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  1. Is that one of those rotating Dell monitors? I tried my best to borrow one them when my old place of work shut down for some Tate action
  2. i still have one of those hats and also the little LCD clock that was given away at the time. IIRC i got them from videogamesplus. When we had to buy games from canada if you wanted them early........because nintendo hated us
  3. i've just realised you are on neo-geo.com It was the pic you posted of the banner, rot does seem to run that site in his own unique style. Where did you get the terry plush from?
  4. bwi

    Forza Motorsport 7

    just had an update message for this and its 98gb, wth is that about?
  5. bwi

    PC Engine

    did a search and as before i forgot how to get into the ram settings. Therefore, to remind myself in the future its hold run + select top option is to see saves to delete, 2nd is to format the memory and 3rd is return. thanks for the reply btw
  6. bwi

    PC Engine

    Ok,does anyone know what this means? Ive tried the Duo-r with the arcade card in and without. Is it something to do with backup ram or a system card?
  7. ooooo i like them. Is the one on the left the banner that someone was printing off a while back? i was really tempted by one of them myself. I do have a framed SSV in a cupboard somewhere
  8. I think it was from the GAME stand, and they gave it to you when you bought the anniversary controller. I only just got into the talk with Shuhei Yoshida talking and some lucky git got a 20th ps4 just by sitting in the right seat. My mates poster got trashed as eurogamer was a lot more crowded then (unlike this year)
  9. I loved this poster so much i had it framed. Managed to get it through nearly 7 hours of eurogamer unscathed. I'm not a PS fanboy but this poster i just really love.
  10. bwi

    PC Engine

    I got the same rgb board as SeanR yesterday as well, and it looks superb on my Crt. Looks like i'm a happy camper over xmas now. Although my rgb/comp switch seems to be the wrong way round, tries yours SeanR ?
  11. bwi

    PC Engine

    Quick question Ive been bought a pc engine for xmas by the missus and daughter. Now its not rgb modded so just Rf atm. Ive always ran my old consoles on a Sony KV-29 which has handled everything thrown at it. Basically should i be able to get colour out of a standard RF connection? Considering that i used to run ntsc gamecubes via s-video no problem It will get modded but they want to wrap it up and i dont fancy getting the soldering iron out on xmas day
  12. bwi

    Fixing a Neo Geo MVS

    unfortunately for you the NeoSD is a differnet class to darksofts effort
  13. bwi

    Fixing a Neo Geo MVS

    Your not an idiot for trying a new psu. We all make obvious mistakes at times, i once stripped a pc down to its core parts without checking the kettle lead. Enjoy the CMVS they are a great machine.
  14. bwi

    Neo Geo Mini

    well that video killed my preorder stone dead. After he finished destroying the video quality of the thing (on tv) i turned it off and wonder if SNK will ever give us what we really want.
  15. bwi

    Far Cry 5

    to get the multiplayer trophy you and a friend can do it together, there are some guides on TA and TT

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