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  1. Shit, just realised I preordered Dangun from Limited Run Games but I've no idea if this game will actually work on the PS5? Does anyone know? (Ketsui and ESP seem OK)
  2. Thanks - until last week I had no idea what "roguelike" meant either
  3. He is relating to his own experiences around addiction, he doesn't speak to me or the majority on having a drink in a pub.
  4. Exactly me - 1 was unplayable on the 360, absolutely rinsed 2, 3 came too soon after and didn't get stuck in I'll be sitting this out until I see reviews and performance. I read somewhere its 100+GB install
  5. Now the machine is in more homes, has the original "its completely silent" proclamation from the initial early previewers on YouTube been rebuked yet as bullshit? When powered on - mine sounds like a PC and laptop would, and when running a game sounds like a projector. For granted its not as-bad as the PS4 Pro, at the moment the firmware for the PS5 just seems to run at a constant speed, but I'm expecting Sony to break that at some point with updates.
  6. Played this more than I thought I would on PS5. I didn't sense any haptic feedback going on though? Also the load times must have been bad on the PS4 - as they ain't that great on the PS5. I'm comparing load times with games like Demon's Souls that load a complete world in about 3 seconds, or a Call Of Duty CW level that loads in 2 secs, this takes about 10 times that amount of time it seems. Also when choosing a car there is a loading wheel appearing. Playing it though, pretty nice. I've dialled in the POV so its nice and close up, feels quite immersive.
  7. Wasn't sure if you meant "song" or "track" - so did one with and without vocals
  8. The Mars Volta continue their meteoric rise of self importance up their own arseholes by reissuing - to their fans - a back catalogue with prices around £46 each for a double album https://cloudshillshop.com/collections/the-mars-volta-lps Only a Mars Volta fan could justify it I like DeLoused and would have bought one, but for £46 they can fuck off
  9. englishbob


    I don't believe he committed suicide, merely he didn't take seriously enough the drugs/medication combo he was using to manage his ills.
  10. Analogue Productions have made a video to try and sell you a copy of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue for £200
  11. blessed are the innovators - where art thou?
  12. Yeah, although my Dad had it on 8-track initially, so you only saw the front of it. I've seen the cover so many times using different colour tints its hard to know what it was initially. Yours seems to be about the closest to what it should be I reckon.
  13. If anyone wants to buy another copy in physical form - mines in the Trading section
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