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  1. Dimahoo

    Just Cause

    Just Cause's strengths aren't its writing.
  2. Dimahoo

    Audio Club

  3. Dimahoo

    Seismic Theory (My Drum & Bass Label)

    Just one track...i had some meloncholy chord sequence i liked and it seemed to fit a DnB tempo so i added some sample and cut it in. I only put it together for one of those 52 tracks in a year things... Don't worry...i won't make any more!
  4. Dimahoo

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    New track. Not a style i usually write...but still....something to say...
  5. Dimahoo

    Seismic Theory (My Drum & Bass Label)

    Well done buddy. I've just finished a Drum N Bass track myself.
  6. Dimahoo

    Weekly Music 2019 - 52 Weeks, 52 Tracks

    Track 18 - a DnB track about knife crime. https://streak.club/p/35085/borras-by-interweave-harmonics
  7. Dimahoo

    Weekly Music 2019 - 52 Weeks, 52 Tracks

    A bit. I've got a few nearly complete tracks - but for every one i edit, i then start a new and goto 10.
  8. Dimahoo

    In honour of Star Wars (1983)

    I recall buying some of the Spiderman comics and seeing the Parker Bros game in the Ads, along with that ad with all the Activision 26' games. All i had was my shitty Aqaurius (With Night Hunter and SNAFU). I got a 26' around the time ET came out (i was so late to the game owing to a huge error on my part). Then i got a C64 and shit got real. Ahh...Happy days.... Actually...that weren't that happy. I remember being jelly' as fuck seeing those ads and not having neither a Colecovision or 26' to play those games on I don't have many memories of Star Wars really. I recall playing it at some arcade in Weymouth at the Haven campsite, and also Bembom Bros./Dreamland at Margate. My favourite arcades were 2d shumps. Shit like XX Mission, Xevious and that bloody Baraduke. That has sampled sounds too. "I'M YOR FWEIND!"
  9. Dimahoo

    Audio Club

    Remix of the 52 tracks - week 16 or wherever we are...
  10. Dimahoo

    The Boys - Amazon superhero show

    So. can't. Fucking. Wait. They should do Crossed next.
  11. Dimahoo

    Weekly Music 2019 - 52 Weeks, 52 Tracks

    Gene...another piece that strays into tomorrows world themes in scale, but is really just a ton of patterns playing interwoven parts. https://streak.club/p/35018/gene-by-interweave-harmonics
  12. Dimahoo

    Audio Club

    Moar Dub....
  13. Dimahoo

    Synths and Similar - an electronic music gear thread

    Oooh...thats mine. Wonder how it compared to Shimmer. Missed it in my feed so thanks. Love PB. Great site.
  14. Dimahoo

    Arcade racer chat

    Gravel isn't bad for an arcade racer and Xenon Racer is okay on PC. Switch version is meant to be pretty bad though. Vrally is playable and some of you arcade junkies might want to even dip so far as Isle of Man TT or/and Ride 3 as they offer pure ballsy excitement once you learn the mechanics. Sadly The 90s Arcade Racer seems to have died (it may be coming out as 90's Super GP).... https://www.nicalis.com/games/90ssupergp
  15. Dimahoo

    Watch Dogs 3 - SW2/SW9

    Given that Ubi are now making games so large, i wouldn't be surprised if they mapped the entire country.

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