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  1. Just found one of the Stretch goal areas tucked away with a portrait of Igarashi. Was great to find this Even logs the enemies you fight in there under your Demon encyclopaedia.
  2. There’s literally just been an update on the Kickstarter saying they are looking at the Switch performance.
  3. I think this was more to do with the mix of having a save on the original game system and the using it on the 1.02 patch to continue playing the game. If you stay on the original version the game you’re able to continue. It’s actually the way to get around the bug until you get the story driven item. I’m pretty sure the game will have to be complete-able in some form in order to release to master, although there can still be pretty significant bugs apparent that will get patched day 1.
  4. What is the official release day for the Switch version? When I got the PS4 game and put it in the game instantly DL’ed the 1.01 version. 1.02 didn’t land for DL until the official release day.
  5. Just watched the Curse of the Moon speedrun on AGDQ. Really nice to see how well it tied in with this game, characters, locations etc.
  6. Was expecting a lot more people to be playing this considering the background of the game. I’m super enjoying it so far. I think some of the upgrades have been interesting and there is literally tonnes of stuff going on regarding crafting, items and shards. Ironically one of the things I’m not keen on is Hayter as Zangetsu. I hear the voice and it’s literally Solid Snake. I guess that’s just his voice but there seems to be no differentiation at all and I would have personally preferred something original to the character. Just beaten and got the next area open.
  7. Just had a look on the kicker starter page $1600 - your portrait in the castle $3000 - your pet appears as an enemy in game (the giant dog/cat heads) $8500 - design you own room in the castle
  8. While I do sometimes get the feeling of being overpowered I don’t think it’s bad. Also it will be interesting to see how difficulty affects this stuff. I suspect (hope) you’ll be powerful on normal but on hard or nightmare you’re going to be clammering for this power still to survive. I think the painting shard is so powerful because it directly displays backers who spent a lot of money. I’m 99% sure all portraits are from a certain backer reward level. Same with the single screen rooms with the portraits, I believe they paid for their own room
  9. Just beat the boss for the “bad” ending. Is it an ending? It actually gives you a game over after the cutscene... I panicked as it saves after the cutscene and I thought I would have “cleared” save file but it does keep you at your last save point before the boss. Anyone figured out have to take things further? Still plenty to do from what I understand
  10. Also shows how screwed retro game collecting is IMO. Western version goes for a fortune and as mentioned it’s broken hard. It’s like that for no other reason than to try and quash the rental market. There’s no design, no balance, no make it better etc. it’s literally “make it so you can’t finish it in a weekend”, so they made it nigh on impossible.
  11. Agreed on the painting shard. You can almost run through the castle like you’re invincible with it on I started again and literally just ground the first room where they appear to get that shard, its a game changer for sure. Should definitely get nerfed. Either make the damage less or that it continuously depletes your magic while it’s active.
  12. So I’m 99% sure that I just did a pretty big sequence break using the enemy/candle step. I just fought a boss that took me 45 mins to learn and beat. I could tell I was underlevelled for the fight as she took ages to die but it’s a fight you can learn and do without needing the level requirement. So, it’s super cool you can learn bosses to this level It’s also cool you can sequence break, as it will give diversity to replays and speed running. The other thing that makes me think that I sequence broke is the trophies for the bosses unlock in order but the boss I just beat has a gap of 3 from the boss I beat prior. Really enjoying this so far. Lots of question marks about suspect areas. One area had a blood moon on the wrong plain that looks really weird and out in place. On returning to the area later, the moon wasn’t there...
  13. I NEVER knew this. It’s just opened things up massively. I’m now using it everywhere to enemy/candle step to higher places. Surely this manoeuvre will allow all sorts of potential progression breaks? Will be interesting to see people use of this in speedruns.
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