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    Playing games both new and old, making music particularly DnB, recording the Ban Hammer Podcast gaming show with Levi. The hardcore nature of being in the army, Pizza's always nice too.

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  1. I was quite pleased to see the advantage I gained through one of their inadequacies when I realised the other week that all my PS3 ps+ titles (not that I have many) still work fine despite cancelling my account with them 18 months ago. I’m happy I can still go back to my digital copy of Tokyo Jungle again whenever I want with no padlock sign taunting me.
  2. I do almost decided to buy that game at the time because despite not even owning a wii u, it was def a game I’d be interested in owning and knew it only had a physical release over here and not in the us. Project Zero that is.
  3. I thought this was going to be a post of AVGN’s new Crash Test Dummies vid he posted yesterday.
  4. I dislike knowing how far I am though a game. I dislike seeing predictable patterns that tell me as well like I know I need one more slot or there’s only two space left in the list of chapters. I much prefer it to be less predictable.
  5. For about two mins I read the title as Hyper Scrape, think yeah that really is weird as fuck name. So when it came to realising what it really is called, it wasn’t quite as bad.
  6. I think there’s a difference between starting a game again from scratch, often on another platform entirely and returning to the same game file you originally started. For instance I can say I still haven’t finished Secret of Mana as I got to the last boss but didn’t beat it as I wasn’t sure at the time to to damage it and then lost my save file due to how I used a wildcard and saving on the system itself which was temporary. I now have a SNES mini and at somebody point I’ll likely have another pop at it making it at least about 25 years. Dragon Quest VIII took me about 2 years because I left it for a long time with it being long anyway and eventually returned back to the game again but continuing on same save file. I’d say that is probably the longest I’ve spent where I’ve decided to return back and finish off the same game file I started. Think I ended up spending about 145 hours on that in the end so no wonder I put it on hold for ages.
  7. Hahah I just spent 2 mins starting at that before continuing to scroll getting angry myself at how annoyingly shit that photo looks. I’m into graphics design and art as well so it obviously is going to irk me. It’s a mess.
  8. That’s really cool. @Qazimod it needs to be refined as a process and that’s an example of fine tuning something that may seem super insignificant, but really useful to know and sticks we me in a lot of games. A friend of mine is playing Star Ocean 5 atm as I decided to buy it based on him getting it so we could have a discussion over it like it was new or something. So he doesn’t work and has a lot of time to sink where as I tend to be busy so I get 5 hours in and tell him where I’m up to and he laughs and tells me his characters have reached level 33 and he’s now 120 hours into the game. My first reaction was what the actual fuck? Then I realised as I’m not even far off 33 now and only about 30 hours in that he must have been leaving the game on a menu screen while it continued.
  9. This feature I mention I wouldn’t say is a massively important one for the majority but it bugs me personally. Currently I’m playing an older game, Star Ocean 5 from about a decade ago and I’m sure it’s not the only one like this but I hate not being able to pause the game & having the in-game clock pause too. What’s more with this game is that if you reset and put it back on an hour later say after making tea, then there’s a bonus board you can build up during encounter fights to achieve additional bonuses like exp which disappears and needs to be started from scratch again as this always clears upon restarting a save file. Going to the PS3 OS screen doesn’t make a difference and there is no true pause in game. I’ve seen others that have this issue but have a specific pause button for it. I’ve had ones that aren’t obvious too and only pauses on specific screens like a map but nowhere else. Think that was Assassins Creed. Come to think of it I think it might have even been when reading ingame content text documents which can often go on for a huge amount of time only to not have this added to the total. Can’t say 100% but I’m sure I noticed this once and it was making the time appear well off just because of how much I had to look at every time I’d walk past another landmark or whatever. This is all a vague memory so I can’t quite be sure. I don’t like it when a game doesn’t give you this information either. A lot of them do these days but there was a time It was pretty much only a thing I grew up seeing in RPGs. For some reason I always seem to remember how long it took to play the majority of bigger titles I went through in the past even back to the 90’s. Zelda and Super Metroid are cool in this regard because they tell you after you finish so it’s more a surprise. For it most people it probably doesn’t matter, but I’ve always liked to see how long a game had accurately had me playing. It’s a strange thing but I play some games and the clock whizzes past without realising. This can sometimes indicate I’m getting into a game and enjoying it enough that I’m not noticing. Others just feel like they are moving at snails pace and that’s when I realise it the game that I’m just not connecting with enough that’s doing it. Time in a game can help me decide where I can be arsed with it too. I’ve been put off Disgaea because I’ve known two people who have hundreds and in one case 2000 hours put in. It’s permanently put me off. I had a very hard time with Fallout 4 despite loving it simply because I was aware how much time it was taking from me as I’d been on Survival. The irony is that I lost so many hours due to deaths and I’d certainly say this was at least 100 hours it was mental. The finishing time was 250 ish so I knew it was far higher than that and I think I’d struggle to do that again. Oh and regarding the last example is another false perception of the timer. When we die in a game , do we lose that in game time all of a sudden?. Very often yes and so it’s frustratingly never accurate. You could spend ages repeating a difficult bit for progression or a challenge trophy and yet it won’t accumulate. A lot do get this right though but it depends. I once played a game not too long ago which I think could have been a Tales game, and it had two timers in it. Hadn’t seen this before but one was the global time and the other was the time you’d currently spent in that single play session. Thought that was a cool little addition.
