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  1. Danster

    RIP Judith Kerr

    A book I loved so much as a child, that I read it to my children too. Still, 95! I bet she always kept that tin of Tiger food, just in case...
  2. There's another thing that I was wondering about, what did Bran and Tyrion talk about back in episode 2 (or 1 even maybe?)? Didn't Tyrion say something about Bran needing to tell him his story?
  3. They are surrounded by 10,000 northmen, they didn't have a leg to stand on.
  4. Danster

    The Expanse

    For readers of book seven and beyond:
  5. It's not though. It's more akin to going to an open car park, standing next to a car you like the look of and a new one appearing next to it that you take for your own. The original car doesn't get touched. I'm kinda ambivalent to piracy these days. I pay for a lot of media, I ripped a lot of my CDs and DVDs back in the day, mostly for ease of access, then got rid of the hard copies. But I'll also pirate stuff if I either a) can't find it to buy on a stream or b) don't like the amount being charged to get one item. I've downloaded a couple of 4K movies because they are not available to stream or are £loads for the disc - which I don't currently have a device capable of playing. I agree that artists should get paid, and I've paid for extras in games that I like purely because I think the developer's should get more for what they've provided. I think mostly, on the rare occasions I do pirate stuff, it's stuff I'd never have paid for individually - or isn't available anywhere (The Expanse season 3 for e.g.).
  6. Danster

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    I like to think he's spent the previous 3 years hearing Micah winge on and on and on and decided, fuck this.
  7. Danster

    The Division 2

    No, it pops at whatever level the game you're in as at. Makes sense otherwise you could go farming kit in a mate's level 1 alt character's world.
  8. Danster

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    I'm guessing you guys who don't get it, don't have strong regional accents. I remember being at work and receiving a call from a builder mate of mine who was doing some work for me. We chatted for a bit and when I put the phone down looked up to see two of my colleagues staring at me. When I questioned then about it, they said that they'd never heard me speak Bristolian before. I didn't even realise I did it. Naomi is a belter born and raised, and she talks like the people around her. When she's with her inner mates, she talks like them. When she's with her brethren from the belt, she talks like them. She can switch between them whenever she wants.
  9. Danster

    American Animals

    Yes, absolutely excellent. Really enjoyed that.
  10. Danster


  11. Danster

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint. GOTY

    Gotta be four player coop hasn't it? Still very few coop games I've played have worked as well as Wildlands did. I'm playing a single player game, mate comes on and... we carry on playing. I drop off... he carries on playing. Shared missions completed at the same time are recognised on your map, no having to repeat missions because you hadn't done it on your map, but so easy to replay a mission if you wanted. And blimey it was funny, our games would always start with someone running over somebody else in the Llama bus and end with a grenade fight... lol
  12. Danster

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    I do the same, when I'm in a group of Bristolians my accent noticeably worsens.
  13. Nah, it should end like this:
  14. I think I was the only person in the cinema who laughed when Scott stumbled over what to call Cap - just before he and Tony shot off to the 70s.

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