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  1. And has Jessica changed forever? Or will they just reset her next episode and leave it dangling as an internet discussion point for the next twenty episodes... Was a fun episode though. And loved that they did the whole "I'll just deus ex machina this shit" and then he gets fucked - they've been listening to the feedback I guess
  2. I got a funny feeling Wales might upset the Italians tonight.
  3. Well, it's definitely worth mentioning in the same breath. I don't think I'm getting carried away raising that bar, be interested (perhaps in the Snowfall thread rather than here) where you feel it doesn't hit that bar. I am sometimes a little blind to faults in things that I like (aren't we all) and perhaps The Wire deserves a re-watch so I can compare more closely. I am always interested in other's opinions on these things.
  4. Ooh, another I love about this show is the title credits. For season two they actually built them out of real dollars...
  5. Anyone who enjoyed Breaking Bad or The Wire needs to check out Snowfall in the Star section. It is up there with them as amazing television, telling a story that needs to be told.
  6. Snowfall stands close to this, as equals, perhaps even exceeding it. Honestly, if you like the Wire then do yourselves a favour and watch Snowfall. All four seasons are on iPlayer or the first three are in the Star section of Disney+
  7. @Stevie I request a thread title change, "better than Breaking Bad" This is some fucking excellent TV. I finally caught season 4 on iPlayer. Such a good show, if this was HBO people would be screaming about it. The characters are so well written and acted, the script is tight and the soundtrack superb. The locales are well realised, the setting on point. Season four spoilers Seriously, this is as good as The Wire and better than Breaking Bad in my opinion.
  8. Danster

    The Bookies

    I laid Spain for 7 quid and cashed out midway through the second half, should have held onto it, but felt sure they'd sneak one in before the end.
  9. Can't remember for sure, but I think you can. There's quite a bit more space under the Clifton suspension bridge than tier bridge...
  10. Funny old game isn't it....
  11. Why aren't the BBC studio using clip on mikes?
  12. Well that's a turnaround!
  13. That'll do. Got a bit tense at the end there but pretty solid overall.
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