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  1. Really enjoyed that. Almost more of a companion to the books rather than an adaptation, in that it shares characters, setting and some of the atmosphere, but very little of the actual plot. Was thrown in a good way by how creepy the climax was.
  2. Teabag

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Think I'm going to leave this and come back when more content has dropped. They've finally revealed some details such as they're working on the progression system and career after some 'soul searching'. Apparently the team working on this is bigger than the first game and there are a lot more seasons, maps and characters to come. Also all the maps from the first game are likely to make their way into the second. I may be setting myself up for disappointment but I'm daring to hope... In the meantime, back to Witcher!
  3. Teabag

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I caved and went for it. Apparently the most recent update has improved the lag issues but I guess I'll soon find out.
  4. Teabag

    The Walking Dead!

    Make loads of noise inside the ground floor of the building so all the zombies pile in through the hole around the truck I think. Then sneak out via the side.
  5. Teabag

    Twin Peaks

    I've come to love the released version of FWWM. It's Twin Peaks as a horror movie, trimmed down to focus on Sheryl Lee's frankly incredible performance.
  6. Teabag

    Twin Peaks

    Laughed out loud when Tom Sizemore threw the coffee down the urinal and the mug in the trash while crying, and the guy in the toilet was all "That bad huh?"
  7. Teabag

    Marvel's Iron Fist (Netflix)

    I didn't think Finn Jones was that bad, but the writing and structure in this were shocking. The story went round and round, while evil Meachum guy had no motivation other than to be a Sunset Beach level bad guy and explain his motivation constantly to whoever was nearby. And the Kun Lun scenes looked like they'd been staged by me and my mates in my back yard. Went back to the second half of Luke Cage once I slogged through this so I'd be all caught up for the Defenders and the quality gap between the two is amazing.
  8. Teabag

    Justice League

    This is worse than that wolf-faces duck thing.
  9. Teabag

    Justice League

    I never noticed. This changes everything.
  10. Teabag

    Twin Peaks

    Make sure you watch FWWM too. If the series is fresh in your mind you should get the most out of it too.
  11. Teabag

    Twin Peaks

    I'm back on track. Thanks everyone.
  12. Teabag

    Twin Peaks

    Damn that's a good point. I'd assumed Dougie was the plan Bad Coop talked about in the first episode to avoid being made to go back to the Lodge (esp as Dougie went back in his place in episode 3). But maybe getting the co-ordinates is the plan, and having Dougie whacked is something completely separate. I'd basically assumed it was Phil Jeffries behind the hitmen, and now it's Bad Coop I just have no idea any more.
  13. Teabag

    Twin Peaks

    Surely Bad Coop created Dougie so that he'd be pulled back into the Lodge in his stead, and he's now trying to off Good Coop as only one of them can be in the world at once and it'll end his devious plan.
  14. Does the hand grow with the baby or does it have to keep it for life?
  15. Teabag

    Doctor Who

    Fleabag's agents have said it's not her. Too bad.

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