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  1. You control what cores you get via config files before you even run the first update.
  2. https://en.everybodywiki.com/List_of_GameCube_games_with_alternate_display_modes
  3. I used S-Video on my JPN Cube prior to getting component cables and the quality was pretty good. They removed S-Video support from the PAL model and added RGB!
  4. I imported a black Japanese versio through Play-Asia with Wave Race and Super Monkey Ball. Shortly after, I got Rogue Leader. It’s a great console, I still have one hooked up to the TV (and the original black console in a cupboard in my office)
  5. Not a bad idea. I want to start doing HDMI mods for consoles now so having *something* feels like a requirement!
  6. Is anyone's eyesight shit enough to need magnification? On anything 32bit, I'm having real trouble seeing things line up on SMD ICs with not really very find pitch so I want to either get a microscope or eyewear to stop me from making a mess of things. I broke a 1CHIP SNES and upon inspection with a magnifying glass, I bent some pins on the one chip but zooming with a phone isn't going to cut it to push them back into place!
  7. My "main" scaler is a RetroTink5x, but I decided to tweak the OSSC to correctly display DC stuff. Also using this as a soak test for the PicoPSU I put in this machine. Powerstone's fucking AWESOME.
  8. @Ninja Doctor - Yep, it is. This rules out GDEMU which wants 3.3V. I was thinking either the USB GD ROM or I'm trying to psyche myself into getting a MODE!
  9. Some boring mods today. I was hoping to get some Raphnet PCBs, but they got returned to sender for customs declaration reasons. Very annoying. So I soldered some PicoPSU bits and did battery holder and fan mods. Love the heat pipe cooling. Had to flip the board to remove the original fan though! ODE next on the list. And some double sided tape for the fan adapter board.
  10. Wasn't there a bug in early versions of MSR where it was always nighttime? The same one where you could cheese crazy amounts of kudos?
  11. Yeah, every time I see that image now, I hear that noodling jingle that starts off the music for that level!!
  12. A while ago I was playing Soukyugurentai, which splashes up future dates for each level and thought "Oh, that's this day". Turns out, it's ALWAYS "today" in 2051. The time's minutes seems to match too! I was playing it tonight and thought "Oh that's this day"! Can anyone think of other RTC usage in systems like the Saturn, GC or Dreamcast that come with a battery powered RTC?
  13. I finished this, but hated it towards the end. I used to dread the “put button in lift section” because I knew there’d be some cat or whatever there to extend the game with another zero fun section.
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