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  1. Sony confirms squadrons works with PSVR.
  2. Oh, it finished. Is squadrons for psvr too?
  3. Some game with rockets which wants all your money.
  4. Apex Legends coming to Switch.
  5. This is a new version of the Wii game which was also ported to the new 3DS. Xenoblade 2 came out in the early days of the switch, and I loved that. I still haven't played the one which came out on the Wii U.
  6. Was hoping for Assassin's Creed: Cymru.
  7. Xenoblade Chronicles looks wonderful.
  8. Add me please! SW-4786-4567-2001 I have cherry trees, after different fruit. Will leave entrance open for now.
  9. Working! Downloaded an update first.
  10. I see Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns is half-price on the eShop. Tempted, but not sure how good this new version is. I didn't play the original back in the day.
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