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  1. Can anyone confirm what the long term plan was for this game? Like how long it was going to be supported for, what releases there would be etc. I played it when it first came out (and loved it) but haven’t touched Iceborne or any other DLC and wanted to get an idea of where the game is in its life cycle. Anyone any idea if there’s anew one coming? I know Rise is coming to Switch but would prefer a PS sequel to this.
  2. One thing that has always really annoyed me is the fanboys that act as though butter wouldn’t melt in Nintendo’s mouth. They have this persona of friendly/family orientation but they’re not. I always remember getting a speech at a dev conference years ago from the head of Nintendo Europe and him banging on about working with your head, not your heart. This really hit me as people get into the industry because they love games and it’s a passion. It’s also the classic saying ‘you can tell it’s made with love’ but they don’t think like that, they really don’t. They’re cold and calcula
  3. I’m the same, I’m generally not a fan of killing things that are no threat to me. One thing you can do is get Yurt to do the majority of the work for you. I let him go through most of the NPCs as I was only after the ring you get for killing Yuria.
  4. About 24 hours into this now and have focussed on becoming a wrecking ball. I’ve put all my upgrades into the axe so that it’s at its max and I’m wearing the lion mane which gives me 160%+ damage on first hit. I haven’t maxed my strength potions yet but it’s up a couple of times. The running attack with the axe has a super high damage and couple that with fact that it’s max, the 160% bonus and the power upgrade and my first attack does around 4200 points of damage. This one shots all small enemies, most medium enemies and leaves heavies with a massive dent in t
  5. oof not heard of this, I take it there’s no fix for this? Any idea on the cause? Is it just wear and tear/old age?
  6. CD Projekt Red go into administration with no chance to fully fix CP2077 Nintendo show footage of Metroid with a release date of Spring 2022 Google Stadia halves the price of their Premier Edition to help get it moving, it doesn’t really help. Sony announce Demon’s Souls 2. From Software has no involvement. MS new Perfect Dark game is released but tanks even though it’s actually a really good game. The remade Goldeneye game gets leaked online.
  7. Possibly it’s on for before the end of March then as that keeps it in this financial year. Will be gutted if there’s no next gen version. Really hoping that they’re working on a port now as to get it out on both gens. Not sure my OCD could handle playing an ‘old gen’ version.
  8. I just saw on the Elden Ring Website that this is marked for the PS4 and Xbox One. I wondered if this game has been delayed without us knowing as it probably makes more sense that this should be on the new consoles considering they’re both out now and there’s still no real info about the game or when it’s due out.
  9. This popped up in my recommended on YT and thought I would share. It’s a competition of Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the SNES from 1993 in Japan. I find this type of thing pretty interesting to see, just to get an idea of the level of play for the time. TBH it’s really impressive!
  10. Played this for a few hours now and this is by far the worst aspect of the game for me. I can’t stand the dialogue/narrative. I can’t figure out what they were trying to achieve. My best guess is Greek mythology for a younger generation, but even then it’s a stretch. I can’t ever imagine a bio for for Zeus reading: God of the sky and thunder King of the gods Sarcastic juvenile The rest of the game seems fine so far. They have borrowed heavily from BotW but it’s not in any way bad. I’ll happily continue to play but may well have to look for a
  11. You have to remember that as this game had no kind of re-balancing, it’s pretty much their first iteration of this series. I know one thing they balanced as time went on, was runs to bosses and boss difficulty. I personally feel some of the bosses in this game are more straightforward to beat BECAUSE of the run required to get to them. I also think NG+ is a whole different ball game. It will take a SL79, chew it up and spit it out no problem at all. I’m pretty deep into NG++ now and personally think the game would have benefitted from some re-balancing. I know it
  12. Could this actually be a problem with the PS5? A quick search of the error bringS back this page. https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/support/error-codes/ps5/ce-108255-1/ Seems to be the case that if you’ve done what you said you’ve done and you’re still getting problems that you need to go to PlayStation support.
  13. The caveat to being in human form is that you can be invaded by other players, and dying in that form also affects your world tendency towards black and makes everything harder. So it’s not all roses! As Calashnikov mentions, people deliberately kill themselves in the Nexus as to not affect their world tendency or be invaded.
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