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  1. I’m currently exploring what it’s like to be a Goron in Majora’s Mask. Feels pretty good tbh. This game passed me by when it came out. I was a bit fed up of games by that point. Later, I bought the N64 version and 3DS port as well as the GC re-releases along the way. I quite like it. Once you get used to work I’ve within the 3 day constraint, and figuring out how to redo portions of quests it really comes into its own. It’s a shame there are so few dungeons, but the main ones are quality, and the mini dungeons along the way are substantial enough.
  2. And to answer the question... I'm a huge Nintendo fan, mostly of their older output. Their constant money for old rope routine, and this shift towards turning their games into collect all the things for... what? There never feels like there is a reward half the time. But, I still love their first party stuff for the most part, with the exception of Pokemon and party games.
  3. The fact that all companies protect their IP, not just Nintendo doesn't suit some people's agenda.
  4. So happy about Dodonpachi. It’s one of my fave shooters and I can play it on my arcade cabinet now via Mister!
  5. Is it like that mission in Fallout 3?
  6. Original show had such a great theme tune. Stewart Copeland rules!
  7. @Lorfarius - What was wrong with the HDMI NES, out of interest?
  8. Yeah, you can buy them here - https://www.analogue.co/store#super-nt And get one of these to plug it into a CRT - https://www.analogue.co/store#dac
  9. I’ve got 3 Super Famicoms I bought and repaired. I should really retrobrite and sell them here.
  10. Cool. If your TV supports PAL 60, you should be good. A quick search says the issue can be with OSSC and RetroTink. Now on to more important matters. Why a PAL SNES locked to 60Hz?
  11. I'm playing through Ocarina of Time at the moment - The 3DS port from 2011 as opposed to the original. I've just finished the Water Temple which definitely benefits from UI updates for toggling the Iron Boots and visual updates which lead to each water level switch - Although the layout remains confusing. I actually found the Forest and Fire Temples more frustrating - That Zelda issue of missing a key way back at the start and having to backtrack. The game remains great - this is the first time I've played through it properly since that Christmas in 1998. I think
  12. The picture won't look right. http://members.optusnet.com.au/eviltim/gamescart/gamescart.htm#gamecube http://members.optusnet.com.au/eviltim/gamescart/gamescart.htm#snes
  13. You can't use an RGB cable for NTSC systems on a PAL machine, 60Hz mods don't make a difference here. The best you can do is sync on luma, and hope it doesn't work. Perhaps Rob was talking about use cases related to scalers and such in terms of compatibility issues?
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