the slums background graphics?
  13. I don't believe it is time to ditch consoles. PCs are great and everything but there are some things consoles will just always be better at.
  14. Is online gaming on the PC really always free though? I know there isn't the sort of universal subscription charge that console online network operators get to charge due to their ownership and total control over who can access their networks. But don't EA, or Epic, or whoever ... Find other ways to monetise online play of their games? I honestly don't know because I don't play AAA PC games online. But if it isn't monetised who pays for the server costs?
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