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  1. Day 3 - The newest track you love Arca - Mequetrefe
  2. Ha, you get this on Italo Disco vids too. Usually some obscure tune that never really made it, but lives on in the memory of a few thousand people from a small town because a DJ at the local club played it every night for three years. YouTube music comments are usually a cesspit but I always enjoy those ones. They're like little windows into another time.
  3. Day 02 - Album you never tire of Nico - Desertshore (1970) A genuinely bleak album, woven from harmonium drones and punctuated by moments of true tenderness and love for her young son. It's not for everyone, certainly, but I think it's just the most captivating thing.
  4. There's a great Todd in the Shadows video about Thicke's follow-up record that really tanked his career.
  5. My daughter does about a thousand skips a night on that game. She'll be ecstatic when she sees these.
  6. Nequests

    Xbox Game Pass

    Is Timespinner any good? I notice it's set to leave PC Game Pass and I've been tempted to start it a few times.
  7. Nequests

    Xbox Game Pass

    Wolfenstein Youngblood and Rage 2 are on Game Pass and it hasn't stopped them adding Fallout '76. I'm not sure that rule is a thing.
  8. Nequests

    Nintendo Switch

    Did they actually release the blue one in the west? I'm guessing that's an import price.
  9. There was a waterbed in Nightmare on Elm Street Part.....4, I think? Probably no incest but who even knows with that series.
  10. Day 1 - Track you never tire of Haruomi Hosono and The Yellow Magic Band - Shimendoka (1978) That majestic synth intro, the blessed steel drums. It's perfect, and it's made me so happy to see Hosono getting the respect he's due outside of Japan these last few years.
  11. Nequests

    Xbox Game Pass

    Out of the Park Baseball '21, in case anyone is wondering.
  12. Nequests

    Perfect Albums

    Vespertine is the most perfect Bjork record, in my opinion, but she had a pretty flawless run for a while there.
  13. Well now everyone else knows what it's called, so we're good.
  14. I've not seen it yet, but it's called I May Destroy You.
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