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  1. Managed to bag myself a 3060 Ti (yay!), It's a welcome upgrade over my current set up and I was honestly expecting not to get one until April or something. 


    Anyway, does anyone have an estimate as to the going rate for an ASUS 1070? Before the 30 series dropped, one went for £200 on eBay and I've saw a couple sell for ~£145 since. Can't seem to find any on CeX either. 

  2. 9 hours ago, joffocakes said:

    I'm playing the King of the Hill mode in this for the trophy and other player's voice chat is coming through the DualSense speaker. I quit out to the main menu of the game and disabled it but it's still the same. I dunno if there's something I'm overlooking?

    You should be able to disable the controller speaker in the UI.


    Push Home button > Sound > Turn Down Controller Speaker

  3. 16 hours ago, Wallace said:

    I'm addicted to Warzone at the moment. Anyone else regularly playing on Xbox, PC or Crossplay?

    Same here and @Thread Astaire too.


    Really good game, seems to just keep getting better as well. Haven't had a chicken dinner in a while but definitely up for more forum games if anyone fancies?

  4. 3 hours ago, Dave White said:

    The mk2 carbine on shipment is fucking brutal. Basically a 1 hit kill. Feels like quick scoping of old. 

    Week 1 - I said the MK2 is one of the best weapons in the game. It is incredible, especially when you get into the rythym of its reload.

  5. Has nobody else on the forum picked this up?


    It's absolutely brilliant. I've sunk a whole load of time in Keep Talking and Town of Salem but this is on another level in terms of depth, tension, variety. £20 might seem a stretch but it's a steal. 

  6. 20 minutes ago, Dave White said:

    Shipment hardpoint is my dirty little pleasure. 

    mp7 , RPG, thermite grenades


    Shipment Domination is mine - it's like playing Team Deathmatch with 4 x tickets.


    I roll with a shotty and molotovs then place down a barriers to lockdown the cargo junction at B.

  7. 32 minutes ago, skittles said:

    What is everyone's go to weapon? I'm 13 hours deep online and loving it.


    I've been using the standard marksman rifle and have it upgraded to around level 38. Pretty decent with head shots being one shot kill. The second marksman rifle seems to be body shot one shot kill but the fire rate is absolute dog.

    Nah, the MK2 is incredible. It's got a rhythmic reload and kick back you have to tame. That's the trade off for likely one of the most powerful guns in the game. 

  8. Has anyone trying the MK2 Marksman Rifle?


    Christ, that thing is amazing in Hardcore Mode. I was using the FAL religiously until I unlocked that. It's got a slower fire rate and more kick but if you can tame those traits, it's incredible in mid-long range 1v1 - near enough every impact is 1-hit kill. 


    Slowly levelling up my way to 47 in order to get the SCAR, tried that in single player and loved it. Felt like a fully automatic desert eagle. 

  9. I only started going to the cinema alone recently and same as mentioned here, I don't find it weird at all. No distractions and no pestering from others. I lived in Paris for a short while and it helped pass the time when I was there. Now, there's a Vue a stone's throw away from work and a bunch of decent films came out recently, I've wandered along and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

  10. 11 hours ago, K said:


    Yeah, that doesn't sound great to me. I would be interested if it was, say, Naughty Dog, but on previous experience I don't think Infinity Ward have got the ability to deal with the adult themes they so desperately want to handle. It's a shame because they're really good at wrong-footing the player and subverting your expectations, like the bit where they kill off the protagonist *twice* in Modern Warfare 2, or the bit with the EMP blast in the same game, but they always push it too far.

    The lead designer IS ex-Naughty Dog. 

  11. On 06/07/2019 at 11:06, smithstock said:

    I reckon a top-10 finish with a push for an outside play-off spot, and the emergence of half a dozen promising youngsters knocking at the door of the first team ready for a stronger challenge in 2020/21. I just hope we don't "do a Leeds" and sell all of the potential talent just as a new crop comes through.

    Wishful thinking for the Boro to finish in the top 10 at moment. I still think we're too good to go down but we're making a mountain out of a molehill with each passing match. 

  12. Double bump. 


    I've got a favour to ask please folks...


    Would anybody on Xbox Game Pass fancy getting together for a few rounds of multiplayer? I just need to capture some footage and to get a feel for the online game mode.


    Much appreciated in advance if anyone can help!

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