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  1. It seems to be a general thought that tanking is the only way to beat the four kings, I don’t think that’s true though. I beat them on NG and NG+ only wearing the dingy set. I think there is always a “random” factor when fighting multiple enemies that you may get sniped by an enemy that you’re not concentrating on but I generally find the 4 kings quite passive and only occasionally get hit by one that isn’t my focus. Their move set is actually fairly straight forward once you understand it and you can deal with it pretty effectively while keeping the others in view. Their health on NG+ is INSANE though. Like 16,500. I used all my lightning spears and had to do the last third of their health using my fire sword, which was only doing 103 damage per hit!
  2. Goemon

    EDGE #321

    We can whine about the fact that there’s no review scores.
  3. LOL, I meant the route to get to him
  4. You know that isn’t the way to the skeleton gear man, right?
  5. Enjoy watching these. One request...When you fight a boss can you summon Phantoms to help? Would be cool to see you picking some unusual, powerful etc. Phantoms from the selection! Another thing... You mention that next to The Fair Lady there's a dead end which " you feel like something should be there" Well, it does, given a certain set of events... Dark Souls - The game that keeps on giving.
  6. Picked small head on the Dark Souls character creation screen.
  7. Trailer breakdown from VaatiVidya. Some interesting info.
  8. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Oh wow, wasn’t expecting this so soon! The game sold very well from what I understand, so I guess it’s expected. Glad Team Ninja are back on form. Nioh was my game of 2017 so I’m in like Flynn for this.
  9. Goemon

    Devil May Cry 5

    Enjoyed that video Its a MASSIVELY unrecognised and under appreciated side of the work - the combat. I don’t think people realise the effort that goes into making something like this. For all all the progress the West have made with games over the years, they STILL can’t do combat anywhere near as well as the Japanese.
  10. Goemon

    Devil May Cry 5

    Looks like you’re playing Nero again at least initially. You will notice that he no longer has his demon arm but some kind of robotic arm. Pretty strong speculation points to
  11. I personally wouldn’t consider any weapons OP. The great swords do crazy damage but they are slow and take a lot of stamina to use. Also, you explore, die, struggle, survive to find these treasures. You’ve earned them, no way you should be considering NOT using something that you like the look/sound of. They are a reward for your efforts, nothing you use will break the game.
  12. Great update! Don't worry about the black eye orb, you'll know when and where to use it when the time comes.
  13. Anyone noticed a problem on the PS4 version where sometimes you get a delay in your inputs? Numerous times I’ve pressed attack only for nothing to come out and then a second later the attack happens. VERY annoying as when fighting bosses doing an attack late will pretty much lead to your death.
  14. Sorry, no news but I was talking with a friend yesterday about the idea that this game may be closer than we think Bloodborne was released within 9 months of it being announced. We speculated that we may get this game before the end of this year.
  15. Got informed by a Super Platinum Akuma player this morning that FANG is the easiest character to use in the whole game and is pure trash. Who knew. That was right after his initial msg calling me a "fuking fagot scrub player"

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