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  1. Super Mario Bros. 3. It's fucking great.
  2. I'm guessing this happened a whole lot earlier than this, but when I first learnt of Killer Instinct on the X-Box one having a dynamic soundtrack, the idea of the music changing up when combo/counter breakers happened blew my fucking mind. Of course, Mick Gordon went on with doing the dynamic soundtrack thing for Doom 2016, which combined a great idea with absolute sensory overload and it's basically the fucking best
  3. Thankfully, the servers didn't shit themselves, and I've been going through the motions. Couple of notes: - There's now a 'Fresh Finds' shop, that is effectively the Treasure Shop from the JP server. Has limited time cosmetics and boosters that can be bought with various currencies including real money. Worth taking a look at, but save SG for storage. Or... - The season pass. You get points from completing featured client orders, and that gives you some free gubbins for the month (around 100 SG, and a couple of accessories). However, you can buy a gold ticket for 200 SG and pick up everything from the premium track, which includes a full outfit for all race/sex combinations, and they're pretty cool looking. SG is tough to come by, however - you usually get it from titles or achieving something, so it's fairly sparse unless you hand out the cash. I would say it's good value if you're playing multiple characters - in addition, if you have Game Pass or buy the Sonic/Ragol supporter packs, you get the key for this month. Note that you get SG back as well from the premium track, so you'll be in good stead each season. Well worth a look. - There's less random reward materials compared to the JP version, as there's currently less content - there's two weapons badge types, but rewards only goes up to 13-Star weapons (the Nox Series). It's worth mentioning that Photon Boosters in this version can now be used to buy a series of 11-Star weapons, which is much better than just weapon cosmetics in the JP version. - Game still hands out boosters out the wazoo. However, Bonus Missions don't exist in this version yet because we're only at Episode 3 out of 6, so you'll only get Triboosts for the weekly stuff. You'll still be after that Meseta reward, mind. - Level Cap is at 75. Worth getting to still because of the bonus stats you get, but EXP slows down at about 40. Advance Quests are your best bet for EXP gains, and they're still fairly easy if you don't get hit. Anyway, back on it! EDIT: I fudged my understanding of the Mission Gold Pass - it's valid for the entire season, and you get most of the rewards from it (some of the premium offerings is a choice of two sets of items - if you don't like bunny ears on your cast, you can pick some booster items instead!) As a result, I do recommend the gold pass, and it weighs in at about a tenner if you want to rush obtaining SG, but at the moment you get one for free with game pass, or by buying the $30/$60 packs that come with a bunch of stuff, and are better value in comparison to buying items a la carte. EDIT 2 If you're playing on X-Box and have Game Pass Ultimate, you'll be able to get a pack containing both a Gold Mission Pass, 30 day Premium Set Pass and a stack of AC Scratch Tickets! https://pso2.com/news/announcements/gamepassultimate It's not up at the moment because of a problem, and it's supposedly US/Canada only, but with any luck it just requires switching regions to claim it. Also, as per the news, it sounds like rewards will be arriving every month. If it is to this level of value, you might just be better off getting Game Pass Ultimate via an Xbox Live Gold upgrade deal and not giving Sega any money. So, uh, there's that.
  4. Hi! PSO2's just about to launch Open Beta on X-Box One, so I'm opening this up. We never decided on a Server/Ship to play on, so I propose that we on RLLMUK play on Ship 2. As someone who played the JP version, that's where all the western folk played, and old habits die hard. I'll be back with more information, and share a couple of 'getting started' videos from certain Youtubers - but for now, please chew on this mountain of text: Questions and Answers: Resources: PSO2 Builds Compilation (Look at this once you go through all Training missions!) PSO2 Passive Skill Simulator Looking forward to hearing from everyone else playing - If it's popular enough, we can have a Team Room that looks like Pioneer 2 from the original PSO!
