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  1. Great video. I've got an everdrive, but I've stopped using it every since getting a decent enough graphics card for pc behind living room TV to play N64 games at hi Res. Ok, some games don't work, any there's a bit of a nagging feeling that this might be more laggy than the real thing (though I can't tell difference). But Goldeneye at 60fps and hi Res is just so much better. (Lots of games are locked to lower fps though). Maybe I should just get RGB mod done so I can play through ossc, because ugged directly into my TV, it's a blurry mess.
  2. Well I bought it two nights ago, so far seems great, shame I've had a total of 25 mins free time in last two nights to play it
  3. I loved hydro thunder on the dreamcast. I keep meaning to try hurricane .
  4. The trick n snowboarder looks great, but it seems to have bad reviews ?
  5. Pretty certain that's what this forum section is all about
  6. I actually rebought amped 2 a couple of years ago. It is very good. Though it never grabbed me the same way 1080 did.
  7. Thanks, it's not so much the money cost more time cost. Don't have time to figure out if something is rubbish these days
  8. I've just picked this up in the gog sale for 2 quid or so. Seemed everyone on internet was raving about it when I looked for reviews. Then I've discovered everyone says the first 5 hours are diabolically shite. What's the best jedi night game? Or are they all a bit crap? What did edge give it?
  9. Excite truck looks great, thanks. Do they have same sort of depth as excite bike?
  10. Pure looks great cheers. Wave race 64 is probably my fav racer too, I re completed it on retro arch over the summer. It's even better in hi Res. Bluestorm on the GameCube is also great, and really fast!
  11. Actually yeah, outrun 2 sort of fits the category too, though the controls are not quite as deep. Definitely a fav of mine too. 1080 is just outstanding. I'm playing it again on retro arch, higher resolution helps with old graphics.
  12. I think I've realised these are 3 of my favourite games of all time. They all have really deep control systems that have a learning curve. Thing is Nintendo don't make games like this anymore and I'm not sure anyone else ever did. (Tony hawk and skate series are probably another examples, though I don't really like skate). Have I missed similar games in past generations or even the current generation? Can anyone recommend me something ? Thanks Ps blue storm on the GameCube is good too, 1080 avalanche was complete shit.
  13. What good games did you see fail? Pretty interested in good games I never played first time around.
  14. I tried rush recently never played back in the day. I really tried to like it as arcade racers are probably my favourite type of game. Unfortunately I could not make myself like it.
  15. I've been given a megadrive mini as a gift. It's the euro version so 3 button pads. I'm thinking of buying 6 button pads for it, but I'm a bit confused, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Retro-Bit-Official-6-Button-Controller-Raspberry/dp/B07RZSFGQM These are made by retro bit, are they the same thing that are included in the asian release?
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