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  1. No 4x games at all and no Elite Dangerous - meh.
  2. Waiting for the PC version before I dive into Online too much. I tried it out when I first completed 1 player, but haven't felt an urge to jump in again.
  3. The show where the writers understand space travel less than the writers in Star Trek Discovery, it's quite remarkable. I gave up ten minutes into episode 2...
  4. Ooooh, if I can get my daughter off of Minecraft I'll have to have a go at this new level of pain
  5. Apart from a few little bugs this seems like more of the same, as far as coop play goes. Island looks great, grenade explosions are amazing... if there was one little annoyance it was the lean towards crafting/collection/Division style loot (albeit, it seems nowhere near that level of chore). Voice comms were terrible for us though, which is annoying, so we tried Discord which was also awful last night. Anyone got any other (PC) alternatives for group voice?
  6. Ha I didn't even think about that... What an odd film.
  7. Yeah... that and motorbikes. Motorbikes, plumbing, cakes and elective surgery*. I've never even seen Once Upon a Time in America, (for shame - I've not seen Sopranos either) and yet Goodfellas, and Casino too, has always been a great favourite with me. Maybe I watched them at the right time - VHS in my late teens - that meant they resonated with me, much more than The Godfather ever did. Or was it the slightly more gritty reality that Goodfellas served up? I dunno. Do we know if this is actually built around reality? Like Goodfellas and Casino were? Based on actual events? Because from where I was sitting it looked like it was going to rake up the whole JFK was murdered by the Mafia conspiracy, which frankly (even as an 18 year old - where I studied JFK at A'Level) I found it hard to believe. I guess I'll have to wait and see, but I hope it doesn't glamourise the crooks too much and keeps the nasty, thugish reality front and centre. *which, of course, can all be considered art in their own rights.
  8. Can we spend the next few pages talking about how one piece of art is better than another piece of art please? Preferably with animosity and anger towards those who prefer their piece of art? I don't think there's enough of that on the internet.
  9. Ha! No way. Shows how out of touch I am!
  10. I can't remember seeing this mentioned in this thread, but there's a film called Spotlight worth watching on Netflix. It's the true story of the reporters who exposed the catholic church's child abuse cover ups in Boston, which ultimately led to them being exposed all round the world. I thought it was really good, had a good courtroom feel to it, despite it not being a courtroom drama. And treated the, obviously delicate, subject matter with appropriate respect. Massive trigger warning, it is quite harrowing, even though it's simply reporters digging for the truth.
  11. It wasn't until he shaved his moustache that I realised it was Ewan Mcgregor... duh...! And then another 30 mins before I realised he was playing both brothers... good grief good telly is wasted on me! Really enjoyed it nonetheless!
  12. Yeah totally is... like "You're a frigate captain but can't even use a bit of platinum to fix a console? Get one of your engineers to do it? Why am I the ONLY one who can fix these damn things!" I think they wanted an excuse for you to visit your frigates, but couldn't think of one other than... they're broken?
  13. You'll need to fly near them, and then they get marked as damaged.
  14. Sometimes. The easiest way to avoid that happening is sending overpowered fleets on the missions. So, for a 3 star Combat mission I'll send 4 Combat and one support (because why not....) ships which rank as 5 stars between them. I rarely get any problems unless you cobble together a fleet that isn't suited to the task. Occasionally one gets broken, but it doesn't take too long to fix a single frigate.
  15. You have to upload your base for someone to see it. You can also visit other people's from the Nexus teleport.
  16. Did you have to wire/pipe all that together? Or is there a proximity where if things are close enough they auto connect? I noticed with lights that if you place them close enough to another light they pick up power without being wired, but otherwise I have wired up everything else without thinking about proximity.
  17. More money than sense...
  18. I just needed some to build the antimatter chamber thing
  19. No you can't. Best bet is to line them up as well as you can, using the terrain manipulator if needed. Should be able to put them down pretty much anywhere.
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