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  1. I came here to post the same!
  2. Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    Yes, I know it sounds incredibly lazy of me! My loft is a chaotic mess though.
  3. Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    Oh, I thought it was two weeks on the dash. I'll take a look later.
  4. Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    Do you get a fortnight or a months free game pass trial with an Xbox One X? I wasn't going to bother with it and left the card in the box which is now buried in the loft, but now I'm quite interested. If it is just a fortnight, then I can just do that through the dash to save going up the loft. It would be too much to expect the free trials to stack too, right?
  5. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

    I bought this on release just for the Modern Warfare remaster as my son was such a fan of the original, with little intention of ever playing Infinite Warfare itself, much preferring the earlier WW2 based Call of Duty games. However, I somewhat unintentionally appeared to have gone through a bit of a Call of Duty campaign fad of over the last month, blasting through WW2 and the Modern Warfare remaster before thinking why not give Infinite Warfare a try, and wow, it is a seriously good game. I've had possibly the most fun I recall having with a Call of Duty campaign in fact. It is such a shame that it flopped and that there probably won't be any future games in that universe. To me, Call of Duty games should be historical or contemporary, not futuristic, which is why I was so dismissive of it in the first place. Perhaps others felt the same and it may have fared better had it been the launch of a brand new franchise instead. Such a shame, Infinite Warfare as it turns out, is something of an overlooked classic.
  6. Sorry for being behind the times here, I have only just discovered this after seeing a tab for it when browsing the Xbox store this morning. For anyone else unaware, it appears to be the Xbox One version of Xbox Live Indie games on the 360, and the fantastic local multiplayer classic, Hidden In Plain Sight, that I originally heard about from @elmo on an episode of Joypod years ago, is on there! No Mount Your Friends as yet though. Now I know about it, are there any gems amongst all the dross I should be picking up?
  7. PlayStation VR

    Cheers. I’ve asked about it previously here and decided that the changes are too minimal for the amount of times I use my headset, yet something keeps nagging me to upgrade anyway. Gah!
  8. PlayStation VR

    Was it worth the upgrade to v2 for you?
  9. Titanfall 2

    Is that the final part of the game? As I’ve already said, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, but hit a brick wall with Viper and haven’t completed it as a result.
  10. Titanfall 2

    Really? It is amazingly inventive level.
  11. Titanfall 2

    After that. The one with .
  12. Titanfall 2

    I wasn’t blown away either initially, especially after hearing @elmo bang on about it so much on the Computer Game Show podcast. However, it soon ramps up and becomes something quite special. One very imaginative level in particular is a real game changer.
  13. PlayStation VR

    Oh my word, this! Getting shot in the head in VR is strangely disconcerting too.
  14. Community

    Still £79.99 on iTunes. Got my fingers crossed for a similar price cut soon.
  15. Good Christmas specials

    Ok, maybe. I haven't seen them since the original broadcast and my view is perhaps being skewed by what in my memory was a brilliant ending.

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