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  1. New The Question book with Cowan and Sienkiewicz on board for art. Pumped for this.
  2. Great, isn't it? I've loved everything Mark Russell's done for DC, and it all has a pretty similar slant. He turned The Flintstones into a thoughtful, melancholy (and funny) satire on America. Snagglepuss is a great meditation on McCarthy and being gay in 50s/60s America. Seriously.
  3. It's standalone, but it makes reference to a few things from Jack Kirby's "Fourth World" books (Mister Miracle and The New Gods in particular). It's not a superhero book at all though. A quick look at wikipedia if you encounter characters you're not familiar with would probably see you right. Not sure why anyone would pillory someone for not being totally familiar with a relatively obscure character.
  4. I bought the single issues and I've just bought it on there now as well haha. Also got all the Morrison Doom Patrol trades for the same price each. Magic darts.
  5. Comixology currently has all 12 issues of Tom King's Mister Miracle for £3.99. My favourite book in 2017/18, and possibly my favourite "Superhero" (very obliquely) book since the late 80s peak of Miller, Moore et al. Unqualified recommend : https://www.comixology.co.uk/Mister-Miracle-2017/digital-comic/752592?ref=cGFnZS92aWV3L2Rlc2t0b3AvZ3JpZExpc3QvbGlzdDMwMTE0
  6. Very much enjoying Wonder Twins. Written by Mark Russell who wrote that excellent Flintstones series for DC a couple of years ago. He's continuing the satirical/political tone into this book despite it being a teen/YA title. It's also funny as hell.
  7. That's a shame. The Simonson run in particular is really wonderful
  8. Yes but also very different. Much faster and shorter, but also more random and with less progression over time. It's much more of a rogue-like than Gungeon. There are a few things you can unlock but it doesn't have the sort of pseudo-story that Gungeon has. I prefer the gunplay , aesthetic and pace of NT by a long way though. If I buy it on Switch it'll be the fourth platform I've bought it on.
  9. I think this is the core of the problem. They do episode after episode on topics they have no serious attachment to or knowledge of. It drives me nuts. They exhausted all the Nintendo stuff they actually give a shit about years ago.
  10. I guess? Probably just a US Twix ad. I actually don't listen to the podcasts any more. I just check in here now and again to see if I should try again. As you were.
  11. Yes and no. Quite a few podcasts and networks use a system where ads are injected into the MP3 based on your location before you download it. Some networks inject the Associated Press "news minute" at the end before you download. This means if you download an episode of, for example, Retronauts from 2018, there'll be a little news summary for the day of your download at the end
  12. I'm quite a long way through JC4 and that squad thing is a complete mystery to me. Oh, and I bought the physical copy two days before it came to GP. Argh.
  13. Really enjoyed the first two issues of the current Martian Manhunter maxi, and the first four issues of Grant Morrison's Green Lantern. Psychedelic cosmic madness is my jam right now, it would seem.
  14. Sadly no - when I fast travelled the game hung and I had to quit from the guide. Bummer as I did that before trying to capture my flaming agent.
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