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  1. Parasite Didn’t fall head over heals for it when watching it, but found there was loads to talk about after. 4/5
  2. One Cut Of The Dead Managed to go in blind to this one and it did not disappoint! 4/5
  3. Hot Pursuit needs to be in the discussion for best 80s John Cusack! It’s got a very young Ben Stiller (Zoolander) playing a bad guy and acting along side his dad Jerry, Robert Loggia (Scarface) is wonderfully unhinged as a pirate, the energetic pacing and narrative drive is excellent throughout. A real personal fav. Love Cusack losing his shit during the plane terrorism scene, realising his been kidnapped at sea, going Rambo with his girlfriend’s father and Wendy Gazelle’s (The Net) gymnastics. It’s proper 80s so some of it hasn’t aged well - the Jamaican stereotypes for example. Still, it’s a banger with lots of stuff paying off at the end. Say Anything is probably the best 80s Cusack film, but Hot Pursuit is best 80s Cusack.
  4. I felt like the first two episodes rocked up in this episode and call them on their bullshit!
  5. Yep, I’m seeing them in Berlin, London, Kraków, Budapest and Zurich this Summer. Live Pearl Jam is best Pearl Jam.
  6. The creepiest thing about this show is how the guy in it hasn’t aged since Falling Skies!
  7. This is proper mild, but it did turn me on to the GN which is excellent so far.
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