  5. I'm in a spot of bother - the new Path of Exile league is starting Friday on PC, Monday for Consoles, and then PSO2. And, uh, Doom Eternal on the Friday if the reviews are good. I booked next week off because I wanted a break after a tough couple of weeks (all fine now), and jokingly revolved it around Path of Exile because 'Hey, fuck it'. Now I've got to actually no-life the entire week In regards to actually balancing the games, once you're done with levelling, PSO2 can be super casual. The daily bounties can take all of five minutes when you know what you're doing - Basically goes something like this: - Pick the top featured mission - Pick up the top three bounties that give you a boost to EXP/Meseta/Rare Drop Rate when you complete them, which are all three "kill X enemy" from the above mission - Load into the campship, take a cheap meseta boost drink for a defence buff and pop a Triboost item from the genuine hundreds the game churns out from in-game achievements - Do the mission, kill the things - Turn in the bounties at the quest counter At the height of the reward loop, this alone gives you about 300,000 XP (enough to make any level 1 subclass jump 20 levels - you can switch before cashing it in), a bunch of useful items (including another Triboost), and a date-stamped ticket that gives you access to a mission that will very likely level you up immediately at any level up until 75 and will be available for seven days. EDIT: As a test, I done that run on my JP character, and then swapped class - level 35 jumped to level 42 when cashing in. Note that the rewards do scale up to 60, daily/weekly rewards unlock at around 20-30, and you need to deal with level caps and unlocking the free explore areas in sequence. However, during that point, you're basically learning the game. And you should learn the game, because it's 80% skill based and 20% equipment based later on when you hit the big boy difficulties. Do that for three days in the week, along with some of the bigger payout bounties that happen every day (Kill X boss on Super Hard for 250,000 meseta), and you get rewarded with ONE MILLION MESETA. And a bunch of XP, items, and a ticket to a better bonus mission. Then you spend the million meseta on a fancy dress. Because you will always want the fanciest dress in this game.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/play_pso2/status/1237062366640013331 Open Beta starts March 17th. Console version first, 'more news' coming this week (guessing PC version dates, etc).
  7. Not particularly hot off the press, because it's a bit of non-news: Translation: probably another beta period coming up next month, but not set in stone. Also mentioning it to stop the 'GIVE BETA PLS' screeching in every Twitter post made. Meanwhile, I spent about 100 hours on the Japanese version (a good third of that was idling while popping down the shops, tbh). I think the most surprising thing is how much content they keep throwing at you, right up until level 95 - there's a bunch of missions I'm either not good at or require a group to get good at it (namely Time Attack, Ultimate, Buster and Endless Quests). And even without that, the actual real goal of levelling isn't to hit cap - it's to reach 75 on as many classes as possible, because it gives permanent stat bonuses, unlocks Ultra Hard (they require both your main and subclass to be a certain level), and unlocks the Hero/Phantom/Etoile 'Successor' classes. Thankfully, 1-75 is far less time consuming than 75-95. I've just got to that point, and went through the tutorials for all three successor classes. Quite frankly, my brain hurts - they have a static skill set, but make up for it by changing.. well, everything you knew about certain weapons and adding a bunch of mechanics. For reference, the training missions for each successor is about three times larger than a standard training mission for the other classes. Two-Handed Swords that are slow? Now one-handed and you move like the clappers with Hero. Don't like the burst fire of Assault Rifles? They're high damage single shot weapons with Phantom. Don't like casting magic? Etoile gives you magic wands that fire out laser beams. It's all gone a bit bonkers, tbh.
  8. At the very least, in regards to the idea of 'power level matters', they haven't come up with the idea of capping the light level of most guns, meaning that within 9-12 months you won't be able to use pinnacle weapons you've spent hours to get because of planned obsolesc- https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/48758 ...oh for fuck's sake, Luke
  9. Siri

    Path of Exile

    Metamorph League was good fun. But anyway, new League on the 13th March - Delirium! Main take-home: - Access a portal, and you explore an alternate version of the map. Everything is way tougher, features new enemies/attacks and grants more rewards. - further out you go, gets even harder - and stacks with every single other encounter in the game. - Enemies in the delirium realm drop new Jewels that expands the already hilariously complex skill tree when linked to specific jewel slots on the outer part of the tree. Including jewels that add more of those slots. Oh god help us all - The current, new Atlas system is getting some tweaks along with the Incursion league's Temple of Atzoatl.
