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  1. No way a twelve year old is gonna be able to lift a protonpack!
  2. SpagMasterSwift

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - remade for the Switch

    This looks super lovely
  3. SpagMasterSwift

    Star Trek Discovery

    Star Trek Bananas
  4. SpagMasterSwift

    Yesterday - Danny Boyle

    I’m out.
  5. SpagMasterSwift

    Illustration Club

    Decided to keep the colour fill on the letters nice and simple, the markers left lines which give them some texture anyway so skipping any highlights. I’ll need to work out how to get a proper fill tho to avoid this next time. Didn’t want to go too dark with the colours so avoided doing a second layer, but I expect that’s how to avoid streak lines. The cloud turned out a bit lame, but I enjoyed using a white Posca pen to do the letter outline, could maybe have gone a bit thicker there. I decided to stick to the blue of Donald’s sailor jacket, red of his bow and yellow beak for the colour scheme. The crown probably should be yellow, but liked the idea of it being the same blue as Donald's cap. The character feels a bit floaty on its own at the side, should have put something behind it to make the white feathers pop off the page, maybe overlap with the letters. I’m calling this one done and moving on.
  6. SpagMasterSwift


    Mate sent me this
  7. SpagMasterSwift

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Haters gonna hate...
  8. SpagMasterSwift

    Illustration Club

    Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had this romantic idea of becoming a graffiti artist, but at my age getting up is incredibly unlikely, however I’m determined to get a black book going and to decode the styles and techniques used since the 70s. Ive bought a pad, some Stylefile markers and Posca pens, got a bunch a Sharpies too, I don’t have the steadiest hand or much free time, but I reckon if I post up wip pics in here now and then it might help keep some momentum going and serve as a reference of any progress I may make. First up I’m trying out some basic block 3D style letters, tried to balance them and couldn’t resist putting a corny crown on even though it felt super cheeky at this early stage. Worked out that by selecting a point at the bottom of the page and drawing lines coming from the points of the letters I could do the 3D effect. I guess I must have known that’s how it’s done, but had never put it into practice before. Then, since this one was feeling super cheesy I drew a Donald Duck character in an Adidas top bussin a BBoy pose and looking pure attitude. Disney characters being classic graffiti stuff after all. Filled the 3D parts of the letters and now need to do the outlines. I hate this bit, always have to fight against nerves and try to relax. I’ve got an ultra fine point black Sharpie for this but it’s not great at hiding the shakes. Once that’s done I need to think about adding some background (probably a cloud since this is shaping up to be a pure cornball piece), colour the letters and use the Posca pens to add some details in. Don’t want to get trapped on this one for too long as this pad has many pages to fill. Getting used to using the Stylefile markers has been fun, I like how you can be sloppy with them with the fat end which I’m aiming to do more of as its fun compared to the more technical side of graffiti. Here is a quick Cheech Wizard that I did trying them out. Hopefully more to come soonish.
  9. SpagMasterSwift

    Colour out of Space - Nic Cage does Lovecraft

    Either way, the making of doc is gonna be awesome!
  10. SpagMasterSwift

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Any idea when Sandman/Edan likely to be on at Camden?
  11. SpagMasterSwift

    Fyre - The Greatest Party That Never Happened (Netflix)

    Oh man, this was ace. When all those self entitled rich idiots turned up at the festival and stood around for hours thinking it was the collection point to be taken to the real festival and the ‘organisers’ tried to appease them by pouring vodka down their throats and turning up the bass - then they went looting and destroying everything. The doc tries to frame it like it’s a modern day Woodstock or the making of Apocalypse Now - everything about it is pure funny.
  12. SpagMasterSwift

    True Detective - Season 3

    It’s about the world needing bad men to keep the other bad men from the door.
  13. SpagMasterSwift

    Star Trek Discovery

    I did lol when they’ve been sat in the middle of an asteroid field for hours and one of them suddenly goes “look out, we’ve got debris!” like they’d just woken up.
  14. SpagMasterSwift

    Star Trek Discovery

    Mumbling Pike aside, first epi was pretty decent.
  15. SpagMasterSwift

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018


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