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  1. Can't see the pic. Someone drawn a Winnie the Pooh?
  2. I've got that bamboo slide thing as well. Surely the noodles you get from those IRL are all cold and...soggy though?
  3. Fellowship of the Ring is today's daily deal.
  4. No. It's there to show you that you have a new notice.
  5. It's because we've not played together before. You open?
  6. Can I get in on that sweet beardy action?
  7. Please. I'm not sure if Nexiv is going to send me one or not but if she does I can have dual showers!
  8. Must have been when I was AFK and you were taking advantage of my unconscious body.
  9. Did you offer me one? I don't remember that... Well if you send me that then we'll be even for the skull radio.
  10. That'd be fab, cheers. Let me know the cost and I'll send you double.
  11. Isabelle says I've got too many items 'lying' around, apparently. Is that shells and stuff or things that I've placed, does anyone know?
  12. I've got the simple wooden fence (the picket one) in my Nook miles machine today. I know it already so I'm happy to buy the recipe and trade it with someone else. I'm sure someone wanted it the other day... While I'm posting, I'm looking for bathroom stuff, please, specifically a claw-foot/free-standing bath, a shower and regular (i.e., non squatting) toilet. Thanks!
  13. Are you sure you don't just need new glasses?
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