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  1. At this point it’s purely a collectors piece. It sold in small numbers so there aren’t many around, which pushes the price up. Same with numerous other failed consoles and it’s games. It just highlights again how broken games collecting is. People will pay lots for tripe because it’s limited. I don’t think the same happens in the antiques market... I don’t think rarity is the defining factor, it’s about the quality of the maker and the item itself. It’s a different beast though I guess.
  2. Part of my collection is definitely in the “worthless” camp, is in I have like 200 Xb360 games that are probably worth like £1-£2 each. I’ve owned 90% of these since new so they’re immaculate and I can’t justify trying to shift them on for next to nothing. I basically relying on some 20 something having a crazy nostalgia trip in about 20 years time and wants to pick up his childhood 360 games.
  3. Currently playing lots of Bionic Commando on the NES. Been through it about 4-5 times now (flash saving) to get versed in the game. I did finish it back in the day but it is brutally harsh. It’s literally 3 lives + any extras you pick up and it’s rife insa-death scenarios. Saying that, I consider it a highly skilled game and when you have those skills there’s amazing things you can do. I’ve played through both Western and JPN versions to see the differences. Apart from the obvious, there are a few others. The JPN has rocks that block door ways, which can be knocked aside with your arm. These were removed from the Western release. The JPN version also has numerous places where it has more enemies, which I’m not sure is balanced as well. So satisfying to play though when you nail a tricky swinging section.
  4. Goemon


    Don’t know if this has been posted but looks lush!
  5. If anyone wondered what happened to Sako at Evo, unfortunately he didn't make it out of pools... As compensation he went to the Casino after and ended up winning $1250!!
  6. Just looked on the website and it says that it ships from Andorra and may be subject to charges.
  7. Jesus Christ, Poison’s half screen command grab when she’s in VT is unblockable! Super scary, considering she gets 2 of them from a 2 bar VT. She also might have the longest reaching sweep in the game.
  8. I don’t think so, personally. The guy has put over 3 years work into this. He didn’t start the project to rip off Sega, it was a way for people to play their games without needing to use the CD drive. He’s not responsible for how people choose to use it. However, having someone come along and literally copy what you just spent 3 years making and selling it at a reduced cost is BS.
  9. Might be worth asking on an Arcade forum, something like http://www.ukvac.com/forum/forums.html
  10. Wow, this was 3 years ago. Does look like a great option, similar to the PSIO. The guy needs to make sure the chips are protected. Otherwise it will end up getting hacked and you’ll see Chinese knock offs all over the place. The guy who made the GDEMU for the DC didn’t do this and now you can buy them all over eBay at half the price.
  11. I’m just thinking about the poor guy that gonna return from Uni in a few years, go rummaging for his swag only to find out his dad gave it all away.
  12. I think this is coming already, at least for a little while. I didn’t read it properly but when I put the game on yesterday I read something about 22 characters being free to use.
  13. I wonder if the big announcement that’s coming is a major re-work of the game. Would love to see something like this. You make some chunky fundamental changes and you basically reset the game. This would give it the ability to last a few more years easily. That would be my plan. Huge transformation, something like the Mysterious Mod, and then nothing new apart from a few balance changes. Let people relearn the game while you work on the next iteration.
  14. Just gave this a try on Android does seem better than reicast but not the jump I was expecting (so far). I need to try more things but I know reicast could play Mars Matrix with some graphical errors but this won’t even get past the title screen. Strumwind is a game I couldn’t get running on reicast and it doesn’t work on this either. Still, the working stuff is great and the user interface is MILES better than reicast. Actually one weird thing was it recognised some of my games incorrectly...it thought my VF3 was Mr Driller and Daytona was some random JRPG.
  15. Has anyone received their backer items for this?
  16. You've beaten the final boss? I had 99.80% when I went into the final room and that gave me 100%. TBH it's nearly impossible to know where you're missing. There's no "hidden" to the map rooms, they all appear as a blue square. One possible room I was thinking about was in the oriental garden area. There's a room there which is a breakable wall but you also have to use dimension shift to get past the gate in order to get to the wall
  17. Umm it’s like...Did anyone see the movie “Tron”?
  18. Welcome Company (nerfed significantly - starting from 3 portraits instead of 5)
  19. Yea, bigger range. However she can get distracted by enemies
  20. Use the faerie familiar, she will give you a heads up to ‘suspicious’ areas
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