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  1. Loved this game back in the day but revisiting the PS4 release I was left a little deflated. My main beef was the AI characters getting themselves into trouble with enemies that a human player could avoid. In some cases you need to switch characters just so you can keep that character alive otherwise they’ll likely die. I do know that when I finished it back in the day I got a friend to help me, which made a world of difference. I also think you need to make sure you raise the girl’s ‘protect’ spell as I found it pretty crucial for the last boss.
  2. Currently on eBay, up to £2500 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Castlevania-Resurrection-Dreamcast-Prototype-Pre-E3-Demo-GD-R-RARE-Read-Descrip/154404926550
  3. For Dungeons & Dragons fans, there was a final episode script written but had never been made. This got uploaded to the internet for fans to read. There’s been a fan made episode of this script made using a mix of ways to make it as authentic as possible. Have to say it’s a very valiant attempt!
  4. Looks like a version of Castlevania Resurrection has been found for the Dreamcast
  5. Subnautica Crash land opening Put the fire out and get out of the pod - I can see the crashed ship and something sticking out of the water Swim over to the thing - it’s a coral tube. I swim around, there’s nothing obvious Back to the pod - did I miss something inside? Can’t see anything. Get out of the pod again and start swimming towards the crashed ship. Almost there - start getting a radiation warning Push on and the msg continues so I turn back and get a warning - “you need to eat something” Return to home screen and delete from system.
  6. Interesting that you say SFV is too execution heavy as this is something they chose to lessen for this iteration of the game. They implemented a buffer window for links so as long as you land in the window you get the link. They’re also quite liberal on inputs. It’s way easier to do stuff compared to SFIV. I actually read an interview with Yu Suzuki the other day and he said if he were to work on a VF6 he would want to abolish execution heavy play and work more on strategies/choices. TBH I think you need both. I know a lot of pros were salty with that loss of skill gap i
  7. I‘ve grown to hate the term ‘hidden gem’. It’s a phrase coined by YouTubers to get views and raise the price of their own collections.
  8. 100% agree @JamesC You have to be prepared to devote time to 8/16bit. NES TMNT game is a prime example. Give it to someone now, they play it for 10 mins and consider it unplayable nonsense. This game literally made an AVGN episode for being ‘shitty’, yet for many people it remains a great game from their childhood. This is because in those days you got 1 game and that was it, so you persevered. You got used to the ‘nuances’ of the game and accepted them. I’m happy to spend hours learning and finishing a game to go ‘you know what, it’s was probably only real
  9. I like this thinking. There’s been a few times where I’ve been playing these games, I’ve seen something and I’ve thought “you know what, it’s not worth the risk”. It’s one of the things I like about these games, they force this kind of thinking on you. Survival is number one and I think it’s perfectly legit it to ignore something to push on. You can always revisit another time.
  10. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Good luck getting any genmei armour! I’ve finished all the DLCs now and I can count the amount of genmei armour that dropped on one hand...with fingers to spare! One thing I did which if you get the chance is equipping the accessory drop of a Yasatani Magatama. This accessory has the fixed bonus of needIng 1 less equipment item for your stat bonus. This means you can get the 5 piece stat bonus for wearing 4 pieces of the genmei armour. What’s good about this is if you get an Onmyo Warrior piece. Having 2 pieces gives you the bonus +25 Onmyo power and again you only need t
  11. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Still can’t believe no one is talking about this! I’m continuing my DLC run. I’ve onto The First Samurai DLC now, so more new Yokai and Bosses, which is cool. I need to look at my stats properly but I’m getting crazy Anima bonuses with my current setup. I think it’s to do with the fact that I have multiple bonuses for ailing enemies (have a negative status effect) this is really good for Onmyo magic as you can put so many statuses on the enemies. I’m literally chucking magic and within 2-3 hits I’m getting enough Anima to use my strongest Soul Core. I’m pro
  12. This is the exact reason why there’s no point in going for full sets IMO.
  13. Prepare yourself for the greatest thing you’ll see today
  14. You have any other weapons? Reapers and phantoms are magic based so magic weapons aren’t good against them, if you’ve got something sharp it may do a better job. Practice on the first phantom, try some weapons you have and see what works best. I used to switch between Crescent Falchion and a Sharp Falchion In this level.
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