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  1. 3rd level fees in Ireland are generally paid by the government. Student loans are not a thing. Those fees are on top off the government paying for tuition,
  2. Haven't used one and my screen is perfect on a launch machine.
  3. 67 stars into Galaxy and I'm trying it docked for the first time. Normally, I use a Pro Controller, but split Joycons works great here! I kinda like the pointer and shake to spin waggle!
  4. Render to texture. Screen space effects use a similar technique though. You render to a buffer, draw that to a full screen quad and use a shader to affect the rendered texture.
  5. It’s supposed to be the best DK game, right? I’ve only played the first one and it’s super fucking annoying.
  6. I get you. I wasn’t having a go at you, just some of the criticism in the press and from other bands. Im guilty of it sometimes too. Fontaines DC, for example love the working class schtick, but they went to €3000 a year music college and I can’t watch them being interviewed now without sneering like a prick.
  7. I think the criticism is a bit off the mark. Why can’t Talbot just write about what he wants? Agreed that it’s coloured the album’s lyrics a bit though. It sounds fucking brilliant though.
  8. I got a Genki dock a few days ago and I’m very happy with it. Works much better than my cheap Melopow eBay thing and the all in one nature of it is useful.
  9. I forgot how cool the Prankster Comets were! Loving the Daredevil Comet on the Ghost House Galaxy!
  10. The only time I noticed the frame pacing in SM64 was when the camera pulls out on the top of Bob-omb battlefield.
  11. This sums up my feelings by the end
  12. How can any game where you come to an area and see a series of waist high barriers and go "oh no..." be a game of the generation? The production values are off the charts, but peak Uncharted was Uncharted 2.
  13. One dick move after another sums it up, @HarryBizzle. I finished it today and the last two bosses were just the worst. Slow Luigi movement, awkward aiming, cramped areas and fast attacks... I think I used 4 bones on the last boss!
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