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  1. I've seen this now. I think I have. I just don't know it was the same film everyone else saw. I found it massively entertaining. Really funny. It's like a long episode of "Star Stories". How anyone can take this as a serious drama I just don't know. It's a cartoon script with cartoon performances.
  2. JPickford

    The Umbrella Academy coming to Netflix

    Mixed feeling about this. A mix of great stuff and stuff I felt I'd seen before. It's not very original. The ending. I won't spoiler this - It's a cliffhanger. Bastards. Personal favourite bit was the dance scene at the end of episode 6. The one with the Toploader song we aren't allowed to like. It was soo obvious that he can't dance for toffee and clung to her for guidance that it was super-endearing. Especially when they were laughing together at the end. Took me ages to work out that Hazel was the serial killer from Mind Hunter. Also, I liked Mary J Blige's suit. 7/10
  3. JPickford

    What reasons are left for keeping hold of a Wii U?

    Thinking of firing up Wii Fit to see how much weight I've lost.
  4. JPickford

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Watched a couple of episodes of Umbrella Academy. Seems like a junior version of Preacher. Feels almost like it's been put together from bits of other shows.
  5. JPickford

    Final Fantasy IX

    Does this have random battles?
  6. Thread reminds of everyone who goes on holiday to Vegas and claims to be 'slightly up' on the gambling.
  7. JPickford

    Nintendo Switch

    Guys, I don't believe in using stand-by mode for reasons but it's crucial that my device will turn on instantly after being left unplugged for months. Nintendo need to get onto this immediately - top priority.
  8. JPickford

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    I want to be hufflepuff.
  9. JPickford

    Yesterday - Danny Boyle

    That looks so bad. And then Corden shows up. FFS.
  10. JPickford

    My idea for a modern horror movie

    It's no skycrophone.
  11. JPickford

    Dave Perry is back...

    There was an episode 1?
  12. JPickford

    Silly mistakes by companies that should know better

    You know Nintendo keep getting 'saved' by flukes like Wii, DS, Pokemon etc.? And you know how sometimes they try wacky concepts that don't set the world alight like Wii Music, Wii U, Labo, Virtua Boy etc.? Don't you think there might be a connection? Like Nintendo create those amazing flukes by trying out new ideas?

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