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  1. Providing the old drive is in the new computer, yes! Install Steam as you would on the new computer, and there's an option somewhere in the settings for 'Steam libraries' or something. You point it at your original Steam/Steamapps folder, and then it figures out what you've got and adds it as a playable game to your library again after that, you can move any game between the two locations, and choose where to install games too. As for saves, most will be backed up on Steam Cloud, but if they're not you can probably move them from where they are originally kept.
  2. As for Steam 'refreshing' @strider, I'm not entirely sure, but when it comes to a new PC install you should probably let it ride out for a little while, and then restart the computer. Windows 10 is probably going to take the first couple of hours pulling all the software and driver updates it needs, as opposed to how PCs used to be a decade ago where you'd have to do that shit manually (with the exception of NVidia driver updates, which I'd argue breaks more shit than it fixes half the time).
  3. Still preloading after I realised that I fluffed up ordering on CDKeys somehow - I'm fully expecting to be finished downloading at 3pm today, and with Steam's unlocking process I should be done by... 9pm Friday, probably. I'm looking forward to this, however - not sure if it's because of a Kojima game that is distinctly light on stealth, or because I somehow get a perverse joy out of the gameplay loops of vanilla No Man's Sky that I'm greatly interested in just pratting around with hiking in exoskeletons. At the very least, it sounds like a workout that my graphics card deserves after months of easy living on 2D stuff.
  4. Yep. Path of Exile was a PC exclusive game that I spent about 2,000 and six years playing before a console port finally became a thing. Consider it a timed exclusive! In terms of games I've personally enjoyed that are PC Only, You'd either have to look at games that are considered legacy by today's standards (Diablo II, Uplink), stuff that's right on the bleeding edge of indie titles that will probably get a port at some point (Dicey Dungeons, Gunfire Reborn, Hypnospace Outlaw), or indie games that didn't get that big and sort of fell through the cracks for one reason or another (BallisticNG, Blue Revolver, Yatagarasu).
  5. Yep. Also doesn't help that when you look at anything else on Model 1, they wouldn't have been housed in an Astro City cab in the first place - two driving games, two HOTAS cabs and a lightgun game. I think some people are overestimating how much of Sega's arcade history didn't feature gimmicky bullshit. Following that, you have to take into account games that will run on your typical mobile phone hardware without being a absolute mess. I've got moderate hopes for retroarch on this thing, mind. Street Fighter 2 Rainbow edition bootlegs are going to be lit with that button setup.
  6. Is it still the Wraith Spire for the six core AMD processors? I had one for my original 1600 - It was perfectly fine even when overclocked (admittedly, it was also undervolted as well as overclocked), however it was also the original Spire cooler that had a copper vapor chamber design. The new shittier cooler should only add about 6c on top of the original when at load though, and not flat out shutting down the entire machine - That smacks more of an unstable overclock or even GPU than anything else, especially if it's fine on desktop unti you start benchmarking (especially if all your benchmarking software is testing all parts of your machine - your PC falling over on Prime95 should confirm if it's strictly CPU). I didn't even bother overclocking across all cores on the 3000/Zen 2 series because PBO does enough dicking around with the voltage on its own. I'd go through the motherboard settings again just to make sure the only thing taking the wheel is PBO, and not the board trying to force some bullshit 'One-click OC' setting.
  7. Siri


    I already felt really, really uneasy about that immediate push for Hyper Scape that was on Twitch about a week and a bit ago. Just felt gross seeing every channel and their dog showing this game off when it already kicked off via the Jimquisition and so on.
  8. rllmuk. I don't think I've touched the landing page of a PC gaming specific website for ages - everything's either a link from a forum, or through the grapevine on Twitch and the like. Hardware was a different matter, but since they have also died a death from key journos leaving or shilling*, I still rely on Youtube for that shit too.
  9. Game currently has a very mild discount on Steam right now, and a popular Twitch streamer gave it a go which I saw, so I gave it a punt. It's a bit good, isn't it? the environments are a bit basic and some of the damage feedback elements could be tweaked (there's been a lot of times where I've sat in an acid pool swarmed with horned beetles and die without realising where the dangers were), but the actual gunplay is top drawer - punchy individual sound effects and hitmarker confirmations means every gun feels solid to fire, and a lot of the current selection are very good at being derivative of popular FPS guns, without going into clone territory - probably helped by the fact that the game is exceptionally light on ADS, outside of the sniper rifle. The Cavalry feels like any good Destiny pulse, except it's all hip fire and it's meaty enough to pop most mobs in a headshot. And in a game where you shoot the thing(tm), having weapons that feel good to fire is exceptionally welcome. Essential, even. Bit like playing Risk of Rain 2 in early access, really - just give me a bunch more environments and I'll be happy as a pig in shit.
  10. Big Maintenance happened, here's what's added: - Login Campaign is log in five times over the next week, and you'll get 1 million exp in tickets - 100k each day, and then an extra five on the fifth day. - Season 5 of the Mission Pass includes cosmetics from Season 1, which was X-Box only. - The Urgent Quest schedule includes Barren Blossom, which is the fight against Dark Falz Gemini (known as Falz Double on JP). this is the Urgent Quest before Profound Darkness, which is the last boss fight in Episode 3, so it lines up with the Episode 4 release in August.
