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  1. Vulgar Monkey

    BEL-AIR - W.T.F

    I feel a bit silly, but I wasnt paying full attention so I didnt quite get where they were going with this until the drop a minute-something in. Got a good laugh from that! That aside, actually very well made.
  2. Vulgar Monkey

    Love Death and Robots

    Another thing that threw me.....those foil-y shiny crinkled-up jackets they wore (the dude had a gold colored one, I remember). The environmental lighting was great throughout, but in particular getting the lighting and material behaviour right on that kind of clothing seemed really.....unlikely.
  3. I found it solidly ok.
  4. Vulgar Monkey

    Love Death and Robots

    So I have just read, yeah! (Freezer ep aside obv) The only bit that gives it away on some of the photoreal stuff is the lipsyncing, but on other bits that's perfect too so I couldnt tell if they'd switched. Also, I could have sworn that The Witness was live action with a lot of heavily stylised post-processing / rotoscoping type stuff done over the top......but apparently that was all entirely animated too. (same guys who made spiderverse I think). That was unreal. Or, too real.
  5. Vulgar Monkey

    Love Death and Robots

    If it's anyone it'll be Cedric Peyravernay, or possibly Koselov (pooooossible Fred Augis). They're the ones responsible for the look of the character art in most Arkane games. Some art has already been filtering out for the series, so no doubt something will turn up.
  6. Vulgar Monkey

    Love Death and Robots

    What the fuck, that was a ride. And I didnt even expect it, I hadnt heard of it til this morning! Also, credit where its due for the CG work. I genuinely couldnt tell where live action ended and CG began. Must have cost a fortune.
  7. Not wanting to go into too much detail, but the other day me and my boss were speculating certain Fury-related stuff spoilered above, and I'm fairly confident I have won a bet.
  8. Vulgar Monkey

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    Jared Harris is great and I too hope he comes back, but for Straitharn that seems a fair trade. He absolutely nailed it. Also, I cant look at Harris without seeing Charlie Brooker, which doesnt necessarily help....
  9. Vulgar Monkey

    Polar (Netflix Film) - Mads Mikkelsen

    I ended up watching this because I clicked on it by accident. Make of that what you will. To echo most of you, the two main leads were actually very good, tbh its a shame they didnt have more screentime together. The wierdo hitsquad could fuck right off entirely for all I cared.
  10. Hey, I hadnt thought of that but now you mention it....you might be onto something. Anyway, the three surprises for me there.... Elastica (!) De-aged Coulson Marvel is sassier than I'd have thought. Again, played opposite SLJ, this is a good thing.
  11. Vulgar Monkey

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    I wasnt even that hyped leading up to this, but now I've seen the trailer I'm all in. Fuuuuuuck.
  12. Vulgar Monkey

    Videogame Art Books

    Christ, those Metal Gear / Mcquarrie books are huge.
  13. Just fyi, the design work for the notorious has been appearing online via the artists responsible, and I have to say they look so much better than what is in the final film. Whether you approve from a canon perspective or not is a matter of debate, but I do wonder if it couldve been implemented better if not for all the reshoots.
  14. Vulgar Monkey

    RDR2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    I took it as being the same thing he does all game - he talks a big talk, but when faced with truly difficult in-the-moment decisions, he gets information paralysis. He can't make decisions in those situations, so he just peace-outs. Same reason he leaves people behind and makes excuses later. Same reason he sides with Micah in the camp standoff even after multiple people have told him he's a snitch. He's one of those people who wouldve probably done ok as a valued advisor to a leader, but not being a leader himself. Also Sadie and Charles are such good characters that I sort of hope they dont feature in any dlc, just because then we can assume they got out clean. As soon as the story follows them again, theyre fucked. No-one like them survives to get the happy ending in these kind of westerns.

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