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  1. personal favourite, my copy from 1984's release day. Little 13 year old me didn't really understand what he did here, but as I've grown older I've appreciated it more and more. 7 tracks all with completely different style and approach.
  2. The best Stereolab album - it has guitars in it
  3. "Demon Souls" and "PS5 Stock Checker Hyper Turbo Upper" are the only 2 games worth playing right now. I occasionally check stock but have given up for now getting one before Spring. Maybe by then Sony will already be on their 2nd hardware revision by then.
  4. "Lost" was a masterclass in getting you watching the next episode. But it built far far too much up and up each time, and in the end became a bit too ridiculous. I got that sinking feeling in the final episodes that even when they couldn't explain how fucking polar bears end up on a tropical island that it was going to end up mugging its audience off in the end. Even by the last 90 minute episode, everything still hadn't been explained, so was always going to end up with some bullshit ending. Ironically someone I knew that watched the first episode when it aired on C4 actually pred
  5. englishbob


    £180 on Amazon UK for the Deluxe SOTT vinyl set at the moment, about the right price, at least you are not really paying for the rather poor book contents now
  6. I'm about 12 years behind the curve (after the last mega show "Lost" which felt like a complete waste of time overall, so I was always hesitant to starting a new series with such a large episode base) but we started watching this during December and finished the series and the film last night. What a ride. Glad I waited for Netflix and HD streaming rather than borrow DVD's off folk over the years. The only negative observation was the 5.1 audio, series 1 was fine, but from series 2 onwards the dialogue dropped in the mix, and at times it was whisper quiet to the point to activate
  7. Yes Sleaford Mods have lost of bit of their spitting venom and vitriol since "Divide and Exit", or maybe I've just become conditioned to it now, maybe someone that has never listened to them might find their new material a bit much at first take? This was their peak I think, performing "Fizzy" at Glastonbury, but they still have legs I reckon to go further and darker. Andrew Fearn doesn't get enough props for the sound, he is always the one they say does fuck all. If you've heard Jason's version of Sleaford Mods before Andrew joined, you'd know he made all the difference
  8. I've been dipping in and out of PS5 news for a few weeks, seems pandemic or not this new console is impossible to obtain. If this website's little pull down option to display "See when shops last had stock" then no UK retailer has anything since 3/4th December. https://www.hotstock.io/uk/p/playstation-5-console Not in the US of course, just last week Brexit?
  9. A lot of content here, could be playing this for a while. Its a classic Japanese offline game with very gradual unlocking systems that keep you at it. Between shooting people in the head on COD Cold War or driving a Japanese train in this, that's about my gaming life probably for 2021
  10. Found this via another forum - not tried it. It will apparently work from the browser on your phone? https://www.jp.square-enix.com/denshadego/syodai/
  11. Ended up putting this to the back of my mind that I had this en-route, but its finally been delivered from YesAsia. Looking at some on-rails gameplay later on hopefully, I wonder if these 2 will appear at some point lol
  12. Old club classic that was played a lot on alternative night
  13. I've just noticed 3 series of Terrahawks is available on Prime. I haven't seen this since my youth, I remember fondly going to by nans on Saturdays and watching it with my cousins each week, although I'm certain I've not seen all 3 series. It's going to be a bit shit isn't it.
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