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  1. Colonel Panic

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Because it’s terrible at tracking enemies and Kratos taking up most of the screen doesn’t help
  2. Colonel Panic

    Okami HD

    I certainly don't agree with that. It's got a bit of a lull round about where I am now, but the final areas and boss is pretty awesome. EDIT: Found pics I took of my original completion stats
  3. Colonel Panic

    Okami HD

    I played this on lunchtimes before I went on holidays and put in about 20 hours.I struggled to get back into it this week now I'm home. I'm on Oni Island now and remember now that I hate the stupid playing card race bit HARD. About 2/3 through now though, it's create being able to play it on the go.
  4. Colonel Panic

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    I'm playing through Super Metroid again on my SuperNT. Up as far as Maridia now and it's really hard to put down! Had to drag myself away to do housework!! Oh what a start contrast from my teenage years that is. On a Sunday I often barely left my room and played SNES all day.
  5. Colonel Panic

    Analogue Super Nt

    Related to the Super NT... I'm not convinced the DPad on my matching 8BitDo game is anywhere near as good as an original wired controller. I'm playing Super Metroid at the moment and having to resort to the shoulder buttons for diagonals a lot more than I ever remember.
  6. Colonel Panic

    Films that are good for the soul

    A Good Year About Time Back to the Future Romancing the Stone Beetlejuice Goonies The Explorers Flight of the Navigator Sneakers
  7. Colonel Panic

    Analogue Super Nt

    I haven't had those kind of problems, with the exception of JPN Kirby All Stars, which plays without fail on a Super Famicom or US SNES but only sometimes on the SuperNT, to the detriment of the saves on the cart.
  8. Colonel Panic

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Well mine is on it's way from Krikzz at the moment. Exciting times!
  9. Colonel Panic

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    I’m guessing Retro Towers would be quicker than direct from source?
  10. Colonel Panic

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Cool, thanks for that!
  11. Colonel Panic

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    What is the deal with SD2SNES? Where do you buy them and are they upgradable to the latest version which seems to support all sorts of add on chips?
  12. More than likely.
  13. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7412482/ Anyone else seen this? I saw an article about it on Ars Technica a while back so I decided to check it out and ended up blitzing it over the past few days. It's... alright, but the Article is not wrong about a lot of the technical stuff, and the CGI is all over the place, but it does seem like a plausible look at what a mission to Mars might look like in our lifetime. Fuck, I'd love to see that happen. The drama aspect of it's okay, everyone's got their drive to go and reasons not to. You have the weird CEO of the private company running the mission and stupid Sean Penn looking stupid. 6/10 - Worth it if you're into space stuff.
  14. Colonel Panic

    vinyl lovers

    Cool, cheers guys, time to hoover up some stuff I've missed.
  15. Colonel Panic

    vinyl lovers

    Where's good to buy vinyl online? I see Discogs handles vinyl sales and vendors have ratings. Is that place "legit"?

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