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  1. Everybody's Golf - Sign up in the first post.

    Welcome buddy! Drop me a line on PSN (same as MUk tag) if you fancy some games, though there's plenty of YouTube videos discussing the mechanics in great length too.
  2. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    I know, that's the point. "Immediately after losing in the league this season".
  3. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Southampton aren't in the same league?
  4. Everybody's Golf - Sign up in the first post.

    Redeemed! Cheers much buddy.
  5. Sea of Thieves - March 20

    Excellent, thanks very much!
  6. Sea of Thieves - March 20

    Hi folks, I haven't looked into this too much but I'm tempted to plump for the Windows PC version but I have a couple of silly questions... 1. Does the Xbox One disc version of the game give access to the PC version or is it only for the digital purchase? 2. Is it possible to play on Windows 7 or is it Windows 10 only? Cheers in advance!
  7. I'm currently looking at Tinker Board S or the new wave of Android Boxes which, for a bit more cost, provide an abundance of more power for games on those kinds of platforms.
  8. Everybody's Golf - Sign up in the first post.

    Howdy folks, just to let you know that the Nam Rong Bay DLC course is half price down to £2.49 at the moment. I imagine the other DLC courses are too? I've picked it up and will be posting a few scores on it anyway.
  9. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    The fourth and final round is live folks, some really competitive scores this time out! Best of luck, top two qualify for next week's play off
  10. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    As is customary, it’s about time I make a lengthy update on the status of Boro. Really, our season so far can be summed up as Jekyll and Hyde. Dominant against teams in the top 6 but have lost out on the result, scrappy against teams in the bottom half but have managed to grind it out, much to the dismay of the support. The last half a dozen games though, is closer to the team that everyone expected at the start of the season. We’ve started on the front foot, playing good football, creating chances and keeping attacks at bay. Of course it helps that Bamford and Adama are absolutely on fire but everyone has been calling for the former to lead the line for the best part of a year and the latter now has a manager that actually encourages him to play his way. I’ve been highly critical of several players this season but since the turn of the year when Pulis came in, a handful of players have redeemed themselves. Gibson is back to his best, Ayala has managed to curb his reckless streak, Howson is actually turning out to be the driving force in our engine room and George Friend is suppressing some of the weaknesses that have been exposed in the last couple of seasons. Though with Fabio back in contention, he’s got his work cut out to keep his position. Randolph and Assombalonga however, remain turgid at best. The keeper is so nervy and isn’t cut out for the ball playing style he tries to convey. Yes, he pulls off a handful of good saves but equally, he drops more than his fair share of clangers and is definitely the weakest link of our starting XI. The £15m man just isn’t up to the task of leading our line. I’m sure Assombalonga has all the attributes to be a top player at this level but it’s like playing with 10-men when he’s on the pitch. He’s sluggish, he can’t win 50/50s, he can’t hold it up and his goal scoring streak dried up long ago. He’s not capable, in our team, of delivering at this level - he certainly has no chance doing it in the Prem. Negredo struggled for form and ruthlessness in front of goal last year but at least his could do all the unsung things that this guy can’t. Overall, we can’t complain too much about the way things are going at Boro as it stands. We’re free scoring from flowing attacking football and have augmented that with “Pulis tactics” whereby our set pieces have been effective and well drilled but we’re also liable to inviting pressure due to 9 men behind the ball whenever it’s at the opponents’ feet, something that has caught us out towards the tail end of several recent games. Before a ball was even kicked though, I always thought play offs were the best we could have hoped for and, as it stands, it’s going to be difficult for any team to displace us from them.
  11. Football Thread 2017/18

    I haven’t watched a lot of Prem football but from what I have seen, Butland is absolutely #1 closely followed by Pickford. If Hart goes based on “past experience”, the cycle Southgate is trying to break will just repeat over again. We have a clown of a keeper in Darren Randolph (ROI - former West Ham) and I don’t think Hart would even unsurp him from between our sticks.
  12. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    I think, carry on through the progression with the guy on the desk. You do a challenge with them and then they unlock, quite far through the game though!
  13. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Bamford I think he got 17 league goals last time he was in the team. He’s already on 7 this time round after finally getting a run in the team. By all accounts we didn’t play well tonight but the way we are going, and I don’t want to jinx it, I think we will snatch the final play off spot.
  14. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    You have added your details sir! The page has just reordered the scores based on what you input, take a look around the #20 mark - you’re on there. Not a problem bud, my pleasure, though I’m trying to keep it low maintenance only because I’m pretty busy these days. I wish I could put more effort into chasing things up and driving more interest but it will always keep running thanks to random generation and you hardcore folk.
  15. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Some good scores posted so far folks, keep them coming! Round 3 will go live on Monday at midnight. With the number of participants so far, top two to face each other in the play-off in a fortnight's time. @PeteBrant @Theholyhogg @b00dles @DC LEMON @Meatball @spanx - Get yourselves involved.

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