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    Playing games both new and old, making music particularly DnB, recording the Ban Hammer Podcast gaming show with Levi. The hardcore nature of being in the army, Pizza's always nice too.

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  1. Some have been mentioned that I'd like to see including Mass Effect, Fallout and Assassin's Creed of which I didn't like the film at all as it focused mostly on outside the animus rather than in the actual world and felt way too short as I'm so used to the games being quite lengthy. One that hasn't been mentioned yet though which I think would be great is Bioshock.
  2. Last month we had a fair few ideas for the nominations toward the poll, and all of those will return again for a second chance next month, however I now need some new ones. As usual for anyone wishing to drop in a title they’d like to throw in the mix of a game selection that could end up in the poll, please do so here. It’s currently the 23rd so you have about 4 days or so before I get the poll together. The poll will take place in this thread but the game itself will have its own dedicated place to avoid cross talk. Seems to be working so far. Pick you one new game choice...
  3. I can gladly say I don’t get performance issues with my tower either.
  4. Of course it’s never too late to join in and you gave a perfect reason as to why because I never knew about that secret either and that one sounds quite fascinating @Klatrymadon
  5. Ghetto golf is also next to Cains and I went there a few months ago, was pretty cool. Didn’t know there was a barcode type thing there. The rest of the area is pretty good to wander around too such as that indoor food place. Baltic Market or something.
  6. Well for me two games stick out which allowed me to get right to the last boss but messed me up. Part of this is that I don’t have access to either games anymore so haven’t had chance to put them on and put more time in. One of them id have to start again where as the other id happily keep playing as it’s meant to be played from the start every time. The first one one of those is Bangai-O. The last boss you have to spend a few mins getting through that whole stage (which is not easy but I could fly through it with ease once I played it enough times) only to get to the boss and it can kill you in record time of a couple of seconds, putting you back to the start of the level again. After a while I noticed I’d sometimes almost kill it but would be taken out by some kind of impossible attack. I have a feeling because it’s was all happening so fast and so many bullets on screen it was very hard to see what was going on but I stopped playing and know that it would mean playing from the beginning again. Not sure if I can be bothered and it’s on the Dreamcast too and mine doesn’t load games anymore. The second game is one I played from the beginning every time and def had at least 600 attempts from what I remember the stats read. I made it to the last boss 3 times ever and died in entirely different ways each time. I didn’t want to go online for strategies and did improve over time and loved the game like crazy and would even play it now, but it was on an old laptop and I’ve just not been back for years. That game is Spelunky HD.
  7. @Qazimod No I genuinely never knew about that little hidden bonus at all. I also didn’t know what those numbered squares were for until now. I take it those are what you’re referring to?
  8. @Qazimod First of all, what the hell is the “secret boss fountain”? I didn’t know anything about this when I finished it recently but I wanted to add a bit to what you mentioned in terms of my tactics. So like when you mentioned using your whip to take down those fire bullets in the first phase. I personally jumped over them after hitting him in the head which initially felt super difficult but is possible once you get used to it. The pork chops from the ball is super handy because he doesn’t move into his next phase until you hit him several times meaning you can build up your health to max. The last phase looks simple but it’s easy to get struck by the bolts and it takes loads of health off so you can often die. I built my health to max before moving on as his porkshop giving phase helps a lot.
  9. Oh right so there’s more to it. Will watch em when you’re done.
  10. I played this last year for the first time since I got to experience it back in the mid 90's on my SNES Mini and thought it was excellent. I'd forgotten most of the puzzles and things but managed to get through it all OK although there were a few times that required a bit of exploration to figure out how to get something. What I liked though is that the world size felt about right to encourage doing this sort of thing without being too large (such as a Fallout map or something like that). I got everything in it bar about 3 quarter hearts, one of which is in that cave in the top left corner of the map just outside the forest. No idea where there other two were, but generally throughout the game there are loads of things to find. I liked the quirky little moments here and there which gave it charm and that's what makes it that extra bit special.
  11. I’ve just whacked this on too (got it as a present) and spent about an hour just getting to grips with the controls, menu and things. Can see myself getting quite into this.
  12. You need to go back to RE0 at somebody point. I’ll keep reminding you every so often haha @Camel.
  13. Well, it's a brand new year and of course along with that comes a brand new winning entry for the start of 2020 in the form of classic side scrolling ninja action platformer Shadow Dancer (1989). I managed to miss out on adding my own vote, however it was actually going to be Shadow Dancer anyway. Seems we had quite a few votes this time which is good but SD was pretty much a strong winner. This one is definitely a ports type with it being available on numerous platforms including the Arcade, Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Master System, ZX Spectrum. After a quick glance on Wiki, it seems that Shadow Dancer is actually the original Shinobi and that the Genesis games are sequels. Someone can possibly ellaborate on that as I'm not too sure. I think I might just stick with the original and try out some ports. I once had the Atari ST version in the early 90's so I might even see what that's like again.
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