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  1. I've been loving Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition on the pc this week. Great for 20 minute blasts or a bit longer. Only downside is the switch tax, though I imagine it would be great on the machine. Got it for nowt on the pc a while back
  2. Played some of the original but never really got on with it. Which is odd as it seemed to be right up my alley. Will see how this pans out. I think the thing that stood out about the first one was the soundtrack.
  3. Probably kept him around to make up the home grown quota.
  4. Go on then? Bournemouth just don't seem to have spent a lot this transfer window, and have a couple of key players injured atm.
  5. I can see Bournemouth going down this season quite honestly:(
  6. Been discovering more "new" stuff on bandcamp this week. My wallets hiding in the corner as I don't (or can't at work anyway) do streaming. The Gift, Eyevory (little corny, but just can't resist dual female vocals along with flute as well), Galahads last album which I never did get round to buying at the time, and seems appropriate for the time, Magic Pie and so on. Just as well as my current collection is feeling a little worn out right now so it's good to get some fresher stuff on there.
  7. Best place (cheapest?) to get a vita these days please?
  8. Think it was released as a free pdf. Do a search for it and add pdf on the end.
  9. They touched on this in the novels (destiny was it? can't remember), which have now obviously been blown out of canon Went something like "You were with them for seven days, I was with them for 19 years. Can you remember every moment?".
  10. I made the mistake of reinstalling it. Two months later I uninstalled it to play something else!
  11. Not so sure about that, Norwich will be well up for it being the first game.
  12. Wait for amazon prime day if you have it.
  13. Hope the op went well, and he get's better soon!
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