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  1. So my middle son has really been enjoying our games of Lord of the Rings, but we can't play when his little oddelr brother is around because, well, toddler stngeth and miniatures dont go together. So I thought I'd get him something more self contained for Christmas. I showed him some pictures of Blood Bowl and he's so excited at the prospect I went out the next day and got - as far as i can tell - the last box in melbourne. I don't know who's more excited, him or me. Anyway, last night he came up to me and said, 'Daddy, when we get the football fighty game can you teach me how to paint?' My heart broke. Honestly right now his two brothers have to fight it out for second place.
  2. I got bitten by the nostalgia/oldhammer/midhammer bug recently, and got the urge to pull out my old WHFB stuff i picked up when I started getting back into the hobby 10 years ago. You know, because I didn't have enough in my paint queue. Can you guess which my kids were practicing on? Not old hammer, but it's a solid base to start on. I downloaded a copy of 3rd ed rule book and Warhammer Armie. Next stop is to keep my eyes on the Oldhammer trading sites.
  3. They're dogsoliders from Infinity. And actually probably the worst sculpts from the line. The Cameronian is my own personal favourite. Sxi fi werewolf in a kilt.
  4. That ghazghkull thraka is worth about $40-50 au alone, so around 20 quid. I think the best approach would be to split them into orks, imperial and eldar, then check the individual roices for each model/unit using ebay then either put them there or get a friend to put them on facebook for you. I've been out of the oldhammer game for a while but it doesn't seem unreasonable to say you'd get around £100 for the lot. I could be qrong though.
  5. Duuuuuuuddddeeee....... who's a chonky boi, then?
  6. Yes there is, a lot of interest, and some of tjem can be quite sought after. Grt on facebook and search for 'oldhammer buy sell swap' and ask for an appraisal. You'll find buyers. You, er, dont have heroquest do you?
  7. That's what I try to do also, but time isn't always on my side and I don't always get to do a proper flush unfortunately. Right now there's a build up of gunk on the inside I can't get to without a proper break down and clean each individual componant, which I've done before but damn it's time consuming.
  8. Thanks, Cocky. That's basically why I need it. I often have to stop ABing pretty quickly and don't get a proper flush and clean done. Aldi down here sometimes have them for sale, but they're life twice yearly so getting one is hard, but everyone who uses it says it's the bees knees, the mutts nuts, and various bits of other animals too. Also apparently they're amazing for stripping paint from minis, which I didn't even consider. Damn, I hope things turnaround soon. There's a pro painter I play often at Malifaux and honestly his stuff doesn't come close to yours. Fingers crossed for better days for you.
  9. Well that was fairly straightforward.
  10. Anyone here use an ultrasonic cleaner for airbrushes? I'm wondering if something like this would alleviate the arseache of cleaning mine: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Digital-Ultrasonic-Cleaner-Ultra-Sonic-for-Bathtank-Jewelry-Glasses-Shaver-Tooth/372739097076?hash=item56c8fb41f4:g:xuMAAOSwRkJdVLoR
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