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  1. Haha! Belated reply, stupid real life, but that was the day Villa escaped relegation so they’re obviously all celebrating.
  2. I popped across earlier to do some sea creature collecting. I wasn’t being rude, only said hi as the Nintendo Online app doesn’t seem to work on iOS 14. Anyway, I grabbed a few new creatures, and would love to come back again sometime if ok. Cheers.
  3. I have the same one in my games room. My wife got it from Amazon.
  4. Dammit! I had no idea. Cheers, and you’re welcome!
  5. I’d love these if still available please!
  6. Busted! Haha! Claret and blue army!
  7. My wife and I have visited too. 99,000 bells behind the shop and another behind the museum. Cheers.
  8. Cheers. I tried Raymond with fossils for a couple of weeks. It was only after spending 150,000 or bells on him that he relented and instantly gave me his photo. I’ve only changed one visitor since launch and I want to move some on now, once I’ve got photos from them.
  9. Fuck you, Velma. FUCK YOU! I spend 130,000 bells on a cello for you to get your picture and instead you give me a fucking chef’s hat! And to think I persuaded you not to move away only this morning too.
  10. What is the situation with sharing digital Switch games? If I put my account on my wife's machine, she would be able to play my games as long as I don't go online on mine at the same time?
  11. Thanks, that looks ideal. No mentalhealthgaming.com review yet though?
  12. My wife is after more games now for her Nintendo Animal Crossing Player. Is there a decent Mahjong game on the eShop? As in the matching tiles type, not the proper gambling game.
  13. I’ve sent you a replacement.
  14. I can send you a replacement. Let me know and I'll send you on ASAP.
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