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  1. I don't think I've been as invested in a TV series since The Wire ended. It's in my top five favourites ever. It's so comforting. Brutally depressing, but it's like a big warm blanket.
  2. It's about time for my annual Wilderpeople watch, I think. I miss it.
  3. Didn't know they did a vegan book! Will have to buy.
  4. The Lighthouse feels like it's set in the Obra Dinn universe. Lots o similar themes, and a fantastic film to boot.
  5. I feel that way about most of the nominations this year.
  6. Was The Lighthouse ineligible?
  7. Shoes


    I loved the DVD commentaries, I must dig them out.
  8. Also tried the BOSH pesto pasta - very dry indeed, but still alright. Made their Ultimate Chilli though, and wow. Best chilli I've eaten.
  9. Shoes


    Can we forbid David Luiz from taking free kicks lads.
  10. Shoes

    This is Hip-Hop.

    This is amazing.
  11. Shoes


    holy cow.
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