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    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    Drop me a line if you're getting back into this (smithstock - PS4). You're right about the difficulty ramping, I think you can get to Level 70 from about 20 mins play on Torment 4 though you're best sticking on the most fluid, not the hardest difficulty, after that.
  2. Is there a topic for this? Comes from the producers of Drive and Nightcrawler. Love the look of J.K. Simmons, he's criminally underused talent.
  3. smithstock

    Battlefield V

    I watched it 6 times, I couldn't spot anything either.
  4. smithstock

    The Game Development Thread

    I recommend using an asset pack called "Customizable Grid" for materials @Broker - drop me a PM and I'll sort you out On a related note, does anyone fancy doing a weekly couple of hour dev chat thing via Discord etc? I was wanting to get in on a regular thing to play about in engine and chat about what we are trying to achieve, help each other out and soundboard ideas.
  5. Lol at the above "EA Theory". You're spunking cash on the game and EA want to give you num nums for your effort, this time you got an extra special treat to keep you hooked - the same as any prominent YouTuber - done. "Pack Luck" is a load of guff when this tripe has been happening for 4+ years. In other news, I'm up to 142k - barely played the game and just keep rinsing BPM several times a day. I don't have the time for competitive FIFA anymore so this casual engagement suits me just fine.
  6. I loved the feature too, there's been some great write ups in recent issues, especially in the columnist sections. Is everybody banding together for RDR2? Feel free to add me on PS4: smithstock It's coming up to my four yearly ritual of booking the day off work, gathering supplies and setting up the faraday cage - ready to hunker down and smash it. I don't doubt it might be a better experience for having a slow burn but I don't get opportunities like this very often - I'll be sinking in plenty of time, especially given it's my birthday just before launch.
  7. smithstock

    The random discussion thread

    Aye I don't think it's worth trying to go lone wolf in a squad when everyone dies. It's cool for an epic win but everyone else is twiddling thumbs whilst you try. Battlefield though, has been on a downward spiral, barring the spring patch, since BF4. It's a different kettle of fish to CoD (pun unintended) and the gunplay is so vanilla. With the introduction of Blackout; you've got the scale of Battlefield, a refinement of PUBG's mechanics and the tactile gunplay of CoD, at 60fps. It's not quite FIFA vs Pro Evo but it could be the start of goodnight Vienna, and that is coming from a Battlefield veteran.
  8. smithstock

    The random discussion thread

    Yeah it's been really good. Quads on Blackout is my go to shooter experience now. We've been unlucky a few times when a strategy has been scuppered but that's the name of the game. I think I'll give Battlefield a swerve, at least initially, Red Dead will take up too much of my time and I'll save Assassin's Creed for winter.
  9. I used to be really into Rally too, don't really follow it these days but I see the results sometimes and it appears that it's got to "Schumacher" levels of dominance. I first got into it when Loeb came on the scene but he was against Sainz, McRae, Gronholm, Burns, Martin, Solberg etc.
  10. smithstock

    The random discussion thread

    BFV is the same as BF1? Jack Wilshere gate? Lol, give your head a shake son. Anyway, I've also got Black Ops 4 and it is fantastic, though I might be skipping Battlefield purely due to lack of time. I still consider BF4 to be one of the best shooters of this gen, post-spring patch. That being said, I've got a 3 day weekend reserved for RDR2 and it's likely it should arrive earlier than that too. There's a good bunch of us that play GTAV regularly and the community is much like what the BAP league used to be, friendly and in good spirits, before the cliques and rando behaviours set in. Feel free to get involved or give me a ping towards release.
  11. smithstock

    Black Ops 4 RLLMUK PS4

    Yes please fellas, loving Blackout so I'll get on that.
  12. The sales drop is purely physical, digital sales are up. That's a trend across the board with loads of titles.
  13. smithstock

    Fifa official UK esports

    If anyone is over the age of 21, you're already way past it.
  14. smithstock

    The Golf Club 2019

    £23 is more like it!
  15. Count me in please Steel.
  16. smithstock

    rllmuk FC

    I'm on and off these days but if I'm about I'll drop in. I find it good overall, I think there is more skill required in areas that were too tolerant of poor positioning before. I think winning the ball from goal kicks, getting in place before free kicks, and keeping within 15-yard passing ranges is really satisfying. It doesn't seem yet, there's a sure fire way to dominate in those areas though I don't feel the same way about keeper reactions and corners. They definitely need work.
  17. smithstock

    The Golf Club 2019

    I think I'll jump in for sub £20. I'm in no rush to get it and it seems light on content, I can manage with EG in the meantime.
  18. smithstock

    FIFA 19

    I think first touches are more important than ever. A stray pass leads to clumsy first touches which leads to instant pressure on the ball. It wasn't so bad on the previous games but the tolerance isn't as soft on this one. Not holding sprint all of the time, facing the right direction and judging the power is even more important now.
  19. smithstock

    The Golf Club 2019

    How is the game overall? Very tempted to pick it up myself.
  20. smithstock

    FIFA 19

    Out the blocks, I think this is as good as any FIFA (cue the "you can't judge it after a week" mob). I barely play competitive stuff anymore but even narrow defeats and hard fought draws against AI are pretty decent compared to the previous possession drivel. It's a solid package all round but I've yet to fully invest in all the new intricacies like I would have in the past; I barely played the demo but even though I've almost had it a week, I've only played a dozen games on Clubs.
  21. smithstock

    FIFA 19

    Yeah this is definitely a bug. My trainer stuff re-appeared last night even though nothing had changed, it happened to a couple of us. Incidentally, I recommend everyone keeps their trainer "ON" but disable the prompts so basically it just shows the arrow and timing bar. The arrow is particularly useful for the new goal kicks as it's the only way to orient yourself given the static camera change.
  22. smithstock

    rllmuk FC

    I'm around from now pretty much all night if anyone fancies partying up.
  23. smithstock

    rllmuk FC

    I'll be on tonight, give me a ping Should be on from 9ish.
  24. smithstock

    rllmuk FC

    I remember when we just used dummy accounts and that worked fine, it's always a pain with these spin off teams.
  25. smithstock

    rllmuk FC

    Anyone for FIFA 19 clubs?

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