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  1. Not sure if this was posted already
  2. Mike

    It Takes Two

    Started this last night with the misses, we did the first two ‘bosses’ Was not ready for sucking a hoovers eyes out! Excited to play more.
  3. I’m not as hyped as normal, hopefully as the conferences start it’ll build up more.
  4. Used to love PC Zone, sub’d for years too, well, mine and @disperse and recoagulateDad did. Looking forward to hearing the podcast having enjoyed Gary Whitta talk about UK gaming mags rivalries on Jeff Greens podcast.
  5. I’ve put Jota in my fantasy team. Soz lads.
  6. Mike

    Nintendo Switch

    Going to give Good Job a go. Trying to talk her into RetroMania with little success.
  7. Mike

    Nintendo Switch

    Finished Stretchers last night with the other half. We loved it, looking for something else like it now.
  8. Mike

    Nintendo Switch

    How good are Nintendo for replacing joycons with drift? And do they return the same ones? I have the Mario Odyssey Switch with the Mario Red left and right Joycons, would I get those back or just standard colours?
  9. We’re all getting ‘Doug Jetty’ on the back of our yellow kits next season then?
  10. Big rumour today is Ibrahima Konate signing from Leipzig
  11. An on form Mane would have made it 1-0 to the reds there.
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