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  1. Naaaa, 17 was worse, 16 was too. 18 had some serious faults too. I like this version in general.
  2. I've compared all their stats though and normal Sandro isn't as good.
  3. Totw Telles or normal Alex Sandro? Totw Anderson or Douglas Costa or Coutinho? Who the hell to get at left back for a Brazilian team? These are my conundrums at the moment. Also do I wait until Sunday night to start buying?? As for goalies, I didn't find Neto 'that' bad, Alisson wasn't a great improvement but Ederson is definitely the better keeper.
  4. CAM ....wtf?! when was he a CAM in his career.
  5. I've been waiting for Alex Sandro to drop below 100k
  6. So buy before this Thursday PM?
  7. So then, finished my first weekend league and played around 15 games and managed a poultry 6 wins.... Which gets me silver 3. I'd say it's definitely easier than the one on FIFA 18, but I lost so many games by a late goal it was ridiculous. Also, no one has a team as low rated as mine it seems, so soon I'll be spending my 500k on new blood. Teams with Potm hazard, potm aubergine in the same team is taking the piss I'd say.
  8. Chewylegs

    Football Thread 2018/19

    One game, Emirates is ALWAYS quiet.
  9. Chewylegs

    Football Thread 2018/19

    It was offside
  10. Chewylegs

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    He was offside.... And what away to react, fair play alisson, great goal!
  11. My 700 coin normal Pato is a 1:2 goal scorer, setting up a goal every other game as well. I'm really enjoying not ditching these players too soon this year.
  12. I had -11 points for a 4-4 draw last night...wtf?!!
  13. Sounds about right Hannay. My only walkouts have been those crap swap cards!
  14. Is that even if you move your players around to where you want them prior to using the tactic? So I've got mine set up so when I change the players will move to whatever position I've told them to be in rather than whatever position the formation would have put them in

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