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  1. Ah right, thanks.
  2. WTF, season ends in 7 days?
  3. I'm in Australia unfortunately, so will be on US servers. But I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines.
  4. Some changes on the PTR: Bastion's repair no longer takes up resources when he's at full health, but there'll be a 0.25 second cooloff after repairing before you can fire again. Seems unnecessary and a nerf to me. And this one is straight out BS: Sym's beam width has been reduced from 0.3m to 0.15m and the max dps has been reduced by 15. The very moment she becomes viable she's nerfed. Given the prevalence of shields and being forced to stay at 2 DPS slots they've just gone and nerfed two of the three best shield breakers. Also apparently BOB had a bug fix that's mostly a buff wihich means he's less likely to be caught on extranious scenery on his way to where he was aimed at. That's pretty good.
  5. An now I have to go into the office that day, then piss off to the Gold Coast for a conference until the next week. FFS. At least the start zones should be empty when I get back.
  6. Nope, blocks bullets. Shields block fire from the enemy but not friendly fire, so the sym turrets go right through it. Shields dont stop wilson lightning though, but that would require some coordination from the attacking team.
  7. Oh this looks mean...... I'm doing it.
  8. The thing with those those is there is something you can do to stop/avoid them. Grav can be healed/sound barrier'd through, whole hog can be slept or you can run around to the other side of the cart. Even blizzard doesn't move you. My biggest issue is it can't be interrupted. make it so if Sigma is slept, stunned or killed through the execution and it's fine. As it is it's just a win button. And totally with you on roll queue. Apart fom just having solid teams it avoids a lot of the toxicity associated with bad comps. I was against the idea at first but after playing it I'm totally sold.
  9. OK, got to the end of the fist planet with the Jedi knight, and I think I'm enjoying it much more than when I played at launch. I had an issue with how easy it was. The difficulty got better (harder) towards the end, but you need a decent learning curve to actually work out the game's characteristics. Anyway, looking forward to carrying on.
  10. Just realised the release day is my work from home day. Welp, nothing's getting done that day.
  11. Had my first taste of Sigma's ult winning a game by taking my entire team off the cart as defended the last metre. Utter bullshit.
  12. I got a little excited waiting for the WoW classic launch, and seeing as SWTOR had been popping up on my Origin account since I installed it I decided to jump in and give it a try and... well, I'm enjoying it. I played SWTOR for a while at launch, dropping it after getting one character to lvl 30 or so and most of the other classes to 17 or 20. At the time it felt a little empty, experience wise. I couldn't put my finger on it at the time (still can't), but I'd stopped playing WoW not too long before and I think the obvious inpisrations that just ever so sligthly missed th emark left me cold. But booting it up this week and jumping back in I was pleasently surprised. The visuals at least have come a long way since launch, and while the starter zones are so easy you have to work hard to be killed, the story more than makes up for it. I wonder if I'll stick around......
  13. Nope, it's interruptable.
  14. Yep, hers is interruptable. Reinharts too, Zarya... only zens isn't i think.
  15. So if you kill Sigma when he's midway through his ultimate the ultimate still completes. That seems unfair.
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