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  1. Can PAL Nintendo 64s be RGB modded at all?
  2. @Dudley Same here. Was checking out the games list after getting fucked off with Ghouls N’ Ghosts and put it on. Played for ages and yeah, it’s janky but super charming!!
  3. S-Video often is good enough, IMO. I used it with my NTSC GameCube up until the point where I got a modded component cable that could output VGA.
  4. I dunno how people couldn’t notice the awful dot crawl you get from composite.
  5. Finished book 8 this afternoon. Loved it!
  6. This is so schoolyard, but I generally don’t like the Megadrive. I tried and tried when the mini came out.
  7. That’s the best way, @ScouserInExile, I’ve been getting assorted Nintendo flash carts, because I can’t justify buying EVERY game I want, but I make sure there’s a curated list of games on each SD card rather than everything.
  8. I prefer real hardware for nostalgia reasons but I don’t mind emulation. I’ve got a lot of the mini consoles and play SNES games on my Switch. I can tell that they’re emulated though. I think the problem with RetroPi and a few GB of ROMs is people get them, play with the menus and just ignore it. A former coworker had a RetroPi setup but was using a weak PSU so it kept downclocking and he did’t notice.
  9. Oh that sounds promising. I’m gonna give that a try.
  10. I fit into the archetype. Reacquired bits of my sold collection, bought stuff I missed. FPGA and RGB modded consoles, held on to a CRT from my youth, OSSC connected to the 4K TV. my wife grumbles about it from time to time but it makes me happy and I’m selective about what I buy!
  11. To answer my own question, the cables are longer than those on the built-in controller, but still Super Famicom style short. Fuck. The Hori controller is has a couple of cm more reach. Both are quite nice to use. Neither work with the menus on the firmware I have on my Everdrive N8 at least. Edit: Looks like I just need to update my firmware. http://krikzz.com/pub/support/everdrive-n8/pro-series/OS/changelog.txt
  12. It’s best to curate your game list if you use an Everdrive for sure.
  13. It had been a few years. Last time was on an original cart during the 2018 snow. This time it was in the Switch. The rewind feature is too much of a temptation for me.
  14. I’m sure there’ll be some space misfit swashbuckling to come.
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