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  1. Thank you. Im not really bothered about all that.
  2. I never really play online on PS, are there good online features in Deathloop? Do I need to get PS Plus membership?
  3. It was horrible. Its actually not easy to tell where the actual break occurs, because after the tackle, Elliott kind of rolls over, then his leg flops in mid-air, in several places. The worst part was watching him trying to get up afterwards, obviously in complete shock, and Salah holding him to stop him getting up, as Salah could see how awful it was.
  4. It sounds great. Its £24.99 digital on both Xbox and PS5. So PS5 wins, as I prefer the controller.
  5. This sounds great, and totally my bag. Are there any major differences between Xbox and PS5 versions? If not, I will get whichever is cheapest. Switch isnt out for a while yet apparently.
  6. Oh man. Its a brilliant film. Its extra special to me as I studied in Mexico and the mythology is very meaningful. The whole ending sequence had me in floods of tears. Then I managed to compose myself and…..
  7. The first one by a long, long shot. Its much better balanced.
  8. Yes, to the point that this should basically be renamed Roy Kent. But thats ok!
  9. How can you make milk "wine"? Wont the milk just curdle and go sour and disgusting?
  10. There are absolutely loads of guides around, and other people have already mentioned a few things. Honestly, its best to just read through this thread, or just Google “Ironclad guide” or whatever. But, my top tips are, and I have tried to put them in order of complexity- 1) Draw is so important: You need to understand how draw works. This is a resource too. You will normally draw 5 cards at a time. If you have a huge deck, it means every card you pick up, you have a much smaller chance of drawing a specific card, every hand. Simple example - Its nice having lots of powerful attacks. But what if you need to defend that round? You have 5 chances each round, to get the card you want. 2) Synergy is so important: Try and look for, and understand, synergies between cards, and relics. This is what wins you runs. There are hundreds, even thousands of synergies, so I wont try and explain them. 3) Remove is so important: You start every run with 9 crappy cards. Every time you draw one of these, it stopped you drawing a better card. Get rid of your crap cards! In a very simple way….. get rid of strikes, then get rid of defends. Your main source of remove is shops. But also events and relics. 4) The best card is often “no card”: You can pick a card after every battle, but you dont HAVE to, and actually most of the time, its better not to. Only pick cards that make your deck stronger. 5) Energy is so important: When you choose a boss relic, having an extra energy is normally far, far more powerful than any disadvantage. Playing an extra attack, skill or power in a round is a huge advantage. Prioritise energy relics over pretty much anything (usually!). Welcome to gaming crack.
  11. Im trying to do a zero attacks deck at the moment, which I messed up a bit and chanced upon an incredibly powerful deck based around Dual Wield (Choose an attack or power card, and add 1(2) copies of that card into your hand. Its not a card I have ever really used in the past, but I can really see a use for it now: Barricade+ Feel No Pain+ Evolve+ Second Wind+ Shockwave+ Entrench+ Dual Wield+ Master of Strategy+ Warcry+ Rage+ Reckless Charge+ Defend+ I also had Enchiridion (add a free Power card to your hand in turn 1) which led to some ridiculous situations, as the Dual Wield will copy the power, and also make it a zero cost, so you could have three Demon Forms or three Feel No Pains etc on turn one. The basic strategy was to get the Barricade in play as soon as possible, and copy as many powers as possible with Dual Wield. I think on one go, I had something like 24 block per exhaust which was insane. Once you were up to a crazy amount of block, which usually only took a few turns, I just keep copying Reckless Charge, so I have some attack. It wasnt the most fun deck as floors can last a while because there isnt much attack power.... but you are basically unkillable as normally I would have 999 block in a few turns. There were a few cards in there that I could have done without, and if you add in a Body Slam, it would have basically been perfect!
  12. So this was good, and im really glad I watched it, as I hadnt heard of it until you mentioned it, but….. Films like this really annoy me, because -
  13. Yep I totally dont need one either. But love the white! Yes Amazon charge on dispatch.
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