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  1. 13. Gato Roboto (Switch) An entirely unremarkable Metroid clone. I'd read a few things about how charming and funny it was but I didn't really see it, myself. It's also very short, which may have been a blessing as otherwise I doubt I'd have bothered finishing it. On the other hand, however, its shortness means that there are only a couple of powerups to collect, making everything pretty repetitive. Not terrible, just meh. 5/10 Playing next: Hob (Switch) Previously: Pile of Shame:
  2. Thanks @JPL. The ape fight was pretty touch and go, to be fair. I had him down to a quarter of his second health bar with no gourd left or pellets so had to use some divine grass to get my hp up. Got through by the skin of my teeth. A bit more progress today:
  3. Guardian Ape down! He was pretty tasty.
  4. Is this fairly short, then, seeing as a fair few people are saying they've completed it already? Is that with 100% of the items and so on?
  5. Anyone played Adventure Pals? It's in the sale for £6ish. Worth my time?
  6. Lots of progress made today:
  7. The late game stuff in Fez was brilliant as well: And more gimmicky than genius, but loads of stuff in MGS: switching controllers against Psycho Mantis; Meryl's codec on the back of the box; using cigarette smoke to see the infrared lasers; being able to kill the End in an early cutscene, or literally waiting for him to die by leaving the game on. Oh, and the first physics puzzle with the buoyant barrels in Half Life 2. The realism of it all broke my tiny mind.
  8. Unless I'm mistaken, you can buy them on Etsy with custom skins. They're not cheap, however. Someone on here has SNES ones, which look damn sexy. Only some have the PRO dpad, however.
  9. Being able to climb up the terrain in BOTW and glide about at any time. So unbelievably simple but such a big part of what makes exploring the world such a joy. The Witness. Pretty much all of it, but in particular the first time you discover And Portal - finding the secret rooms and being encouraged to purposefully break the game in order to complete the challenge runs that limited the number of portals you could use.
  10. So, Genichiro, then...
  11. 12. Just Shapes and Beats (Switch) This was disappointing. Not a bad game, but not as good as the demo suggested it would be, and although I got it in the sale, it's overpriced at more than £15. It's at its best when the shapes that appear on screen seem to accurately reflect the beats of the music, and you can properly feel, see and hear the rhythm. Unfortunately, this only seems to the case some of the time, and there were a lot of tracks where I felt like I was playing a sort of interactive mod for a Windows Media Player visualization, disconnected from the music itself. When it works, however, and you get into the flow of it, there's definitely a good game in there - many of the tracks are catchy and the gameplay, while perhaps simplistic, is immediately accessible, so I imagine it'll make a good couch co-op game (and, in its defence, it is promoted as a co-op game). It's just a shame that the package as a whole is a bit inconsistent. 6/10 Playing next: I'm currently midway through Sekiro on PS4 and as such wouldn't mind something a bit less intense for my Switch game, so I'm going to give Gato Roboto a whirl. Previously: Pile of shame:
  12. Full of cunts, then?
  13. I had a productive session on this earlier. Boosted my vitality, killed Lady Buttertwat, boosted my attack power and finally took down that Reservoir dickhead with the spear I'm going to have a go at the general at the top of the staircase and then it's off to the delights of whoever is in the topmost tower.
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