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  1. Yeah, i sometimes play on the rllmuk forum but its full of wankers.
  2. GTA V with that redux mod is GTA VI. And it runs well even on my rig. TEH FUTURE IS HERE!
  3. I'll be joining you soon. Just waiting that 3080 or whatever AMD decide to bring out.
  4. This is oddly personal but for me its kinda' pure greed born from the realisation i want to see new worlds and new experiences plus the fact i get really bored fast. With my family and worklife and cost I don't get the chance to experience new worlds and i want to see the world. And building PC's means i can experience that through forms of gaming. Some obvious choices (GTA, Detroit, motoracing - but other silly ones as well born about by my general love of gaming as a skill). Its pretty sad, virtual, and disconnected from reality - but in other respects is amazing. I'm a slave to videogame experiences. I'm into photography and music and creation too (so my PC helps there) but i'm restricted in where i can go or what i can do. I do lead a fairly normal life i suppose, but a LOT of that life is PC based.
  5. Defo gonna miss that one next week sadly. I bought the DLC all excited and they changed my shift!
  6. WTF!! you bought that for your son?! Thats the rig you buy yourself and your son has the 1080!!
  7. Dev blog 2 https://www.projectcarsgame.com/three/news/developer-blog-2/
  8. Hey, real sim circuits have huge satellite dishes on some of their tracks don't they?
  9. And do it on a small plane to get a sense of the scale. Its looking like the best thing M$ have ever done. I mean this tech destroys everything doesn't it? I mean fucking hell - it was made by a driving dev ffs. Imagine Forza Unlimited.
  10. I prefer transformed by far. Team feals a bit out of your control at times - you strive to win but often have to help your team to get a larger overall score (as it has a basic racing point system). So, sure, theres more strategy but it requires you to sometimes lose position and that doesn't feel as fun to me. I just wanted to win. Transformed is just pure racing and has much better circuits IMO - plus lots of nods to Sega games of old. If you were to do the perfect kart racing game celebrating a great arcade/console company, you wouldn't go far wrong with this. Its only issue is an issue with most Kart games - it doesn't quite have MK levels of looseness. It actually reminded me a lot of Speedfreeks on the PS1 (which was solid). To be fair though, TSR is probably the best Sonic based racing game in the racing series so if you like SRT and you see TSR going cheap, its not bad.
  11. Its not cynical though is it? Makes business sense in a really shit way. They must seem them as credible competition. I hope not though - would really make me hate the codies for that. They were a fish in big waters - simming with no protection, unlike most of the other devs. The sims devs are based in other countries i think.
  12. You would get in-helmet view, but the screen would be surrounded by black silhouette with goggles in the middle. Part of me would not be suprised if the pitstops and tyre stuff either gets put back or patched in. Quite a hard thing to patch though.
  13. They haven't half taken some shit for this. Just after they'd redeemed themselves a bit with the aids off video.
  14. Imagine the Operation Flashpoint game though!
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