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  1. It's the right place to GET YOUR CLAN ENGRAMS! (PC crew ran raids on Saturday and then fell asleep for the rest of the weekend. Blame Oz)
  2. Siri

    Path of Exile

    Either this month or next month is a good time to play, to be fair - Bestiary died on its' arse. Partly from slightly clunky mechanics that stopped you from killing everything, partly from the endgame being locked behind a pretty convoluted and initially absurdly scarce resource, and partly because they had to turn off one of the core mechanics early on in the league to stop people being able to dupe certain base items (namely the Shaper/Elder items) - the intended idea was to make 6-link armour cheaper as you could effectively get a 6L rare with six mods, and then split the item to make two 6L armours with three mods on each. Except they forgot that Shaper/Elder bases were highly sought after, regardless of mods. After that happened, it kind of soured the experience. This month, they're running a Flashback Event - Basically a 30 day temporary league, during which each area in the game gets a random roll of three past league mods. It's rather intense because of the sheer amount of enemies you can fight (and if you're playing Hardcore, incredibly easy to RIP), but it's also very easy to play as a Solo Self-Found character and try out any of the revamped ascendancy classes with not a lot of time investment. That, and getting to certain level thresholds puts you in a raffle to get some free MTX, which is nice.
  3. Siri

    Path of Exile

    Hot PoE news: Everybody thought Bestiary League was rubbish. As a result, none of it is being implemented in the main game. Actual hot PoE news: the new league got announced! It's out June 1st on PC, June 4th on X-Box. And it's called... Incursion! Fuck up an aztec temple unlike anything you've seen before via short breach-like encounters, and through multiple encounters change the course of a full endgame run and the rewards it provides! The new league also brings: - Roughly twenty skill revamps to make them more effective in present-day Path of Exile - Changes to Vaal Skill mechanics to make them more effective (aka. a corrupted gem how has BOTH the normal skill and the vaal skill, making more sense to get them in a 4+ Link, and the attacks themselves can provide different utility) - Six new Vaal Skills - Five new Trap Skill Gems - One new Trap Support Gem - The "usual shit" (28 new Uniques, 20 new Divination Cards, new Vaal Corruption implicits - Fancy supporter packs that are definitely not based on anything you've seen before ON FUCKING LOOP UNTIL JUNE, BOYS
  4. Siri

    Destiny 2

    Regarding this, that's just the matchmaking service that Bungie provides being trash, same with the original Destiny's tower 'loading' times on console. You'll usually notice the second it lets you on the tower, that 20 other guardians also transmat in  it's just their servers creating a new instance or something.
  5. Siri

    Destiny 2

    I should absolutely stress that the second I equipped Rat King at the start of the campaign, I was cackling while melting packs of hive with that delicious full auto fire for a good half of the campaign with @Moodmon. And that's absolutely what I want from Destiny. Even the small meta changes to enemy shields is forcing me to constantly swap and be delighted by what's in my loadout, and it feels great.
  6. Siri

    Destiny 2

    I'll be blunt - the Warmind campaign is diminutive, regurgitated shite. On the other hand, the exotic weapon buffs are so good that the evening flew past (as did, uh, the campaign), and I'm actually excited to go back to the vastly improved nightfall mechanics and raiding without using Merciless for every occasion. The actual weekly gameplay loop for powerful gear has got interesting again post-masterworks, if only through the efforts of fusing said BPL weapons into setups that let you use 'X' exotic. And that's positive.
  7. Siri

    Analogue Super Nt

    Finally got my hands on an SF NT preorder! Thanks, gents Now I just need to live on bread for a month or so. I'm sure it will be worth it to slap in my old copy of Unirally, mind.
  8. Siri

    All things Yakuza!

    Just finished Chapter 6 of Zero, after admittedly dropping 3 and 4 after a couple of hours across both games. Zero is just brilliant all around. I'm sure the bowling and pool minigames are better than most actual bowling and pool games that have existed previously, and pocket circuit is a full-blown addiction. I'm also sure that I can't stop running into gangs just to smash bicycles over their heads. The drama and cliffhangers are great, and everyone's a lovable bastard in their own way. As for the boss fights: I'd say it's going to be hard to not hole myself up this bank holiday and just play Zero to death, but it's not. It's outright impossible.
  9. Siri

    Destiny 2 PC players

    I've got other confirmations on discord. I think we got a raid! @Siri @Moodmon @Larsen B @Karde @sbrandon111 @Mau Meet at 8.30 tonight. Play Vermintide instead. YYYYEEEAAAAHHH EDIT: We're playing Vermintide. Bye!
  10. Siri

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Oz is on Holiday, Sloth is out. Me, Larsen and Mood are about for tonight. Hopefully. Anyone else? @Mau @Karde @sbrandon111
  11. Siri

    We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    RE: PSO2, English support has only existed through the PC English Patch (iirc, the patch existed before the Vita version became a thing, let alone any means to access Vita files via Henkaku), and the SEA servers that's PC only and is getting shuttered in May. There's always using Moonlight on a hacked Vita to stream the patched PSO2 from a PC, I guess. It's not that far off from the Cloud version coming to the Switch!
  12. Siri

