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  1. A much underappreciated album, in my opinion.
  2. Yeah, I haven't been back home to the UK for almost four years and love zipping around the map in this. It actually gave me a really intense bout of homesickness the first time I played it.
  3. DF finally got around to covering this. Couple of my friends looked into working on it, as Game Science are only about an hour away. Need to catch up with them and see how that went.
  4. Pleased to see Outer Wilds so high. Aside from Breath of the Wild it's the only game this gen that gave me a genuine sense of awe. I think it's a masterpiece.
  5. It'll appear on the PS4/5 within a year I'd expect.
  6. It's free to claim for a week, not just one day.
  7. I really need to get on this. I'm generally not a rogue-like person but I've loved every Supergiant game and I reckon the narrative stuff will compel me to keep going. Any word on Switch performance?
  8. Suggesting that not buying the game because I don't want to support a transphobic ghoul is 'actively hurting the devs and their livelihoods' is some weird, manipulative drivel. I mean, if I buy Hogwarts, that's fifty quid I'm denying another developer. Then what?
  9. Hopefully this thread can act as a record of all the people who own a nice telly, so they don't need to slip 'THIS LOOKS REALLY GOOD ON AN OLED' into every post.
  10. I had the place to myself when I went to see this yesterday. Cinemas have been open for a while in China but people are still keeping away most of the time. Anyway, the film was decent enough. Nothing world changing, but it's depressing that there are about two directors left who have the freedom to make whatever nonsense they want, and the response from some people is that the suits at the studios need to rein them in. We have a million fucking films like that, thanks.
  11. Glass Masquerade is 75% off, down to £3.23. Not played it myself but keep seeing it recommended around here.
  12. I picked this up without paying much attention to the whole 'Japanese Mix' thing, as I had no idea they'd released this in different countries with local newsreaders providing the narration. I thought it'd just be a slightly different edit. Was a neat surprise!
  13. I know this is the Odyssey team, but something about the art design and UI reminds me of Starlink. I wonder if those guys are also on this now. I ignored all the bloat and really enjoyed the main quest-lines of that game.
  14. Hmmm, I didn't know that either. Will be interesting to see where they've made the split.
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