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  1. The Expanse - Syfy

    I'm very interested to see if they stick with the books all the way through to where they are now, because y'know, reasons.
  2. The Expanse - Syfy

    I will say they stretch the budget extremely well. Again with the b5 comparison though, so much of what makes the show good is the conflicting agendas and politicking between factions. Also the belter accents. Old-Jamaican-CharlieBrooker-Terrorist guy might be my favourite.
  3. Blade Runner 2049

    If not an extended cut surely at least dump a few of the best scenes in extras?
  4. Blade Runner 2049

    I dont disagree with the complaints over leto being a bit 2d (and in the film), but I have to wonder if tyrell was much different. There's only so much you can squeeze in to a couple of scenes - rather, I think the complaint should be that there werent more of them. No doubt that 4hr cut would be relevant.
  5. The Expanse - Syfy

    Having been in the same position myself a week ago I'll second the above. None better scifi since B5.
  6. Blade Runner 2049

    No kidding? Fair props to gosling, that bit was intense.
  7. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Agree with previous comments, action bits and story beats seem like they suggest a good fun movie, dialogue a bit iffy, cant get along with the han casting. Also agree with whoever said a buddy movie that's just 90 minutes of solo/calrissian snark would be great. Now as for the falcon, as said there is precedent in the lore for different configs and the front being used to hold stuff, but also it's worth looking back at the early McQuarrie concepts, some of which are very similar. As far as I can see though, it's not just that the middle has been filled in, the whole front end has been replaced. Looks like the prongs are longer and a bit thinner. Looks a lot sleeker, I'll give it that. It actually reminds me a bit of a concept a star wars focussed freelance artist, Ansel Hsiao (?) did recently where it was reimagined as an Empire-built ship. Oh, also SW peeps always get the best jackets.
  8. Blade Runner 2049

    I dont get it. A slow-paced, long, but well-told film goes by for me much faster than 90 minutes of hollywood action shite. Case in point; a few hours after seeing 2049 I watched the Ghost-In-The-Shell movie too. That was rough. I knew it'd be shit but it was cheap, so..... Anyway, re deckard, I'm trying to remember what his interactions with other humans was like, was he a dick to them too? The only humans he really spoke to at length were his superiors to some degree or another. And as far as killing unarmed reps goes....I'll give you the runner, but the rest I think it was explicit that their own body IS a deadly weapon.
  9. Blade Runner 2049

    Just finished the home release after missing it at cinemas (on purpose, cuz I hate people). Loved it, and absolutely didnt feel the length of it. Wouldve guessed it at almost an hour shorter if I didnt know otherwise. Appreciated the weta stuff being linked a couple pages back.....one thing I did miss a bit is not seeing more urban street-level stuff, but what was there was good. Aside from that, most of my thoughts have been echoed by others already. Only stuff I can add is - THAT wierd cyber-threeway scene. I found myself wondering first how the fuck you film something so unusual, and second wondering which of the characters was, er, leading. Who follows who when you're trying to be someones body? - Also, in a similar way to the 'is deckard human and does it matter' debate, I was constantly unsure how sentient Joi was, and if she was was this unique to K's Joi or did all Joi's have that level of higher thinking? - The thing I took from it overall was what the captain was saying to K early on about authentic experiences being rare, or however she said it. Joi is sentient maybe, but has no body, K is a slavebot, doctor lady is stuck in a bubble, and apparently even 100% genuine humans arent much better off just because dystopia etc. You have to get those moments where you can, and trying to validate it to anyone except yourself is kinda pointless. - Grumpy old Ford is actually still pretty good when he wants to be.
  10. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    Not having read the books (just being aware of the story) the big character changes only really bother me insofar as they seem a bit pointless. I suppose it adds a bit of personal conflict, but it's super contrived.
  11. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    I dunno, the avengers theme is triumphant enough, but not especially.....iconic?
  12. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    Good news is that this finally prompted me to try out netflix (free month so why not) after basically years of just not watching tv. Which is strange because I kinda knew going in that this would be pretty wobbly (and boy it didnt disappoint in that regard), but that was outweighed by an interesting concept with good visuals and me just happening to be in the mood for some schlock. For those who havent yet seen the whole thing through to the end, but are ok with the absurdity, I recommend persevering with it as it only gets wierder as it goes. I wouldnt call it good (and the major plot changes from the book as I understand them make no sense), but it's .....an experience, I guess?
  13. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    So cap having wierd gauntlet things was a thing?
  14. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    See, this is why I like this forum. Most of the news/media sites I've seen this mentioned on have been a bit lukewarm on it, but if it's still an entertaining watch then fair enough.
  15. What are your aims this year creativity wise?

    Last year I said I'd learn proper 3d work in 2017 (in blendr or something), but ended up somehow spending the whole year focusing on traditional media instead. Experimented with different media more, was happy with that so want to get solidly competent this year. Mainly with brush pens I think. Knocking out something in photoshop for portfolio work needs to happen at some point though.

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