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  1. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    I want to buy Divinity Original Sin 2, but it seems to be really expensive here, cant find a download code and its £50 on the estore. I have found a US code for £34, I already have a US account, used it for Edith Finch when a seller sent me a US code instead of a UK one! Presumably the Divinity Original Sin code can br played in the same way without issue?
  2. One of my new years resolutions was to read more. I think prior to this year, I had probably read less than 5 books in the previous seven years. So far this year I have already read four books Most of the recommendations have come from on here. The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern: Beautiful, memorable fairy tale for adults. Amazing. 5/5 The Wall, John Lanchester: Sci-fi story about how in the future there is a big wall around the UK and everyone has to work there as a soldier. Really liked 4/5 The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead: Story about slavery the deep south in the US, the Klan, and an underground railroad used to liberate slaves. Really good, but not quite as amazing as some have made out 4.5/5 Nickel Boys, also Colson Whitehead: Bought this because I liked the above. This is about the experience of some childen in a rehabilitation school for boys. It was excellent, actually preferred this to the above. 5/5
  3. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks, will get that too!
  4. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah yes, of course... Thanks. Ill order that today.
  5. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    Can anyone recommend some good multiplayer games we can play with a 7 year old boy and a 4 year old girl? For the 4 year old, happy to just give her an unplugged controller We already have MarioKart. would hidden in plain sight be too difficult for a 7 year old? Is super smash bros any good?
  6. I quit playing this about three weeks ago, as I thought 900+ hours on one game was enough of my life to have thrown away. I had managed A20 with Ironclad, Silent and Defect, and also an A1 Heart kill with Ironclad, just because i wanted to see it. Seemed like a good place to stop. Since giving up, I have found a second wind for the game, and am just going for Heart kills. I have probably put another 100 hours in since then, and I just did an A10 Heart kill with Ironclad. I love the way that you get so much better at this game. I am not particularly good at card games, but when I first started this, I used to think - this is hard enough as it is, how is it even possible to beat A5 let alone A20, let alone beat the Heart. But now, I am so much better at the game, and the way I play and the cards I pick are completely different from when I start playing. I have barely scratched the surface of the game in a way, I have barely touched Defect and Watcher. It really is one of the greatest games of all time. Isnt it? Or am I a bit lovestruck? I cant remember a game that didnt have "Souls" in the title consuming so much of my time and my mind in a long, long time.
  7. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    Just looking at those screenshots, it really is a breathtaking beautiful game isnt it
  8. Do people consider replaying a particular seed as cheating? I would like to get an A20 Heart Kill, and maybe the only way I will do that is to find a friendly seed. I have replayed one several times where Apotheosis was given in the first reward. However no energy relic at end of Act 1 so it seems pretty much impossible.
  9. Do people take a second demon form, if offered? I had never even considered it
  10. Yes. From Firelink, down to New Londo, Use Master Key, through The Valley of Drakes, into the tunnel to Blightown. That way those two fat idiots will be the first enemies you face The Real Dark Souls starts there.
  11. How long have you played it for? It took a few hours to click for me, and I found it really tough going at first, despite loving the aesthetic and structure and being desperate to like it! Once it clicked I absolutely loved it.
  12. I am a few years too late, but this is 69p on GOG. Looking forward to playing it.
  13. kempstar

    Nintendo Switch

    Nope, its completely correct. Its actually worse! You can only set one as primary. The secondary has to connect to the internet to check that no other user from the account is playing a digital game. If nobody else is playing you are fine. If the secondary switch cant connect to the internet, it cant play any digital games regardless!
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