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  1. My grandparents ran a greasy spoon that alternated between having an arcade cab and a fruit machine. I always hated the fruity because obviously games were far superior. I have an early memory of my grandad being really annoyed one day and pouring out a load of coins from the fruity onto the table. Loads of them were wrapped in silver foil. What was that about? Some way of tricking the coin mechanism?
  2. This feels similar to a lot of the weird racing games you find in Chinese arcades with titles like FIGHTING LAP MAX DRIFT or something. Cars doing backflips and chucking out neon trails and that. I wish more of those got console ports. Fun nonsense.
  3. About ten minutes in I thought 'Oh, they're doing a crap version of After Hours' and only saw the episode title after it finished. It was nowhere near as excruciatingly awful as that Christmas episode, but I just don't care enough about Beard's relationship drama for it to work.
  4. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    True enough. They could stop adding games for a year and I'd still have enough to keep me busy, it's just a bit disappointing is all.
  5. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    Quality of some of the recent Game Pass indies has been a bit iffy of late. Hopefully Sable is at least interesting.
  6. Is it worth buying the version with all the DLC?
  7. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    I had a feeling it would be, but downloaded it in the hope it'd be a couple of hours of fun with the kids. Shame.
  8. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    Nice when you open up Game Pass in the morning and there are four new games you want to play. I Am Fish, Superliminal, Skatebird and Flynn all downloaded today.
  9. For me it's the quality of the music that lets this down. Just directionless, derivative noodling for most of it, and that undermines the story it's trying to tell. The game sort of acknowledges this at the end but I'd rather it just had a better score.
  10. Looks dull, but nothing can be as bad as that falcon one I gave up on after two episodes. Looks fun as hell.
  11. I'm conflicted on it. I enjoy many of the encounters with the weird characters but the story isn't really moving me one way or the other, and it's pretty but does verge on being a bit Lisa Frank at times. Also finding the frame stutters distracting, and that stuff rarely bother me.
  12. I hate that every YouTuber thinks we need their own personal take on 'The History of the [console]' that are always just the same facts and anecdotes as every similarly titled video but in slightly different order. Either provide some new insight or fuck off.
  13. The electronic duo Gatekeeper released a walking-sim/visualiser thing with their Exo album back in 2012. I imagine there are earlier examples.
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