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  1. Awesome win but the boys this Saturday....
  2. He clearly and obviously dived!
  3. I think you can blame Matip and Gomez for the first half as much as the midfield. Both looked poor, especially Matip. Firmino is just Extra time...booooo!
  4. Matip is having one of those games when he looks bloody useless.
  5. I'm glad he is on the bench, he is integral to our play so don't want any silly injuries from this game. Gomez at RB is the only suspect in that team for me.
  6. Neither of those players would go to Utd either, so it's a pretty mute point. I've long given up on caring how much money players are signed for as long as the club I support is financially sound. £85m for Maguire is crazy but then so is the TV money coming in. He's better than what It's have already but don't kid yourself you are getting a Rolls Royce of a player. He's decent.
  7. Gotta love how EA get all generous with pack pulls towards the end of the life of the game...... Keeps the punters wanting more into the next incarnation when we (most of us) go back to packing utter shit for half a season at least!!
  8. Agreed. I've not listened to much hip-hop for a good while, life has taken over and I can no longer play questionable lyrical content in the house! I'm 40, listening to these ignorant rappers talking shit doesn't seem so "amusing" as it used to. Great to hear Madlibs production again, an instrumental would be dope as fuck, but the majority of the tracks I really didn't like due to Gibbs. In contrast, after going back a few pages (I rarely read this thread anymore unfortunately) and coming across Esars' Pitch 92 post, I've been listening to the whole album and it's just so niiiiice.
  9. Yeah, I got 5 tracks in and all I could think is, instrumental would be better. Then I heard the track you put up and the next one (towards the end of the album) and liked both. I just don't like Gibbs
  10. This is a cracker though.
  11. Madlib production awesome, Freddie Gibbs is fucking atrocious though. Some wack ass emcees out there these days that are touted as being great but really aren't.
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