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  1. It's definitely not optimised well for consoles. PC has been smooth sailing for me bar a couple.of tiny, inconsequential bugs, mainly involving the map. Feels.like Control again.
  2. This at 4k 75% res scale maxed out settings bar volumetric and sharpen at 100% looks outstanding and runs like a dream. I'm in love.
  3. Feel free to add me on EGS anyone, tag is in my sig.
  4. Amara looking PIMP Adoring this in every conceivable way and if it could become a human entity I would date, fuck and marry it.
  5. I've only died once through 11 levels, and that' due to falling off the map. I'm not specced into melee yet though, that'll be my next skill point, but as long as you hit crits you'll be fine.
  6. Amara for me, melee is too much fun
  7. First legendary got, fuck yeah. Got some cool unique ability
  8. I'm finding it to be fucking amazing and everything I wanted.
  9. That's a sweet touch, they made a legendary gun in honour of a 27yo fan who has cancer: https://imgur.com/gallery/Yu4jVbR https://www.reddit.com/r/Borderlands/comments/d3inuc/update_from_cancerstricken_27_year_old/
  10. BlazeJP, one of the major Trials Twitch streamers, has just loaded his game and his progress is fucked. All tracks locked, he's lost like 80 levels, all gold and acorns, and the cloud sync saves have wiped his local saves. Guy's put about 800 hours into the game.
  11. The new relic which allows potions to be used for double whatever they offer is sweet too. Duplicate potion worked wonders for me with Ironclad and Demon Form
  12. Yup looks to be exactly what I've wanted for years. Not been this hyped for a game since, oddly, Borderlands 2.
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