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  1. Nice touch that when Stormfront gets riled she gets a little sloppy, and an old-fashioned expression can slip out. Like the one about ‘a teddy-bear’s picnic.’
  2. Garibaldi

    The Fall

    I remember this! Never did pick it up. It sort of fizzled out for me, as it sounded like the english language patch support never got there and the game was pretty buggy anyway. Shall be most interested to hear how it fares now.
  3. Yeah, I’m still peeved about this being cancelled. It had a pretty unique feel to it. Especially galling when utter tosh like Smallville and Supernatural get into double figures with their number of seasons.
  4. 37” 1080p Panasonic. It’s a great set and I’ve got a good few years use out of it, but haven’t made the jump to 4K as I’d need a bigger tv and don’t want it to be the main focus of the living room. 37” is just about teetering on the edge of an acceptable size (f’nar.)
  5. Ever since the Nightingale episode, where he tried to be a Captain and bricked it, I think he’s probably ok with that.
  6. So, Kimiko’s power has yet to be revealed, and I’m guessing that it’s something to do with... You could argue that it’s her healing, but they all seem to have that. Starlight was shot twice in the chest with a .50 sniper rifle, one round of which would literally rip a normal person in half, and was only winded. Maybe there are a lot of supes who ‘just’ get the healing and strength but nothing else.
  7. Finished it last night. Overall, a lot of fun. The writing was especially interesting to me as I attempt the same balance of goofiness and drama in my own. For me, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Here, most of the time it does, which is testament to the writers. I like the sense that many people have lost their minds, some just a little bit, some an awful lot, and that's why the daftness never feels too out of place. Puns can follow, or precede, a firefight because fuck it. How else would you deal with living in this horrible, dystopian future? It's easy to dismiss the Payaso's ph
  8. Angela Deth is mad as a box of frogs. Yeah, she had an uncompromising personality in the previous games, but her shift in this one feels a little weird.
  9. It does kind of annoy me how useless assault rifles are in this game. I’m using the best one from standard merchants and it’s barely ok. Easily outclassed by my pistoleer group member who’s using a hand cannon. Especially now I’m at the point where enemies are getting well armoured. There’s a better one available from rare encounters on the world map, but I never have the cash to get everything I want from those merchants.
  10. One detail I enjoyed about him from the first episode....
  11. I had that problem, what fixes it for me is, if you’re skipping dialogue, wait a minute after the fight starts - as the dialogue is still running in the background and if you try to perform an action during that time then the game freezes. Wasteland 2 was just as shaky as this after release, sadly.
  12. A bit disappointed that they’re aren’t more ways to handle the Gippers in Denver. My nerd skill is high enough that I should be able to talk to Valour on his level and make him see sense. I know he always thinks he’s the smartest person in the room, but one of my group is practically Professor Frink at this point.
  13. It gets better. If you get a high enough level of nerd stuff, you can taunt enemies with dorkish insults in the dialogue choices.
  14. I’ve heard about that barter perk! It sounds kinda broken atm. What was it, something like a chance for x500 times the value? I think that was meant to be x50 or even x05.
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