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  1. Congrats! There was some chat about modded MDs here:
  2. I finished Doors of Eden in a few days. I loved the concept and the characters. The message of the novel was a bit in your face, I think, and I’ve seen bad reviews for that reason but I could live with it. Not a patch in Children of Time, but still hard to put down. Next I think I’ll fall in line and read Roadside Picnic. I’ve had it for years, a gift from a Russian friend of mine.
  3. This afternoon, I've been playing some Darius via Cozmic Collection. The first one's a little slow, and Darius 2 gets HARD very quick, but liking Darius Gaiden a lot. The games are fucking plain wacky!
  4. I use an OSSC and it's great for MOST consoles, but will give you that blocky look. It's good for 240p stuff up to the N64/Saturn and things that support 480p like the GC and Saturn, but in the middle ground for the PS2 things look shit because it's a line multiplier without a frame buffer so interlaced video looks shit.
  5. I would buy GC loafers as readily as loaders!
  6. https://www.black-dog.tech/gc-loader-pnp.html A batch of GC loafers are in stock 100 or so left, it was 300 a couple of hours ago.
  7. I intend to, but having read the book a couple of years ago, I’m not in a huge rush. Does it focus on the fucking craziness of test pilots and pushing the envelope or is it just all American with accurate costumes and sets? There’s something about Tom Wolfe’s writing that captures that when the film didn’t.
  8. I got this to play with my wife after success playing Yoshi's Story on N64 and while we haven't played it together yet, I love it in single player mode! It's just really nice to play, so damn cute and full of inventive ideas! Even the mini game style levels are fun. The one where you need to kill Monty Moles!! So good!
  9. I’ve got a clone of the Hori controller. It’s decent but the analogue stick is so sensitive. Takes a lot of getting used to.
  10. But a JPN cart died to make that happen. There's blood on your hands, @SeanR
  11. I’ve seen a few on eBay, but they’re too expensive. For example... https://m.ebay.ie/itm/Brand-New-Protection-Socket-Slot-for-Super-Nintendo-Super-Famicom-To-SNES-SFC-SF/332967929767
  12. I did buy the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 on it.
  13. Yeah, the games will work fine. DLC for Japanese games might need a Japanese account to buy them, but will work on your "main" account.
  14. I was just thinking about the Wii U. I bought quite a few games for it but beyond Super Mario 3D World and Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker I barely played them. Quite a few are on Switch now. Lego City Undercover Pikmin 3 NSMB U Starfox Zero Windwaker Twilight Princess Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush Yoshis Woolley World I feel it’s almost worth hooking up to play the Zelda titles. Anything else worth getting?
  15. The benefit of hindsight... There wasn’t anything like it in 1996! Have these design choices been ironed out over the years?
  16. The only changes I made on my SuperNT were to turn off the intro screen, make carts boot by default and swap some buttons. I didn’t change the output settings at all.
  17. Those instructions are just how to build the original ROM for the N64. There’s other places to get the Linux/Windows/Pregnancy Test versions. I actually don’t have a link for them, maybe someone can PM you
  18. I use a CRT and an OSSC and the mod looks amazing on both.
  19. @bplus - Honestly, the difference in quality is totally worth the money if you're into playing NES games. You'll need to factor in an RGB cable too - just FYI!
  20. Ha, Voultar loves a bit of drama, so I wouldn't pay too much mind.
  21. It should run on a potato with emulation taken out of the mix!
  22. People have ported this - https://github.com/n64decomp/sm64 to other platforms.
  23. @bplus https://www.oldskoolconsoles.com/shop I did the mod myself, but I bought the NESRGB kit from this guy - He was helpful when I had questions.
  24. If you spent the money on a HDMI modded NES, you love the NES Point taken about them breaking, but I would say that the things that die on older hardware tend to be capactitors (and the 72 pin connector on a NES), not the ICs so it it possible to keep them in good repair, or pay someone else to do it for you.
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