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  1. Haynes Motor Museum, Somerset:
  2. 20. Final Fantasy VII (Switch) Was the story this much of a convoluted, incoherent mess 22 years ago? I don't remember it being so, but then I was seven years old at the time so I doubt I'd have noticed. But yeah, this game makes no sense whatsoever, and the translation really is terrible, full of typos, non sequiturs and strange idioms that simply don't work (like the one in the screenshot above - surely Bugenhagen has never even heard of Greece?). It's a shame that I'll probably never bother with that fan translation for the PC version. Hopefully the remake will do a better job, although I'll probably be in my fifties by the time they get to the Sephiroth and Cloud cloning stuff. Thankfully, the game beneath all the story bluster is the same as it ever was, which is to say it's mostly good fun with some brilliantly-realised locations and excellent cutscenes (Cloud coming down the stairs on the bike in the Shinra building still gives me chills), but also with some horribly tedious sections that haven't aged well at all (Fort Condor comes to mind). As such, the option to speed the game up and prevent random battles was very welcome; I certainly don't think I'd have finished it without it. In terms of the fighting, the materia system is still the best of the PS1-era FFs, allowing for experimentation and creativity. In fact, of the 28 hours this took me to finish, I'd say that I had the most fun just grinding in speed mode, levelling up my characters and materia and decimating everything I came across. Doing so meant that from about the middle of Disc 2 onwards I was hugely over-levelled and didn't really have to do anything apart from attack and heal (I killed the final boss in less than a minute), but I still found it quietly satisfying nonetheless. Initially I had plans to take on Ruby and Emerald weapon, as I did when I first completed the game all those years ago; however, in the end I couldn't face the prospect of spending hours grinding for the gold chocobo to get KotR, and the lack of trophy/achievement support in the Switch version didn't give me much incentive to bother, either. Plus, some fucking enemy in the Northern Cave stole Cloud's Ultima Weapon, which I couldn't get back, so I took that as my signal to just go on and complete the game. Overall, if you've not played this before then the shoddy translation and frequent quirks make it difficult to recommend, and you'd perhaps be forgiven for wondering what the fuss is about. For players who did enjoy it back in the 90s, however, the speed mode and no random encounters options means that the game is still very playable, even if you do wince at some of the writing or grow weary of the sections where it's not very clear where you have to go to proceed. Whether you're new to it or coming back to it, though, what cannot be denied is just how brilliant Nobuo Uematsu's score really is. There isn't one piece of music in the entire game which isn't memorable or emotionally resonant, from the soaring brass of the Highwind theme to the effortlessly cool bassline that accompanies your skulking around the Midgar slums. I first started playing videogames around the time when FF7 first came out, but in all that time no game's soundtrack has equalled this one's. It's just utterly stupendous. The best thing about the game by a country mile. *sniff* 8/10 Playing next: I bought the second DLC to Dark Souls III, The Ringed City, months and months ago but never got round to it, so that's up next, although while I'm at it I might as well give the whole game another run through as I've only completed it the once. I'm hoping that having completed Sekiro in the interim I'll be able to just destroy everything with my master ninja skills. Previous: Pile of Shame:
  3. My bad. In my defence, Wiki said that they were the developers. Looks lovely, anyway. I think Eastwatch is something from GoT...
  4. I'd read there was a bit with loads of lava rising up, or something like that, which loads of people got stuck on.
  5. Just getting round to watching the Indie World showcase. Thoughts: The pixel art in Eastwatch looks lovely, and it's from the same (British) developers who made Stardew Valley, which I put about 80 hours into. Roki seems interesting as well. Youropa looks pretty vertigo-inducing, although I'm not sure about the painting/graffiti gameplay. I've heard good things about Superhot, but I didn't think the trailer was especially exciting, not enough to make me rush out and buy it, anyway. Is it worth it?. Loved the artstyle and music of The Touryst, despite the silly name, but I'm not really sure what type of game it is. Earthnight looks pretty trippy, and it's refreshing to see a young black female protagonist. I'm disappointed that Hotline Miami 2 isn't been sold separately. I'm certain not going to pay £20+ for the collection. Blasphemous looks like an awesome Castlevania/Souls crossover, but the trailer @Vemsie posted was much better than the one in the showcase. And lastly, Ori and the Blind Forest is definitely a looker, and not being a Xbone owner I've yet to play it, so I'll be picking it up for sure. Hopefully the difficulty spike isn't as jarring as it's supposed to be. I thought it was a pretty good showcase all told with some games I'm definitely interested in, Eastwatch and Blasphemous being the standouts, I think. Some of the games that were teased in one of the earlier showcases this year didn't get a mention, however, Untitled Goose Game being one, as well as Inmost, a pixel art horror game that I really liked the look of, and which is supposed to be coming out this year. Hopefully we'll get updates on those two soon.
  6. It gets easier, and the instant restarts help. Fantastic game! I got the platinum for it on the Vita, so it can't be that hard.
  7. Out in two weeks! Looks like it's matching the FFIX pricing, so about £17.
  8. IIRC, bear in mind that switching your region will wipe any credit from your account. See Gotters' first post in the thread for more info.
  9. This was announced at Gamescom earlier and is due to release next year. I thought the first game was very atmospheric and had a lot of potential but felt disappointingly short. Hopefully the developers have got a bit more money and manpower behind them this time to make something more elaborate. The trailer, with its various locations and new gameplay elements, suggests something a bit more substantial, at least. One to watch.
  10. Really!? I didn't realise that had been ported. One for the list.
  11. That Islanders game caught my eye in Edge last month. I'll snap it up if it ever sees a Switch port.
  12. Did Edge not review Bloodstained: RotN? I thought that would have been a fairly big release, even if there are only 4 people on the magazine.
  13. Obra Dinn port, please.
  14. Very much style over substance, I thought, although some people seem to think it's incredible. I can't say that I did.
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