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  1. Had a reply off ian saying he'd take a look at for me. Going to try a new psu and failing that i'm sure ive got a diag rom somewhere, im going to fit it so he has something to go at. Don't suppose you have heard of anyone wanting to offload a barebones system Kern?
  2. Anyone had an AES repaired in the UK? Mine has just decided today that its got some graphic issues Tried cleaning the slots out with IPA credit card/cloth and nothing changed. Was working fine last night ....... gutted i know of 8bitplus and mutantcaterpillar but not sure if they are just recap/mod installers
  3. I really used to love his stuff, ( especially the OG xbox videos), but lately i just seem to be getting an uneasy feeling about his videos..... well the review ones especially.
  4. looked on sky and it didnt say. ok will have another looksee, cheers
  5. can anyone tell me what channel the france brazil match is on, im looking on iplayer and cant see it
  6. roll on brazil and france, pity its on bbc4
  7. christ that was one of the most disgraceful displays from a team of any kind, and the referee bottling the red at the end. All match they were leaving the foot on after a challenge Damm i'm really enjoying this world cup now Phil neville was bang on in that interview
  8. You mean a virtual library that could disappear if Steam went down the pan
  9. i have 3 pc engines and a duo-r and still need this......i'm so stupid
  10. assemblergames would never accept my ntlworld address. Amibay did, but i suppose that doesnt help you sorry
  11. i'd have that bad boy apart to check the caps quick sharpish mate. Too nice to let caps wreck it
  12. regret selling mine, it was the fist machine i ever played pc engine games on...... i think
  13. I've been showing my lynx some love recently since i did a mcwill mod, but one thing has bnothered me the last 29 years. Can you do 5 spins in california games in surfing. Over the years i've came what i thought was close but never landed one. Is it possible?
  14. bwi

    The Spurs Thread

    Well its all part of the adventure. Plus as a spurs fan its not like it comes along every lifetime
  15. bwi

    The Spurs Thread

    not true, im off to alicante with my scouse supporting apprentice. No match tickets but who cares
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