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  1. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    As I've decided to repurpose an SSD as an external drive for the Series S, and mucking around with games that may/may not run from the drive, I ended up stumbling into Descenders and Crown Trick. Descenders is great - there's a real sense of speed when you're bombing it down the track, general controls are super tight (maybe the trick aspects could be on a better button but an actual solution is beyond my brain power at the moment), and the procedural generation combined with active players just playing the game in the same session just makes it a very lively experience, bit like the multiplayer aspects of No Man's Sky. Except you're definitely riding a bike into a tree in the process. I definitely prefer it to Lonely Mountains Downhill, which is a bit more ruthless but still a decent bike-based jaunt. Crown Trick was.. not what I was expecting, honestly. I saw some PoE/Diablo streamers were playing so I thought it was an ARPG, but it's definitely more in the vein of a traditional dungeon crawler. Not my cup of tea, but it's well presented and seemed mechanically sound. (Unlike Skatebird, which was shiiiiiiiiit )
  2. Siri


    Done (Mostly, there's probably a fight I missed). I really enjoyed it, just like the first - the new tracks were great, the writing's still very funny, and it's still as fun to play. I know Toby said he wanted to get the full game out and charge for it, but honestly, I'd pay a reasonable fee in this episodic format too. It's a great way to spend a day and then meme about it for a few years. I appreciated the fact that the difficulty did pretty much pick up from the last, but in a far less harsher manner than something like Hotline Miami 2 - You still started with one or two enemies a fight, but the patterns were more varied and meshed together from the off. In all: GOTY list attendee, no question.
  3. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    I've got to agree with all the comments about Skatebird. I remember the game being announced in 2018, and thinking 'hey, there's no Tony Hawk game in sight and the birds are adorable, maybe I'll get it'. Since then, THPS1&2 was announced, came out and was actually fantastic. A good year later, this fucking game dribbles out of development (thankfully, without requiring payment) and plays like an asset flip. Too little, too late. Completely forgettable after five minutes, and I don't recommend it at all. Go play the original Skate on EA Play again, I know I will be after experiencing whatever the fuck Skatebird was. Irredeemable dog shit.
  4. Siri


    Toby's probably got a chunk from the game pass deal too pay any development for chapter 2, too. And Sans plushies. Millions of Sans plushies. It's a nice surprise for this year, certainly! I pretty much accepted that more deltarune was years away, but then I found out deltarune itself was out three years ago and realised that time itself is some worrying shit. So, uh, there's that.
  5. To be honest, I normally look up '[year] games' on Google, and click on whatever the fuck is on Wikipedia, like this. Eurogamer used to be my go-to, but I haven't visited the site in ages so no idea on the quality of the curation. I'd like to know if there's anything better too, I guess!
  6. Shin Megami Tensei V is pretty much all I need for the most part. Playing IV on the 3DS during lockdown completely ruined JRPGs for me, so I'm hoping it's just as glorious. Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite on Gamepass will likely get played, as will Back 4 Blood. Maybe Darkest Dungeon 2's Early Access if the new format turns out to be great, but I'm willing to hear impressions on that one.
  7. Yep. Primary to the Destiny experience is having guns that just sound right, and binning off any that doesn't. A vast majority do, mind. While I'm thinking of Destiny, which then leaks into general sound love - Dynamic soundtracks. Destiny 2 does it a lot during big setpieces/raid moments, but some games just really thrived from having it - last gen's Doom and Killer Instinct, notably.
  8. Big, crunchy sound effects. It's a common trend across the games I've played over the years - UT99's Twin enforcer pistols, clobbering enemies in PSO, the general explosion/shatter effects in Path of Exile, landing the deathblow command in OG Final Fantasy 7, gems shattering in Super Puzzle Fighter. All that good sensory overload shit.
  9. I don't think I can actively hate anything to do with videogames themselves. The most I can muster is a moderate slope into not giving a shit and forgetting about said game altogether. There's definitely aspects around the hobby I find exceptionally loathsome, mind - usually industry figures who are irredeemable cunts.
  10. Siri

    PS5 Pro

    No buys unless that $700 factors into the new model not looking like an art nouveau vase that takes up the TV shelf. Or, as mentioned, no buys because you're getting fucking scalped.
  11. I couldn't imagine a 4090 at this point. It'd involve plumbing it into your central heating to dissipate the fucking thing. The performance of the 3080 is great, and in hindsight paying over the odds for an OC model was a fair deal compared to dealing with the even more egregious price gouging that's happening now, but the sheer noise and temps of the card is absurd compared to what I previously had (1070). Undervolting helps, but I'd rather have a modified BIOS than having to keep Afterburner on all the bloody time. Should probably look into that while I've got the resources to do so (well, have a spare card in case the BIOS flash goes tits up).
  12. To be fair, that was the plan during last October if I didn't get the card I have now. But it honestly is one of the better ideas if you really wanted a card (and is outright essential for some of the budget options, including certain AMD APUs that you just can't get off the shelf). At this point in time, you'd probably want to get hold of a CPU that either has a shitload of cores that new games can use or has the TPM bobbins for Windows 11, anyway.
  13. Can't stand Sony, that floss too much. Can't stand NVidia, they cost too much.
  14. Can It Be All That Simple? Well, yeah - we already know the Supreme Architecture of what's inside the Deck, and we know the library that's going to be on it. There's no need to speculate and go off Visionz. All I know is that I'll be getting the deck, plonking on New Vegas and get On That Sht Again from the comfort of my bed.
  15. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    At least MS has done the same thing as Forza 6, and have dropped the Forza 7 and all the DLC to impulse buy territory. I've pulled the trigger just to have a Forza to occasionally play on PC - Forza 6 was before Microsoft pledged every first-party game to be cross-buy on both PC and XBox, so I've only got the console version, from memory.
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