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  1. Bought in a DC game to a local cex the other day and had a rather unpleasant experience. Lovely mint copy. Sales assistant gave me a price for a regular copy and I asked him about getting extra for it being mint. So he checked the computer and proceeded to check the game case for cracks etc, fingered through every page in the booklet and inspected the disc ( this took about 3 mins). Fair enough I thought. ‘Oh the demo disc is missing’, (you know the way dc cases have space for 2 discs....He then proceeded to confer with his colleague and a trainee. ’it game needs to be sealed to be mint’ the trainee said.....right.....I would really be bringing it into cex if it was sealed..... Manager said to the other sales assistant- is the disc mint , is it blah, is it blah blah. So this went on for few more mins and I ended up telling them not to bother. And walked out. Needless to say, I won’t be back to that branch. Seems they really don’t have a clue about the grading and better nick stuff will be sold elsewhere from now on.
  2. Xbox Games use quite a bit of filtering / antialiasing to soften the look. Even through a small crt monitor using a component to vga transcoder, it doesn’t look that hot, so upscaling 480p to a large tv will look pretty bad.
  3. Think that was included on a free dvd with edge mag, back in the day
  4. Could be a nice wee monitor for some s-video sources - especially if it has 600 tv lines up. personally I wouldn’t skip it until tested... it it could have taken a hammering though as a cctv monitor. i have seen some s-video sources looking better on pro monitors than RGB on some consumer sets.
  5. The ossc is a line doubler It would mainly be for crts . I suppose you could use an ossc with a pi2scart too and it would line double / scale, to your hdtv/monitor by hdmi
  6. Assuming you are using an lcd/led, For xbox you need to use component and ensure the emulator is outputting 480p or 720p and have ‘point’ as the hardware filter. Use ‘None’ or ‘simple 2x’ software filters as are the best along with point, are best for best sharpness and clarity. If you really want a better image though, there is no substitute for a RGB scart to a crt (especially one with 600 TVL+) However emulation will look hideously blocky using a lcd/led and that’s were a scan line generator comes in to play to regain authenticity and that proper retro look (works best over 480p). However you will need additional hardware to get it looking at its best. It really depends on how much effort you want to go to. Not sure about using component for the Wii for emulation, but I use RGB scart to a Sony bvm. Retroarch lets you select multiple resolutions for native consoles. Ensure all filtering / enhancements are removed. The appropriate console resolutions i use are below and you get zero tearing / artifacts etc. It looks seriously mint. Sharper than those Xbox pics above. I’ll post some pics if there is any interest. Big problem with using a Wii is that it only lets you use games under a certain ram capacity, so the heavy Neo games like garou/rage of the dragons etc won’t load with retroarch. (As far as I am aware) They certainly don’t work for me and I was looking into pi2 scart as an alternative. Neo Geo/MD - 640x224 snes/sfc - 512x224 cps I & 2 - 384x224 Cant comment on the pc as I don’t have one!
  7. If you set it up right, emulation from the original Xbox can look fantastic These are from a Neoya x2vga to a crt monitor with an SLG 3000 for scanlines, (640 x448) https://ibb.co/df1YGS https://ibb.co/jOZW37 https://ibb.co/gO1B37 https://ibb.co/dZ7vVn https://ibb.co/cBYDGS
  8. Don’t think so, but you can resize the screen which helps ie to 640x448 for MD / neo (doubled from 320x224) a modded Wii is what you need - loads of selectable resolutions inc
  9. The Retro Cabling Thread

    Cheap component / RGB cables are likely to not be screened properly, resulting in shadowing/video noise. The official Microsoft RGB / component leads or pack are excellent and will give you the best quality. The Xbox RGB lead will give you up to 480i and won’t pass an HD signal. You need component cables to use 720/ or 1080i for some Xbox games (very few). They will give you 480p though, which most of the games will work with (be sure to pick up ntsc versions where possible). Quality comes at a price, so if you if you want your games looking the best, invest in some decent cabling. Those leads are £3.99 for a reason.....
  10. Split Second

    Cracking, underrated game - would love to see something like this on this on current gen hardware
  11. Titanfall 2

    Just over 2500 people on last night (PS4)....grim
  12. Titanfall 2

    Any word of new maps / updates?
  13. Cheap PS2 Memory Cards (eBay)

    Think the unofficial ones have a much slower write/read speed, but do work
  14. Titanfall 2

    Excellent! it really pains me the amount of people playing this on PS4. It seriously is the best FPS out there, quite possibly one of the best games ever. think there were just over 5200 on the other night
  15. Nintendo Switch

    No mario, Zelda or splatoon this year though - in fact what are the big releases this year? Looks pretty barren to me, other than an avalanche of indie games.

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