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  1. I enjoyed the episode, although did have a little bit of a Discovery flashback (which I think I've just about recovered from...). While the sliding section was a bit silly, it was a handler trying to get closer to his subject and establish romance between them to do it; the fact he then blows it by questioning her immediately... I hope they don't throw us a switcheroo with it and make him cross sides - but I can already see that they will. And it might be okay, dependent on just how they play it. As for lurking in the shadows baddie lady - I think she's very poor. Strangling her "top agent" and then threatening an android (who is not yet triggered) with violence (which will trigger her) to get the location of the super secret android base seems a very poor plan whereas at least he is luring her in - albeit trying to rush it for reasons of TV show plot progression. Other than that though I am still enjoying it. And I thought space Legolas was cool - and enjoyed Picard's reaction to him doing that Romulan senator in.
  2. And an extra 2.99 on top for audible ... Oh go on then.
  3. 5. The Last Continent - Terry Pratchett Zipped through this, thanks to a recent Slay the Spire addiction, not bad I did enjoy the Wizards bumbling about and being clever fools, the Rincewind part of the story was not so great, albeit fine for what it was. Enjoyable from Pratchett nonetheless, as always. 6. This is How You Lose the Time War - Max Gladstone & Amal-El Mohtar Picked thanks to someone recommending it on here, cracking story and really well read on Audible. The story flirts with environmentalism and sci-fi concepts but has its roots in a much older tale (of which it well aware) with a pointed reference to Shakespeare near the end. Great language, excellent snippets of life and feelings and imaginative letter deliveries! 7. Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury (Read by Tim Robbins) Not the first time I've read this, but it was a long time ago I last did. This particular reading by Tim Robbins is as good as @ZOK said it would be! Fabulous story from the 50s that has resonance for today's fascistic slipping, anti-expert society where we drool over the next shiny thing while our leaders do whatever they please. A little unsure about the blame game he was trying to convey - but it was the fifties so I'll not dig that particular trench too deep.
  4. Apart from Up and Wall-E... Finding Nemo and Ratatouille as well.... I liked Brave too. I do get emotional at the end of Cars. They definitely had some proper bottled magic during their earlier films. Now? Not so much.
  5. Fantastic, a deserved winner. Thanks to Benny for being the grump that gives. And anyone else who helped too, of course. Elite Dangerous was robbed.
  6. I believe this is the first of a new trilogy. Be interesting to see where he takes it.
  7. These are cracking good reads. I left a massive gap between the two unfortunately so forgot some of the major players in Darien. But the Swordmasters in this were wonderful, great character work as always by Conn Iggulden.
  8. 1. Into Thin Air - Jon Krakauer Astonishing tale of an Everest exhibition in 1996, making reality of the extreme pressures (mental and physical) that people go through to try and stand at the top the world - if only for a few seconds. I've not seen the film but believe the author take umbridge with some of the representations of the characters in that. 2. The Ends of the World - Peter Brannen Recommended by someone on here, in the Climate Change thread I think. This book delves into what the previous 5 extinction events the earth went through looked like and how we can relate them to what is happening today. Basically he lays out that we're not in an extinction event yet. And that given a few hundred thousand years the earth will roll on to whatever is next in store for it. BUT that humans are toying with their future for sure. 3. The Body - Bill Bryson In much the same vein (guffaw) as A Short History of Nearly Everything. Bill Bryson does a deep dive into the body and the various aspects of it, full of interesting titbits and trivia and written in an easy to follow way. If you like ASHONE, then you'll like this too. Although leaving Death to the last chapter does mean it kinda ends a bit flat.... like life I guess. 4. Night Watch - Terry Pratchett Revisited after watching the touching BBC programme about Pratchett - using his own words to discuss his illness and death. Neil Gaimen mentions that this is his favourite Discworld novel and I have always considered it mine as well. Still brilliant. Listening/reading to this has also led me back to continue where I left off on my Discworld revisited expedition of a couple of years back. So onward to The Last Continent.
  9. OMFG Darren, you have to read the later books! Colour of Magic is one of the worst of the entire series.... Can't believe you've not read them! You'll love 'em. Guards Guards! Mort! Small Gods! The Truth! Night Watch! Lords and Ladies! Men at Arms! So many great books to get through. I suggest you make this the Year of the Discworld!!!* *Anyone who uses that many exclamation points is clearly insane.
  10. Same, keep an eye on his count of cards played and I find him easy to beat.
  11. Aha! Fuck you, you total bastard! I never ever take Perfected Strike and kinda shrugged and thought fuck it on this run.... played out lovely.
  12. I must be honest I hadn't ever heard about this, but when this touching story flashed up on my newsfeed I must say I was impressed. https://kotaku.com/dad-builds-custom-xbox-adaptive-controller-so-daughter-1841098866 And from the wiki: Thought it was really cool and that it deserved to be more widely known about.
  13. You bastards... Me: Guess I should see what this Slay the Spire is all about, only £10 on Steam... 3 hours later... Me: Fucking skank! Stictched me up! ARGH where had all my attacking cards gone...?. RAWR.... play again? You bet your fucking arse!.
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