  10. 100% agree. Loved the game and got the platinum trophy for it and cannot be arsed with any of this DLC. Would much prefer a new game.
  11. If this is ok then I’m also playing a 12 year old game from 2008 too. Just recently started up Star Ocean : The Last Hope (correction 11 years, 2009 - the original thread on here is from 2008) Haven’t played enough to properly make my mind up with it but I’ve literally only just started battling with over 3 hour on the clock gone. It looks a bit ropey graphically compared to the few other JRP’s I’ve been through on the PS3. Acting is horrendous and I’m thinking of switching to Japanese voices and usually I have a high tolerance to this sort of thing. I did try to resurrect the original post but it dropped away almost immediately. I noticed I’d also posted in there back on launch but didn’t have a 360 or PS3 then. Anyway it’s one of those I’ve wanted to play for a while and a mate of mine recently picked it up so I thought I’d do the same.
  12. Rise again... I’ve just bought the original international version a few days ago and just started playing. Not even bothered with the remastered version as I wanted a physical copy. A mate of mine told me he’d ordered it to start and it’s been on my “to-play-one-day” list so I thought I might just start it at the same time he does. It’s been a while since I played SO, probably around 2005 when I went through Till the End of Time on the PS2. I personally got really into that game but it was also one of the first ps2 games I played so you tend to remember those fondly. First impressions are that it looks rough and for a 2010 game feels like it belongs on a PS2. The opening is slow thanks largely down to all the tutorials and things to read and get your head around not to mention the cut scenes. I’ve just started the first fight and I’m 3 hours in, although I do spend a lot of time faffing about taking my time. Controls feel a bit stiff and twitchy but they implemented a walk button to slow you down. The outside but I’m at on the first planet looks more like a slightly higher res version of PSO. It feels like it begins very similar to the previous game and has similar mechanics but I guess I’ll see how that develops. I’m going to push on with the motivation knowing that I have a buddy taking part at the same time. I just feel like it’s going to be shit. I think the voice acting and general cringyness put me off a bit especially when that character appears on the screen in the ship. Is there anyone here who actually got into this? I always used to read generally that it was worse than the last one but better than the newer one. Was intrigued to find the original thread made for Star Ocean 4. Regardless I’m gonna see where it goes. @Trumpets might have the right idea changing the voices to Japanese.
  13. I was recently looking into Trails of Cold Steel as I was thinking about picking up a new JRPG soon (turns out I’ve today gone for Star Ocean The last Hope on PS3 anyway) and it’s kind of intrigued me because I know there are a few like 4 of them or something. Also the PS3 games are both on the PS4 as well, enhanced. Now about two weeks ago I started watching a video on YT where some guy talks about “Why you should play all the other trails games first and points out an order and extensive lore”. I heard that the best version to play of Trails in the Sky is the PC port which came out on Steam and probably GOG maybe. I personally was intrigued by the physical release as I tend to like that sort of thing except the vita version just seems too expensive for the game. Going back to YS Origin, did you play through the third character after Hugo? You reminded me of how I went through it because I chose the girl initially and then went with Hugo I think. Remember the difference in play style being quite different. The third character was really intriguing from a story perspective.
  14. I miss Resistance when that was online. I loved that FPS series and especially liked the multiplayer on the first game as I used to rinse a particular map called bus yard a lot as I learned to get good at it. Eventually the servers got shut down. There arent many games I’ve played in multiplayer really and I haven’t even bothered with PS+ for a couple of years now so I can’t play it anyway. Alienation was really cool as a drop in drop out co-op thing. Especially enjoyed playing through the game on single death mode which I managed to get through. It was crazy being with somebody for multiple levels then they suddenly die and are gone for good.
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