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  1. Its a HB Studios game, it plays really good golf but it always looks a bit lifeless.
  2. Like anything theres really good streamers on Twitch, but its mainly just garbage. I sub to four channels, one which is a low viewer count FM stream, some scouse bloke who just loves the game, has no pop ups and you can actually chat with. One of the top Trials players because their skill level is off the fucking chart. Twitch Prime goes to another FM guy who will spend hours chatting with his chat about football in general. And Elajjaz who is a Swedish guy who genuinely seems lovely, is great at what he does and his stream is fantastic to have on in the background. Gets around 5-8k viewers but it never feels like his chat is purely background noise. I sub as Twitch is primarily what I watch these days. 80% of it is in the background while I play something but if I feel a streamer is worth a fiver a month I'm happy to do it.
  3. Bar some stuttering when the UI updates it runs like an absolute dream. 4K is fucked however, 90fps+ on 1440 Ultra. Looks stunning.
  4. I would be delighted with Automachef?
  5. No idea. Previews have been PC only.
  6. Streamers been playing this today - looks very good, day one for me.
  7. They showed Stalker 2 so its instantly the best conference this year.
  8. Best game I've played this year. Just decimated the third manager on my first run this week. Behold:
  9. Ive been playing on the experimental patch, its fantastic.
  10. A run from earlier. Had an item that gave fire rate the more eggs I had. There's a couple boss spoilers if you've not made it to the first manager yet. The insanity really kicks off at 4:25
  11. There's 2 DLC characters if you buy it outright rather than Game Pass.
  12. I bounced hard off Gungeon, but hold Isaac, Dead Cells and Hades close to my heart. This is an absolute banger so far. Just beat the first manager, played a couple of hours. Awesome. Amir is such a fun character too.
  13. Eehh. I sit about 5 feet back as its a smallish room, unless im k&m in which case I need to sit closer. 1440p looks great still but 1080 is horrendous on the panel.
  14. 150% scaling and its fine.
  15. Ive got an Asus PB268Q 28' 4k 60fps monitor and its fucking beautiful to look at. I do have the PC to knock out 4k 60 no trouble in most games though. Ive played on higher hz screens and while it is lovely, I dont really play MP so 60 is just fine for my needs. With the way DLSS is headed, 4k baby, all the way.
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