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  1. PlayStation VR

    It took forever to install star wars, update all the things and download the vr mission, I was getting thoroughly peevish. So worth it!
  2. PlayStation VR

    Thanks for the advice, will order. Plan is to lie profusely about the cost! Maybe if I get everything delivered to work I can claim the moves are included in the price?
  3. PlayStation VR

    Have ordered a psvr as a late prezzie to myself, how very kind I am! It's arriving next week so I've not tried it yet, but wondered what the verdict is on the move controllers, are they worth the extra £75? Seems to be sold out most places
  4. Is this the ? Not gone off to find him yet but this may change my plans.
  5. Killed my first Lynel Got no good weapons left
  6. I cancelled my Amazon order and went with Simply so I'll get it tomorrow. Now you tell me I could have had a download code and played it tonight? GAHHHHHHHHH!!
  7. Life is Strange - Season 1

    Cheers, this season pass nomenclature annoys me. Grabbed Ep1 too, downloading.
  8. Life is Strange - Season 1

    For the hard of thinking (hello!) Is this the right option to go for? There are lots of things listed on the store at the same price. https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/addons/life-is-strange-season-pass/cid=EP0082-CUSA01435_00-LISSEAPASS000001?&smcid=pdc:gb-en:webm-pdc-games-detail-life-is-strange-ps4:leadproductinfo-download:life-is-strange:ep0082-cusa01435_00-lisdayoneb000001 Cheers
  9. The Last Guardian

    Great find. Trico had better not be as annoying as trying to buy after a few beers when you've forgotten your password and your registered card has expired.
  10. The Last Guardian

    Ico is on PSNow, and you can get a 7 day free trial. That's the weekend sorted then.
  11. The Witness

    I'm stuck on the Don't want the solution (yet), but would like to know I'm starting at the right place. Is the first one ?
  12. Any recommendations for something on the PS4 with splitscreen multiplayer? Have googled a few of the recommendations and they seem to be PC and PS360. My 360 long since RROD'd :'(
  13. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Wilted and have given Game four hundred of my hard earned pounds. Any particular indie highlights I should check out? Velocity 2X seems highly rated. And I assume with PS+ I just download everything they offer me? (Sorry if it's obvious, not had a PS since the 2.)
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Is this in store only? Couldn't see it on-line but it sounds like the best deal out there at the moment. The web shop has it with CoD instead of Watchdogs, but I just can't get on with shooty-mens. Maybe in store I could even negotiate a swap for Diablo. Hmm....

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