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  1. I can stop playing whenever I want..... Am totally addicted to this now - I bought it on PC about a year ago, played five minutes and gave up. Then the other week I watched some of this guys videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzO4HZxgXc2UJQD5bIo8AQ Like: And got massively drawn in and thought I'd give it another go with some of the mods that he uses in his videos. Two weeks later, I've bought all the DLC and have put 100 hours in.... good grief. It's so addictive trying to get that traffic running smoothly. And I'll just get into a position where I'm profitable and traffic is flowing (with despawning turned off) and then I'll build something else and it all goes to shit and I'll spend a couple of hours fiddling until I've got back into a good position again... phew!
  2. Danster


    Breakpoint is a great game, very few games are such polished coop experiences imo. Ignoring the woeful storyline, the exploration of the world and the core gameplay of invading a defended area and "doing something" is fantastic fun. You can absolutely stealth it, with friends, which is excellent. Then when something blows up, or you mate is spotted and it all goes loud you can defend each other and fight your way through. The loot is just additional in Breakpoint, a head shot is a head shot whether it's a level 1 or level whatever gun. There is only one lesson (I think) Breakpoint should take from BoTW and that's just let me climb everywhere please!
  3. Interesting, first I'd heard of this. Foundation were some of my favourite novels when I was a teenager. I bought the first one on a whim from a charity shop, cos I'd read I Robot and thought I'd try something else by Asimov. I then went through the whole set over the next month or so, wonderful books that felt extra special to me for "discovering" them. As a TV series this could possibly work, and as each book (parts of books) jumps forward in time they could concentrate on a series per time period. The absolutely worse thing they could do is reduce the amount of time the stores span over. I wonder if they will start with Prelude or Forward the Foundation? Bring R Daneel into it at the beginning...
  4. Yeah Cadmium is one of the ones you can't refine as well, well you can make more of it if you've already got some... but that doesn't help. This is really useful for refining: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m3D-ElN7ek3Y0f-1XDt0IW2l6HxfXi5n5Yr7VLwLbg4/edit#gid=1624428843
  5. Goddam! ME Too!!! Shit... just spent my credit for the month. C'mon Audible you know I have all the Abercrombie books on my Audible and some on Kindle and yet you don't plaster it over my homepage! Grrrrr
  6. For some reason this ended up in the wrong thread... I am almost entirely sure it was my fault one way or the other... But I might post it here anyway as I thought it looked quite interesting:
  7. I have decided to NOT watch season three. I just can't support the junk that was season two. If you lot start raving about it having turned some sort of corner and being actually, y'know, decent... then I might watch it.
  8. Thought this looked pretty interesting: Apologies if previously posted.
  9. Brilliant, will have to remember that one.
  10. Especially when it now names who has alerted the guards "Danster's footsteps were heard!" Fucksake! Leeeeroy Jenkins!
  11. Not really, Behemoths I'd give you, but Wolves come the first time you are pinged by a Drone and don't realise you need to hide.
  12. Did they not even meet any wolves, damn those guys are tough.... or a behemoth? Good luck dealing with them early on
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