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  1. It's £20 in ASDA (Trauma) I think
  2. Not Gears. Other titles include NBA Homecourt, Hour of Duty, and quite a few more like Forza but I canny remember. Call them up! They'll be happy to tell you.
  3. There's no transaction number on the credit note so if someone was to accept one they would get bummed (this is according to a friend who managed one!).
  4. Steven passed on mine so it's still available if you want it!
  5. Mine doesn't! They're pretty loud. Well no because it's 1080p for a reason! Why would it have 1200 horizontal pixels?!
  6. What's the deal that you know of? So I can call them and ask if they have it.. Blockbuster won't match deals on the system (my local one anyway).
  7. Preacher, retail is full of messed up targets and idiotic head office departments, it isn't just games retail so preaching (lol!) like you are to those who have worked in their fair share of dumps isn't doing your argument any good. If the job is so bad that worrying about stuff like targets (which have no effect on your basic sales assistant wage) is getting you down then really you should quit. There is still no excuse to be rude in retail.
  8. Dunno! It's sealed. I could unseal it I suppose.. I've just checked online sources for where people download stuff and it is region free.
  9. That's good as I wasn't that impressed with the first one and we were kind of drifting off.
  10. I'd suggest that's because you couldn't afford to buy any at the time and had nothing else to do with your time other than play games and run around outside.
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