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  1. Some might remember that my XSX controller just suddenly stopped working and I had to send it back to Microsoft. Nearly four weeks later, it still hasn't even arrived at the MS repair centre in bloody Germany and is currently lost in UPS' parcel system, which is driving me bloody mad. Anyway, somewhat counterintuitively seeing as my first controller died, I'm currently contemplating whether or not to drop £160 on the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller. I'm not into competitive games or anything like that, but I figure that my XSX is going to be my main console for this current generati
  2. Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020) - PS5 "Go to this objective marker. Watch this cutscene. Press these buttons. Read this tutorial. Now go to this objective marker. Kill this group of enemies in this particular way. Press this button followed by that one. Watch this cutscene. Now you have a choice of three objective markers to go to. Which will you choose first? Ah, you've chosen the enforced stealth section objective marker. Press these buttons. No, not those ones, these ones. Yes, I appreciate that would normally work, but right now you need to do what I'm telling you to do instea
  3. Is layered armour just a fashion thing, so that you can have your armour with all your decs, etc., but then lay an armour you like the look of more over the top?
  4. 10. A Short Hike (2019) - PC This took me 89 minutes to finish and I played it through in two sittings. It was lovely - just as charming as everyone says it is. My only regret was playing it with a keyboard as opposed to my controller, as, combined with the viewpoint, it made controlling some of the gliding and climbing sections a bit fiddly. Apart from that though, I thought it was an endearing little game that reminded me by turns of Animal Crossing, Celeste and even Lonely Mountains: Downhill in some places. The way the music swells and subsides as you get closer to
  5. Is playing The Witcher 3 on Series X now comparable to playing it at full whack on PC, at 60fps? Is it 4K? I thought CD Projekt were going to release a proper next gen update later this year.
  6. I was thinking this as well, especially when you have to scroll so far down the page to find the thread. World was a concentrated effort by Capcom to make the series more appealing to broader (especially Western) audiences with a big console release, more tutorials and a bigger narrative focus. I think with Rise they've gone back to type a little bit more to appease the long-running fans of the series who didn't like some of the changes that were made for World and just wanted to focus on the hunt/kill/craft loop. As others have mentioned, I suspect the next MH game will be a big b
  7. There's no need to get all worked up. 'An hour or two' might not seem like much to you, but that's about three days' worth of play time to me that I'd rather not spend playing the same content I've played already for no reason other than to unlock more of the game that's been cut off for the sake of it. I think it's a stupid decision, particularly when getting to level 20 only unlocks one extra monster and to see all of the new stuff I have to get up to level 40. Moreover, beating the Apex Azuros last night added just two levels to my Hunter Rank and took me about 20 minutes to do, so I'm not
  8. I feared as much! What site are you looking at? The ones I've checked haven't updated yet. Unless you're just checking your own copy of the game... It's a shame that they've decided to add this HR system that essentially gates off the extra content if you're not prepared to level up. It just seems entirely arbitrary compared with the system the game has used up until this point where you have all the quests available to you from the start of each quest level then complete them to unlock the next. Maybe I'll have a go at playing with a different weapon.
  9. I guess if you're playing online then you've got an excuse to play the quests over and over, but I've done them all and there's no incentive for me to replay them again, except grinding to get to the next HR level, which doesn't appeal. I could focus on getting to the next upgrade for my weapon, I suppose, but currently there's just a big question mark next to it - I'm using the Nargacuga hunting horn for the affinity - so I don't know what materials to go for.
  10. This was better than that finale:
  11. I did Bazelgeuse and the Apex grizzly bear (Azuros?) solo. I'm up to HR 15, but I think I might be done with this. I'd keep playing it if all of the new monsters were available straightaway, but I can't be done with just repeating quests for the sake of doing so, especially when I'm happy with my build and don't need to farm any materials. I might sell the game and buy it again in a year or so, once there's enough new stuff to justify putting some more time into it. What are the chances of cross-save between the current Switch version and the upcoming PC port? I'm guessing slim to
  12. The best thing about that episode was the trailer afterward for that new submarine murder mystery with Scottish Steve, Dr Foster and Stannis Baratheon. Very underwhelming after the quality of the prior two episodes. I thought it was going to be a purposeful anti-climax, sort of like the end of The Wire where there's a montage showing that all of the department's actions have ultimately been meaningless and corruption is just an inevitable part of any large institution. Instead, it was just shit.
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