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  1. martingee

    Pokemon Go

    Bah, I need to concentrate when I read, I do need to evolve an already evolved grass type. Not sure it makes anything easier but at least I know what need to correctly do
  2. martingee

    Pokemon Go

    Stuck on a couple of things at the moment. I need to catch a Ditto for two of my professor research story(?) lines and just can't seem to get one. I've looked it up and am catching the types it imitates but it just doesn't seem to be dropping and it's all quite frustrating tbh. Particularly as I've caught at least two before i needed to, doh! Also stuck, sort of, trying to catch grass type Pokemon for one of my daily research's. I need to evolve a grass type but i don't seem to get many round my way. I get hybrid types (grass/poison) but these don't count as I've evolved a couple and its not counted them.
  3. martingee

    Are AAA games killing themselves?

    I've never played BLOPS; can you buy the red dot with some kind of in game currency or are the coins purely bought with real money? If the coins are in game currency how long does it take to get 100 of them? I only ask because I used to play Planetside 2 and they did something very similar (for every gun) but it didn't take very long to get the 10 (or whatever) certs to unlock the red dot sight. I never felt cheated by that but that's not to say they weren't adverse to some scummy practices.
  4. martingee

    Spending a year developing a game that sucks

    I don't know how widespread it is but I know Ubisoft lean heavily on mathematics and algorithms to appeal to certain types of gamers when initially designing a game, thus creating game mechanics and systems their target audience will find "fun". I don't know if this adds or relieves pressure on the designers since they're presumably following a blueprint churned out of computer. The creative director on For Honour did a talk a few years back where he explained traits of certain gamers and how you adjust the amount of certain mechanic to appeal to them. I'll try and find the link but I assume they've taken his research and mashed it with a load more of their own. Edit: not sure if this is the one I saw but it seems cover what I remember He's built upon theories I know other studios use but really takes it to the enth degree.
  5. martingee

    Spending a year developing a game that sucks

    Just to add to this; it also depends on how invested you are in the project. I don't think I've ever actually been on a game right from the beginning; when ever I've joined a company or moved onto a project, it's in some state of been made. Chances are the fundamental decisions have already been made (perhaps are nearly completed) and the only way you can influence the quality of the game is through your discipline (ie the work you get told to do). I've seen industry veterans bemoan people getting caught up in the process of making a game but to be honest, it's possibly all that them people, "own" of the game. Again, if you're not managerial then you're there to implement someone else's idea usually in a set time frame, with a set outcome and how you best go about that may be left to you decide; at best. That been said, you are working on a game so chances are what you're doing is interesting and you find value in it somewhere.
  6. martingee

    Spending a year developing a game that sucks

    The problem I've found working in any sized studio is really how much input you have in the overall game. For the most part you are a cog (of varying sizes) in a game making machine and if you're a junior to mid ranked employee then chances are all that's expected of you is to turn up and do the work. Decisions are made and that gets passed down the chain and somebody does it; like every other workplace and industry. There may be times when your thoughts are asked about or you help out and do a big test play but most of the time those who get to decide if something is "fun" and worth the effort are usually managerial level since they are the ones with the budgets. I've written this post several times now and can't really get the words right, but suffice to say i'm always amazed any game gets made, whether its shit or not.
  7. How much of this down to the players ability to respawn/regenerate health? You wouldn't end up slaying hundreds of NPC's or doing incredible stunts if you had permadeath and had to start over again? I suppose stealth games do this to some degree but it's still contained in levels.
  8. I worked at Bizarre Creations, on contract, on the Bond game. The Chudley's sold the studio to Activision but continued to work there although I didn't have any dealings with them. Activision run an independent studio system where they fund the game and seemingly let you get on with making it but the studio lives and dies on how financially successful the game(s) become. I was only there for 10 months as a lowly animator so never got to hear a fraction of what went on but my contract ended in august and the following February(?) they were closed. The Bond game suffered because it had no movie tie-in, iirc there was a script writers dispute going on at the time and the Bond film was on a hiatus. I don't know if there was ever going to be a movie tie-in but with the situation the way it was it was never going to happen. Plus the story for the game had been approved and production was in full swing when I started working there. Blur suffered from horrendous marketing, which was handled by Activision. The basis for the marketing campaign was to essentially slag off Mario Kart as a kids game and promote Blur as the grown up version (anyone remember Brock Lee?). I remember filing out of the weekly company meeting after the launch trailer for the campaign had been shown; people were already muttering about the direction it was going. I think the reasoning was it was hard to sell the idea of real life cars shooting balls of energy at each other but what Marketing came up with seemed to be slightly disrespectful and arrogant at best. It launched a week after Split Second and just before some other racing game so was essentially sent out to die but it had the potential to be a massive and successful game that was a lot of fun to play. The dev team knew how to make a driving game, after all, they had done PGR and F1 previously.
  9. martingee

    Epic Games Store Coming - RIP Steam

    This news comes just as quite a lot of indie Devs have have seen their steam october revenue take a nose dive due to a change in the "Discovery" algorithm and also on the back of the recent 10%-30% cut change. It'll be interesting to see how Valve react since they've had market dominance for so long. Will their flat management structure be a help or hinderence? The guy who did steamspy is also heading up the epic store development.
  10. martingee

    Pokemon Go

    To those that have sent me gifts, please bear with me, I work from home, am a shut in and have run out of gifts. I'll reciprocate when I get some more!
  11. martingee

    Pokemon Go

    Is that a custom interface or is it just on iOS or something? I could do with knowing the stats of my Pokemon instead of decrypting my guys appraisal every time. Also I feel slightly cheap sending gifts from some scrubby, local Nisa post office with half a sign missing, when i get one from a shrine/decorative garden in Japan.
  12. martingee

    Pokemon Go

    Not sure what the etiquette is for adding friends and what i'm expected to do but if anyone wants to add a lowly level scrub, then my trainer number is 3884 2315 0432 martingee76.
  13. martingee

    Inside No.9

    We recorded it and were fooled by the technical problems. We switched it off to watch something else and I had a look on twitter as I assumed the guys would be gutted only to realise it was all part of the show. We finished watching our alternative program and went back and watched it and enjoyed it
  14. It could be that the stuff they're filming for 4 and 5 are relatively "cheap" to do and if 2 and 3 are a success he can quickly capitalise with just post production needed, which is what's going to be the time sink.

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