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  1. He won't be able to spoiler the quote in your post, though.
  2. That's a really neat channel. Subbed.
  3. Been too afraid to listen to the record since 'Door' got stuck in my head a few months back. to another door to another door to another door to another door to another door x infinity
  4. Carnival Night's Act 1 tune is better than the horrendous shite the game shipped with. Act 2 is fine, I guess. Probably for the best that the others were replaced, though.
  5. I played it a few weeks ago. It's a solid, really enjoyable chunk of game. Think it took me about five-six hours to get through. The mobility of DK is mad overpowered but it makes for some incredible chained moves.
  6. Featuring the cat who now writes the jingles for the Tokyo metro on synths.
  7. Nequests

    Nintendo Switch

    I can play both SNES and SFC games on my online-enabled UK account. Had to download the SFC app using a JPN account, but can't actually play the games with it. Has to be the UK one. Edit: Same as Santa's Boyfriend said.
  8. I started Celeste yesterday. It's one of those games where you realise a few minutes in that you're playing a masterpiece.
  9. I'd be more surprised if they'd made a map of the entire US.
  10. Nice! I was surprised to find I'd made it as far as second, yesterday. I'm absolutely terrible at Tetris so no idea how I managed it.
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