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  1. im sure virgin and BT can't wait for google to overload their systems and be the only one to make money from it.
  2. ok i'm sure its been asked before, but RPI seems to have overscan or something on my tv. Ive searched on my tv for options but found nothing and ive trawled through the options in the settings of the image i'm using. How do i get to my config file as that is the only thing i havent changed. No clue on linux command line either sorry.
  3. Well it's on its way to MS. Basically AO just filled in the MS support details and forward'd me the label. I put a note in saying that although it has started to reboot, it had done this many times before and i want it sorting before the warranty runs out. Do i expect them to? nope i expect them to say its working and just send it back.
  4. Because of this thread i picked up a xps 720 (£40 without monitor keyboard mouse and OS) and turned it into an emu machine. Sure it sucks more power than god, but damm i love the sight of it, plus i had some nice gpus for it. Gutted you couldn't get yours up and running.
  5. Just to update, no contact off AO.com. So i suppose they are as shit as Currys
  6. ok MS failed to phone me. MS did say in an email later, they couldnt get in touch with me (bunch of liars) and that i do now have a warranty, so i suppose thats a plus. Phoned AO again and the girl said she would talk to a manager tomorrow, as she wouldnt be able to get through to MS without a long wait in a phone queue.They just seem to want to palm it off to MS. So AO are phoning me back (supposedly) tomorrow night and we'll see where it goes from there. for a final kick in the nuts, i thought i'll put the machine on again. Guess what, it started resetting and seemed to be working. I hate this machine for how many times i've had crap with it. There is something wrong that causes it to do this kind of crap since i bought it. </sigh>
  7. That is the strange thing about all this. Ms told me that it was registered by me end of july. Yet their system says that the warranty is expired. But after this as others have said, this really between me and ao.com........ but it's all a bit strange what has happened.
  8. Yeah this was done multiple times as I worked down the error codes.
  9. thanks for the replies, will get this sorted tomorrow...hopefully
  10. i have but they are saying the warranty has expired even though i "bought" it in july. Hence the mess As others have said AO is AO.com , like a new not as shit version of currys
  11. I didnt have the proof of purchase while speaking to the MS rep, but he did know it was first connected by me at the end of july. The reason i was speaking to MS first was to find if there was anything else i could do, as the machine would boot to troubleshooter but not get any further ( i'm thinking HDD tbh). So you lot reckon its on AO to sort this all out ? replacement or sent for repair?
  12. The rep from AO was brilliant who i spoke to. He contacted MS and then rang me back. He told me he was putting me through to a rep but was going to mute himself so he could hear the conversation. Again MS said that my warranty was expired but have asked for a picture of my box the console itself and an e-receipt. Obviously i couldnt say i had the receipt as i had deleted the email but i would have to contact AO to get them send it to me (remember the AO guy was listening to all this). When the MS guy goes off to send me an email, the AO guy unmutes himself and says he will send me the e-receipt straight away after this has all finished. MS are going to ring me tomorrow at 3ish for more info and the AO guy has also requested the pics of the machine and box so he can contact MS first thing. What kind of shitshow is this. I'm assuming as its 8 months old ,AO want it to get repaired but MS say its out of warranty so they wont.
  13. My xbox one x froze about 4 hours ago, on reboot it comes up with something has gone wrong. I power cycle and still the same. Now i do the trying to reset the console to factory, it all goes wrong again. Third time i try to reset the machine via a usb stick with the system update on it. All the time the error goes from e200 ...e105...e102 and the finally an e101 ( your machine needs repairing). So i ring MS to find out if there is anything else i can try and do. He tells me its out of warranty. I'm thinking, i havent had this a year and he even tells me that it was first used end of july 2018. Its in warranty then, nope because it was manufactured in october 2017. £151 to repair, i tell him thats not going to happen as by this time i've checked and told him i didnt buy it till 17th July. to be continued

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