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  1. Football Thread 2017/18

    I love how Rafa looks like he still has a suit on even when he was playing!
  2. Football Thread 2017/18

    The grin on the keepers face!!
  3. I've just got his loan card so gonna check that out first.
  4. That Larsson prime sbc, how much do you think it will cost to do? I've got 280k + Icon Shearer to sell at 400-450k?
  5. His regular card still selling for 300k at the moment!
  6. He's ace, I've had him since the beginning, only player I wouldn't ever sell.
  7. Winter Olympics 2018

    Absolutely loved the snowboarding slopestyle the other day and the women's half-pipe, but the mens half-pipe final was absolutely insane!! So so good, apart from the fall from Yuto Totzuka!
  8. Liverpool Football Club Thread

  9. Stranger Things - Season 2 October 27th

    Finished it last night, just loved loved loved it. Took me back to the 80s, the musical score was awesome and the acting, especially by the kids, awesome. Fantastic two seasons.
  10. Is that an Arsenal kit? And why are you all going for 50 packs? Oh and just opened squad battle packs (thought I had) and got OTW Babacar 76....so did OTW tradeable and got Theo Walcott 80....think he will come good though so keeping him.
  11. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Moreno just offers speed really doesn't he. He can't cross, he can't make a decent decision, he's just fast. I used to watch a guy down Twerton for Bath City just kicked and run down the wing, that's Moreno. However that was The Conference, this is a fucking premier league player.
  12. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    TAA has been as shit as Gomez was the other day. Mane was shit too. Just an all round fucking awful display.

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