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  1. Jamie John

    Gaming DIY jobs you're proud of / pleased with

    I built my first console stand out of six cinder blocks and three planks of wood when I was about 15. Varnished the wood and everything. Does that count?
  2. Jamie John

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    That sounds like a pretty generous free update. The switching of enhancements between armour sets should have been there from the start, though. I think I'll wait for the dlc before I jump back in.
  3. Jamie John

    A Quiet Place

    Ok, well the things that people have highlighted then. Reading back through the thread, I actually agree with quite a lot of the inconsistencies that people have pointed out, but at no point while watching the film did any of them occur to me. It's a shame that they seem to have ruined the film for some people! It helped, I think, that I went in pretty cold and didn't know much apart from it was about monsters that hunted based on sound.
  4. Jamie John

    A Quiet Place

    Just watched this. I thought it was very entertaining and entirely compelling from start to finish, to the point where I didn't notice any of the nitpicky guff that most of you guys have exaggerated. I was on the edge of my seat from the third minute to the ninetieth. A super taut thriller from Krasinski, who I've only known previously for his comedy work.
  5. Jamie John

    Nintendo eShop

    I'm about three hours into Owlboy, which I bought in the sale before the current one but have only got round to playing recently. It's...not that much fun. The biggest things it's got going for it are the way it looks, which is gorgeous, like an especially detailed Neo Geo game, and it's score, which is very cinematic and rousing. Apart from that, though, the gameplay is pretty one note and it's all just a bit boring. What especially frustrates, however, are the controls, which I still haven't got used to and which just seem ill-thought-out, especially in the middle of a hectic fire fight when you're forced to shoot and pick something up at the same time. The lack of a map or any other type of navigation system in a metroidvania-lite of this type also seems pretty shortsighted and has put me off from exploring. I paid £12 for it so I'll keep it on the go for a while, but after all the gushing reviews I'm pretty disappointed. I felt the same way about Mario + Rabbids, too, which was the last game I played on my Switch.
  6. Jamie John

    Gaming things you regret buying....

    A SNES mini last year. I was too young to enjoy all the SNES classics when they first came out in the 90s (my first console was a PS1 that my dad bought in about 1997), so I thought that this would be a brilliant way to experience some of the games that I'd read and heard about repeatedly over the last 20 or so years. I had about three pre-orders from different sites because I was scared it was going to go OOS as quickly as the NES Mini, but I whittled this down to two a few weeks before release, one for me and one for my brother. I also bought and read the special edition of Super Play that came with Retro Gamer in anticipation. When it arrived I thought the build quality seemed a bit cheap for £70 - a bit light and plasticky. I hooked it up, however, and started playing, for the first time ever, Super Metroid...for a bit, before getting fed up with it. I persevered for a bit longer with LLTP, but this was a game that I'd already played to death on the GBA, and after 100 hours of BotW earlier in the year I was a bit Zelda's out at this point. I tried all the other games but only stuck with Super Mario World, which I thought was definitely a seminal game, though for me not an especially enjoyable one, particularly the later levels. I sold it in the end for about the same amount of money as what I paid for it, so economically, at least, it wasn't a huge loss. I was gutted, however, not to have loved the games more after reading so much about them. I could certainly appreciate them as being so important for their respective genres, and games in general, but I wasn't having much fun with them. I guess the thing with nostalgia consoles like this one is that you've got to have played the games in their original incarnations to get the most out of them, and seeing as I hadn't done that, the SNES mini just wasn't that special for me.
  7. Jamie John

    Kath And Kim

    Ten year bump! All six seasons of the original Australian series of this are now on Netflix. I'm watching the first episode right now. It's about as subtle as a brick but it's hilarious all the same. I'd recommend everyone have a go at the first episode to see if they like it.
  8. Jamie John

    Food Prepping

    Outstanding work @Gotters! I need to get myself a gert massive pot like you've got so I can start doing some of this stuff. 20 meals in a morning is great going.
  9. Jamie John

    Better Call Saul!

    I watched the first season of this when it came out but then never bothered with the later seasons for some reason. Until now, that is; I've watched seasons 2 and 3 over the last week and the first two episodes of series 4, so I'm now entirely up to date. It really is a magnificent programme. I'm hooked. Odenkirk is brilliant. It's been a will since I watched BB, though, so I can't remember the answers to some of the questions below and would appreciate it if someone could just remind me (BB spoilers): I should probably just rewatch BB again in between BCS episodes...
  10. Jamie John

    Any Fantasy recommendations?

    I've got the first three already but have bought this deal as it's a steal for the later trilogy. I always end up buying something when I come into this bloody thread!
  11. Jamie John

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    I shall definitely be getting this! (In about 18 months' time, when it's £12.)
  12. Jamie John

    Monster Hunter Generations - Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Is this like a massive mash-up of the first 4 games, or is it its own thing with new monsters and stuff?
  13. Jamie John

    The Ultimate Lasagna

    BURP-bump. I had a go at making this tonight, my first time making lasagne from scratch. I followed @Davros sock drawer's recipe pretty much to the letter, just adding a bit of ketchup to sweeten up the ragu a tad as the wine I used was quite dry. I also doubled the quantities for the bechamel sauce, as instructed, but I think 850ml of milk is slightly too much as it was a bit runny. The flavour was very good, however - nice and rich: Next time it would be better if the sauces were reduced right down for longer. I simmered the ragu for about three hours but I think it would be better if I cooked it for longer, chilled it and then put it all together the next day, when it was a bit thicker. I missed @omus's tip as well about leaving it for a bit out of the oven so that you can cut it more easily, as it was a bit sloppy and the layers sort of all collapsed into each other, so I'll try that next time. But, as I say, pretty damn good for a first time effort, if I don't say so myself. My in-laws and wife, who I cooked it for, were very impressed and went back for thirds, so it must have been alright
  14. Jamie John

    Armando Iannucci's The Death of Stalin

    I don't understand this attitude at all. Do you enjoy his other political stuff? Opinions and all that, but I thought it worked exceedingly well as both drama and comedy.
  15. Jamie John

    Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema - Tuesdays 9pm BBC 4

    I've watched all of these and have enjoyed each of them a lot, but then I really like Kermode anyway as I typically agree with his tastes and I listen to his and Simon Mayo's radio show every week. I have to say that in tonight's episode, on Horror, some of the "tropes" felt a bit shoe-horned in, however. The idea of the savant character, for example: yes, they make an appearance in some horror films, typically supernatural ones, but I wouldn't say they were a structural convention in the same way as most of the other things he mentions. The lone female survivor idea, too - again, this happens sometimes, but probably just as often it's a male survivor, multiple survivors, or no survivors at all. On the whole, however, it was a very good programme. I'm a bit disappointed there aren't going to be any more episodes in fact and that tonight's was the final episode. He could have done one on war movies, or cop films, or thrillers. Instead of doing the programme on genre convention "secrets", I think I'd have preferred it if he just analysed some of the famous scenes from the best examples of each genre. He did this to an extent anyway, but I'd have liked more of it. I'll have to get one of his books.

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