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  1. I went into The Works bookshop here in Stockton and the were selling Disney Infinity characters for £5. I have no idea from which range they were (there were Marvel characters) and from reading the last few posts they're not a cheap as other places but, if you were looking for a specific character it could be another place to look.
  2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Suppose this is as good of place to put this: Hamill does briefly talk about TLJ near-ish the end, so spoilers beware!
  3. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    The bit where they were complaining about Far Cry's poor American stereotypes seemed somewhat ironic since American game studio's have been doing poor <insert country of choice> stereotypes since forever. They seemed slightly indignant that it wasn't a faithful potrayl of rural/surburban America when I suspect (I haven't played Far Cry 5) it wasn't meant to be.
  4. Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    I worked with the Character Lead many moons ago and have him on Twitter. He's posted some of the character stuff over on artstation if anyone's interested.
  5. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I'm cheap, i don't have a subscription and only watch the free stuff on Youtube so don't have the depth of knowledge some of you guys have of them but watching the Sea of Thieves launch stream its like they've never played games before. I realise they're having "fun" and not taking things too seriously but you can't complain somethings too hard; wondering why you're getting owned, over and over, whilst using a "sniper" rifle, 5 feet from a metal skeleton. Or something's not very clearly written but you get distracted by hats and beards every 2 seconds.
  6. Which Publisher Or Developer Would You Resurrect?

    It was quite complicated, from what I remember, and was drawn out over a year so my memory is a little hazy. The company was owned/majority held by Sumner Redstone. Around 2008 the financial crisis hit and all business' s were looking to offload debt which in this instance included Midway. The previous year I believe Midway had been loaned a lot of money which it didn't look like it was going to recoup. Whilst some of the games may have sold ok, they didn't perform as well as they hoped, probably for the reason you cite. Plus some of the games cost a lot, Stranglehold was the forerunner on new tech (for the company) and Wheelman had been in production at Ratbag in Australia before been handed to Midway Newcastle. (Ratbag was closed down 2005 I think). Sumner Redstone was also having a power struggle with his daughter who was head of National Amusements which were all collectively owned by an overriding corporation. (this bit is confusing as I didn't really understand who owned who at the time). Suffice to say Midway became the sacrificial lamb. At some point a private investor bought Midway for pittance, he was called Mark Thomas but it brought a lot of unwanted attention his way and he scrambled to sell on quite quickly. I think there was some hint of some shadey stuff going on but nothing as far as I know ever came of it. I can't remember the precise details but essentially Midway was put in chapter 7 which protects the company from its debtors but means any decisions have to go through a judge in the US. It's a way for the company to sort it finances out and could have recovered but didn't (mostly because of the financial crisis imo) and eventually the company filled for chapter 11 which was full liquidation. Warner Bros. made a bid for the Mortal Kombat team and the Seattle studio as well as a load of IP but didn't want to buy our studio or the London office. They were considered a "stalking horse" which means they start the bid and someone else comes in and outbids them but in this no one did so they got what they bid for. Had it not been for the financial crisis I think we would have had a better shot at surviving but there was still no guarantee we would have had our jobs saved. Wheelman was jointly published by Ubisoft such were the dire financials of Midway and the last time I heard had shipped 600k which wasn't going to cover the cost of Wheelman (the figure I'd heard was $40million but that could be wrong ) Sorry for the rambley post, you may find a better explanation somewhere else, many of us were so far down the pecking order we found out most of our info reading breaking news on Kotaku! edit: what @mushashi said, spent too long writing my post
  7. Which Publisher Or Developer Would You Resurrect?

    Just as a side note, I was at Midway Newcastle and from the ashes of its closure 3 studios arose which have gone on to do some good things as well as individuals moving on and working on some notable projects. One of the Technical Directors set up a studio which became CCP Newcastle, working on Dust 514 and Eve Valkyrie. In the current round of CCP restructuring they've been sold to Sumo Digital. Midway originally bought The Pitbull Syndicate whose core set of people became Midway Newcastle which I joined in Jan '06. After Midway, Bob Troughton set up Pitbull Stuidos which, specialised in the unreal engine and employed several ex-Midway people from the off. It was eventually bought by Epic and as far as I know, continues to this day as one of Epic's internal studio's. The Art Director set up Atomhawk after Midway as a concept and UI studio. They've done concepts for lots of prominent games and done a few movies as well (Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor 2 etc). They were also heavily involved in the illustrations on the Pottermore website. They too were recently bought out by Sumo Digital. Currently the studio head, creative director, producer and audio director from Midway are them current roles at Rare, making Sea of Thieves. For the American side of things Warner Bros I'm not too sure but Warner Bros bought the Mortal Combat team making them NetherRealm whose studio head was the Executive Producer on Wheelman at Midway Newcastle. Also, at the end, Matt Booty was the President and CEO of Midway, after it went under he became the head of Microsoft mobile (game?) division and just recently has taken over from Phil Spencer. I'm not sure I'd bring any publisher or developer back as many times the people who make up that company go on to do some interesting things that otherwise may not have been created. Although saying that, the same could be said if the companies had stayed together/afloat.
  8. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Something to do with his foot iirc. He's had the procedure done before on his other foot ages back but this was the first opportune time to have it done. I presume it's because his health insurance now covers the operation?!
  9. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Watched this for the first time today and enjoyed it. I can see why people might be confused/frustrated by the story, it seemed to miss it's mark a couple of times for me but I'm thinking that it may suffer from been part of a trilogy and might make more sense after the next one. My only real concern was who the hell Snoke is?
  10. The "Grown Adults Who Still Like Cartoons" topic.

    My 6yr old (although he's nearly 7) has in the past year been watching more CITV which has some more of the "trendier" cartoons than we've previously watching. Fangbone, Wishfart, Teen Titans, The Bagel and Becky Show are all firm favourites along with occasional OK KO and Bare Bears when Cartoon Network does freebie viewing.
  11. The Game Development Thread

    It depends what format the unity assets come in, do you get the source files as well? If you get .fbx files then these can be imported into unreal, in fact a lot of companies will use fbx as their default file format. You'll need to set up shaders as well as importing the texture files as it's this bit which is specific to each editor. If not I'm not sure if you can export meshes from unity, it's a while since I properly used it. Edit: if you go the root of importing source files you should be able to find plenty of free assets on the internet. They can be of varying quality
  12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Must have been something with the packaging or mould cos my EV-9D9 had a bendy leg like that.
  13. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I remember in WoW someone setting up a desk fan on rotate that, via a simple contraption, would press the space bar making the character jump. Thus they could go AFK in PvP battlegrounds racking up XP, it's like no one learns from other peoples mistakes.
  14. Videogame Art Books

    Ah, just to be clear I'm not a concept artist and wouldn't want to be confused with any of the work they produce, which I agree is fantastic. I know the CEO as he was my art director at Midway and the plan was to develop their 3d animation side of things which ultimately didn't take off.
  15. Armando Iannucci's The Death of Stalin

    Iannucci appeared on this weeks RHLSTP and talks abit about the film, can't remember if there's many spoilers but just be aware Skip to 5.30 for when he comes on stage.

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