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  1. Watching a stream now - looks awesome! However can see it getting old quick.
  2. This has an 'Explorer' mode now. No more perma-death, no more one hit KO traps. If you die you go back to your last bonfire. I didn't like it originally as it felt way, way too harsh in its difficulty. Its a wonderful thing. It feels as if this is what the game should have been on launch. Very much recommended.
  3. This is an absolute banger. As a long term Trials addict it scratches that sweet spot.
  4. I would love Dead Space if possible, was looking at rebuying it.
  5. Yup its apparently really good if only an hour long currently
  6. I bought 2019 for my PC, worked fine. Stopped working after recent updates, crashes on start up, tried everything. I see myself as PC savvy so rolled back drivers, windows builds, tried to change DX dlls, command prompts etc. I posted in their forum bug/help section. Not even a reply a month later, despite them having their dev members online every day. Never got a response. £25 wasted esentially, and I love those games as you're aware. Horrendous customer service. For members tried to help but appears its a Unity error. Every other game works fine.
  7. I've lost all and absolute faith in HB as a company but I'll still buy this because I'm a sucker for videogame golf.
  8. Metro Exodus, RDR2 or Control
  9. Can post more if anyone wants to see. Its genuinely next level impressive.
  10. 1440p screenshots. Before RTX will always be first pic.
  11. Feedback with Eddie Marsden is an absolute banger.
  12. Late bump but TVHM is redundant pretty much, its all about Mayhem for farming. On 4 legendaries drop everywhere.
  13. No idea how thats happening mate, im level 57. Dunno if Mayhem levels dictate it, im on Mayhem 4.
  14. Anger is very overlooked. Free damage, especially if on a STR deck. I won a run earlier with fiver Angers as my primary source of damage and my STR hitting 30 or above in most fights. I do have about 250 hours in the game thougn. Destroyed fights.
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