    Path of Exile

    From what I remember, your first character in a league has to beat Act 10 to meet Zana and get all the map stuff up and running. I can't remember the restrictions set on the portable map device you can get for your hideout, though. Before Acts 6-10 were released, it was possible to get into maps before the end of Merciless via the eternal laboratory in Act 3, but that doesn't work now in the equivalent (Act 8).
  13. Siri

    Path of Exile

    Patch Notes came out yesterday, actually. If you use Path of Building, you can now update it to play with the new ascendancies. Here's the real take-home stuff from the patch notes: GENERAL ENDGAME STUFF - You can get to Zana's level 8 a lot quicker - the Shaper/Elder storyline stuff gives her EXP. She's lost the ability to mod maps to have Breaches, though - Harbinger has replaced it. - Abysses are in the late portion of the game onwards! 10% chance in a map like Breach, Sygian Belts and Eye Jewels are a lot harder to get (as they only drop in the depths and chests). - You're twice as likely to get a drop of a map you don't have on your Atlas yet. This is amazing for people who play Solo/Console. - Monster damage modifiers in endgame maps is no longer additive, but multiplicative. Be prepared to get hit harder. SKILL STUFF - Honestly, not a lot. You'll be using the same OP skills this league as last league, so refer to any 3.1 builds if you need ideas. - Most traps now detonate after their duration by default, and the time to detonation is slashed significantly. With Sunblast, it's something silly like 0.8 seconds. - Minions attack more, but deal less damage. - Shrapnel Shot is slightly buffed, and Herald of Ash now works with spells in addition to melee attacks. - Anything that taunts enemies now 'Taunts' on both sets of Guardians, Elder and Shaper, but doesn't strictly mean it will retarget to you. This is so that Duelist's Champion taunt-based buffs will proc, making him a legitimately great choice from now on. FUCK YOUR SEXTANT BLOCKING BOLLOCKS - All loot finding meta has been shafted this league. - You can now only have a maximum of 5 Sextants on your atlas, and that's after doing a ton of things for Zana. You start at a max of 1. - Vault has been neutered - the gold piles at the end now drop a normal amount of loot, the boss is harder and the skills he does to destroy those gold piles is more often. - Bisco's Collar is still the best Magic Find amulet you can get, but it's effectiveness is as good as halved. - Oni-Goroshi's 'get a six-link with four hours of mindless farming' bollocks is also bollocksed. - Honestly, people did this to themselves. AWW YISS, MOTHERFUCKIN' ASCENDANTS - Pretty much every one of the 19 Ascendancies has been buffed, or kept the same with some slight differences. THIS IS VERY HANDY FOR A COMPARISON. - Highlights include J U G G, Occultist, Hierophant, Champion, and Trickster. - Elementalist is still a bit shit unless you have tons of currency to spend on a Golem build. If you want pure ele spell shit, go with Inquisitor or Ascendant Elementalist/Inquisitor hybrid. Kind of got a bit of choice paralysis in terms of what I want to do. Either J U G G with Tectonic Strike, or some form of Chaos Innoc. Occultist and maintain that stun prevention and an infinite pool of Energy Shield.
  14. Siri

    Path of Exile

    I forgot to update after posting about PoE in the GOTY thread - There's some new content on Friday - Bestiary! Includes all this shit: Bestiary League - Capture monsters and build your own little adorable Animal Hospital - except you can then sacrifice them at an altar to get specific crafted items, or a chance at beating the shit out of the new Spirit Beast bosses to get new Uniques. Said fancy Bestiary League uniques - It seems as though they revolve around 'Aspects' - special one-at-a-time auras granted by gear, that give you two decent buffs that alternate every four seconds or so. The Spirit Beast uniques empower them further, including a chest that makes one of the Aspects free, and grants you all your frenzy and power charges when it ticks over. Yeah. Uber Elder - The newest superboss to fight. Except it's not just the Elder - You have to fight the Elder and Shaper at the same time. Soz. Ascendancy Class Review - All 19 Classes are getting rebalanced, with a majority of the underutilised classes getting some wild shit - Hierophant can get up to Quad Totems and/or permanent Arcane Surge, Assassin has been "restored to it's former glory", And Pathfinder... well, didn't get anything really. Because everyone used it. SHIELD THROW META, BOYS - There's three new gems - Two active, one support. Nobody cares because you can now chuck your shield into people's faces just like D3 Crusader. More Fated Uniques - Vendor trash now comes with prophecies to muddy the chance to get Monstrous Treasure and whatever else is valuable from Nevali! Well, some of them might be good. Who knows? Who cares? REALLY FANCY SUPPORTER PACKS - Because that's just what happens every league. Oh, and in case you wasn't around at the time, GGG did bring out another special tab - for Fragments! ( Normal and Uber Atziri / Council Keys / Shaper Set / Uber Lab Offerings). See you Thursday when everyone reads the patch notes and find out their favourite builds got shat on!

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