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  1. Siri

    Gaming for free?

    Path of Exile and Warframe are both free, gives you free reign over accessing content (money is used for conveniences and cosmetics), and fun to play - in my own experience, for at least several hundred hours per game. Destiny 2's first year of content is going free to play under the New Light monicker in a couple of months - for all the faults in terms of how bungie handled the first year in terms of mechanics, that's still a ton of content to chew through, the improved gearing that was added to the game in year 2 benefits greatly, and even without that it's one of the most satisfying FPS games to play. As well your backlog, check out any games you might have got as part of another subscription - for example, Amazon Prime's Twitch Prime service giving out free games every month. EDIT: Also, don't forget free games from Epic Store, EA Origin and GOG on PC. As much as different storefronts cause grief, you can't beat the price of it all.
  2. Siri

    Path of Exile

    I'd watch what mods you're rolling on the T16s if possible, especially if you're slapping a Vaal Orb on it for the bonus completion - any more than one damage modifier and the guardians start slapping super hard. The Guardian bosses are also designed to completely shit up certain play styles and builds - With my own Slayer, Hydra and Chimera were super easy, Minotaur took five portals, and Phoenix involved two whole maps because the first map's mods were a complete bust (do NOT give that guy more AoE and damage unless you want to get one-shot across the arena when he does the explosion attack). Still, got my fragments. I've been wheeling and dealing via Red maps to make money for an Assassin's Mark on hit ring, but I'm hoping to beat up shaper in the next week or two. Depends if I get caught up with making too much bank in an effort to buy a headhunter! EDIT: scratch the assassin's mark ring off the list, as I finally rolled another shaper ring the amount that I spent in chaos and alterations doesn't bear thinking about, mind - don't do what I did and think it was an ordinary mod! Clear speed is super solid now, even on tier 16 maps - was able to kill Minotaur with only one death this time around, and that was with a global life mod, so it bodes well for shaper (he has 18.3 million hp in three phases, Minotaur had 12.5 and another 20-30% on top from the mod)
  3. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    Only just started Portia today on PC - yes, it does. I didn't notice any discernible breaks in movement when running forward with a pad and using mouse aim,.
  4. Looks good - I like the River City games, I liked Double Dragon Neon and I'm a fan of the late 80s/early 90s anime aesthetic, so I'm sold. River City Underground was fun mechanically, but it was pretty much a total grindfest - and by the time Conatus fixed it, one of the musicians who worked on the OST went completely mental and issued copyright takedowns on everything, meaning the game was removed from sale until they implemented a new soundtrack. Pretty awful situation, but at least Arc Systems isn't afraid of using the IP again.
  5. Always Phantasy Star Online. There's honestly a six degrees of separation thing going on that, upon hearing anything relating to the Dreamcast/GameCube, it will eventually lead me back to 'boy, maybe I should plug in [anything capable of playing DC/GC games] and play PSO'. Recent culprit being the recent Switch hacks, because portable PSO would be dead good. I get similar pangs for FFVIII, too. But that's because Triple Triad and stat manipulation is dead good, and less the actual game itself..
  6. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    Looking forward to at least four games out of that list immediately, and apparently Unavowed has stonking reviews on Steam. I'm not including Undertale as I've already played it, and it's easily one of my top favourite games of this generation, let alone years. I'm glad that Microsoft is getting in some smart picks for the PC Game Pass, even after the immense reveal of the initial list at E3. Let's hope it continues!
  7. Siri