  10. I'm hoping there's more to Season of the Worthy than just a fuckload of sweaty PvP/Trials - On the other hand, we've had Season of the Drifter, so probably not. No matter, there's plenty of other games to get stuck into over the next three months. In all honesty, because of the Empyrean Foundation, all I've found myself doing is logging in each week before reset to farm decent rolls for each of the seasonal guns, so it's probably high time to have an extended break. I appreciate the convenience, but the actual joy of shooting things to get better guns to shoot things just isn't there. And after a couple weeks of stopping the hamster wheel, I don't really feel inclined to keep it going. Which is a shame, as I found that Sundial was the right balance of activity to reward, unlike the extremes of the menagerie during its time in the sun.
  11. Alright, here's something that's been nagging at me for ages: The bit in Shenmue where you had to do sneak around the docks was so fucking bad that I completely binned off the series. Also: Ocarina of Time is basically LttP with a crap targeting system and graphics that would never age well, even when comparing it to other N64 games at the time.
  12. I did have a quick go at the initial 'main' campaign for a spell (basically pulling myself away from the JP version of PSO2). Ran 2 of the five campaigns, found it enjoyable but found myself a little bit weak when running the second campaign, so I should have gone from the recommended path to find a better weapon (either that, or I was *really* unlucky with the improvised weapon find - ended up with two broken bottles, so I had to get through some fights with Dodge/Prepare/Normal Attack as a sequence, which only done 4 points of damage). In the end, I had to use a story-based action to burn the school down. O o o p s. The actual saving/campaign progress is kind of odd - basically kills your character off, so I'm either missing something obvious or there's a very good reason behind it. Switch players will get around that with suspend mode, mind. One thing I should say is that the PC Gamepass version is a bit different in that it's housed in a program window of some sort. I'd complain, but it's actually let me push it to my second screen properly, so it's a positive effect! Edit: there's been some discussion on another forum - the penalties and deaths from saving/quitting are mostly there because parts of the saving/loading mechanism that don't work correctly. Patch notes mention that it's being worked on, but it's not quite there yet. Did I mention patch notes? Patch Notes! https://mobile.twitter.com/panstasz/status/1232083117403463682
  13. ...wait, what? *looks at twitter* ...*slides refund request to Steam* Game is trés cool, mind. Played through the introductory mission (I believe it's the one in the demo), and battered some clock tower scissor lady with a baseball bat before I had dinner. The only thing I don't like at the minute is that the UI is quite cluttered, and the combat is a bit by-the-numbers. But the investigation stuff seems a lot more involved than I was anticipating, so that's cool. I guess a lot more people will be aware of it, now! And that's great, because one guy was working on this thing for three years or something, so a Gamepass payday is great news.
  14. So, I've been looking forward to this for quite some time - particularly for the amazing 1-bit art style that the game possesses. Basically, it's an RPG that revolves around your character investigating all manner of Junji Ito inspired abominations, and/or surviving the happenings around a very strange mid-80s Japanese town. I haven't got a lot to go on, as I'm going in blind and it's only just released on Steam for a crisp £11.39 , but initial impressions have been positive. There's also been a demo circulating, which you can find here: http://www.wohgame.com/ EDIT: And as @Goose has wonderfully mentioned, this is out on PC Gamepass right now as well! The developer is intending to release later this year on PS4 and Switch, if you're interested. In the meantime, I'll be back later with my own impressions of it. I'll be very upset of it's a bit pap, but that's life!
  15. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    Indivisible for PC is very good. I'll probably have a peek at KH3, as well. (I've already got Yakuza 0 and everyone absolutely should play it because it's fucking excellent)
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