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  1. Can you even preorder it anywhere yet, or is it just a feeding frenzy when they eventually go back in stock?
  2. I haven't, no - I don't really have the space for it, to tell the truth, and I need to be able to see in case the baby monitor goes off, as I play with headlhones. Also, apart from games that you can play on it while just sitting down, I wouldn't really get the most from it, and I've read that the Occulus sets are pretty uncomfortable. It does sound great, though, and I do want to play Alyx, so maybe someday. I like certain aspects of PC gaming a lot, but I do miss how quickly console gaming gets you in and playing, and also how it just works without having to faff about with anyth
  3. @Eighthours, @HarryBizzle and @MattyP - thanks for your replies. You're all right, of course - I don't need it and it probably wouldn't be as good as what I have already anyway. It's mostly just the shininess that's tempting me, and also the convenience of console gaming over PC. But I'll hold strong for now! It doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere, anyway.
  4. I can't decide whether to get a cheap XB1X or a Series S. I need something new and shiny and the PS5 won't be available anywhere until God knows when. Is the Series S more widely available than the Series X? I can't seem to find any in stock anywhere. I've seen the articles about the X being back in stock later today, but I haven't read anything about the S.
  5. Yeah, but with some massive twat spreading lava everywhere! Fair play to you for doing it at SL1. I solo'd all of The Ringed City bosses but I did not have the patience for these two without help.
  6. This guy is pretty much there to teach you how to use the Mikiri Counter against enemies (like him) who use thrust attacks. Lots of the bosses and mini-bosses in the game are similar in that they act sort of like an especially unforgiving exam where you have to show that you have learnt and mastered a particular technique before you can move on. It's worth taking the time to beat him because you'll learn a lot from the experience, and the Mikiri Counter is a technique that you'll use right up to the very end. Something that helped me a lot in this game was to not really touch the l
  7. This is a fucking horrible fight. There is an NPC summon for it, however, which you can use even if you're not embered, and which (I feel, anyway) you are strongly encouraged to use because the fight is some serious bullshit.
  8. Well, that's a kick in the balls. There I was, thinking I'd get one in before Christmas. Apparently not. Ah well. I've set up a few stock alerts anyway but I'm not hopeful.
  9. Oh. Is this normal for a console launch? This is the first one where I've actually taken notice - when the PS4 and XB1 came out I was still happy enough with my 360 and didn't get my PS4 until 2 or 3 years after it launched. I can't remember there being stock shortages when they, or the Switch, first came out, but I could be wrong. Either way, I'd have thought both Sony and MS would have made more for this initial launch period, especially pre-Christmas. I've not been keeping up with it at all, but no doubt the pandemic has affected everything, I suppose.
  10. I've seen a couple of articles now saying that Sony have said launch stock has entirely sold out. They'll get some more in for Christmas, though, surely?
  11. Do you have to get the bridge as well as the sync box, or could I just get the sync box and the light strip if I want it around the back of the TV?
  12. If the sync box and a light strip was about £200 then I'd probably get one for my man cave setup, but £350-400 for a basic bundle is a bit rich, especially when you can get a cheap LED Philips TV for that much already. It's a shame, as it looks cool, although they seem to be going more for people who want an entire living room set up as opposed to people in a similar situation to mine.
  13. If you like these sort of duel style boss battles then you should definitely play Sekiro once you're through with this.
  14. How close will he be sitting to the screen? 43" is pretty big for a monitor. If you do decide to get one then be sure to get an extended guarantee. I had a £450 Philips Ambilight LED set that just blew up, typically just outside of warranty. From research I did at the time, mine was far from the only one. Something about dodgy power boards.
  15. It's a shame that it caps the refresh rate at 60 for 4K. Maybe they'll do a hardware revision and upgrade it to 120hz for the new consoles.
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