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  1. Hope you don't mind, my daughter is coming over for s look...
  2. You don't need to submit them, just place them outside the house.
  3. Yup gotta say I'm really enjoying the new season, but then I always liked the others too And Maeve is my fave!
  4. You have to share an island and you have to have a primary account. To progress the infrastructure of the island the primary owner has to finish things off. But otherwise it's pretty open to how much each person can do. Local multiplayer is a bit whack though.
  5. Just realised the museum exhibits are time sensitive
  6. - On your real phone you can setup NookLink and once done can use that to chat with other people, which is soooo much easier!
  7. Have you already gone around this loop? Chosen plots, make furniture? Residents arrive in town?
  8. I've got loads of star bits, did loads of praying... but not a single Large bit grrr
  9. Try spamming the A button My daughter told me that one.
  10. Heh, delivery made. Thought you might like the girders too.
  11. Brillliant, I have an oil drum if you fancy it?
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