  11. I'll definitely take an arcade sick. The actual machine, it probably depends on how easy it'll be to crack open and add my own games to it. The button layout is more agreeable to that sort of thing than the Neogeo Mini, certainly.
  12. Two things spring immediately to mind at the moment: - The introduction 'race' at the start of Forza Horizon 4. Going through the cycle of seasons, the change-up between the versions of Sunrise being played in the background, the different driving disciplines leading to just thrashing that Senna towards the festival was something really, really special. - Trying out Superhot VR on the Oculus Quest. I've played Superhot traditionally, and I tried out the Rift at game expos (and was impressed that I could play a walking sim and do dumb shit like peeking my head through bridge bannisters). But there's one particular bit where, after shooting a guy who had a gun on him, I had this Eureka moment where I simply reached out and grabbed the gun from the shot guy with my other hand while it was in midair, turned around and shot both guns at two separate assailants. It honestly sounds like the most basic shit in the universe, but there was that real moment of 'wait, can I do this?' after the restraints of traditional videogames and it actually fucking working.
  13. Currently: Path of Exile (New league's two weeks old) and Phantasy Star Online 2 (relatively new overall for western servers, JP servers currently have an event on). Started playing Remnant: From The Ashes privately with the online lads - Discord is a very big tool in sorting out games with friends, just like how some IRL friends have started sorting out X-Box Game Pass sessions via FB Messenger. If I really felt like playing an FPS outside of current trends on Twitch, I'd probably have a punt at Titanfall 2. It has about a tenth of current FPS games' average players, but then again I quite like server hopping on UT98 to this very day, so it just depends what games float your boat more than anything else when it comes to PC stuff.
  14. I do agree with the notion of 'Play your way' opens a game up a whole can of worms, and is generally a wack advertising term that does not comprehend the myriad of ways people will attempt to play it and get a failure state. See: Speedrunning. The closest thing I've ever seen to such a thing is also a game I've shilled for a lot, Path of Exile. Mainly because whatever choices you want to play the game, it only really determines your success when you get to a point where you can't do enough damage to enemies and they do too much damage to you, instead of being a straight-up yes/no option. Points include: - You pick between seven character classes, but it mainly determines your starting point on the massive skill tree and three specialisation trees you get at a certain point. There's nothing stopping you from picking the big strong melee class and immediately pathing to the spell caster portion of the tree because you want to cast magic missiles - outside of it being a waste of levelling points in order to do that, which in turn would reduce your damage effectiveness at the end of the game. - Likewise, although the classes offer specialisations, they can and will effect multiple skills providing they have the tag on the skill itself. Big Melee class has a specialisation in Fire-Based attacks that would be intended for hitting enemies with a big fiery stick, but there's nothing stopping you from taking the perks that would mostly effect casting magic missile instead (like, for example, penetrating the fire resistance of an enemy or converting that damage) or defensive perks. Again, though, it's a case of considering if your points are well spent. - Equipment and Skills (contained in a gem system) are locked by core stats on an increasing scale, but your stats are determined by the passive tree (which lets you path to wherever you choose). So as you get towards the spellcaster tree, big melee dude is more likely to put on his robe and wizard hat. Gems also have to be put in the right coloured slots on a piece of armour, but early on the formula that determines colours on armour is very lenient and becomes stricter as you get higher level equipment. There's also ways to force colours you want, but that gets.. expensive in-game. - There's some items and gems that cause macro levels of play - trigger skills if you get hit, trigger skills if you use something else, trigger when you take damage, or even trigger if you die. The last one isn't hardcore friendly. Such setups can cause semi or fully automatic playstyles (such as the 'Autobomber' archetype). Again, though, these types of playstyle might require a particular item that just won't drop for you, which leads to potentially expensive trading or just not being able to set it up at all. There's probably a bunch of other shit, but key things to a diablo game are covered.
  15. My own personal problem when it comes to the hobby is that I treat my computer like Trigger's broom - I basically upgraded it repeatedly until it looked nothing like what it was a few years back. I originally started with a cheapy G3258 bought for £50, a similar cheapy motherboard for £30, Ram for about £40, a GTX960 for about £160, bog standard Zalman T4 case for £10 and a power supply for £50. Everything else came from my old computer (namely, mechanical drive, SSD, and a retail copy of Windows 7 when it was sold for £50 years back, which automatically upgrades to Windows 10). After that, I side-upgraded to a Sandy Bridge i7 and cheapy motherboard to the tune of £130, then I upgraded the graphics card, then I replaced the entire Motherboard/CPU/RAM and Case with Zen (Around £400, without the case), and then did that again without the case because I decided I couldn't be arsed waiting to upgrade to Zen 2 with the existing motherboard as firmware updates were taking a fucking age. I also wanted to clump all my existing parts together to sell off at some point. I tried replacing the power supply and graphics card, but the graphics card died so I'm still with the second graphics card. Rough costing of my current PC, mind: So, in all, about £1200 if I did just buy the machine outright, and I'd say that's a perfectly acceptable price if you wanted the best experience without going off the deep end (However, I must stress that I'm completely uninterested in 4K gaming, or Ray-Tracing, and just want to run everything at solid 60FPS and to hell with everything else). But, uh, add the £340 from the initial PC, the side-grade for £130, and the first Zen upgrade for £400, and when that's all said and done oh god what have I been doing with my money for the past five years Still, only another 45 years before I reach the point where I should have spent on that 2080ti SLI setup instead!
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