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  1. God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    2nd, the 3rd is a real ball ache.
  2. Monster Hunter: World

    I do wonder how “cooperative” people are playing and thinking when doing a 4 player with randoms. I remember watching a video of the hammer and it stated to always be aware of having a hammer user on the team and let them have the head. I never see it happen though. It’s other things too though. I’m 100% sure I’ve saved faints because I’m watching what other players do and if one gets twated, I’m normally there with a life powder just in case they’re hit with a follow up attack.
  3. Dark Souls 3

    Dark Souls is a different beast to Bloodborne, so will take some getting used to. Have you not played any of the series?
  4. Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Is that the Micro Machines with Violet Berlin in it?
  5. Dark Souls 3

    Interesting article on how DS3 might have been compared to what we ended up with. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-04-18-dark-souls-3s-originally-ended-with-a-fight-against-pointiff-sylvhan-and-played-out-very-differently Reading the findings, they do make a lot of sense. Such as the fact that Gundyr is the consumed king and should have been in Oceiros' throne room,. This is why in the fight with Gundyr the 2nd phase sees him bursting out with black puss similar to what you find in the Consumed King's Garden.
  6. Don't screw me over Amazon... Hello, We're writing about the order you placed on March 15 2018 (Order# 205-2464063-9087502). We don't have an estimated delivery date for the items below. We'll provide you with periodic updates on your delivery date, and notify you as soon as the items are ready to dispatch. "Dark Souls - Solaire of Astora Amiibo (Nintendo Switch)" We only charge your payment method for items at the time your order is dispatched. Please be assured that your card has not yet been charged for the above item(s). Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this delay. Amazon.co.uk
  7. Looks like his Pac-Man scores are gone too http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2018/04/13/after-donkey-kong-controversy-guinness-removes-all-of-billy-mitchells-records
  8. Should all games have an easy mode?

    Another part of the problem is actually the terminology. If you put in "easy mode" it's generally the case people won't select it. Not sure if it's ego or fear of walking through something but it's definitely a thing. I imagine it's a bit of both. You could always be like In the Hunt and have "Monkey" difficulty.
  9. Monster Hunter: World

    I've definitely noticed fighting the higher level tempered monsters with randoms can be a bit hit and miss. NO ONE with a HR level above 50 should be getting hit by Teostra's giant AOE attack, yet just a day or 2 ago I watched 2 players get carted by the same blast. I don't have a mic but I did spend the min prior shouting at the TV, warning them to be wary as that move was coming. I mean, it's not as if it's hard to spot!!
  10. Monster Hunter: World

    I must have been SUPER lucky on the HR49 Tempered Kirin fight… I sent an SOS out and got a JPN player fully tooled to deal with the situation. My primary weapon is the bow, so I was able to fight at a mid-range and stay relatively safe while they did most of the work. Thinking about it now I was woefully under prepared for that fight. I’m fighting more tempered stuff now and I’m definitely seeing a lot more quest fails than I used to see. I’ve been winging it to this point to a certain extent but I’m really paying attention to loadouts now. A couple of times I’ve been “that guy” that’s fainted multiple times because I hadn’t planned for the fight. Not anymore Batman, I’m looking at everything I’ve amassed and I’m making gear/loadouts for specific fights. In other news I saw a guy at HR 999 O_O
  11. Monster Hunter: World

    I started out playing solo but as soon as a got a taster of the SOS system and playing coop online I never went back. Jumping into a multiplayer game is so easy and I personally find it so much more fun when there's 4 people trying to take down the monster over doing it yourself.
  12. Not sure how Cammy consistently avoids the nerf bat. I still see her regularly stunning opponents within 10-15s of starting a round, which is ridiculously dumb. I also find her THE most boring character to watch...possibly because people have stopped playing Necalli so you don’t see him as much. Seems to be more people gravitating towards her too, unfortunately. She was the top character in top 32 of FR and was used by 3 players of the top 8 at NCR. Meanwhile in the latest update FANG gets 3 nerfs and (IMO) a bug fix. Even got the cheek to state at the start ”increased throw damage on throws that give less reward on hit” Then go on to nerf FANGs forward throw by 2 frames, which he literally gets NOTHING from mid-screen and then give him no damage buff. Thanks for that. Such a unique character, there is such much they could do with him yet they seem to have completely written him off. Would love to see him get a buff to grey life damage from his normals. No one fears the poison but one thing a lot of people don’t realise is that it STOPs the recovery of grey life. This means if you can build up decent grey life, then throw out the poison if it hits them that life remains there for the taking. Currently I don’t feel he builds up enough grey for his block strings though.
  13. Monster Hunter: World

    Can someone just confirm that I understand affinity properly… Affinity is a % chance that you will do more or less damage over your base damage, is that right? So if I have a base damage of 20 and an affinity of 15% I have a 15% chance of doing more than 20 damage when I hit something.
  14. Monster Hunter: World

    Forget it, I was being dumb... It's just a pitfall trap. Some monsters I've seen trapped using this don't struggle like they're stuck in a pit though...Possibly if they're asleep when you trigger the trap? Just looked like the monster was lying on the top, which is why thought it was something else.
  15. Monster Hunter: World

    So a couple of times now I’ve been out in the field capturing a monster and someone uses something that looks like a dark grey foam. Can someone confirm what this is and how you get it?

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