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  1. It reeks of Nintendo knowing Metroid Prime 4 is basically their Half Life 3 and panicking a few months back, asking the Devs if they can chuck summat together quicksharp for E3 to appease the fans.
  2. Well that was 30 minutes of my life I'm never getting back.
  3. That was a fairly fucking decent show considering the last year. Some solid games, 12 Minutes, Somerville and Returned the highlights. Those ranting on about it being fucking awful need a bit of a reality check. Calm down.
  4. I'm all in for Stalker 2. I know we're all old fucks with a menu full of pessimism but this will be legit.
  5. So I have claimed Civ 6, Going Under, Panzer Paladin, Desolate and Worms Rumble from my Humble this month. If anyone wants any of the other 7 let me know in here or DM me.
  6. Haha yeah if they land on the edges it always feel 90% they're pointing off the board
  7. I've put about 40 hours into this since it came out. Most runs are viable but it does feel a bit weighted in some runs towards it being a dud. I've not played since the latest patch but if you got a bee/flower/Sun build going you could rack up millions per spin. I love doing a mineral run though. Lovely little 20 minute pop in and out kinda game.
  8. Finally watched this. I fucking hate everything comic book. I am not the target audience for any of this shit. However this was absolutely brilliant. Phoenix, holy shit.
  9. Whereas every book by the other Murakami are fantastic pulp novels.
  10. Up there with Ideal and Phoneshop as best British comedies of the past 20 years. Hype for this.
  11. I've been a member there since 2008, but viewing it since 2004 It was very, very nasty and spiteful for a while, especially some particular posters, but they've moved on/been banned and the last few years has been lovely. Plus as you say, Glinner vitriol is always a win.
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