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  1. Got it, thanks. I feel much safe now!
  2. Forum name: Stejay Friend code: 4820-7390-4817 Switch username: Stejay AC Name: Stejay AC Island: Gotham Wanted 1: Outdoor recycling bins / trash cans, etc for my tip Wanted 2: Tyres to stack up, also for my tip Wanted 3: Blue flowers Duplicate fossils for trade: Brachio tail
  3. Doh! Put my Switch to sleep without realising. Sorry. Tomorrow?
  4. Nothing, unless you happen to have some kind of outdoor bun / trashcan at all. I'll open my gates now for a bit, but will mostly be away. Stuff is by the airport. Hope I've left the right things! Dodo code: CDRP6.
  5. I know yeah, cheers. I would just find an actual checklist better.
  6. I did that with the sturgeon. Is there a checklist anywhere online yet? I'm quite tempted to get the official guide next month if it has them.
  7. Thank you. Friends request sent.
  8. A little tip for people, but it may of course be quite obvious too. I ordered a ramp to be built today which I thought would actually cut into the cliff above, but it doesn't so I have it sticking out so that you have to walk up the screen to go up and it takes up a bit of space. It was only after going to another island I saw that someone has placed theirs left to right in line with the cliff above. It obviously takes the same space up, but it looks less intrusive and I really wish I'd realised this was possible. I'm dreading how many bells it is going to take to correct. I'm already deeply unhappy with the placement of most of my buildings.
  9. Yes please if you’re able to get one. I’ll send you a friends request. I won’t be insulted if you don’t wear that outfit. It is nasty. Just thought it might go with your crack den quite well though.
  10. Fair enough, as long as you know. Saves thousands of bells later too. I’m massively regretting much of my placement right now.
  11. Are you about today? Any you @sir stiff_one and @gingerling for you kitchen stuff?
  12. You do know there is a preview option before you actually commit to building anything?
  13. Loving the pictures of your crackden, @bradigor. I bought a frugal outfit, trampy looking top and trousers full of hours basically, from Mabel this morning with you in mind if you want it.
  14. Unfair. Have you not seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movies?
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