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  1. Still no luck getting a response from console goods, any other suggestions?
  2. Has anyone managed to complete this in automatic? I can't get past stage 3 in either auto or manual.
  3. What!? There's an option to change the res? I didn't know this.
  4. 5 days a ago. I'm using a koryuu s video to component transcoder. I'd paste a link but phone not letting me for some reason. They're on video game perfection site. I'm getting a black and white picture. Troubleshooting guide says it's probably caused by poor quality s video cable. Hence I'm trying to find good one.
  5. I tried emailing console goods saying what I'd like to buy etc. No response. Is this normal?
  6. I didn't know this was a thing, are these fine for games consoles?
  7. I managed to download and burn a copy of sega rally 1 for PS2, used free mcboot. It really is brilliant. However I can't get to the end of stage 3!
  8. Sounds good, are you using a steering wheel? I found I can't play any aracde racing games on emulators using a joypad.
  9. Does anyone know where I can order a good quality s video cable for the N64? Also is there a difference between pal and NTSC s video cables? Thanks
  10. Yaas! That worked! Thank you!
  11. Hi mods, any chance you could move this to Ask the forum? I might get a response in there Cheers B
  12. I plugged my mini into my TVs usb slot which is 5v. I turned on the mini and my TV showed that it switched to 720p so it got something. But then just black screen. I tried turning off the mini but the led still stayed on. I had to pull the usb cable out to get it to turn off. I've tried with an iPhone and an iPad plug. Same result except now my TV doesn't pick up anything at all . Any one had the same? Any ideas? Do these have a warranty? Edit: is there a factory reset? I have dug the manual out. Doesn't mention it. Thanks.
  13. Does it play PS1 games? Good this wasn't discovered back in the day!
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