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  1. Spookily, I just started playing this game and while not totally convinced by it yet this title music instantly caught my attention
  2. I abandoned this game for similar reasons. I know a lot of people like this kind of fighting game but it’s not for me. It’s like one opening and you’re sitting there for 20s watching the opponent beat you up. You then get half a second to deal with their reset and you’re back into watching another 20s of getting beat up. Then that character’s dead. This just isn’t fun for me. A fighting game for me is like a game of chess where both players are equally involved.
  3. Can anyone tell me if you can plug a UK PSU into a JPN Gamecube and it will work?
  4. Goemon

    Nintendo Switch

    Is this picture trying to demonstrate where you would actually need the analogue and buttons in order to use the controllers like this?
  5. The 8bit/16bit computers were all bollox. There I said it. I know a lot of people have nostalgia for them, and I remember ‘enjoying’ them at the time...but they were bollox. The Japanese consoles blew them out of the water.
  6. Ahhh that’s interesting. My comment about Hardcore mode was based on the fact that it was 3 lives and 3 continues to complete. I think the physical version is “patches included” afaik, so there’ll be no way around it. Not that it’s that bigger deal TBH. They mention on the DF video that the team had a huge debate about limited continues vs unlimited. I guess they ended up on if you’re into it enough to tackle hardcore, you’re into it enough to have the limit on continues. It’s interesting that what is considered ‘hardcore’ by modern standards was ‘normal’ mode back in the day. I’m dissecting mission 2 at the minute. My last run was over 7 mins to complete, which isn’t gonna wash for a 40 min completion. Saying that it does have a chunky auto scroller section. The main place I lost time was the mid boss on the train, which you REALLY need to one cycle or it’s easily 30s lost.
  7. Makes me sad that this thread is barely 2 pages long. So many of these smaller, more indie type games, just don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve. I’m now on my 3rd run through Did an initial run A mirror mode run using a melee character started a “under 40 minute” run, which isn’t as simple as just playing through the game. Not sure I’ll have the time to tackle a Hardcore run as I’ve a pile of shame building up that I really need to move on to. Still I’ve loved my time so far with this game. It’s the Contra people deserved over the Rogue Ops nonsense. I implore everyone to give it a try.
  8. Just grabbed one of these. They went up for sale earlier and were sold out in like 20 mins.
  9. Those ‘graded’ titles are a load of bollox. Just a way to try and justify selling games for stupid prices.
  10. It’s not really a sequel, it’s more like a directors cut. Actually, as I understand it, Legend of Cornell/Legacy of Darkness was supposed to be the original incarnation but it was taking a long time to make so they took 2 of the 4 characters and made an initial release. The game isn’t anything more than a 7/10 but that’s still a good game. I actually got real Resi Evil vibes playing the first game as one of the main areas is the Mansion/Maze area which requires you to wander around and figure out.
  11. I’m wondering if the DLC is actually included in the backer options as I didn’t notice it on the ones I looked at. Here’s hoping the 2D DLC is a Viewtiful Joe homage.
  12. I finished both the N64 CVs just last year. I enjoyed them both and agree with the comments, they’re kinda B movie like but very compelling. Legend of Cornell is definitely different enough that it feels original to the first game. At least it does with the initial playthrough. Its a shame that these games came out so late in the N64s life as I think they would have had more of an impact if they’d come out sooner.
  13. Just finished Mickey’s Magical Quest on the Super Famicom. Literally just blasted through it in like less than 2 hours. I really don’t understand the unlimited continues idea that some games seem to employ. I remember it being considered an easier game back in the day but the idea that you could buy this for £40, get home, have one session and finish it seems crazy. Its a lovely little game though. The different outfits are interestingly different but unfortunately under-used. The hook shot is great and I loved grappling around, but outside of the couple of levels of stage 4, I never really used it again. Interested to play the sequels now, although the price seems to double with each follow up.
  14. This. If it can be released in April then it’s already finished! It will take 2 months just to pass mastering checks and create the physical media. It’s probably already made more money than the original release.
  15. As others have said, there won’t be a crash but we are evolving into a digital only system. This will in turn affect companies that specifically deal with the physical media. There’s some interesting points about game pass type systems. The main one being that the more choice you have the less you play. This is definitely a thing so will be interesting to see how that will affect AAA companies going forward. Me personally, I’m reverting more and more to retro. The last AAA game I bought was almost a year ago as my main focus is indie and retro games. I think this will only strengthen in a digital only modern gaming scene. I’m a gaming dinosaur that prefers the olden days.
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