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  1. Final round is live folks, best of luck!
  2. I like the one on the left. I favour black and yellow kits normally too and Puma branding. Shame from a distance it will look like Newcastle United...
  3. Had one, no games, got rid of it. I'm more about emulation stuff these days and I'm quite selective about what I play now too.
  4. I normally get the urge to play it again every couple of years, I stick with it for a few weeks and get really invested. Then I remember that I am absolutely terrible at it and no amount of guidance has helped me improve. Also, these days, I just have a lot less time
  5. I'm pretty sure he's trolling, or he doesn't watch the Premier League very much.
  6. A few decent players? U mad bro. Half of their first XI could walk into any team in the world. You can't say that about England. Aside from France, they have, on paper, the best team in the tournament. Certainly from a potential perspective.
  7. Southgate knows the score: "If I go and headbutt Roberto in the last five minutes, then you'll know that maybe we're taking a different approach to getting through!" http://www.skysports.com/football/news/12016/11419138/gareth-southgate-says-england-playing-for-win-against-belgium
  8. Imagine this scenario tomorrow... England and Belgium are stuck in a stalemate. The clock has just hit 80 minutes. Neither team particularly wants to win. But they can't be seen playing for a negative result either. During a brief water break, Southgate calls Kane over... Southgate: "Sweep the leg." Kane: "..?" Southgate: "You have a problem with that?" Kane: "No gaffer!?" Southgate: "No Mercy!" Then, any one of the following situations plays itself out: - Any player, who isn't already on a yellow in the competition, tries to scythe a Belgium player down after the 85th minute - Stones "accidentally" wrestles an attacker to the ground during a corner (ala Panama) - Maguire "accidentally" handles the ball in the box during an inswinging set piece - Walker "accidentally" swings his arm in an attacker's face again - Pickford, seemingly timewasting in the dying seconds, keeps the ball at his feet and "accidentally" proceeds to turn around and kick it in his own net - Or, Pickford decides to "accidentally" keep the ball in his hands for longer than 6-seconds, gifting Belgium an indirect free-kick inside the box - Kane gets back on corner duty It reminds me of that South Park episode where the kids don't want to play baseball over summer so they attempt to throw games, within the rules, to gift their opponent a win. I know you have to play the big boys at some point and you have to beat the best to win but the winner's side of the draw has at least 4 teams that could realistically win it, compared to only Spain on the runner-up side of the bracket. Barring any surprises, of course. I think it would do England a world of good to put a decent run together ready for one of the really big hitters in the semis.
  9. Boy, we eating chicken dinner tonight... Bagged myself first place, gets half decent from 12:15. Hip firing the shotgun and the lack of recoil on sniper rifles is way over powered. The game is a mad dash to find those weapons quickest and then get a decent position.
  10. I'm not getting carried away with anything but this tournament, with teams having inconsistent form and the introduction of VAR, anything could happen. However, if England don't win it, it will be the World Cup equivalent of Arsenal's 2015-16 Premier League campaign when Leicester won the title. Never a better opportunity. Though using the same adage, Denmark are going to win it.
  11. Aye I was going to revive this thread on that... I haven't managed to get the Switch one working just yet but I've been testing the PS3 and Wii U emulators - both are excellent. LaunchBox is great too, such a fantastic program that I'm moving away from RetroArch as what you gain in convenience, you lose in feature set.
  12. Spreadsheet updated folks, Round 3 is GO!
  13. Second from left certainly approves!
  14. Aye the end game is a bit naff. It's all about dexterity, rather than precision or reflexes as in most shooters. I'm terrible at fighting games but this is the closest thing to it in the shooter genre for that kind of skill. H1Z1 isn't much better either though; interactions are really janky and the end-game is just cars doing donuts because they have near unlimited fuel and can soak up a lot of damage.
  15. Good news, Fortnite is getting a long overdue revamp in game balance: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/counterplay-and-play-styles Building dominance is one of the biggest reasons I don't bother with it, this could tempt me to jump back in once available.
  16. It's timing isn't it, really off-putting at first, but in reality you can get PI with your eyes closed.
  17. That white kit looks really nice and adidas are great for kits. Although, that sponsor's logo needs a bit of work. The 'W' looks cool but 'W88' underneath just looks lazily tacked on.
  18. Southgate dislocates his shoulder whilst trying to beat his 10k PB: http://www.skysports.com/football/news/12016/11411391/england-manager-gareth-southgate-suffers-dislocated-shoulder
  19. I said that the other day, I reckon referees have been told to give the benefit of the doubt and that is compounded with the introduction of VAR.
  20. Jump in for these rounds fella, it's not too late. I had a pityful attempt in round 1 anyway.
  21. Aye that Henry Winter doesn't paint himself well at all, especially with the Panama comment at the end. Alladyce just comes across as the saltiest bag of sour grapes of any individual I've came across. Funny the comment about Hoddle being more talented than some of the England squad. In Paul Merson's book he says that if his fitness levels would have allowed it, Hoddle could have easily walked into the first XI. Another story he mentions is about Scholes and Beckham practising free kicks against Seaman. Both of them struggling to hit the net after numerous attempts. Hoddle stomps over, puts the ball down and cracks it into the top corner on his first attempt So many ties to Middlesbrough though... • Southgate was Boro manager as we slowly descended towards relegation with a 29% win record but did manage to chalk up an 8-1 win against Sven-Goran Eriksson's Man City • He inherited the job after having appeared for the final time as a player in the 4-0 Europa Cup defeat to Sevilla, under McClaren as Boro manager, when he left for the England job. • Boro had been playing European football which was originally on the back of a League Cup final success against Alladyce's Bolton. • McClaren came in shortly after Bryan Robson was relieved, who had Venables by his side for a short time to stop the rot after the millennium. • And obviously, the greatest manager never to have managed England, Brian Clough, was born and raised in Middlesbrough.
  22. Apparently Black Ops III is free on PS+. Get on that, about 50GB download though. Best Call of Duty game of this gen.
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