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  1. I'm around from now pretty much all night if anyone fancies partying up.
  2. I'll be on tonight, give me a ping Should be on from 9ish.
  3. I remember when we just used dummy accounts and that worked fine, it's always a pain with these spin off teams.
  4. Got my dispatch email on Saturday so I'm expecting at least one of my two copies to be at home within an hour. I'll likely not be home until 7 though
  5. Normally my aim is the win division 1, of which it takes me a while because I don't play the game as much anymore, and I also make a spreadsheet of all the best players to calculate the next set of targets for my nation. I don't bother with the SBC Challenges, IF and other rare stuff, you can be perfectly competitive with a good gold team.
  6. That's been around for donkeys years; you can listen on DAB or FM, just not through online. You only get pre-match build up and post match analysis otherwise.
  7. This isn't a rumour, it's starting to get enforced by international gambling laws... https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-09-18-heres-how-pack-odds-disclosures-in-fifa-19-works Apparently the Web App goes live at 6pm tonight (BST).
  8. I normally get back at least £20 for my copy a couple of months before the new one, I keep myself fresh and appreciate the sequel more. It will work out £30 for my Ultimate Edition of '19, so it will likely only have cost me £10 by the time I ditch it in June. Digital is way overpriced and doesn't give flexibility.
  9. I normally go for Brazil for flair, but I think I might look at a France/Italy hybrid. I won't be competing in weekend leagues though, probably just squad battles or casuals.
  10. I think I normally use default for everything except crossing - that is on semi. Hospitality settings don't seem to save for me though so my preferences change from year to year.
  11. I think a couple of donkeys old issues have finally been fixed (yay): - Map icon conflicts - Unresponsive menus Haven't checked if they reverted the 3D radar after the shambles of a decision to adjust it last year or why language select isn't saved or why referee uniforms still clash with kits etc. I noticed the core control scheme has had a major change, again, it's happened for about 4 games in a row now. I've had to change to a custom setup rather than "classic" for a while now; I suspect most of you will swap the shooting back to O/B rather than the right bumper. RE: The PES debate, there is no debate.
  12. I'll ask one of the lads at work if he fancies it; loves FIFA but doesn't really play it with anyone else except me.
  13. Yeah I always thought it was time based, in the FIFA games it is.
  14. The cost isn't the downside, I'm sure everyone is happy to chip in. I'd just forget about the defense point too, we don't need people who are not willing to play anywhere. The real downside is all of the associated factors with running a website, sorting stats, chasing people etc. Hats off the @Steely for offering to do the sheet, I offered previously but there wasn't really any interest and my spare time has gone. I can collaborate and make suggestions but I won't be able to front load things, though I can make a lot of my old stuff available. We should look to make it low maintenance one-stop-shop which, ideally, is also self balancing, as per my approach for golf.
  15. Yeah, 4 teams of 6 is decent. Even 4 teams of 5 would be enough, the days of consistently getting 10-a-side are gone.
  16. I'd be in for BAP still, I miss that on Thursday. I disagree about the new members though, I think it started to go downhill when a bunch of stalwarts left during the console transition. There are a multitude of factors on top of that, of course, but that was one of the main initial factors.
  17. Day one for me, I think I put 70 hours+ into the last one and still never beat Yama.
  18. For a series that has a mediocre track record and almost no marketing for this title, I can't possibly comprehend how £45 digitally makes sense. I suspect that, with a lack of traction, this will be heavily discounted to £30 within a few months or so, then any issues will be ironed out and UGC will be more prominent too. It's disappointing really because it might get lost within the upcoming gaming season and a low price could have triggered more impulse purchases beforehand.
  19. I'm actually the opposite of this. I absolutely adore the world and the setting, to me it's like a colour infused version of Judge Dredd. The gameplay however, taking cues from Deus Ex, has only just begun to pique my interest far more than that series did. I wasn't a huge fan of the stealth/hack/kill mechanics so I'm hoping there is more elegance, variety and narrative consequence here. Regardless of any opinion on this thread, I think it's fair to say that CDPR bought a lot of credit with the delivery of The Witcher III alone, so much so that they simply deserve the overwhelmingly positive reaction and anticipation surrounding Cyberpunk.
  20. I'll wait for retail release, can't justify the price tag no matter how curious I am to play it.
  21. Nah, I've said it countless times - the defending change is the single worst decision ever made since '08. The skill level and barrier for entry went through the roof, and it's really unintuitive. Awful mistake.
  22. Double dip for me; got my free copy from EA coming, which I'll use as part ex, for a pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition. With less time on my hands, I can see this and CoD getting a lot of my attention for pick up and play, regardless of the state of the rllmuk league.
  23. I'm annoyed that Bolasie is likely off to Villa as I planned to have him as my arena player in FIFA 19 (5* skills yo) given that Adama has already left. Realistically though, Boro should be looking to take Adomah back on loan but we're also linked with a Huddersfield outcast for the wing. We're doing well at the minute but I agree with Pulis, the squad doesn't have strength in depth, however, the starting XI looks comparable with anyone in the division.
  24. It's true, when there's a good squad, BF is one of the best gaming experiences going. Though it can be frustrating when people try play it rogue like CoD, instead of PTFO. I'm sure there will be plenty of squads going on launch day, see how many we can get going with [MUK] tags... Pleased to see the sub-class approach in the new one; I have always loved being medic but support with deployable cover looks pretty epic now too. I long for the day where squad based equipment makes a return though; I miss the tracer dart and laser targeting equipment from the older games.
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