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  1. It would also make it feel more like a European competition playing at a different venue instead of a glorified friendly. Mind you with covid still rampant it might be a better plan to minimise travel as much as possible.
  2. What about Eddie Howe if you are looking at Potter levels?
  3. Yes. England seem to have 1 pattern of play which is to get it forward so far, pass it sidewise, and then back to the keeper who then lumps it up front, rinse and repeat. Might not have been paying full attention, did Southgate use all the subs?
  4. Any reason Spurs haven’t gone for Rafa? Available, hugely experienced in the pl. Aside from wages would seem to be an ideal signing?
  5. More of the same really. Only 8 episodes though.
  6. Wish they’d drop the amount of sweary’s in it, or at least bleep them.
  7. Watched season 4 episode 2 where T’pol takes Trip back to Vulcan. One scene she’s showing him the volcano which looked quite impressive, except theyhadn’t or couldn’t animate the smoke which just stayed where it was!
  8. “Hey Tom, Fancy a quick all expenses paid flying trip?”.
  9. Hut33, Bleak Expectations, Elvenquest, Nebulous, Old Harry’s Game and possibly Radio 4’s adaptation of Neil Gaimans Neverwhere. Might need to do a search for some of them now. Edit All of them on audible.
  10. All 8 episodes up now. First one seems ok.
  11. One of the few good things about being signed off long term sick is that I get to watch the euros during the day
  12. You could say he’s playing it more “low key”
  13. Should have got them home at the end of season six and had season 7 deal with the aftermath.
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