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  1. Maybe not 'smell the fart' acting, but I know what you mean. He always made me think he'd recently popped some eyedrops in from having been lookings at screens all day. Always has big wet wells where a normal persons pupils should be.
  2. I picked a hell of a time to start paying attention to football again. Fucking scenes. Kind of nice to be in my position in a way because clearly all the conventional thinking has gone totally out the window now anyway.
  3. Errrrrrr....good bananas in my case but with a bunch of heavy qualifiers. I think you need to be of a certain mindset. I was watching it half asleep in bed this morning, and expected it to be a bad curiosity at most, so expectations were low for one thing. Also, I decided early on to treat it almost like a live action anime. You have the absurd setup for a start, the questionable overdubs and writing, the hokey trope characters, the cheesy melodrama.... Oh, and their solution to the big problem in the final 30 minutes or so actually made me laugh out loud. Dunno if that was quite their intent but they didnt seem to take themselves too seriously. A strictly alright film if you fancy some throwaway silliness.
  4. I've always maintained that a lot of what made the robo-baddies so creepy is the stop-motion animation, although I will concede that the lawnmower-man treatment of Cain probably helped. Shit, now I really wanna know what the optimal fps for creepiness is, and why. I wonder if it triggers some instinctive subconscious association with insect movement or something?
  5. I chose a fucking good time to start paying attention to this stuff again.
  6. Good stuff. Also, fuck knows. When I last kept up with football my mate was an avid man u fan, so that made it easy - I'd support whoever their main opposition was, because you have to undermine your mates always, obviously. Now that their main opposition is apparently everyone it makes things a bit harder. It looks like I might have missed the tail-end of Leicesters uncharacteristic amazingness streak too. There's someone pretty tasty in the office who is a lifelong liverpool fan, but I'll try not to let that sway me too much. Still....not gonna be spurs, is it? I appreciate the attempt anyway guys. They're also trying to teach me Gujarati if anyone wants to help with that.
  7. Dunno really, I've always understood the rules and slang well enough, and enjoy watching the odd game for its own sake, but never really actively 'followed' stuff over a season or multiple seasons, so missed out on a lot of the overarching stuff. Which manager might have a rep, what players have history with each other.....y'know, the long term stuff that is hard to just pick up, unfortunately. What I remember of that stuff is like ten years out of date! I mean, currently I gather that atm it's a big showdown between Liverpool and Man City (and tbh city might be a bit more consistent lately by the sounds of it, dont hurt me), but I'm not exactly coming in at the best time of the season for a gradual catch-up on events. Also the why I guess is just for conversational material at work - I've moved into health and lifestyle research so am surrounded by some pretty sport obsessed people! I figure a very base-level understanding of where things are at is handy to have, but also I do actually kind of care about other peoples interests and like to make a bit of effort to meet them halfway y'know? Yes I know, strange thing to ask. Thankfully I have no shame.
  8. Joking aside, that's a great metaphor. In fact I often say me trying to understand footy is like me trying to teach someone else politics....you can understand the mechanisms easy enough, but knowing all the background context, relationships and precedents is impossible. It's like learning all the deep-lore from the Star Wars Extended Universe. Without a wiki.
  9. This will be a stupid question and I can hardly believe I have to ask....but if someone wanted to brush up on their football blah-blah for personal reasons, is this as good a place as any? Feel free to post gifs of Moss from IT Crowd at me. I'm kinda asking for it.
  10. If we're doing lists, what are the avenger power-rankings looking like these days? Danvers > Thor > everyone else on cleanup detail?
  11. I feel a bit silly, but I wasnt paying full attention so I didnt quite get where they were going with this until the drop a minute-something in. Got a good laugh from that! That aside, actually very well made.
  12. Another thing that threw me.....those foil-y shiny crinkled-up jackets they wore (the dude had a gold colored one, I remember). The environmental lighting was great throughout, but in particular getting the lighting and material behaviour right on that kind of clothing seemed really.....unlikely.
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