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  1. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    yeah got one for my cd32. cost about 70 quid for the riser card and board. Not bad for 8mb ram + ide and the ability to use my normal amiga rgb leads now. Would like someone to make a 3d case for it though. oh, ps2 keyboard adapter on the riser card so keyboard games can be played
  2. Black Mirror

    are those out of 5 or 10 ? j/k
  3. Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Sorry if i wasnt clear. RNR works in super famicom with adapter but wont work in pal Snes with no adapter
  4. Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Does rock n roll racing have problems with certain version snes units. I have a pal cart and it would work fine through my adapter with my famicom but will not play ball with my pal unit?
  5. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    All the corner posts were machined out and i had video and power working. Also i had mapped out the solder points underneath for the joystick ports. Unfortunately continually screwing and unscrewing the posts led to 1 of them stripping a thread. I contacted Lions and he sent me some new corner posts with metal inserts. That is the point the project stalled as i was waiting for them to arrive. I will resume it at xmas as i have a couple of weeks off. I didnt think the 1c and 1f had the same coverplates tbh Have you contacted him directly to ask for parts as i know hes been making parts recently for other systems?
  6. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Dont be afraid of the 1B and 1C motherboard as adding a unibios is a lot easier with turfmastas neobiosmasta. The latest version also includes a memory card built in. You do need to remove the soldered bios chip though, which is exceptionally easy with a cheapo heatgun
  7. Spent a couple of hours yesterday and all day today. Loving it so far and have just hit rank 3. Which means I can drive the carts no [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  8. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    I cant remember when i got mine sometime around the mid to late 2000's. I see the MotW mvs carts go for a fair bit now and i wonder if all them get sacced. Also there always seem to be lots of manuals and inserts from Spain on ebay nowadays.
  9. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    how long have LB2 fakes been doing the rounds then?
  10. Atari Lynx Appreciation Thread

    I've got gadgetuk's preview software installed on mine and it seems ok. But i really do hate the 8.3 filing system. Still it can only get better and it works as it is, so thumbs up to the retrohq guys
  11. Atari Lynx Appreciation Thread

    is this the flash card by saint on atari age? If so i got mine the other day and it works a charm, just need that screen mod and im sorted. NGPC and jag sd cards soon
  12. Picade - anyone got one?

    Its a nice piece of kit plus you have the fun of building it from scratch. The joystick is very nice and comparable to sanwas and seimtsu or however you spell it. You wont have any problems doing your QC's The Pi screws to the back of the door, but you can leave it hanging. Its heavy enough unless you are pretty violent with it. there are big rubber feet underneath which hold it in place pretty well. You dont notice the size of the screen once you start playing.
  13. PSN code of conduct breach

    I got warned for swearing even though these two kids who had messed around all the way through a a strike on destiny. At the final boss i just sat down and watched them die each time. I'd pick them up then sit down again. Eventually i got a party request so i joined and they kept moaning at me and i just said "you pair have been f**king around through the whole strike and here we are an hour later still trying to finish it" That got me a slap down, but reporting some strange bloke who kept sending me this these weird pics, got the abuse of the report function warning as well
  14. If its an Xecuter 2 chip i remember the D0 wire had usually come off when mine did that.
  15. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    GadgetUK on the NG forums has a post about the sound issues and a way to fix it iirc ( also maybe on his youtube channel)

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