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  1. Did a little chubby Slave-1
  2. Episode one was great, pretty much what I expected tbh.
  3. He wrote the sequel to the original book, not the film. Still, I read it picturing characters and events from the movie tbh. Was weird having Dick Hallorann in the book, wonder how they'll handle that in the movie...
  4. was amazing in the cinema. I’m still soaking it all in, but really like the way the director creates these strange ‘modern’ mythologies around psychedelics. These film seem to be saying that man’s experimentation with drugs is dangerous and it’s no coincidence they’re set in Reagan’s America, while trying to induce that state in the viewer. Also not got my head around the relationships in BTBR, ultimately I don’t think it really matters as this film isn’t trying to influence the logical part of the brain.
  5. Finally got to see this yesterday at the Prince Charles Cinema. Having watched Mandy first really added something to the viewing experience for me. There is a moment near the end which Mandy clearly uses from this and made me and my mate look at each other wanting to yell it out. Both films feel like they share the same universe, however it’s long into BTBR before you are treated to any kind of a ‘normal’ shot and that prolonged immersion in a dreamlike state really worked its magic on me, I’m sure seeing it on a big screen helped too, plus beers. It’s a slow burner for sure, but patience is rewarded - and I’ve been patient for so long! An incredible debut, no Blu-Ray in the UK is frankly ridiculous.
  6. Binged Jon Favreau's cooking show yesterday - its pretty good with some great guests from his Marvel movies and from The Chef.
  7. Getting heavy Egyptian Mummy vibes off this.
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