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  1. So many posts, no Dead Space! Easily one of the tensest experiences I've ever played. The whole of the Ishimura brought to terrifying life by amazing lighting, sound and level design.
  2. Are people with a Switch who don’t have kids going to buy one of these? if so will it replace your existing Switch?
  3. If it could talk it would say “Kill me”.
  4. My adapter and US NES games arrived over the past few days so I tested it out this evening. Works great!
  5. I bought one of those adapters and a couple of US NES games lately. Will let you know, how it goes.
  6. I dunno how you could capture the tone of Tom Wolfe's book with a remake any more than the original movie. I did enjoy the film, but the book was just brilliant.
  7. A mix of sets, CGI and similar locations. It's not filmed on location. Have a listen to the associated podcast... The creator is obsessed with getting the details right.
  8. It's the same as Spike Lee complaining about Letters from Iwo Jima Flags of our Fathers not having black soldiers when planting a flag, and Clint Eastwood saying "There weren't any because that the time, that's how it was". In the Soviet Union, women were just about accepted in scientific positions, but really in Chernobyl throwing men at the problem was the solution.
  9. I couldn’t find the blue Super GameBoy for a price I wanted to pay! I got the AV modded Famicom in Akihabara! A little basement place called Retro Game Campp where they had them on sale. They were all AV modded there in various conditions. In Super Potato they had maybe three or four on the shelves at least. The rest of their display stock was RF only (for 4500¥) I was was in Japan with my wife so trawling second hard shops not an option!
  10. @gossi the dog The SFC games worked out at about €10 each apart from Panel De Pon which was twice that and the Famicom is AV modded. Seemed okay to me, but not cheap or anything.
  11. Finding Darius a little slow, but Darius 2 and Darius Gaiden are good fun. I have noticed that something when it's game over, the game freezes during that blue popup. I'm guessing it's saving a replay or something? I can't read Japanese!
  12. I struggled with this in handheld mode on Switch. Wasn't sure why until I popped the Switch into the dock to kill the Gargoyles (I've rinsed the game on PS3 and PC so it's a bit embarrassing I couldn't beat them). Turns out, I hold the controller with my right hand like a weird claw for hitting run with my index finger and use the right stick for camera! Props to people who's beaten this game handheld only!!
  13. NintenDONT give me that!
  14. Just bought Virtua Racing on the Japanese eShop and have 500¥ worth of credit left. Is there anything worth grabbing for that?
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