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  1. Fair enough - any idea what it would be comparable to, or is it going to be totally unique?
  2. Anyone played it? Is it more gta or Skyrim?
  3. Thanks for that - very useful. I am looking at getting one, but I am currently using RGB-pi’s (pi3b) latest build hooked up to to a pvm, which has a retroarch core with super resolutions and run ahead to reduce latency. The stuff looks, sounds and plays brilliantly. The megadrive/SNES games seem spot on to me and I can’t feel any lag at all. Responses seem instant. However the hardware emulation of the mister has got me interested!
  4. There is an eBay seller, selling fully built units ‘ready to go’ for just under £300. Good deal?
  5. Onrush was so much better than this seriously hollow and empty experience - even something like shox on the ps2 plays 100 x better. I must admit that the weather and lighting can look great in dirt 5 though. Hopefully they will use some of this in the future, in some thing like a new motorstorm esq game.
  6. Once the sheen wears off, this gets boring very quickly- definitely should not have been a full priced game
  7. Tennants? Could have just poured it into the Xbox and cut out the middle man!
  8. What sort of skinful did you have to do that?
  9. Is there still tearing on the Xbox one x version?
  10. It’s not really. I have had a ton of fun from it on the one x and have barely scratched the surface. A really nice 4k presentation of London with-loads of nice sandbox esq things to do. Yes it’s not perfect, but better than the last one and plays abit like the first which was good. I think the technical spec moanfest from pc gamers of it not running at 170 FPS or what what else the peek performance of graphic cards can do these days, seems to be where the issues are coming from. Most other people seem to be having fun.
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