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  1. Boring base update, I’ve added another building which I plan to house some large refiners and start making some serious money! The Aardvark milking business ain’t shit!
  2. I’ve got 6 solar panels and 3 batteries on a hill powering my feeder, milker, portal and a dome where I’m growing poo plants - all of these things can be done easier by actually interacting with the animals, but was fun setting it up to see how it works. I also like the feeling that my base has a life of its own now rather than just being a structure if that makes sense. Im tempted to get one of those industrial money farming setups and make billions at some point just to do it - then be retired in Florida, Wyatt!
  3. Worked out what the cargo bit is for on your exosuit.
  4. Looking forward to one of these daily patches fixing Mordite not showing up in the Food Processor - I expect the dinosaur that hangs out on my farm would drop some creature eggs if only I could make the bait needed. Had a horrifying moment yesterday when feeding a bunch of little crabs a couple of leopards came in and killed them all. Nature can be so cruel.
  5. It’s the round blue one up the page a bit. The deal went bad as it took all my money and my trade in ship so reloaded my save. I went full Mary Berry today.
  6. Feeding time on the farm. Been cooking up some marvellous shit to get your mouth watering - well I would be if I had some creature eggs! Tracked down this system’s S Class Exotic and made a trade. The new one is called ‘The Owl Of The Geck’ dwaaaaa!!!
  7. There’s a funky S Class Exotic that showed up in my freighter, back when ships used to do that, which I’m gonna need to make some serious money if I’m adding it to the collection. Space Aardvark Farm is on a moon which orbits a huge lifeless planet which has dinosaur bones - so a day of digging ahead (with a bit of experimental cookery in the mix - need to add a BBQ deck to the farm).
  8. Completely - I get that some people can feel overwhelmed by all the everything, but it allows loads of freedom for the hardcore capitalist to invent some crazy money making system while I’m living out my hippie architect dreams. I expect there’s players focusing on combat and sending their fleet out - something I’ve not even dipped into yet. There’s so much variety it’s pretty nuts! I saw somebody on twitter had wired up a bunch of switches creating a combination lock...
  9. Finished my first base build in Beyond. You have to imagine the place painted white to get that modernist vibe, but welcome to Spag’s Space Aardvark Farm. Due to the perfect weather and the farms free range policy there are lots of open areas, concrete slabs frame the countryside wonderfully. There is also a section built into the trees, a great space to relax after a hard days milking. So why not come on down sometime, bring the kids and some ants!
  10. You can’t sit on the chairs you build for your base...ffs
  11. My collection of Ships are not showing up in my freighter since the latest update - BOOOOO! - I can call them tho thank fuck! Im trying to build a modernist concrete house but I don’t seem to be able to paint it white - BOOOO! - The Space Aardvarks seem to like it tho! I seem to need something called Star Silk in order to build chairs - BOOOO! - anybody know where I get that from?
  12. Due to the bathroom refit I’ve not had much time on this today - however, I got it into my head that I needed to set up an Aardvark Farm. So I built a couple of solar panels and connected them to a battery...sat in the dark waiting for the dawn to see if they worked. They worked! The battery keeps the power on when the sun goes down. Pretty cool stuff. Connected up an Automatic Milking Machine and tested it out on a passing creature. Seems like you need to feed them with a pellet and then some bait, then get them to walk close to the milking machine. The Automatic Feeding Machine didn’t seem to be working so scrapped it and went hunting for a pack of Space Aardvarks. Found a couple and rode one back to the milker. My milker brings all the Aardvarks to the yard! Some pumping later...
  13. I’m loving the new cave entrances and how holes now have grass.
  14. Have you tried warping to the others listed until you find it?
  15. Go to a portal in a space station and I think it should be listed there - you can then warp to it.
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