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  1. Literally the only reason Streets of Rage 4 didn't hit my top 5 was because me and a friend just sat on the netplay the second it came out and hammered the entire game out in an afternoon - so it ends up being quite forgetful in my memory. Had the same problem with Halo Reach. It's absolutely fantastic, though. Going through all the characters in turn and figuring them out their particular movement tech and combos, all the new enemies with their own reasons to get frustrated over, and a good half of the boss battles being genuinely great made it such an enjoyable game.
  2. 'How to turn your customer goodwill into a fantastic public toilet'
  3. Despite spoiling myself on a lot of what the game has to offer, I'm still absolutely excited to play this when it's out for PC (and maybe XBox after they bother with next-gen patches for the PS5, but if DLSS is fully realised like FFXV's Nvidia showcase then it will absolutely be the former first). FF7's Midgar is such a stand-out backdrop for a videogame, and seeing that part of the game fully realised in modern-day graphics and scale is so fucking wonderful. And.. well, it's out. After so long, it's just exciting that it exists!
  4. Yeah, if you think the upgrade path is too cheap, then.. just get rid of the upgrade path. Nobody would mourn the loss of Live Gold, providing that when you pick up a game you can play everything a game offers at the time. Make online play free as long as you're playing on their platform and the developer is giving a cut either from retail or f2p micro, Game Pass the base price (slap in Games With Gold if you want instead of canning it) for about 7-10 quid on either PC/Console/XCloud, and then Ultimate is the fancy do-all thing you'd pay a full £10-15 quid for - a saving against ha
  5. I've had a look back just to make sure if there was any other people mentioning rental, so apologies if I'm missing anything - but I was fairly comprehensive about the issue of a la carte subscription services: Also, fuck Blockbuster. That shit was a fiver for the weekend if you wanted the latest thing, regardless of it being a film or videogame. Get your VHS tapes from the corner shop like everyone else But I guess that's the thing, isn't it? There isn't a grim back room that smelt a bit funny for cut-price entertainment any more - everyone's selling direct, so when somethi
  6. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'd be weary to comparing 76 to traditional Fallout games, unless you really liked walking around with no general place to go and firing guns without traditional VATS mechanics (In my head, it's a lot closer to a Skyrim/Far Cry/Borderlands homunculus with Fallout 4's world and clothes slapped on top) - But to compare notes, I absolutely loved Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and bounced off Fallout 4 pretty hard after giving it a college try twice. It's certainly an acquired taste - bit like drinking a lemonade when the bar guy didn't flush the coca-cola residue out of the gun with water. It's cert
  7. Yeah, this whole price jacking thing is ridiculously skeezy. At this point, you would have thought Microsoft would just turn around and say 'Alright fellas, any existing gold subs get GPU up to the end of their sub, Online games are no longer walled but we now have to keep the conversion rate for Gold for any new subs so we can just issue Game Pass/Game Pass Ultimate cards to our distributors and ensure we can keep giving money to publishers for Game Pass games. We hope you'll carry on when you see how good it is to have a shitload of games on tap. Cheers'. Setting the precedent that you're
  8. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    Honestly, even in its absolute dogshit vanilla state, I had more than enough fun with a friend just exploring and shooting random shit over a week or two that it justified the fiver spent - almost in the same way that No Man's Sky was actually fun when it just boiled down to aimless faffing around. We also played a bit of the NPC questlines when they were introduced, and again we had a good time with it. I'd say just go in with an open mind and a very low bar, and you'll probably enjoy it. Again, though, it really is something that's only worth playing out of curiosity and if you really not
  9. Conversely, I played Paradise Killer after everyone loved it, and went through it over the course of the last week or so. I really, really didn't like it. Which is baffling, as I played through all of it. Probably because I thought that it would stand up to every other good mystery game I played this year (Zero Escape series, Danganronpa etc), most of which are probably a good decade old by now. It didn't. Plays like a Unity asset flip FPS with as much design taste, the voice acting is fucking atrocious and hardly makes sense in the context of the script, the whodunnit is exceptionally r
  10. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    Donut County's on Game Pass today - played it a bit over lunchtime. It's great! really scratches my itch for a new Katamari game. It's like 300MB as well, so it'd be rude not to give it a go. Control on PC will have to be over the weekend when I've got a few hours to download it.
  11. I've picked the second option, although that's a universal issue for every platform, including my PC - There's always a drought at this point in a generation. But, I like my Series S. Everything that @Timmo says, *and* it's in a price range to impulse buy. Even if feature creep claims the Series S' performance and Game Pass pricing gets jacked to the roof, it's still an amazing little box that instantly loads every streaming app under the sun (including Microsoft's own XCloud Service), and Dev Mode lets you play pretty much anything emulated up to the PS2, if not more with future developmen
  12. I'll go for a spicy 56, if it's available!
  13. If you haven't seen a teardown, it's quite fascinating for the Series S - pretty much everything is plugged into the main board with mating connectors, with screws (T8 and T10) holding the main board and shielding together - and the only wire in the assembly is to power the fan. (Fuck removing that X-Clamp, though. I wouldn't bother with that personally)
  14. Well, yes. A mechanical hard drive like in a launch PS4 is more likely to be prone to fairly limited mechanical failures, instead of failures generated from writing over data a set amount of times which is what most disk drives are destined to do. Hence why you'll likely hear a traditional hard drive dying before it actually dies. Even if you lumped an SSD into the PS4 at launch, SSD technology has changed greatly - back then, you probably only had access to Single-Layer NAND memory, which could take up to 10,000 writes. TLC and QLC technologies like what we're seeing now is capable of reac
  15. It was also, hands-down, the best way to play GameCube games. In other news, Diablo III absolutely paved the way for developers to really relish creating a spiritual successor to Diablo II.
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