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  1. As someone who never owned a Dreamcast and hasn't played the first two games, I'll be interested to hear impressions from people in a similar position of ignorance. I thought about picking up the HD remasters as they can be had quite cheaply now, but from the reviews I've read/watched they sound like games very much or their time.
  2. Do you mean the characters from the other houses? I find it hard to raise my support level with them. At the moment I've 'recruited' Raphael, although he's a bit crap and the exp that the characters in my house could be earning is wasted on him. With my 9 house members and 1 recruit, however, that's a full party roster, so I wouldn't be able to recruit anyone else, unless I made them adjutants. Can you do that with recruited members? The party roster might increase beyond 10 later in the game. There's quite a lot which seems poorly explained. The online stuff, in particular, has gone straight over my head. It sounds like you have to play hide and seek around the monastery
  3. After my rant the other night (I think I was just tired, and a bit pissed) I've stuck with this and think it's alright again now The social stuff is still needlessly padded out and I'm not really bothering with any characters beyond my own house, but the core battles are still fun, even if they do seem very similar to those in the previous games. I've unlocked a few more battalions now which I'm deploying when I remember to. Am I right in thinking that I can marry any character who I reach an S level relationship with? What about the other characters - do they just need to get to an A level relationship to marry each other?
  4. I played Okami earlier this year for the first time on the Switch but, post-BotW, ended up getting bored, unfortunately. As @SqueakyG suggests above, I think lots of games have a sort of 'play by date' where if you don't play them by a certain time they get eclipsed by later games in the same series or games from different series which refine and polish the seminal game's systems. This is why playing retro games I've never experienced before doesn't appeal to me, as without nostalgia to cushion the blow I find that most of them aren't especially fun to play, even if I can appreciate why they're important to gaming in general.
  5. Thanks @Stanshall. You're a top geezer I'll start with TCGS, I think.
  6. I don't listen to any gaming podcasts but would like to. What can people recommend? I want something that focuses on current games as opposed to retro, something that I can download or otherwise play from my phone with the screen off while I'm driving, and something that isn't hosted by twats. Bonus points if it's part of a regular series and focuses on PAL releases. Cheers
  7. @SqueakyG BotW is literally the best game ever made. Play it.
  8. I bought quite a few PC-exclusive games about four years ago in Steam sales and from Humble Bundles and GoG - stuff that was quite old at the time but I thought would run on my no-frills laptop. Things like STALKER, Deponia, Sang-Froid, FEAR, and loads of other games I got for about £2-5. Never played any of them and I doubt I ever will. I think it was the faff that put my off. Installing the game and getting it running in the first place, then connecting it to my TV, fiddling with the display settings, configuring the controllers, etc., it was too much like hard work and reminded me why I don't PC game in the first place. It's a shame as there are lots of PC-only games that sound right up my street and get lauded to the high heavens, but lots of them see console ports now anyway, I suppose, and they're all still there in various digital libraries for me to (not) play at some point in the future.
  9. I'm too young (sorry) to have ever properly played Thief or System Shock, but I've heard other people make the comparisons between these games before. I played Dishonoured stealthily and Prey stealthily and the entire time I was playing the latter I was thinking to myself "This is just like Dishonoured but in space". If I'd played either game in a different way then I may well have felt differently. I don't think it's a "massive disservice" to Prey to say that it's similar to Dishonoured, though; as I say, they're both good games, it's just that the similarities between them meant that Prey suffered slightly by comparison.
  10. If you played and enjoyed the first game then I'd say you'd definitely enjoy the second as they're very similar. It's got far more in common with 1 than it does with 4. Being chased by the invincible baddie is enjoyably tense more that frustrating, and only occurs in one section of the game. Overall, as someone who similarly can't remember much about the original PS1 game, I enjoyed it a lot and would definitely recommend it. The gameplay feels a bit shallow in places, and I don't think it's quite as amazing as some people have made it out to be (the recent Golden Joystick award it received raised an eyebrow), but it's very engaging, extremely polished and, at 14 hours for back-to-back runs with both characters, definitely doesn't outstay its welcome. It's number 2, after Sekiro, in my GOTY list. Dishonoured is fantastic and should be played immediately, along with its DLC. Prey, made by the same developers and using the same engine, is very similar to Dishonoured in lots of ways but the combat isn't as good and it drags towards the end. They're both great games but I wouldn't play them one after the other as you might find that their similarities cause you to get immersive sim fatigued.
  11. You can auto the seminar stuff, but there isn't any way to do the social stuff automatically, is there? You still have to use the 'Explore' option to travel round the monastery and talk to individuals/do choir practice/ take them on cringy tea parties, don't you? Also, how do I increase the students' motivation beyond using the Rest option each week, which seems like a waste? Sometimes I get to a lecture day but have more activity points than I do motivated students.
  12. I'm about 11 hours into this now but I really don't know if I can be arsed. The battles are the best part of the game, but even then, graphics aside (and the graphics aren't great, by any means), there's very little to differentiate them from the dozens of battles I fought in my playthroughs of Awakening and Fates. Most encounters, even on Hard, play out in almost exactly the same way each time, and after having played similar strategy games in the interim whose battles were always tense, varied and involving, like those in Into the Breach and XCOM, for example, the combat here feels bland and unengaging by comparison. I'd probably be willing to overlook that and keep plugging away regardless, but the stuff between battles I find a lot harder to tolerate. I enjoyed the inter-battle support conversations in the previous FE games I played because they provided a light touch between fights and encouraged you to pair up your units mid-battle to improve their relationships. Here, though, having to cultivate the characters' relationships chiefly outside of battle by completing largely passive tasks, fetch quests and by 'exploring' the monastery (which actually means walking round the entire map, picking up items and talking to every single character 2-3 times each in-game month) takes far too long and is tedious to say the least. in fact, I get the distinct impression that the monastery section of the game, which you spend far longer doing than actually fighting, has been created simply for the sake of it - the developers wanting to see what they could do with the extra technical power afforded to them by the Switch compared with the 3DS - and not to add to the benefit of the gameplay. It's good that they've tried to do something new to change the formula somewhat from previous entries, but they should have focused on making the battles themselves more interesting, not padding out the time between battles with this arbitrary bollocks. I mentioned it in the FFXII thread the other day, but the most important part of any JRPG is its battle system, and while the battles here are as decent as they've always been, the dross that's been layered on top occupies too much of the player's time. I'll give it another hour tomorrow, but I've the feeling this will be Trading-bound before too long, unless anyone can convince me otherwise.
  13. I went for a Murenn recliner from Ikea in the end: I like it a lot. The thick cushions make it comfortable for long sessions and it suits my fairly cosy man cave perfectly as the recliner bit means I don't need to worry about a footstool, which would take up more room. I know it looks like something you'd find in a retirement home (the missus was very against it to begin with), but I've got rid of the antimacassar and the arm covers and put a nice throw and cushions on it and it's a lot less geriatric now. I'd definitely recommend it, and at £250 it's great value.
  14. I thought this thread was going to be about some mental Nintendo and Kojima Link to the Past x MGS crossover.
  15. Hmm. I might give it a miss then. I'm not desperate to play it; it's more that it's a bargain which appeals. I went to get Ape Out today but it's no longer in the sale. I was sure that hadn't been on for two weeks already.
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