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  1. Had this sat on my hard drive for a long time and thought I’d give it a go. My son has been watching and helping along the way, it’s quite fun with a few annoyingly bits and a lot of repetitive scenery but we’ve both enjoyed it. I think we are right at the end but got stuck under something which we think was a bug so will have another bash later.
  2. I’ve just registered to send my drifty Joy-Con off to Nintendo for a fix, it’s a red one from the Mario Odyssey pack so pretty old now. Does this mean it’ll cost me to fix as it’ll be out of warranty?
  3. Fletch

    Just Cause 3

    Just started this again and having much fun blowing up small Mediterranean towns. Seems to run really well on my Series S too. I made sure to unlock the Bavarium Wing Suit as early as I could to make getting around a lot easier.
  4. Hey I was using the suit of shame on Mario 3D World the other day, I don’t think my reactions are what they were so I’ve no problem using it on a level I’m dying over and over on. Saying that I’ve only ever finished Halo on Normal so as much as I love games I’m not very good at them. Not sure of my point but hooray for difficulty options.
  5. Best thing about this thread is it let's me know which is the current darling hard-core game the forum are all being great at so I can avoid wasting my money on it.
  6. Ellen McLain was ace as Glados, even through a vocoder the delivery was perfect. John Cleese in Fable 3 was annoying as hell.
  7. Loved JC3 on my base Xbox One, didn't notice the slowdown. Might be due another run on the Series S.
  8. Xbox Series S | X OutRun Vs Ridge Racer the two beloved franchises combine for one almighty game featuring all the tracks and courses from every game. Want to play Ridge Racer Type 4 with Magical Sound Shower you got it, want to tackle OutRun 2 in the White Angel car no problem. Mix the tracks, cars and music up however you like, including remix runs combining courses from both games. With original and super blue skies updated graphics this is the definitive version of Ridge Racer and OutRun.
  9. I don’t need an Oculus Quest but I really want one but then again it’s £300 so that’s enough to prevent impulse buying.
  10. Fletch

    Apple Arcade

    I'm not seeing any Clap Hanz Golf chat.
  11. Fletch

    Apple Arcade

    Cool, new games! Oh more Sping chat.
  12. Not played Halo in a while to be fair, my old Xbox One launch edition was brilliant never had this issue but the Series S has done it with a few games.
  13. I'm getting a lot of this game needs an update messages when I want to play something, I have keep my games up to date ticked and the xbox is on standby. Pretty annoying when I want to play something quickly.
  14. Cool I misunderstood, cheers.
  15. @Jackson I thought Best Saber was on Quest already?
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