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  1. Fletch


    Just watched the Titanfall 2 run and far was ace, the runner was a really likeable chap too with lots of interesting facts about the run and the exploits on the way through. Where is the best place to check out all the runs? They don't seem to be all up on AGDQ on YouTube.
  2. I loved Ape Escape back in the day, really fun title and it's surprising that they haven't made more. Hopefully it's not a new one though as I don't have space for a PS4.
  3. My enthusiasm has been dampened somewhat in the last page or so, I still have my Wii U connected so not desperate for it apart from the included Nintendo built levels.
  4. The controls are too much for my old hands but I'm sure at some point they will click but it's not a beautiful balletic barrage of bullets quite yet. It's very cool though.
  5. Get some keys dished out so we can get the definite RLLMUK results.
  6. We do know they're not motoring journalists, but blokes who like cars and there's a big difference. It was OK but I don't think we'll see any of the more serious features that we had in the past. I may be wrong but I reckon it'll be a series of capers and lads.
  7. Lads lads lads! Seems OK but having only one presenter who is knowledgeable about cars seems a bit restrictive. Can you imagine Freddy chewing over a feature about a historic car like May or Clarkson used to?
  8. Fletch

    Cadence of Hyrule

    It's one of those games I love the look and music of but I feel it'll be above my skill level and I won't see most of it.
  9. Fletch

    Cadence of Hyrule

    I thought Necrodancer looked a bit hard but just watching a Twitch stream Cadence seems more accessible and I love the music and art. Maybe one to pick up in a sale.
  10. Had a quick go with my son earlier and many grins and giggles were had, I need to get the Lego F40 as I have that very car sat on my desk. Seems to be a lot to do in Lego Valley too.
  11. Just A3 nothing massive, publishers aren't really investing in scanning tech due to the death of film photography.
  12. So they didn't say at the end, SNES games now available for online subscribers?
  13. It's a shame about PGR4 I loved that back in the day, although I do have far too much to play right now.
  14. Is Syndicate like the Amiga one or something completely different?
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