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  1. Zatu have 5+ in stock at the moment so you might want to be quick if you want one.
  2. If anyone missed out on Indomitus and hasn't gone down the made to order route, Chaos Cards have some in stock at just under £110.00.
  3. Terrible news. I adore his art style, he always brought a punchy dynamism to a story. Thanks for the many, many years of entertainment Carlos.
  4. George Bum has announced that he has a Vega+ and will be releasing a break down video giving his opinion. It's not really a spoiler to reveal that, having spent some time with it, he describes it as unplayable.
  5. I'd recommend Mayday premium too, but caveat that by saying that the odd pack can be a mil or so larger (in height), so it depends if that's an OCD issue for you. There's no issue with the quality of the sleeves though, it's really good for the price. Board Game Extras is a great site too, I've never had any problems and the guy than runs it has always been really helpful and friendly whenever I've had a query.
  6. In rather sadder news, it's been reported that Trevor Baxter has passed away. So no more Jago and Litefoot from Big Finish.
  7. I picked up a copy last week in Forbidden Planet, so it may be worth checking your local store, if you have one.
  8. Filth

    The Boxing Thread

  9. I got the 'dodgy key' email too, but mine was bought through cdkeys.com. They refunded straight away fortunately, but it's still a pain in the arse to have to re-buy at a higher price than I paid (which wasn't super cheap anyway).
  10. Getting the failed to start error when trying to run it, arse. Tried a few Steam suggested solutions with no luck so I'm re-downloading it now. Fingers crossed.
  11. Amen!I've only noticed two slight bugs so far, an enemy leaping 30 feet in the air after being shot with an arrow and an NPC going through a skinning animation with the dead animal three feet behind him. That's from twelve plus hours on PS4. It's a lot of fun though, some of the vistas are beautiful.
  12. Just had my shipping email from Simply Games, so it's looking good for tomorrow.
  13. I tried all day yesterday with no luck, but it's open now. Possibly not for long though.
  14. Filth

    Battlefield 4

    Will do. It's a lot of fun, the sense of scale is epic and some of the firefights are really intense. I'll give that a go too, sounds like that would be a quicker way to learn the maps. Thanks for the advice!
  15. Filth

    Battlefield 4

    I didn't follow a guide, although I have watched a few YouTube videos of people playing to get a bit of an idea of what I'm supposed to be doing. I quick matched with randoms on Conquest and started following teammates around, trying to learn the maps. Conquest seems the best thing to start with, as it's a basic attack/defend mechanic, and it's not difficult to figure out what you should be doing. I followed the advice of a few people on here and played the Assault class. Once I'd got the defibrillators (which unlock really quickly), I revived downed teammates and dropped medpacks as much as I could. So although I'm dying a lot more than I get kills, I'm gaining xp and feel like I'm contributing to my team. If I was just running around getting slaughtered it would get too frustrating.
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