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  1. No I’m not great at it either I love it but definitely could be better. Going to give the 2 player mode a try with my son when we’ve gone through the main game.
  2. January Portal: I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve finished this game and each time I absolutely love it, there’s always a part I’ve forgotten about even despite it’s brevity. This play through was a little more special as I was playing it through with my son for the first time as he is obsessed with the concept of portals at the moment. We are moving onto the sequel next, which I’m really looking forward to.
  3. Nintendo are great, just getting my wallet ready to buy Mario 3D world for the 3rd time. I do get annoyed at the so called Switch Tax but I guess if you buy physical this isn’t such an issue with resales.
  4. American Gods season 3 is up now. Haven't had time to check it out yet but I enjoyed the first 2 seasons.
  5. Ah bum I missed it, will keep an eye out for any other deals.
  6. Is this price not available anymore?
  7. Well technically one was a free gift with a mobile contract.
  8. I still have one under my TV in fact it’s my second one as I bought it twice. I also bought Mario 3D World twice and I’ll buy it again this time round. I can’t wait to play through again with my son (I’ll have the pro controller).
  9. Just came to post that, been looking forward to finding out more about Bowsers Fury, crazy how little we do know so close to release.
  10. That is indeed the magic word, if you go to 500 and it's not far from there.
  11. You forgot the magic word.
  12. It’s going to be an expensive couple of weeks with this and Mario 3D World coming out pretty close together. I’m pretty bad at them but I really like how accessible they have made the Hitman games, as you get better you can go for the harder challenges at your own speed, there are so many ways to play each level. Shamefully I’ve never bought a Hitman game at full price usually waiting for the sales so I really should remedy that this time.
  13. Having just got my S I decided to skip back a few pages and oh my word @Ry's story of getting smashed and pissing in his X was absolutely hilarious. As was the resulting flow of puns. Have you got quick resume working yet Ry?
  14. Yeah when I started working in magazines the quality of the product was so much better, it's such a shame but that's how they ate still making mags.
  15. Guy recreates an issue of Evo entirely with Forza Horizon 4 screenshots. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/65157205/evo-car-of-the-decade
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