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  1. *sniff* It's as beautiful as I remember.
  2. First GW model under the brush since, ooh, 1995.
  3. Operation Do The Things I Wanted To In My Early Teens But Couldn't is a go!
  4. Operation Do The Things I Wanted To In My Early Teens But Couldn't is a go!
  5. You need to get the right kind. Some of the non-vanilla products don't contain chloroxylenol, which is what does the stripping. I made this mistake the first time and just ended up with still painted, pine-smelling minis.
  6. Highlighting with an airbrush? Cover the corroded areas with blue tack using a tool to cover the area as exactly as possible.
  7. Soooo, blocking some colours to make the Carrion Effigy into an undead parot, and.... does thia look like a macaw to you?
  8. Mixing my own neat. I used a mix of Winsow and Newtons Paynes Grey and Prussian Blue. I've been meaning to use them for a while, but seeing the video below prompted me to use them now. I used the same approach he did. Worked a charm. I've used oils before as a wash and I've never has an issue getting them to flow. You do really have to have a tiny amount of paint to thinner, though.
  9. First attempt at using oils to shade with. Super easy and straightforward. I just need finer, more resistant smooth brush for blending in the deep recesses.
  10. So my Saga Age of Magic book arrived, and I realised how much more painting I have to do, so I decided to put that to one side for the moment and paint this new Ressers Nightmare Molly crew for malifaux a go: The big winged guy is going to be a parrot.
  11. Does anyone have any experiance with using Liquitex acryllic gauche?
  12. ....and I've re-re-subbed to Classic WoW. Because apparently you can't quit. It's not allowed. Toying with the idea of continuing with my lvl 14 druid or just going priest. I have veeeeryu little playtime, so startign anew isn't an easy decision.
  13. Any high-skill DPS is a paint to deal with, but a Widow in the right hands can shut down entire portions of the map. I have total respect for the skill those players have, but I really don't want o have a game basically go to "GG" when it's made clear there are insta-death zones.
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