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  1. As I said in another topic, I would definately wanna be part of a PS3 league
  2. Maybe those are the days when you play better or worse
  3. That girl is Michael Chiklis' daughter in real life too And yeah good call, Shane can't get away with things and have Ronnie and Vic locked up or killed. Shane has to be killed off.
  4. Spiderman 3. Venom Who? Only in the film for about 2 minutes and was played by the weakest actor ever.
  5. I agree almost fully with that statement SR. Vic isn't the type of person to let anything go
  6. I made that point as soon as Peter's power was revealed in Season 1. Peter is always going to be better than Sylar, because he has everything Sylar has when he comes up against him and more. I think you are forgetting the fact he can go invisible too. Which reminds me, this season won't completely win me over until Eccleston returns to reprise his role.
  7. I've chosen not to read anyone's comments towards this series. The point of Prison Break is here . and now, it is here . I have no idea what the show is trying to achieve now. Season 2 was awesome and should have ended at that.
  8. I would be very disappointed if Wilson was to eventually leave and the show keeps introducing (or keeping the PI) as a long term replacement. Season 2 was hilarious when House and Wilson lived together. Other than that, it's awesome to see House showing some positive emotion's towards a person for once
  9. Na Bailey and Jupitus are fine I think. Amstell even more so, he is at the very least as good as Lamarr. And both are hilarious in the show when Mark is host and Amstell is a guest ha ha.
  10. Yeah, one way or the other, Shane has to die this season me thinks
  11. And I think this topic is about Mirrors Edge, so lets back to where its at
  12. Ha ha. LittleBigPlanet says goodbye to all platformers
  13. You just brought up a point right there, no character customisation in CoD4 (except when you are a sniper), did anyone actually miss the fact your character couldnt look like you, wear pink pyjama's and clown shoes? If they started to charge for that, I would be happy without it thanks
  14. Homage to Ellen Ripley as in, kick ass female And Lara Croft is a has been Unless this new company who now make the Tomb Raider games can actually make something decent for once, I will stick with every platfortmer except Tomb Raider
  15. Yeah I will do add me anybody. Off topic I know, anyway to colour code or manage the way PS3 and 360 topics can be divided? I feel that most topics have to be opened before I realise that the content inside is not what I expected. Hence, the reason why I am saying this here, I don't know where to send this greivance ha ha
  16. smithstock

    Wipeout HD

    ruined by the PSP Analog stick*
  17. The lead character was created by a woman and was said to be the modern day Lara Croft. I had a lecture from the creator at my uni for Animex this year and she says that the character wasn't made a woman because the creator was a woman, it was because she felt their was a lack of heroine's in gaming at the moment. Nevermind if they were even good characters or not. She stated she wanted to repay her creativity in homage to Ellen Ripley.
  18. Well I read somewhere, that the scale of the game, eclipses Oblivion, even though they had less time to make it. I also read somewhere, that the game world was 1/3 the size of Oblivion, which was already enourmous. But only recently, I read an article on Gamasutra, which said that the game world will almost be the same size as Oblivion
  19. smithstock

    Wipeout HD

    I myself have only played Wipeout Pure on PSP, and instantly thought it was rubbish. About 6 months later, I went back for another crack at it, and I felt it was the most challenging racer game I had ever played. You feel as though you get punished for making a mistake, yet you mock yourself rather than curse the game mechanics. Great game and the screens look awesome. I could be purchasing as I feel the PS3 has no good driving games available to buy. *can sense someone will dispute this opinion*
  20. Maybe if it wasnt advertising as such, e.g. Weapons that are sponsored by their own company counterparts. Smith & Wesson, Heckler and Koch? Obviously the SAS and such must have had some type of financial offer to use their specific logo and brand in the game. Maybe more of that can help finance parts of it? Similar to Rainbow Six Vegas, Dodge have a sponsor contract that shows their cars in-game.
  21. Will Smith - Big Willie Style
  22. yeah I mean, I do sympathise with XBOX owners about that. But I would still pay even if I had an XBOX
  23. World's Hardest Game World's Hardest Game 2 How far can you get and how little can you die? World's Hardest Game - Level 11, 63 deaths World's Hardest Game 2 - Level 3, 33 deaths Will spend more time to improve on those (Out of 30 levels each by the way)
  24. On PS3 - 11 days 4 Hours + (And Counting): K/D Ratio: 1.92 Kill Streak: 26 Win Ratio: 1.15 Accuracy: 17.65% And also by my stats, I get a headshot every 11 kills just about. Will post a screenshot next time I'm online
  25. 33/35 - Theory 46/75 - Hazard Passed 3rd time, nearly 2 years ago
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