    Path of Exile

    My suspicions turned out to be relatively correct about Slayer - the Overwhelm node is definitely an Uber Lab pick, and you're far better off going Headsman/Bane of Legends/Impact over the course of the ten acts. ... Of course, in the meantime, I've been playing as Champion Cyclone, now up to level 89 and have cleared all the white and yellow tiers of the atlas. I'm not that far off tackling Shaper, and it's definitely the furthest I've made in the game before getting bored. I think this is mainly down to currency - the Legion mechanic absolutely throws tons of currency at you, as well as some really interesting gear (pre-enchanted labyrinth helms, Atzoatl modded items, and veiled items). It's been a very good League to start on, especially as there's also avenues to really special items (Headhunter is a global Legion drop, and the divination card chests give out lots of Stacked Deck items which give you a random card - which can be anything up to a Doctor card worth 20+ exalts). The servers are constantly shitting themselves, mind, and that's really the biggest problem I've had with the game. I'm not entirely sure if this is down to oversubscription or a fault with instance generation, but I guess we'll find out in a few weeks when numbers fall.
  8. I'd personally say anything from two generations ago. So at the moment, PS2/GC/XB generation is categorised as retro to me now, but PS3/360/Wii is still relevant. Of course, we're nearing the end of this generation, and it's getting tougher to pick up some notable games as circulation slows down. The lines are muddier these days with HD Remasters up the wazoo, mind.
  9. Siri

    Path of Exile

    Cyclone is so good right now - I started my Duelist over, and picked Champion for the impale stacking and it's a far more enjoyable experience. I have no doubt Slayer would do it better, but I think my selection of ascendancies went wrong. Went with the node that gives your weapons more base crit - I think that should be more a Merc lab pickup because it's about that time you would move from levelling weapons to crafted gear, which is when you'd be able to take advantage of low crit bases that naturally have BIGGER NUMBERS. I think Slayer would be better off picking Impact or the start of the Bane of Legends perk. I still want to pick up something that takes advantage of Rage, mind. Maybe flicker? I'll see how I feel about it after spin 2 win loses its appeal!
  10. Siri

    Path of Exile

    Speaking of the paid stuff - It's the stash tab sale this weekend! Here's what I posted earlier: One thing I would change is that the newer Unique Tab has turned out to be very, very handy when you're running through the game multiple times or have a very fast clearing build - there's a whole lot of uniques in the game, and having a dump tab so you can easily see if you've got a duplicate that needs to be binned or sold is very handy. Turns out you have a lot of space when you're not hoarding junky two-hander weapons! ED/Contagion build has hit maps. Still feels good, although I'm still not sold on builds that use acrobatics as damage mitigation. Far too easy for an enemy hit to go right past all the defense checks and kill you in one hit!
  11. Siri

    Path of Exile

    To be honest, the motto of PoE is something along the lines of 'one shot everything until something kills you exactly the same way' This League has the potential to be extremely rippy - at least until last night's patch, there was at least one enemy type that could kill you from off-screen
  12. Siri

    Path of Exile

    That's what's so great about this game. There's plenty of shifts in the meta every few months that rolling a new character feels great every time. Even when you do burn out, you can usually leave it for a League and just come back. I've had a couple of bum starts this League. Cyclone was good this League but my progression with slayer felt a bit lackluster, while Righteous Fire Chieftain felt safe but simply didn't provide enough damage output on bosses and rare packs. Essence Drain Trickster feels pretty good at the moment, and the contagion cascade feels very good when popping the Legion artifact - it's hitting a lot of stuff, meaning building currency and drops feel a lot better. I still want something.. immediate. Perhaps going two-handed melee is the trick. Maybe beserker, maybe flicker strike - I did do a quick an dirty respec of my cyclone character to try it out, and flicker is much more accessible before maps due to the skill generating charges for itself. There's also Bowzerker, which sounds.. appropriate.
  13. To be honest, it's not like it's a huge ballache to change region on the XBone or PC App these days. At the very least, it's a hell of a lot easier than the Japanese essay you have to fill out for a Sega ID. I still don't comprehend the mountain of steps needed to pipe money to Sega for the f2p shenanigans in it. Y'know, about half a decade ago.
  14. Siri

    Path of Exile

    Legion Starts at 9pm! Here's the patch notes: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2513456 Here's a condensed thing (which is very helpful): Spoilers: YOU SHOULD PROBABLY PLAY MELEE. Here's a compilation on Reddit for Starter builds posted by streamers: Don't forget to update your loot filter if you're on PC!
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